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The West of Japan. Migration+ The migration of Japan to San Francisco was

03/01/10 By HARIS MARU

“Treaty of Peace and Amity”.

epic. Trade exchange

The Treaty was signed by the Shogun at the


Convention of Kanagawa. It was the most sig-

For centuries, Japan, the

nificant event that has ever happened between

mysterious nation, iso-

Japan and our nation. This event will surely

lated itself with from all

give proof to France and England that we

other nations besides the

Americans are peaceful and easy to negotiate

Dutch and the Chinese.

with. With this treaty signed, we hope to im-

In doing so, the Japa-

prove our relationship with Japan and develop

nese hoped to preserve


their tradition and pre-

Inside this issue:

vent being taken over by

Guns for Sale


end of Sakoku. We re-

Japanese Arrival

2 3

ceived word about the



signing of the

5 Inside Story

• Migration • Plus this • Guns anyone?

• Delivery!!! 2

ever, yesterday was the

Special points of interest:

• Japanese Arrival!

Migration plu more equals.

a stronger nation. How-

Volume 1, Issue 1


The West of Japan.

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Migration plus more equals. We all know that they dislike foreigners, but they were about to keep their nation stable without much problems. Their traditions are most exotic, their men walked on the street with robes and swords tied to their waist; however, their devotion for their beliefs impressed us. With our trade finally opened, we can bring back exotic goods from Japan and we can also

send them the materials needed to modernize and industrialize. We were told that some Japanese government officials might oppose this idea, but the defeat of China in the Opium War probably changed

their perspective. President Lincoln has already prepared a large welcoming present for the visiting dignitaries.

Guns for Sale

GUNS! GUNS GUNS! Protect ! Any guns, all size, just come buy! Come buy at the warehouse and purchase a new pistol, your choice of any!

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Volume 1, Issue 1

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Japanese Arrival In 1853, American ships under command of Commodore, Matthew C. Perry became a change in the Japanese society.

nese thinkers sought to remove barriers to western knowledge and trade.

He urged the Japanese Empire to open up ports to ship objects in and out. With the arrival of the American warships, a number of Japa-

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A New York Scene. Back in the Day.


Organization; HAR-larious with HMM.


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This News article was to inform you about the Japanese opening up their trade ports to the United States of America. Not by force, but threat. The Japanese, after the threat, opened up two ports and started trading objects, food, to the U.S.

The West of Japan  

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