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Creating Active Facilities Promoting Active Lifestyles 2018 includes several huge sports events such as the Winter Olympics, The FIFA Football World Cup, Wimbledon, Tour de France, European Athletic Championships and the Ryder Cup to name a few! We want to use this incredible Summer of Sport to get people more active and healthier, so we have collated this guide and special offers to help you promote active lifestyles in your area. This guide is filled with ideas on how to provide sports solutions to encourage physical activity and ensure communities’ needs and wants are met. Evidence suggests physical activity can contribute to the positive well-being and prevent diseases along with an increased ‘feel-good factor’ and psychological benefits those people derive from being physically active.

Did you know? “Today 10 year olds are the first generation expected to have a shorter Life Expectancy than their parents.” Source: Physical Activity Agenda by Nike

“Globally, one in three adults are not active enough.” Source: World Health Organisation

“By 2025 it is estimated that 47% of men and 36% of women will be obese.” Source: Government Office for Science

HAGS is the UK’s leading Sports and Fitness zone providers Promoting Active Lifestyles Physical activity and healthy eating are essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. Establishing positive patterns of behaviour such as a regular exercise can have an impact on health now and in later life. Physical activity not only contributes to both physical wellbeing but a mental wellbeing too. It is essential for overall good health and wellbeing. At HAGS we specialise in designing and building areas that encourage active lifestyles, our designs include outdoor fitness equipment, multi-use games area, parkour and other sports and play activities that get people active and socialising and help them to feel part of the community.

Our spectacular Sports Facility at Bellshill Academy

Planning a Sports or Fitness zone? Points worth considering when planning Location Choose a location that offers easy links with local schools and community sports clubs and get these groups included in the consultation. Also locate the facility in an area that is easy to get to without being too close to housing where noise levels are a factor, a minimum 20m buffer zone is a good starting point! Funding Funders like to see facilities that promote multiple different and new sports. If you want to maximize your chances of getting the most possible funding, look to include elements in your design that encourage a variety of sports. Also consider current trends such as parkour, calisthenics, pump tracks and climbing walls to help stand out from other funders. Accessible Make sure your facility is accessible to both disabled and non-disabled users, to create a facility that is all-inclusive and open to all. Certification Only choose equipment that is certified (and ask to see certification) to the European safety standard: EN16630: Outdoor fitness equipment EN14974: Wheeled sports (skateparks, pump tracks) EN15312: Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) EN16899: Parkour/Free running

What makes Arena different? Originally launched in 1997 Originally launched in 1997, Arena was the result of extensive research and consultation with the teenage users themselves as well as operators.

The importance of only choosing an EN15312 certified MUGA! The HAGS multi-use games Arena system is only one of a few that is certified to EN 15312 (the European standard for multi-use games areas). Many companies claim that their ball courts meet or are built to this important standard, but this means that their systems have not passed the rigorous tests for structural integrity of all parts and repeated impact tests on the panels. All parts are also carefully checked to ensure there are no hand or foot traps and that no sharp edges are present that could lead to injury. Always ask companies who are quoting on any MUGA projects for a copy of their EN 15312 certificate.

Gone through rigorous testing To pass the stringent EN 15312 certification testing each product must pass a series of rigorous impact tests, including a 50kg ball impact resistance test, and a 50kg user foot impact resistance test. Furthermore, each product is carefully checked to ensure no sharp edges or hand or foot traps could injure any final users.

Arena noise reduction system Our revolutionary Arena bar panel design is one of the key factors to our MUGA’s success. It’s robust, looks great and is difficult to climb. The most renowned feature is its anti-rebound noise and anti-vibration properties making it the quietest MUGA on the market.

Lifetime guarantee

Rigorous impact tests

Noise reduction system

Offers a lifetime guarantee against failure due to material or production defects on structural steel components including posts, panel frames, and bar panels.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment A great way of getting sedentary active again! Outdoor fitness equipment is a free and effective form of physical activity to promote and improve cardiovascular training and toning. Our ranges cover a number of exercises, allowing to train various muscle groups.

Action Stations Providing a cross-generational workout, with each item designed to challenge and strengthen a specific muscle group. Perfect to be used individually or as part of a circuit.

Low Impact For people of all abilities, they help in aiding recovery for those in need of movement based exercises. They can help with flexibility, strength, coordination and re-building confidence.

In the UK only HAGS offer you a complete Outdoor Fitness Solution



A modern, professional fitness line with adjustable weights for resistance training making it possible to train in all sorts of varieties. A great challenge for both beginners and experienced athletes.

The new multi-purpose fitness frame is designed for a total body workout which encourages the use of natural body weight exercises to help develop core strength, flexibility and confidence.

Case Study: Finchampstead Innovative Muga: A very positive space for all HAGS worked in partnership with Wokingham Borough Council to develop an innovative Multi- Use Games Area (MUGA), aimed at tackling inactivity, encouraging community spirit and promoting the practice of different sports for all ages and abilities. Installed on the Gorse Ride Playing Field, the MUGA perfectly complemented the existing community facility (the FBC centre). The MUGA was designed through consultation and engagement with the local Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG), Finchampstead Parish Council and other community representatives. Wokingham Borough Council Assistant Project Manager Sam Warwick tells us “the main priority was to make families feel welcome”. The community space offers diverse physical activity opportunities. The unique curved open plan design comprises one large bespoke multi-sport court crafted from solid structural steel which is covered by a lifetime guarantee. The lack of physical boundaries between the different play zones means that the site is more inviting, people can flow through the spaces. Added seating helps create an inclusive environment as people break and rest between sessions.

The FBC centre has also seen a significant increase in people using other community services and amenities. Café manager Luke tells us “Since the opening we have seen 95% new faces in the FBC café”.

Get Moving: Summer of Sports Special Offers Football - FIFA World Cup 14th June - 15th July

Tennis - Wimbledon 2nd July - 15th July

World Cup Offer

Wimbledon Offer

10% discount on any Arena Goal End and MUGAs ordered during the World Cup.

10% discount on any Arena Goal End and MUGAs ordered during Wimbledon, plus you get a FREE Mini Racket Sports Pack (below) worth £250. Contains: 4 Mini Tennis Rackets (21 inch), 4 Sting 100 Badminton Rackets, 3 Protex Foam Mini Tennis Balls, 3 SLOcoach Orange Mini Tennis Balls, 1 Tube of 6 Shuttlecocks, 1 Jumbo ‘tennis’ ball for Volleyball or Head Tennis. 1 Easy Squeezy ball for Volleyball or Head Tennis.

Plus: With any Goal End order = 12 FREE footballs, 2 FREE basketballs and 1 pack of training bibs. With any MUGA order = FREE junior football kit. 12 Kits with numbers, club badge and HAGS logo (up to the value of £600).

Get Moving: Summer of Sports Special Offers Cycling - Tour de France 7th July - 29th July

Golf - Ryder Cup 28th September - 30th September

Tour de France Offer

Ryder Cup Offer

For any Sports or Fitness order over £10k placed during the Tour de France customers will receive £250 worth of gift vouchers to spend at the Official La Tour de France online store.

For any Sports or Fitness order over £10k placed during the Ryder Cup customers will receive a FREE Virgin Golf Experience for 2 people.

Athletics - European Athletics Championships 1st August - 12th August

Athletics Offer For any Sports or Fitness order over £10k placed during the European Athletics Championships customers will receive a FREE £250 JD Sports voucher.

To speak to a member of our Sports and Fitness Team please call 0800 260 1655

Terms and Conditions Offers are only valid during the promotional period and to customers residing in the UK only. Each offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Contact us for full terms and conditions.

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HAGS UK Summer of Sport 2018 Promotion  

HAGS UK Summer of Sport 2018 Promotion  

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