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Inspection and Maintenance

“We undertake inspections and repairs on any manufacturer’s equipment.”

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Tried and Tested The market sector that you work in has a unique set of requirements – you know that and so do we. You want an individual and personal approach and we will make sure you get that. Understanding what’s important to you only comes from experience and we’ve got bags of it in lots of sectors. We will be there to support you with a can-do attitude. At every stage of your project, you will find our team to be both professional and personable, whilst delivering consistently high levels of customer service along the way. HAGS Inspection and Maintenance provides a complete range of National services, covering Playground Inspections, Maintenance, Repairs and Refurbishments, to keep your playgrounds and sports areas well maintained and safe.


How can HAGS help you? When it comes to ensuring the safety and reliability of your outdoor play equipment, you need a team with the know-how and experience to deliver. You also need a team you can trust. HAGS employ a network of nationwide mobile service engineers, or ‘Play Technicians’, who are able to provide a fast, high quality and professionally delivered service. We undertake on-site inspections, repairs and refurbishments on any manufacturer’s equipment (even those who are no longer trading).

“We undertake inspections and repairs on any manufacturer’s equipment.”

hags.co.uk I service@hags.co.uk I 0845 260 1655


Our Commitment Our reputation for quality, speed of service and for delivering best value is second to none, and differentiates us from the small regional contractors you might be used to. We have over 30 years’ experience in maintaining, repairing and refurbishing all types of outdoor playgrounds and have a detailed knowledge of all manufacturers’ equipment. With our experience, resources and technical capabilities, your play areas will be safe in our hands.

“We have over 30 years experience in maintaining all types of playgrounds.”


Our People We have highly-skilled mobile service engineers, or ‘Play Technicians’ supported by equally experienced staff at our Service Centres. As well as being committed and passionate about safety, all our ‘Play Technicians’ are RPII qualified, are members of the RPII Register of Inspectors and work to European Standards within the RPII Code of Conduct. For your piece of mind all the people we employ are DBS checked. Our Service Centres can provide you with quick, competitively-priced quotations for all repair and maintenance work covering every type of outdoor play equipment, irrespective of the original manufacturer.

“For your peace of mind all the people we employ are DBS checked.”

hags.co.uk I service@hags.co.uk I 0845 260 1655


Our Coverage We offer a rapid-response national service (UK Mainland only) and if required can provide this out of normal working hours, including emergency 2 hour call-out. Our fleet of vehicles are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to undertake on-site repairs and we work with a national network of couriers, where urgent parts can be despatched within 24 hours.

“Urgent parts can be dispatched within 24 hours.�


Inspection Services The European Standard for Playground Safety, BS EN 1176 states:

“To prevent accidents, the owner or operator should ensure that an appropriate inspection schedule is established and implemented for each playground. This should take into account local conditions and the manufacturer’s instructions – both of which can affect inspection frequency. The various schedules should list the components to be inspected and methods used.”

Routine Visual Inspections Routine Visual Inspections help identify obvious hazards resulting from vandalism and/or wear and tear.

Operational Inspections Operational Inspections are more detailed, and are used to check the safety and stability of the equipment. This type of inspection should be carried out regularly (every 1 to 3 months) as indicated in the equipment manufacturer’s instructions.

Annual Inspections Annual inspections are comprehensive and thorough, and provide a clean bill of health for your playground. These inspections focus on all foundations and surfaces (e.g. to ensure compliance with EN 1176), and any previously undertaken repair and maintenance work.

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Planned Maintenance Maintenance of all playground equipment is essential. The European Standard for Playground Safety BS EN 1176 states that: “Equipment and its components should be inspected and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions at a frequency not less than that given by the manufacturer” and also “If serious defects that might put safety at risk are discovered during inspection, these should be corrected without delay.” Regular servicing and replacement of worn parts is essential to keep your play area safe and compliant.

“Serious defects should be corrected without delay.”


Repairs and Refurbishments Refurbishments start by undertaking a site survey to establish the condition of the equipment and, based on its structural integrity, we will notify you if refurbishment is a viable option. If a refurbishment is feasible we will identify which parts can be reconditioned and which need replacing. We then provide a fully costed proposal. All materials used for refurbishments are compliant to the latest standards. We have a fully equipped workshop at our manufacturing facility in Selby, North Yorkshire and we can also manufacture replacement parts that may no longer be available.

“Our engineers can return equipment to as good as new condition.�

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Repair Examples Below shows three common issues and how they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, saving you money and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

A popular Helter Skelter many years old with corrosion and dull paint due to age and UV degradation.

Log Ramp reaching end of life, but the unit had been discontinued.

Bridge on a Multi-play unit had been severely vandalised but the client had a limited budget for repair and suppliers cost were deemed too high.




Manually abraded the painted surface of the unit, applying rust inhibiting primer before repainting the full unit.

Removed log ramp and foundations, modified unit to receive a bespoke access scramble net, fitted net and patched wetpour, giving unit a few more years of life.

Our Play Technicians took materials to site and crafted a new bridge whilst there.













A new unit of this height and stature would cost c£10,000.

Without carrying out any works the unit would have been disabled/removed giving council a potential replacement cost of c£8,000.

Client reported a replacement would cost c£1,075.


Refurbishment Examples Murray House

Cost ÂŁ7,000 ; Saving ÂŁ20,000

Runnymede Borough Council



Completed Refurbishment hags.co.uk I service@hags.co.uk I 0845 260 1655


Refurbishment Examples Marazion Beach

Cost ÂŁ35,000 ; Saving ÂŁ70,000

Marazion Town Council


Completed Refurbishment



Refurbishment Examples Seven Kings Skate Park

Cost ÂŁ22,500 ; Saving ÂŁ100,000+

Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure



Completed Refurbishment hags.co.uk I service@hags.co.uk I 0845 260 1655


Partnerships By working in partnership with you, we can propose inspection regimes that are uniquely tailored to suit your specific requirements. The partnership process takes account of factors such as location, use and demographics and can typically deliver cost reductions of up to 25%. We have many major inspection & maintenance contracts with Local Authorities, Education Authorities, Housing Associations and Commercial Clients who all have multiple sites to maintain for both public and private use.

“Working with us, saves you money and keeps your play areas safe.�


Summary We put your users safety first We can make sure your play areas are safe and up to the current BS EN standard allowing children to play safely.

We offer a flexible service We can tailor our Inspection and Maintenance programmes to suit your budget. We can support with bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual packages.

Working with us saves you money By undertaking general maintenance at the time of inspection to agreed rates this will save down-time and save cost.

We get itemised quotations to you fast Paperless reporting and detailed quotations can be provided to prioritise work according to urgency.

We stock common spare parts Reduce the time your play area is closed. Spare parts are held in stock, therefore, reducing waiting time to remobilise equipment.

We can provide an emergency response We have enough critical mass to offer a truly responsive service. A 2, 4 or 8 hour emergency call-out, can be built into your Inspection and Maintenance package.

hags.co.uk I service@hags.co.uk I 0845 260 1655

HAGS Inspection and Maintenance

hags.co.uk I service@hags.co.uk I 0845 260 1655

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