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Ranges available:

. Gym . Professional Sportpoint . Gym Combi . Fitpoint . Street workout I I 0845 260 1655

New Outdoor Fitness... At HAGS, we have increased the range of outdoor fitness equipment for public and recreational areas by working with Denfit. This fitness range can help you achieve your goals in losing weight, building strength, increasing stamina or just staying fit. What’s more, the products are vandal resistant, easy to install and all the units have a great modern design.

The standard colour option for all the units is :

Forest Green

For other colour possibilities, please contact us. Scan the QR code and check out how to perform a number of different excerises. Alternatively, please visit

Gym Denfit Gym is a body weight resistance based training system which incorporates a cross-fit style of training. Each unit can be used in a variety of ways to execute different exercises for a complete body workout. Below are a few key features that the gym range offers: • 4 devices designed specifically for people with special needs • Suitable for all target groups • Body weight resistance

Ab Shape

Bike Fit

Back Shape

Balance Board

Bike Fit Senior


er floor option. * Products are also available with a rubb

Hand Bike

Hand Bike +

Knee Raise

Leg Push

Power Push

Step Walk

Power Push +

Twist Out

Hip Wave

Leg Wave

Row Fit

Wave Walk

Power Pull

Power Pull +

Run Fit

Step Up

Wax-On Wax-Off I I 0845 260 1655

Wax-On Wax-Off +

Professional Sportpoint A modern, professional, fitness line with adjustable weights for resistance training. A genius system which makes it possible to train in all sorts of varieties. A great challenge for both beginners and experienced athletes. Below are a few key features that the Professional range offers: • Adjustable non-removable weights • A complete workout on each station • Workout videos for each unit

* Products are also available with a rubber floor option.


Cardio Row On Floor

Multi Fit

Bench Press Low

Chin Bar


Bench Press

Cardio Bike On Floor

Complete Sportpoint Circle

Dip Press

Preacher Curl


Cardio Cross On Floor

Leg Extension


Gym Combi There are two or three person stations in ten different varieties. With any one combi station, you can train the whole body. These products are ideal for small areas. Below are a few key features that the Gym Combi offers: • Focus on own body weight resistance • A complete workout on each station • Great social interaction where you can workout alongside others

*Products are also available with a rubber floor option.

Gym Combi 3

Gym Combi 2

Gym Combi 1

Gym Combi 9

Gym Combi 8

Gym Combi 7

GYm Combi 6

Gym Combi 5

Gym Combi 4

Multi Max 2 I I 0845 260 1655

Multi Max 4

Fitpoint Fitpoint is a compact and complete training system which is pre-assembled on its own floor. On a 11m² area, there are 8 different exercises which can be performed. It is easy to install and relocate and is the perfect solution for developing fitness zones in urban settings. Below are a few key features that the Fitpoint Station offers: • The station with or without a roof • Adjustable weight resistance • Exercise for multiple people simultaneously

Fitpoint No Roof

Street Workout A complete range of great static equipment which are perfect for training in Calisthenics, BarBrothers, Bootcamp and Street Workout. With such a wide variety of products, we can customise your Street Workout area the way you need it. Below are a few key features that the Street Workout range offers: • Great for small groups to train together • Provides a full body workout • Endless types of exercises

5 Pull-up Bars

3 Pull-up Bars - 2 Benches (1 incline) + Rope & Rings

3 Pull-up Bars - 2 Benches

Installation Options Installation of all the equipment is very easy and there are 3 ways of installing.

Directly on concrete

In soft ground

On own floor (no foundation needed, just a flat surface)

Contact us on 0845 260 1655 for more details

Anchoring of all products can be directly on concrete or with customised installation frame (no concrete needed). *Professional SportPoint, Gym & Gym Combi are also available with a rubber floor option which can be anchored to the surface. Please contact us for further advice and information on anchoring and installation options. I I 0845 260 1655

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more details Contact us on 0845 260 1655 for I I 0845 260 1655

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