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Take the pulse of your organization in real-time! MARY is a mobile decision-making tool that is accessible from any smartphone or tablet. MARY offers 360° visibility – in real-time – into the current status of your hospital. It allows healthcare leaders to take the pulse of their operations at any time, anywhere, on any device; helping you improve Emergency Department wait-times, efficiency and the quality of patient care.

As easy to Implement as it is to use Unlike complex and cumbersome systems integration, MARY is extremely simple to integrate throughout your organization.

Minimal Staff training

Minimal Resource impact

Minimal IT involvement

We offer a turn key installation of our tool into your system, in less than 4 weeks you will be fully operational, ready to begin benefitting from the proven value of this tool.

The Leadership Challenge

Before MARY • Inability to utilize real-time data in hospitals for decision making • Multiple historical and out-dated reports from different sources • Difficulty accessing reports in a timely manner • Poor visibility of operations across multiple departments & sites • Reactive versus proactive day-to-day management • Higher operational costs & missed revenue

Take “Real-time” control with MARY P OWER ED BY

Oculys. Better Patient Care. Real-time.

Real-time patient care at your fingertips “ Mary helps me take the pulse of the Hospital at any time, day or night. It is the first thing I look at when I wake up in the morning” –  D on S hilton , P reside n t S t. M ary ’ s G e n era l H o spi ta l , K i t c he n er , ON

“ Mary promotes team atmosphere! If a bed is available you can now see it and the activities in the hospital are now transparent.” – L eslie S labon , C l i n i c a l M a n ager S t. M ary ’ s G e n era l H o spi ta l , K i t c he n er , ON

MARY has been successfully used by leaders at St. Mary’s General Hospital and Grand River Hospital in Kitchener for over a year now. Both hospitals have greatly benefited from this tool in improving patient flow and increasing the level of visibility throughout their operation.

True cross-platform compatibility Whether your team runs on the BlackBerry platform, Apple OS, Android, or a combination of all, MARY seamlessly integrates with all devices, including tablets such as the iPad and PlayBook. Wherever your people are, and whatever technology they use, MARY will be there to provide real-time visibility of your hospital’s patient-flow.

Patient Care in Real-Time. Redefine and realize new efficiencies in the management of your current patient flow practices. Discover how MARY can help you improve patient flow in “real-time�. Contact Oculys Health Informatics today: Scott Marnoch Director, Business Development Phone: 519.200.1288

Oculys Overview Brochure  
Oculys Overview Brochure  

Take the pulse of your organization in real-time! MARY is a mobile decision-making tool that isaccessible from any smartphone or tablet. MA...