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entrepreneurial learning

WHAT IS ENTREPRENEURIAL LEARNING? Do you want to achieve more than just train your technical skills during your graphic education? Broby Grafiska uses a modern, pedagogical philosophy that is called entrepreneurial learning. The one purpose is to help you discover your inner drive and to make you feel confident in yourself so that you'll reach your goals in life. You will face situations where you have to take responsibility, solve problems, improve your skills and create contacts in the industry. The basic purpose is that you will achieve the different skills that are typical for an entrepreneur.

WHY SHOULD YOU STUDY AT BROBY GRAFISKA? Here you will learn about yourself and your strengths. You will continuously reflect upon your situation. Where you are, what you want and what you have to do to reach your goals. In this school you will get comfortable with handling changed situations and to take initiative. You will stimulate your own and others motivation on your way to the realization of your dreams. Entrepreneurial learning will let you work and learn based on your own abilities and interests. You will be well prepared to face the challenges you will encounter when you graduate.

HOW DOES IT WORK? The education is planned over a period of three years. During this period there are certain goals you should for fill that will help you discover and improve the entrepreneurial skills inside you. To help you reach the goals in your courses you will often work in projects along with your classmates where your fields of study will be included. Your grades will be based on how well you for fill these goals. It is rarely any written exams. Working in projects gives you a lot of freedom along with responsibility. It also gives you much room for your creativity and curiosity.

Group dynamics is another important part of the education. You will learn how to discuss and argue for your cause, give constructive criticism and exchange ideas with your classmates. The teachers use a modern leadership. Instead of being an authority they function more as mentors. As a student here at Broby Grafiska you will have a close relationship with your teachers.

YOUR FUTURE? After three exciting years here at Broby Grafiska you will have a wide and broad knowledge and have grown as a person. You will have a plan for your future and the drive to make it come true. Since you are experienced and confident in yourself, you will be attractive to your future employers.

UNIQUE FOR BROBY GRAFISKA The school has come a long way in the use of entrepreneurial learning, much further than other schools. All of the teachers get the same education and work in close teams to get a deeper understanding for how they can help the students improve. They now the best way how to lead you as a student on your way to your goal.



Since I started at Broby Grafiska I have learned to trust the people around me and to co-operate. I've also discovered how I function in a group. Here you'll learn how to interact and discuss your ideas with people. We have to know how to pitch our ideas and to be open to other people's point of view. I've started to understand that you can actually do a lot more than you first thought. Being forced to manage things on your own, is the beginning of lifelong learning.

The uniqueness of Broby Grafiska is that you don't get a script for how to solve a problem. The challenge lies in finding the way to the goal by yourself. You learn to focus on the solution rather than the problem. You get prepared for the reality of the industry already during your education.

Entreprenöriellt lärande  

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