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Westlock County

Spirit Centre Update POTENTIAL FINANCIAL IMPACT OF THE CAPITAL CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS THE SPIRIT CENTRE IN THE TOWN OF WESTLOCK Based on a formal request from the Spirit of Westlock & District Foundation, the Foundation is seeking a capital contribution of $5,500,000.00 from Westlock County for the proposed new Spirit Center located in the Town of Westlock. In order to obtain input from its residents, the County has organized a formal plebiscite for Monday June 15, 2009 with several advance voting dates. Once dates are confirmed please refer to the local Newspaper or the County ’ s web-site for specific locations of the various voting stations. Before the plebiscite is held, the County, in conjunction with the Foundation, will be conducting a series of Public Information Sessions throughout the County in order to provide additional information to the County residents. All Public Information Sessions will commence at 7:00 p.m. and will be held on the following dates and locations: The plebiscite Monday June 1, 2009 at the Half Moon Lake Hall Wednesday June 3, 2009 at the Jarvie Community Hall Thursday June 4, 2009 at the Busby Community Hall Monday June 8, 2009 at the Linaria Hall Wednesday June 10, 2009 at the Tawatinaw Valley Ski Hill facility Thursday June 11, 2009 in the Pembina Room at the Westlock Inn

regarding the Spirit Centre will be held June 15, 2009

The County will be receiving the final draft of the Feasibility Study and Business Plan for the proposed facility by mid-May. At that time, a copy of the Plan may be obtained at the County office or by visiting the County ’ s web site. Should the County Council support the proposal and its financial commitment towards the construction of the proposed Spirit Centre, the financial contribution from the County ’ s taxpayers would be to a maximum of a $5,500,000.00 capital loan, repaid over 20 years with a fixed interest rate of 4.579 %. Every property tax account, regardless of its category, would equally share the cost of the annual capital loan repayment. Based on the 2009 assessment information, every tax account would be responsible for $49.64 for each $100,000.00 of assessment. The following will serve as examples: Residential ( R esidential assessment is based on market values )

An acreage with a five year old residence of 1,785 square feet and an attached and detached garage within a multi-lot country residential subdivision located 5 miles from the Town of Westlock with an assessment value of $427,350.00. Annual Contribution $212.14 • An acreage with a ten year old residence of 1,560 square feet with a detached garage, located in the rural area and 15 miles west of the Town of Westlock with an assessment value of $298,190.00. Annual Contribution $148.02 • A three year old residence of 1,450 square feet and an attached garage located in the Hamlet of Jarvie with an assessment value of $256,140.00. Annual Contribution $127.15 • A eighteen year old residence of 1,250 square feet and a detached garage located in the Hamlet of Busby with an assessment value of $171,920.00. Annual Contribution $ 85.34 Farmland ( Farmland assessment is based only on agricultural/production values )

Based on an average agricultural assessment value of $150.00 per acre, a quarter section containing 160 acres would have a total assessment value of $24,000.00. Annual Contribution $ 11.91

Residential assessment is based on market values, values will increase when properties are closer to the Town of Westlock or the greater Edmonton area

Capital Budget

2009 Overview

Municipal Sustainability Initiative


The following is a summary of the County’s 2009 approved Capital Budget: Expenditures Construction related projects Capital Purchases Total

Alberta Municipal Infrastructure Program


5,434,000.00 1,877,800.00 7,311,800.00

Further details can be obtained through the County office or by visiting the County’s website at


Gas Tax Program


$2,454,725 Federal & Provincial Grants


Transfers from Capital Reserves $1,830,000

Source of Funding Total $7,311,800.00

Contributions from Town of Westlock Contributions from 2009 Operating Budget

Vegetation Management The Agricultural Service Board will be blanket spraying the road side ditches in Division 6 and Division 4 north of Highway 18 to prevent the spread of noxious weeds and to remove woody vegetation. Division 7 and Division 3 north of Highway 18 will be spot sprayed in front of yards, corners and signage areas. Spraying will begin June 1 and finish up August 31.


Rural Addressing


Rural Addressing provides quick identification of properties for emergency services

In 2008, Westlock County approved the Rural Address Bylaw and completed a pilot project to install 100 rural address signs. Signs were placed within 6.1 meters on either side of the shoulder of the approach, 1 meter from the property boundary and no lower than 1 meter or higher than 2 meters from the ground. This year, Westlock County will proceed with the remainder of the project by installing close to 2500 address signs in the remaining rural areas. This will also include 20 directional map signs and 1000 subdivision lot identification signs.

Your Rural Address is NOT the same as your postal address or your legal land description. You need to become familiar with your address and post it near the phone in case of an emergency.

After December 31, 2009, the responsibility and placement of signage at the primary access to the lands with supporting improvements will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Once the rural address sign is installed, it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the area around the sign to keep it free of obstructions and legible from the road.


Planning to Develop your Property?


Plan Ahead - Get your Permits Early If you are building a house, garage or something new, along with the required Application for Development, most applications require multiple permits to ensure your construction is done in accordance with the Alberta Building Codes and the Safety Codes Act. Check out Planning and Development at You will find lots of useful information and permit applications. All permit fees double if permits are not obtained

before construction commences. The Agricultural Service Board

Are you thinking of sub-dividing your Property?

has a fleet of rental equipment designed for the rural landholder.

Plan ahead!

Tree Planters are available and are especially helpful to help those who participate in the shelterbelt program.

We encourage you to contact the Westlock County Planning Department for a consultation.

EXIT Rodenticide is a new non-toxic, environmentally friendly rodenticide. Simply mix with water and apply foam into the burrow. Great for acreages and non farm areas.

Fire Permits Are Required Year Round

We have a truck-mounted Pasture Sprayer This sprayer mounts easily into a pick-up and is a one man operation.

Westlock County Fire Guardians Fawcett Roy Forbes Jarvie Russell Spearin Dave van de Ligt Westlock / Clyde Drew Beattie Pickardville Stuart Larson Harvey Provost Busby Mike Breitkreuz Glen Isaacson

Skunk Traps are available for those who have the little critters setting up house where they are not wanted.

780-954-3986 780-349-0139 780-954-2181 780-954-0007 780-954-2245 780-307-7072 780-349-7112 780-307-1748 780-307-8009 780-349-3843 780-307-6044 780-349-3936 780-349-3231

Other than a campfire, any person lighting an open fire for burning debris or any other purpose must have a valid fire permit. Permits may be obtained from your local fire guardian. Fire permits are free. Usually issued for a specific period of time, they may be cancelled before expiry date if the fire danger makes such action necessary. A fire permit is a legal document which conditionally authorizes a person to burn wood debris at a time specified on the permit. By obtaining a

fire permit you have simply indicated your wish to burn. The responsibility for conducting a safe burn is yours. Anyone who sets a fire under the authority of a permit must: • Keep the permit at the fire • Produce and show the permit to an officer upon request • Keep the fire under control; and Extinguish the fire before expiration or upon cancellation of the permit, or obtain a renewal.


Construction Season The 2009 construction season will soon be upon Westlock County. Projects located throughout the County include shoulder pulls, road construction, culvert replacement, brushing and bridge replacement/rehabilitation. These are all construction zones with signage for speed limits, detours and conditions. Please obey these signs for your safety as well as that of other ratepayers/land owners, County workers, County equipment and contractors.

Consider a grader as a construction zone.

Westlock Regional Landfill The Westlock Regional Landfill and all Transfer Sites are available to County residents & businesses at no charge for up to 8000 kg per year. All users must obtain a permit from the County office. Hours

Landfill NE 27-59-26 W4

Tuesday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Transfer Sites




SE 30-63-26 W4

Tuesday & Thursday Apr – Sep 11:00 – 7:00 Oct – Mar 10:00 – 6:00


NW 27-57-27 W4

Wednesday Apr – Sep 10:00 – 7:00 Oct – Mar 10:00 – 6:00


NW 19-61-26 W4

Friday Apr – Sep 10:00 – 7:00 Oct – Mar 10:00 – 6:00


SW 03-59-24 W4

Saturday Apr – Sep 10:00 – 7:00 Oct – Mar 10:00 – 6:00


Give graders as much space as possible. Do not attempt to stop the grader as this is not a safe practice and could place you, your vehicle and the grader operator at risk.

Did You Know… Burning Barrels are prohibited in hamlets and villages

Camping is a very popular recreational activity and Long Island Lake Municipal Campground is a wonderful site in a natural setting. Long Island Lake Municipal Campground is open for day use and also offers 34 spacious wooded sites for you to set up camp. Each site offers a cleared, level site with fire pits and picnic tables giving you room to relax and enjoy the outdoors. To ensure that you have a relaxing and happy experience, safety, security and behavior rules are enforced. Campground hosts are on site 24 hours a day monitoring the campsites and beach and keeping the facility neat and clean.

Whether you enjoy ATV’s, boating, fishing, hiking or spending time with your family on the beach, you will enjoy a memorable experience at Long Island Lake.


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