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Frederick’s Best Tex-Mex and South-of-the-Border Cuisine 467 467 W. W. Patrick Patrick St. St. •• Frederick, Frederick, MD MD

301-663-3800 Enjoy Enjoy great great margaritas margaritas in in the the Acapulco Acapulco Lounge! Lounge! Party rooms and catering available! Party rooms and catering available!

5854 Urbana Pike • Frederick, MD


301-418-6367 14 Wilmington Ave. • Rehoboth Beach, DE




Tex-Mex & South American Cuisine

11am-10pm Sun-Thurs • 11am-11pm Fri & Sat

301-738-7177 ED RAT

Ritchie Center 765-C Rockville Pike • Rockville, MD Catering available!

ELMARIACHIROCKVILLE.COM MARIACHIREHOBOTHDE.COM Our chef created a robust menu, blending fine Spanish cuisine with traditional Mexican dishes. 26 N. Market St. • Historic Downtown Frederick, MD

301-695-2756 Lunch & dinner daily • Sunday brunch • 11:30am-3pm





▼ PUBLISHERS Shawn Dewees • Joseph Silovich • Whether you choose to dine in our quiet casual restaurant side, or our more bustling tap house side you're sure to experience great food and great service. With 26 taps hosting a constant rotation of craft beers, a large selection of wines, liquors and bottled beer and an American cuisine menu with just a bit of southern flare, we feel JoJo's Restaurant & Tap House has something for everyone.

16 E. Patrick St. • Frederick, MD • 301-732-5197 OPEN: Mon-Sat: 11:30am–2am; Sun: 11am–2am

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5227 Presidents Court Frederick, MD 21703


CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Gina Gallucci-White Matt Makowski

Business Office 6 N. East Street, Suite 301 Frederick, MD 21701-5601 Telephone: 301-662-8171 Fax: 301-662-8399

Authentic Italian cuisine and brick-oven pizza. Outdoor patio seating. Ask about our Gluten-free options. Happy Hour: Monday–Friday 4pm to 7pm DINE-IN • CATERING • TAKE OUT • GIFT CERTIFICATES


CRAVE is a yearly publication of Paradigm Publishing, LLC — a joint venture of Diversion Publications Inc., and Hagerstown Publishing, LLC. CRAVE is a supplement to Frederick Magazine (ISSN #006-923) and Hagerstown magazine (ISSN #1555-337X). ©2016 by Paradigm Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of the publisher. The magazine is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs. Distributed through mail subscriptions, and available at local eateries and bars throughout the tri-state area. CRAVE is not responsible for unsolicited material. Advertising rates are available upon request. All rights to submissions, including letters and email, will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and as subject to CRAVE’s unrestricted right to edit and to comment editorially, unless otherwise negotiated by the author. ©2016 PARADIGM PUBLISHING, LLC.

▼ 6 EDITOR’S NOTE Welcome to our fourth edition of CRAVE magazine with pages full of food, drink and fun. 7 RESTAURANT TID-BITS Some interesting facts about the food business. 8 ThE BEST ThINg BETwEEN BREAD Often what we crave most is a sandwich to assuage hunger pangs and local shops are stepping up with new twists on classics as well as entirely new combinations. 14 ThE LAST MEAL Chefs answer a light-hearted request to talk about what they would eat for a last meal. 20 RESTAURANT gALLERY

When the weather’s nice there’s nothing better than dining outside. Restaurant owners increasingly are carving out spaces to meet the desire.

52 whAT ThE DEVIL? A look at how the recipe for devil eggs was hatched. 54 PLACES TO wET YOUR whISTLE A listing of local breweries, distilleries and wineries. 56 FOR whEN ThE APPETITE IS IN ChARgE A listing is provided of some of the top food and drink events in Frederick and Washington counties. 62 whAT ShE’S hAVINg Movie and TV restaurants that really exist.


30 DOggIE BAgS Ever wonder how the practice came about?


ABOUT THE COVER It’s all about food, drink and atmosphere at area restaurants with dessert topping it off. 5


w i t h t h e r e

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his marks the fourth year for CRAVE, the publication that’s all about food, drink and the events that surround the two in the Frederick and Washington County area. Each year we bring something new to the table and this edition is no exception.


Check out our feature on restaurants that go beyond their four walls by setting up tables and chairs on terraces and sidewalks to meet the desire of diners for alfresco meals. Although our area is hardly the tropics, we occasionally get those warm days in the middle of winter when the tables come out and people can sit there and dream of the sustained return of good weather and being able to dine to their heart’s content in the open air. We also talked to a handful of chefs for a light-hearted look at what they would choose for their last meal. After regularly


o f f e r i n g s , m e a l s



preparing gourmet fare would they yearn for something like a bag of chips and onion dip? CRAVE also looks between the slices of bread at local sandwich places to see what ingredients are new and exciting and how the sandwich-makers are inspired to come up with unique and delicious combinations. The pages also contain profiles of local restaurants that will make it easier for you to decide where to go for date night, celebrating a birthday or a gathering of your office mates. The food scene in the two counties only gets better with every year. We hope you go out and explore what the area has to offer and that you use CRAVE as your guide.




hile grazing on the internet the following tid-bits about restaurants were found, with credit going to and a site written by Lori Mealey:

• The concept of fixing and selling food for a profit goes back to ancient times, including Rome and China where street vendors sold wine and bread to customers. • The French Revolution is responsible for fine dining. After the rich were tossed out, chefs who cooked for them needed work and turned to opening places of their own.

• Musician Jon Bon Jovi has a restaurant with no prices. Guests pay whatever they can or volunteer to work in exchange for a meal.

• An Albuquerque, N.M., restaurant, Tim’s Place, serves breakfast, lunch and hugs and is owned by a man with Down syndrome.

• The world’s most expensive burger costs $5,000 and is served at Fleur at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.


• “Restaurant” is a French term.

• The New York City vicinity has an estimated 16,251 full-service restaurants. You could visit a new one daily for 40 years and still not hit them all.

• McDonald’s once featured a grilled pineapple sandwich in select areas. Called a Hulu Burger, it featured a grilled pineapple ring with a slice of American cheese on a sesame seed bun. The dish was short-lived. • Speaking of McDonald’s, the fast-food chain did away with its spoon-shaped coffee stirrers because some people were using them as cocaine spoons.


SandwicheS the best thing between sliced bread BY GINA GALLUCCI-WHITE

ON ANY GIVEN DAY, YOU'LL SEE residents biking around Downtown Frederick. However, one bicycle has something the others do not—freshly made sandwiches. The South Market Sandwich Co. offers delivery for Downtown Frederick customers Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. “No one else really delivers on a bike down here,” says Bobby Rice, owner. “They usually have a $25 minimum.” His shop has no minimum and will drive orders that are large or during bad weather. It’s a unique touch for the shop that strives to develop relationships with customers along with filling their bellies with delicious sandwiches including favorites like ‘Bubba’— an Italian cold

cut delight with peppered and hot capicolo ham, Genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone and Parmesan cheeses on a sub roll and ‘Mary Frances’—a light, fresh and bursting with flavor selection showcasing roasted turkey, Monterey Jack cheese and fresh spinach placed on grilled ciabatta. The name “sandwich” dates back to the 18th century when English aristocrat John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, asked for bits of cold meat to be tucked into two pieces of bread, reportedly so he didn’t need to take a meal break during his card games. Of course, people’s love affair with the quick, yet hearty, lunch choice emphasizing a myriad different breads, 9

condiments, flavor combinations and temperatures is said to go back to ancient times. Today, depending on what their taste buds are hankering for, residents can find a number of choices when it comes to great sandwiches. The popular choices at Hagerstown’s The Gourmet Goat include the ‘Club Jeffrey’ showcasing turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, crisp bacon, Swiss cheese on toasted sourdough and their take on the Reuben with thinly sliced corn beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese on toasted pumpernickel. “We wanted to do something a little bit different than you would expect to go to any other sandwich shop,” says Steve Cook, co-owner. “Along with that we wanted to bring the community in so we named a lot of the sandwiches on the menu based upon our regular customers.”

The South Market Sandwich Co. offers delivery to Downtown Frederick even in bad weather and there is no minimum order.


Perusing the menu you’ll find ‘The Inspector’ named for one of the city's inspectors for code compliance who regularly came in to order the sandwich that now bears his title. The former owner of Bogard’s Hair Salon, Mike Bogard, has a roast beef on rye sandwich named for him after ordering the pairings multiple times. ‘We’ve always had a running thing that if someone came in with an idea for a great sandwich, we would run it as a special and if it did take off then we would add it to the menu,’ Cook says.

Three of the sandwich names on The Plum’s menu, Jen’s veggie pita, Jim’s chick filet and Kate’s smoked turkey bagel, are owner Sarah Ardinger’s children. “They created those with items that they thought would be nice and go (well) together,” she says. “A lot of the sandwiches that we do are people’s requests. We try them out ourselves for awhile and then add it to the menu.” Some of the best sellers for the Hagerstown-based shop include the ‘California’—a turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese compilation on rye bread and the ‘Woodley’—a combination of roast beef, portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions and provolone on a club roll. Bennigan’s, which opened up a storefront in Frederick earlier this year, is known for their “World Famous Monte Cristo” sandwich— honey wheat bread layered with roasted turkey, ham, Swiss and American cheese. After batter dipping and gently frying, the sandwich is coated with powdered sugar and served with red raspberry preserve for dipping. “It’s just an amazing sandwich,” says Angela Discher, vice president of marketing for Legendary Restaurant Brands. “It’s a combination of sweet and savory and it’s just delicious.” Firefighters always know how to handle heat and you’ll find a number of hot speciality sandwiches

Firehouse Subs, Kingfisher Drive, Frederick, has a number of hot specialty sandwiches.


Bennigan’s offers its “World famous Monte Cristo.”

at Firehouse Subs, founded by first responders. Cassie Pivarnik, owner of the Kingfisher Drive, Frederick location, says the Hook and Ladder— smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham and Monterey Jack cheese—and the smokehouse beef and cheddar brisket showcasing meat smoked for 16 hours, cheddar, mayonnaise and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce are all popular crowd pleasers. AJ Condon, owner of three Jimmie John’s restaurants in Frederick, says the ‘#9 Italian Night Club’ sandwich is far and away the most popular. The selection presents guests with a combination of Genoa salami, Italian capicola, smoked ham and provolone cheese. ‘The #12 beach club’ also regularly brings in the customers for its combo of fresh baked turkey breast, provolone cheese and avocado spread. So what are the key elements to putting together a must-eat sandwich? Local experts say fresh bread and produce along with same day cuts of quality vegetables and meat are paramount. “We bake our bread fresh all day long,” Condon says. “We will not make a sandwich on bread that is older than four hours. We slice up all of our vegetables fresh every morning. We slice all of our meats fresh every day. We are the epitome of fresh. ...I don’t ever

want to serve a customer a sandwich that I wouldn’t want to eat myself.” Using grade-A quality fresh meats sliced every morning, giving the best cuts to the customers is a source of pride for Firehouse Subs, Pivarnik says. “We are using all the freshest ingredients and putting it together in the order that the founders set it out.” Customers will always find the meat pilled high on their subs. “We steam our meat which really brings out the flavor of the meat,” she says. They steam it for two minutes and 45 seconds. “We do toast the bread as well which together is (a) good (combination).” Knowing what the customer likes and wants is also essential when crafting the perfect sandwich, according to Cook. “It's just not a matter of saying ‘Give me a Reuben’ and then you make the Reuben,” he said. “At the Goat, we typically ask questions with almost every order. ...(Guests) know they will get what they want and they never usually walk out of here with something that they don’t want.” 13


When a condemned prisoner’s days are nearing their end,

executed by firing squad in 2010, Ronnie Lee Gardner shunned such minimalism, and put in a request for steak, lobster tail, apple pie, vanilla ice cream, 7-Up, and a viewing of The Lord

states that maintain the death penalty

of the Rings trilogy, which he was

often offer fated inmates a last meal of

surprisingly granted. Well played, sir.

their choosing — though stateside, it’s referred to as a “special meal.” German

But there’s always the guy who has to

serial killer Peter Kürten — who was

ruin it for everyone. In 2011, white


supremacist Lawrence Russell Brewer

Düsseldorf” — didn’t stray too far from





ordered two chicken fried steaks, a triple

his heritage before his date with the

bacon cheeseburger, fried okra, three

guillotine in 1931. For his final repast,

fajitas, an omelet, a meat-lover’s pizza, a

he requested wiener schnitzel, fried

pound of barbecue, ice cream, peanut

potatoes, and white wine. And when his

butter fudge, and root beer — which he

plate was cleared, he went so far as to

ate none of, and led to Texas abolishing

request seconds, which he was

the 87-year-old tradition of offering

granted. Such a hospitable people,

special meals before execution.

those Germans. While some states maintain, but restrict When “Killer Clown” John Wayne Gacy

aspects of the special meal — in Florida,

was preparing to meet his maker in

the tab is not to exceed $40, and in

1994, he dined on fried shrimp, french

Oklahoma, it’s limited to $15 — this

fries (which would have been infinitely

sense of gastronomic closure sparked

more appropriate if he were going out

conversations around the office, and got

via electric chair), strawberries, and a

us wondering what properly food-minded

bucket of KFC original recipe. After 18

folks would opt for as their going away

years on death row, Robert Buell

meal. In turn, we asked some local chefs

requested a single black, un-pitted

what kind of feast they would request

olive. Three days before he was

while being shuffled off this mortal coil.

Andrew Mayers, executive chef at Firestone’s Culinary Tavern in Frederick, started working at Firestone’s when he was just 15, and worked his way up the proverbial food chain in the kitchen before opting to make cooking his life. He attended Baltimore International College where he graduated with a culinary degree. Upon graduation, he moved back to Frederick, and became executive chef at Firestone’s, where he has been for a total of 13 years.

Mama’s Chicken And Dumplings

When pressed to imagine what he would want his last meal would be, Andrew chose what he calls, the perfect meal: a large bowl of chicken and dumplings prepared by his mother with a side of corn on the cob and a tall glass of sweet tea. He chose it because it’s the meal that he grew up with, and was one of the first that made him realize there was something more to food than just something to eat because you’ve got to eat sometime — food was something that a seasoned chef could transform. He also said that watching the way she treated ingredients and the overall production of putting dinner on the table everyday influenced what he does in the kitchen. “I want the guests to have the same feeling when they leave as I do when I think about my mom’s chicken and dumplings,” Chef Andrew said.


Al Pastor, Wings & An IPA

Chef Mark Fuster of Wilcom’s

remind everyone he’s absolutely

Inn started cooking when he was 7— it

innocent—but the plate he imagines

began at home, so fret not, no child

for his meal-of-parting-ways is celery,

labor laws were broken. After throwing

blue cheese, carrots, an ice cold

plans to pursue a career in electrical

Sierra Nevada, tacos, and the spiciest

engineering in the trough, he enrolled at L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, which first led him to D.C., then a little closer to home at GrillMarx Steakhouse where Fuster says he “really learned how to make better food.” When restlessness began to set in, he and his uncle George decided

wings they can possibly feed him with. “Wings and tacos—that’s literally the sum of my life.” Wings are one of the foods he’s been devouring since he was a kid, so no doubt wing withdrawal would be kicking in. And while heat is the primary stipulation on the wings, he’d request his

to flip this former biker/dive bar in Monrovia into an international

tacos in the style of al pastor, which he discovered in Mexico.

steakhouse/sports bar with a penchant for quality wine.

“It’s pork on a vertical spit with pineapple and onions on top. As it spins, they just shave it right into the taco.

When picturing himself on death row — Fuster first wants to


It’s phenomenal,” he said.

Iuliana Manea, executive chef

business doing what she does best—and enjoying it.

at Dolce Pizza and Eastern European Restaurant in

Of course, Manea has

Hagerstown, first picked up a ladle cooking

no designs on earning

alongside her mother

her way onto death

and grandmother as a

row, but were she

child. It was her

preparing to rest in


peace, it wouldn’t be


until she dined on

helped her commit to


this path. “Remember


prepared specifically by

this: When you grow up,

someone from her Romanian

do something you're good at,

culture, but preferably by herself.

something you love to do, and you

The dish—one of the most popular at

will be great in life," she told young Manea. After high school, she enrolled in culinary

Dolce—is prepared with ground beef, rice,

school in her home country of Romania, and

tomatoes, parsley, dill, and a side of sour cream.

worked there for a decade before immigrating

“That meal is what I grew up with, enjoyed, and

to New York. After expanding her repertoire,

prepared with my family and my children, and

Manea came to Hagerstown and worked at

with the business. It describes my whole life. So

Rocky’s for a spell before fulfilling her

I think this is something anyone in that situation

grandmother’s counsel and opening her own

would wish to taste as their last meal ever.”

Self-Made Stuffed Cabbage


RestauRant ▼


rom traditional American bistros and steakhouses to Mediterranean and South American-inspired menus and Italian pizzerias, Washington and Frederick counties have it all. Here is your roadmap to the best dining the area has to offer.

22 Ayse ¸ Meze Lounge 23 Bonefish Grill


24 Brewer’s Alley Restaurant and Brewery 25 Bushwaller’s Irish-American Gastro Pub 26 Café Nola 27 China Garden 28 Dublin Roasters 29 Il Porto 32 Il Forno Pizzeria 33 Isabella’s Taverna & Tapas Bar


34 Jo-Jo’s Restaurant & Tap House

37 Lucky Corner 38 Pistarro’s

35 La Stella 39 Reina 36 Liberty Road Seafood

Profiles 40 Roasthouse Pub 41 Schula’s Grill and Crab House 41 The Smokehouse Restaurant at Antrim 1844 42 Sumittra



AYSE ¸ MEZE LOUNGE Classy yet Casual Small Plate Lounge ¸ Meze Lounge features a new twist Ayse on the best in Greek, Turkish and Lebanese cuisine—packing flavor and value in their small dishes. Offering a brunch, lunch, dinner and drink menu, the restaurant provides a wide variety of menu items to choose from, including seafood, grilled skewers, pides, soups, salads, pastas and vegetables. And, many ingredients are locally grown—suiting the palate of even the most discerning foodie. Located in Everedy Square in down¸ Meze offers guests town Frederick, Ayse

the option to dine casually in the bar, the airy Mediterranean dining room, or to enjoy their meal outdoors on their spacious heated brick patio. ¸ Ayse’s chefs have also arranged a monthly dining series for those with culinary curiosity. They present a special themed dinner and beverage pairing with recipes for participants to recreate at home. While enjoying the food and drink, come between 6 to 9 p.m. to hear a variety of different local musicians and bands perform.

BITES TO CHEW ON VIBE Dining on a Greek Island 22

RAGE ▼ Beef sis ¸ ¸ kebab




Tue.-Thu. 11:30am-10pm, Fri.-Sat. 11:30am-11pm, Sun. 11:30am-9pm

6 N. East St., Frederick, MD 21701



Special Night Out

RAGE ▼ Bang Bang Shrimp

HOURS Mon.-Thu. 3pm-10:30pm, Fri. 3pm11:30pm, Sat. 11am-11:30pm Sun. 10am-9pm (brunch 10am-2pm) Happy Hour:4pm-6:30pm

LOCALE 1305 W. 7th St. Ste.37 Frederick, MD

CONNECT 301-668-1522

BONEFISH GRILL Fish Selections from Around the World The fresh fish experts at Bonefish Grill were awarded the 2015 MenuMasters Award by Nation’s Restaurant News for Best Menu Revamp, so leave the grilling to them. They offer a wide variety of fish selections from around the globe, their fish is cooked to perfection over a wood-burning grill that gives it that unique Bonefish Grill flavor. Start the night with any of their crave-worthy appetizers, made from scratch daily so they’re unforgettably delicious. Dive into their famous Bang Bang Shrimp, served crispy and tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce. The sea bass is especially delicious topped with fresh mango salsa. Ordering a martini at Bonefish Grill means so much more than a shake and a stir. Their

mixologists approach each cocktail as a work of art, fine tuning the perfect flavors to make each cocktail unique. Also explore their diverse list of beers and wines. They support local vineyards and can pair the best wines no matter the dish, season or mood. All your favorite brunch items are available on Sundays, with that special Bonefish Grill twist. Choose something sweet like their Crème Brulee French Toast or indulge your savory side with a half-pound American Kobe beef and egg burger. Whether it’s a special occasion or a night that you want to turn into something special, Bonefish Grill is the place to make it happen with its amazing menu and super-friendly staff. 23

BREWER’S ALLEY RESTAURANT AND BREWERY Classic American Brewpub Whether you’re a beer connoisseur looking to sample a variety of on-site, handcrafted beers, a sports fan planning to nosh and catch the score, or a hungry guest in search of scrumptious food in a friendly dining room, Brewer’s Alley Restaurant and Brewery is for you. Established in the heart of historic Downtown Frederick, the county’s original brewpub has become a popular stop for both worldwide tourists and local residents in search of fine fermented spirits and

culinary creations in a location buzzing with activity. Expect a calendar packed full of gatherings for events like First Saturdays, happy hour and Wednesday Blues Nights, and much more. Brewer’s also offers outside dining and a spacious banquet room upstairs suited for any event. With a parking garage located right behind the building, and a menu that will satisfy every guest, it’s easy to make your way to one of Frederick’s most popular spots.

BITES TO CHEW ON VIBE Urban Excitement


RAGE ▼ Wood-fired Smokehouse Macaroni and Cheese

RAGE HOURS Mon.-Tue. 11:30am-11:30pm, Wed.-Thu. 11:30am-Midnight, Fri.-Sat. 11:30am-1:30am, Sun. 11:30am-11:30pm



124 N. Market St., Frederick, MD 21701



Local Haunt

RAGE ▼ Shepherd’s Pie Washed Down with One of Over 70 Whiskies to Choose From

HOURS Mon.-Fri. 11:30am-2am Sat.-Sun. 11am-2am

LOCALE 209 N. Market St., Frederick, MD 21701

CONNECT 301.695.6988

BUSHWALLER’S Irish-American Gastro Pub The ambience of an Irish Pub and the whiskey to go with it can be found inside Bushwaller’s on North Market Street. Celebrating their 35th year, Bushwaller’s continues to serve up savory Irish and American comfort dishes. Think of it as your neighborhood burger joint with an Irish personality, where you can also nosh on fish and chips, bangers and mash

and beef stew. At Bushwaller’s they consider themselves the community living room, where you can enjoy the warmth of friendly staff, a good drink, choose from 18 draft beers and comforting food. Grab a Guinness or your favorite drink with friends and enjoy live music five nights a week at this local hot spot. 25

CAFÉ NOLA Fabulous Food, Music and Art Scene Whether you’re searching for breakfast or craving a little something late at night, Café Nola can more than fill your needs. Situated in Downtown Frederick’s art district, the restaurant was one of the first to offer outside seating. Parked at a sidewalk table with an excellent cup of coffee and an order of Chesapeake Benedict or steak and eggs in front of you, it’s the place to see and be seen. The kitchen is committed to fresh, local and organic ingredients with some of the crew doing double duty as chefs as well as farmers providing many of the ingredients. The late night menu, for example, contains beet and kale chips and the lunch and dinner menus have a variety of salads, sandwiches, soups and entrees that star local produce. Even the bar’s

popular infusion cocktails take advantage of fresh herbs and other ingredients. Recipes are distinctive and offer not only homey American fare ranging from chicken wings to home fries, but also borrow from world cuisines—think falafel, grilled eggplant paninis, fritattas, won-tons and empanadas. The chefs follow the seasons, highlighting what’s at the peak of flavor. The food, plus the casual café atmosphere are reason enough to pay Nola a visit, but for music fans there’s even more. At least three or four times a week you can hear your favorite band or catch a new act that will quickly become your favorite. Café Nola is truly a sparkling gem in the crown that is Downtown Frederick.



RAGE ▼ Breakfast is consistently voted number one in Best of Frederick




Brunch: Sat.-Sun. 9am-3pm. Brunch: Mon.-Fri. 7am-3pm. Lunch: Sun.-Sat. 11am-3pm. Dinner: Wed.-Mon. 5pm9:30pm; Closed Tues. after 3pm

4 E. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701




RAGE ▼ General Tso’s Chicken. Catering for all occassions




Sun.-Thu. 11am-9:30pm Fri.-Sat. 11am-10:30pm

506 West Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21702


CHINA GARDEN Time-Honored Asian Fare Generations of customers have enjoyed the tradition of eating at China Garden since 1984. With a new menu, ample parking and free delivery, China Garden has thought of everything to make lunch or dinner easy and delicious. An extensive menu which offers popular Asian dishes, including many vegetarian selections, served up by a friendly staff, making this a favorite destination for nearly 30 years. Just one phone call and you can have your office meeting

or party catered with favorites like Crispy Shrimp and General Tso’s chicken. Lunch specials daily and special dishes of the month for dinner spice up the variety. China Garden also features appetizers, soups, and a full sushi bar including Sushi, Sashimi, Maki (Roll) and hand rolls. For every day occasions and holidays alike, customers have voted China Garden the best Asian restaurant in Frederick County for more than 24 years.


DUBLIN ROASTERS The World’s Favorite Beverage Done Right When the roaster is operating and a steady wind is blowing, the tantalizing aroma of coffee from Dublin Roasters can be detected for blocks. Even without the roasting in full swing, a visit for a cup of java will immediately entice you to return time and again. Organic, fair trade coffee is purchased from small family farms worldwide and roasted fresh daily. Instead of a traditional drum style roaster, they use a Hot Air roaster which doesn’t burn or char the beans—better for the environment. About 1,200 pounds of beans each week are roasted in small batches at the business named Best of Frederick in 2015 and 2016 as well as earning a 2016 Small Business Entrepreneur award. They custom roast for restaurants such as Volt, The Wine Kitchen, The Orchard, Firestones

Market Store, author Nora Roberts, Turn the Page Bookstore, The Inn at Boonsboro, The Common Market, and Beans in the Belfry, to name a few. The store’s bakery and kitchen is staffed by creative folks who fashion paninis, bagel sandwiches, breakfast and lunch all day. Try the Foxy Loxy, an everything bagel with fresh smoked salmon, capers, dill cream cheese and lemon. Fresh pastries include apple turnovers, espresso brownies, cupcakes and pecan bars. Vegan, gluten-free options are also available. Cold brew on tap, nitro-infused over coffee ice cubes. The business is popular for book clubs, political events, moms groups and others. Finding a good cup of coffee can be compared to finding the right beer, wine or special meal. Look no further than Dublin Roasters Coffee.

BITES TO CHEW ON VIBE Wake up and smell the coffee 28

RAGE ▼ Fresh coffee from beans roasted inhouse

RAGE HOURS Mon-Fri. 7am-6pm, Sat. 9am-4pm, Sun. 10am-4pm



1780 N. Market St., Frederick 21701



Fine Dining

RAGE ▼ Mondays: Half-Price Wine Bottles, Tuesdays: Tini Tuesday $5.99 Gift certificates available. Book your Christmas lunch party now.

HOURS Mon.-Sat. 11am-10pm Sun. Noon-9pm



200 S. Market St., 301.620.7480 Frederick, MD and 245 Muddy Branch Rd., Gaithersburg, MD

IL PORTO Traditional Italian With a Focus on Fresh Honored as one of the 100 Best Bargain Restaurants by Washingtonian Magazine, il Porto’s fresh seafood, homemade pasta and breads baked fresh daily will give you a taste of southern Italy. The restaurant is family owned and operated with a head chef seasoned by 30 years of experience in authentic Italian cuisine. Located in historic Downtown Frederick since 2007 and in Gaithersburg since 1996, both locations offer great service and fresh

food at a reasonable price. You’ll know your food has been made to order from scratch with the finest, freshest ingredients when you taste it. At il Porto, customers don’t rush, they savor the experience in a welcoming atmosphere. Their expansive menu of veal, poultry, fish, and pastry selections offers an abundance of choices for even the most discerning taste buds. Carry out and smaller lunch portions are also available.



doggie bags ▼

are part of the restaurant experience

ry as you might, you just can’t eat the rest of that pasta primavera, especially when you want to fill what remains of the space in your stomach with the restaurant’s famous cheesecake for dessert. Thank goodness for the notion of a doggie bag, although today it’s more likely to be a box for bundling up the leftovers.




According to restaurant historians, the ancient Romans—who were one of the first to use dinner napkins for dabbing wayward food from their mouths or hands—started using napkins to gather any leftovers from the fabulous banquets to be taken home for later. More recently, during the 1930s as America was in the midst of the Great Depression and fighting a world war, food shortages and tight budgets were common. Whenever you did get to treat yourself to a restaurant meal, every bite counted. Except that initially—as the stories go—people really were thinking of their pets when it came to leftovers. Restaurants offered “Pet Pakits” and hotels in Seattle came up with wax paper bags with the label “Bones for Bowser.”

But truth be told, many of the people asking to have their steak bone wrapped up (maybe to be later boiled into broth) didn’t even own dogs. Soon, it became standard practice to take away the leftovers without embarrassment. Some restaurants today even go all out with the packaging, such as fashioning foil into swans to contain the extra lobster thermidor. Asian restaurants often will even throw in extra rice when they are packing things up so you can truly have a second meal later. We guess Fido will have to be content with just kibble.

Ye Old Spirit ShOp Ye Old Spirit Shop has been serving the area since 1960 and features Frederick County’s most extensive selection of fine wine, spirits and beer. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you with all of your parties and gift-giving needs. Come in for a visit or give us a call!

OPEN Mon-Sat 9am-9pm and Sun 12-6pm. 1005 WEST 7TH ST., FREDERICK


Make Your Next Event Innovative, Artistic and Flavorful!

Weddings • Corporate Events • Parties 244 S. Jefferson Street, Unit C, Frederick, MD 21701

301-228-CHEF (2433)

IL FORNO PIZZERIA Best Thing from a 900-Degree Oven With more than a quarter of a century of making people happy with their pizza, Il Forno is definitely doing it right with a constantly evolving menu and consistently friendly service. Using wood-burning ovens—they had to add a second one when demand went through the roof— Il Forno uses a tangy, slightly sweet tomato sauce made in-house paired with a handtossed crust that emerges from the oven light and crispy with just the proper amount of char. Gluten-free and wheat crusts are also an option, as well as individual-sized pies. Toppings run the gamut from Hawaiian to vegetarian to “Carnivore’s Dream,” a blend of pepperoni, sausage ham, and meatballs on that amazing crust.

In addition to pizza that consistently wins Frederick Magazine’s annual “Best of Frederick” contest, the restaurant also has an array of soups, salads, pasta, pounded chicken tenders and wings, sandwiches, wraps and subs. Pasta dishes include pasta calamari, cheese ravioli and shrimp scampi. Sandwiches, most served on a ciabatta roll, include pesto chicken salad and Italian cold cut. “You Name It” is the title for one of the subs, with diners calling the shots with the filling choices. On nice days the restaurant’s patio is filled with customers and in addition to enjoying your food in the large dining room there is also delivery to home and workplace.

BITES TO CHEW ON VIBE More than 25 years of pizza heaven


RAGE ▼ The margherita—sauce, mozzarella and basil on a light and crispy crust




Mon.-Sat. 11:30am-2am Sun. 11:30am-midnight

1035 W. Patrick St., Frederick


BITES TO CHEW ON RAGE ▼ Warm and Panko Crusted Vibrant, but Asparagus Spicy After Dark “Fries”


HOURS LOCALE CONNECT Brunch: Sat. & Sun. 8am-3pm, 44 N. Market St., 301.698.8922 Lunch: Tue.-Fri. 11:30am-4pm, Sat. & Sun. 11am-4pm, Frederick, MD www.isabellasDinner: Tue.-Thu. 4pm-10pm, Fri. & Sat. 4pm-11pm, 21701 Sun. 3pm-8pm

ISABELLA’S TAVERNA & TAPAS BAR Classic Mediterranean Indulgence Selecting the finest ingredients for fresh Spanish cuisine—complemented by an exclusive wine list—Isabella’s Taverna and Tapas in Downtown Frederick has become a favorite destination for locals and worldwide travelers alike in search of a truly Mediterranean dining experience. Their menu supports farming practices that are environmentally sensitive, economically viable and socially responsible. Guests have the option to

dine inside the warm, lively restaurant, or dine outside, enjoying the historic, urban view as you feast on selections such as gazpatcho, ceviche or Gambas al Pil Pil, hot sizzling shrimp in garlic. With a municipal parking garage just a block from the restaurant, there is ample parking for you and your guests. Whether you are looking for a casual lunch, elegant dining or full-service banquet facilities, Isabella’s is where you’ll find it. 33

JOJO’S RESTAURANT & TAP HOUSE Tap House Meets Casual Dining Come to JoJo’s Restaurant & Tap House for the best of three worlds. This vibrant, Downtown Frederick gathering place has several venues, each with its own heartbeat. For relaxing and subdued, step into the “upper casual” main dining room and be welcomed by warm woods, exposed brick and mellow music. For more intimacy, follow the restaurant’s U-shaped design to the double oak doors. Behind them is a comfortable, more

secluded setting with picture windows — perfect surrounds for private functions. If you’d rather do bustling, there’s the Tap House with live music, a friendly pulse and 26 taps flowing with craft beers. Stopin to check out a rotating selection of specials in all venues including JoJo’s pasta Wednesday. Happy hours are also tempting, with pork belly tacos and taphouse wings that slide down easy with any of several great drink deals.

BITES TO CHEW ON VIBE Vibrant Gathering Spot 34

RAGE ▼ Craft Beers

RAGE HOURS Mon.-Sat. 11:30am-2am, Sun. 11am-2am



16 E. Patrick St. Frederick, MD 21701

301.732.5197 www.jojosrestaurant


Frederick’s first D.O.C. certified pizzeria

RAGE ▼ Pizza straight from a 900-degree woodburning oven




Mon.-Thu. 11am-10pm Fri.-Sat. 11am-11pm Sun. 11am-9pm

6103 Spring Ridge Pkwy. Frederick, MD 21701


LA STELLA RESTAURANT The Best Italian Experience in Town In 1998 the Italian government formally recognized Neapolitan pizza as a cherished traditional food of Italy that deserved preservation—so it granted the dish Denominazione di Origine Controllata (D.O.C.) status. This means that there are “legally permitted” ingredients and methods of preparation necessary in order for it to be called authentic Neapolitan pizza. Only softgrain flour, fresh yeast, water and sea salt may be used for the dough and only Italian plum tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil or dried oregano may be used for the toppings. Fresh garlic may only be used on the Pizza Marinara. All Neapolitan pizzas must be cooked in a wood-burning oven. La Stella is Frederick’s first D.O.C. certified pizzeria.

La Stella, which translates into English as “The Star,” is certainly a bright spot for those craving pizza and other Italian delights from pasta to seafood. Owner Tony Illiano, who is a native of Naples and started in the restaurant business at age 15 in Brescia, Italy, has spent nearly 37 years feeding customers and says that you don’t need to travel all the way to Italy to get authentic pizza—just stop by his restaurant. In addition to pizza, another popular dish is the shrimp and crab fondue which has the giant-sized seafood in a creamy tomato sauce and served in a bowl made of bread. Salads, calzones, stromboli, chicken parmigiana and ziti with sausages are also favorites on the menu. Take-out is also available. 35

LIBERTY ROAD SEAFOOD The Sea’s Bounty without the Long Drive Even the french fries at Liberty Road Seafood and Steak Restaurant can come loaded with shrimp or crab, making this the ultimate place for seafood. It’s little wonder that they have been attracting loyal customers from Frederick County and the surrounding area for more than 35 years. A popular way to enjoy a wide variety of the sea’s bounty is the all-you-can-eat special. One option includes hard shell crabs, shrimp (both steamed and fried) and a dozen other items. Plated dinners are another choice—perhaps starting with the crab dip as an appetizer—and for those craving a steak they should know

that the beef is locally sourced. Sandwiches are hearty, especially the cram-packed po’ boys. This casual, family-friendly restaurant is proud of its homemade offerings, whether it’s the crab soup, cole slaw, beer-battered onion rings, or hush puppies. The friendly wait staff is much like family, with employees at Liberty Road Seafood and Steak working here an average 15 years. The restaurant has rooms available for private events, holiday parties, rehearsal dinners or company meetings, and is known for its work with community groups hosting fundraisers.

BITES TO CHEW ON VIBE A Symphony of Crabs being Cracked 36

RAGE ▼ All-You-CanEat-Special




Tue.-Thu. 3-9pm; Fri. 3-10pm; Sat. noon10pm; Sun. noon-9pm. Closed Mondays. Open Monday Memorial Day-Labor Day.

10524 Liberty Road Frederick, MD 21701

301.898.3181 www.libertyroadseafoodand


Authentic Vietnamese food

RAGE ▼ Pho, a traditional noodle soup




7th Street: Mon.-Sun. 11am-9pm Buckeystown Pike: Sun-Thurs. 11am-10pm; Fri.-Sat. 11am-10:30pm

700 N. Market St., Frederick 5100 Buckeystown Pike, Suite 174 Frederick

Downtown: 301.624.1005 Buckeystown Pike: 301.360.5913

LUCKY CORNER Vietnamese Restaurant Offers Double Blessings The corner of North Market and East 7th streets has proven so fortunate that the owners of the popular Vietnamese restaurant have opened a second location, this one on Buckeystown Pike. While the Downtown location has the feel of a neighborhood kind of place with a smaller dining room and service on the sidewalk out front, the new location is elegant with beautiful furnishings, subdued lighting and a full bar. But something both locations have in common is the delicious and authentic food and the friendliness of staff that makes you feel like family. Owner Pha Huynh and his son Trung Huynh, opened the first restaurant 10 years ago. Pha

has spent 30 years as a chef, turning out dishes that have prompted restaurant reviewers to write: “The Lucky Corner is a true gem,” “I have never had a bad meal” and “their coconut curry is amazing.” The large selection of dishes are created from high quality ingredients and offered at reasonable prices. Some of the dishes that are crowd favorites include chicken with chili and lemongrass, crispy whole flounder, mango chicken, and of course, the pho. Salads are well-executed, too, from the green papaya salad to the duck salad and any meal that starts with the summer rolls or nem nuong rolls is sure to put a smile on your face. 37

PISTARRO’S Family, Friends and a Slice of Naples There’s pizza and then there’s Pistarro’s pizza. The pie is taken to an art form at this inviting restaurant with its red-brick and dark wood décor and impressive bar, plus a front patio perfect for people-watching. First there are the ingredients for this Neapolitan-style pizza. The sauce is created from imported San Marzano tomatoes and the mozzarella is made daily in-house. A classic recipe is selected for the dough using caputo flour from Italy, with everything mixed in a climate-controlled room. Next there is the oven, hand-made in Naples from volcanic clay with the capability of being cranked to more than 1,000 degrees to produce an awe-inspiring pizza

in less than two minutes. Additions to your pizza are traditional, but with some twists such as carmelized onions, baby arugula, shaved fennel and truffle cheese. Vegan pizza is available. But it’s not just pizza. There are other Italian favorites such as caponata, a blend of eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, raisins and capers, or another great way to start the meal, baby artichokes in lemon and olive oil. Pasta is plentiful and salads are works of art such as the spinach with gorgonzola, figs and pine nuts. There’s a robust selection of beer, wine and Italian sodas. A special treat from Nonna’s cookie jar makes the visit to Pistarro’s even more special.

BITES TO CHEW ON VIBE A taste of Italy on East Street 38

RAGE ▼ Neapolitan pizza, handmade pastas




Mon.-Thu. 11am-10pm. Fri.-Sat. 11am-11pm. Sun. 11am-9pm.

221 N. East St., Frederick, MD 21701



Locally-sourced American fare

RAGE ▼ Eleanor’s Secret Garden

HOURS Mon. Closed, Tue.-Thu. 11:30am-10pm, Fri.-Sat. 11:30am-11pm, Sun. 10:30am-9pm, Brunch 10:30am-2:30pm



129 N. Market St., 301.694.3015 Frederick, MD 21701

REINA Casual Fine Dining with a Fusion of Tastes Step into Reina and peruse the innovative menu of dishes created from America’s melting pot while sipping a glass of wine from the restaurant’s well-appointed bar that also offers beer and distinctive cocktails. The bar is also a good place to sit and enjoy the game, or request a table in Eleanor’s Secret Garden when the weather is favorable. The menu showcases the talents of the kitchen with ingredients that are largely local, whether it’s Shuff’s Country Ham, pork from Wagon Wheel in Mount Airy, duck from Ju-

rgilwitz in Hagerstown or beef from Hoffman’s, also a Hagerstown farm. From spring through fall, produce harvested from the restaurant’s 10-acre garden outside of Frederick is featured. A great choice for an appetizer is the Maryland Crab Tomato Maltagliati—like all their pastas, this one is made in-house. Or try the duck noodle soup. Entrees range from marinated chicken to grilled salmon and grass-fed fillet of beef. So, order another glass of wine while thinking about dessert and relaxing with family and friends around the table. 39

ROASTHOUSE PUB Attracting Fun People Serious About Beer Roasthouse Pub’s motto is “Always fresh. Always friendly. Always good” and one visit to the restaurant shows it’s all true. The place boasts 20 taps flowing with quality craft beer, most locally produced, as well as a kitchen that turns out food that’s all the rage, whether a pub-style burger with jalapeño bacon and maple bourbon bacon jam or a twist on tacos—we’re talking house-cured pork belly and jerk chicken. The appetizer menu includes crab dip with jumbo crabmeat; roasted General Tso’s wings are also a favorite. Salads put some zing to eating healthy with combinations of blackened salmon and kale or quinoa salad with fresh vegetables. Weekends are for

prime rib at the pub, the tender beef makes Friday, Saturday and Sunday extra special. The dessert menu is also far from ordinary with selections like raspberry and white chocolate pie and beer bread pudding. Owner is Mary Custer and Niko Negas is executive chef; both have strong community roots. Negas says when they first took over the restaurant he waited tables for customer feedback, making it a goal to have food to match the fabulous beer. He uses fresh, local ingredients, not from a freezer. “It’s always a new experience when you come in, both the beer and the food.” His food is also showing up on their truck that can be found at Flying Dog Brewery events.

BITES TO CHEW ON RAGE ▼ Where real Twenty beer taps “pouring with love” and the best people come to crab dip around. drink real beer. VIBE


HOURS Sun.-Thurs. 11am-9pm Fri.-Sat. 11am-10pm



5700 Urbana Pike, Frederick



Hooked on Schula’s

RAGE ▼ Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, No Fillers, Repeatedly Voted Best Seafood




Mon.-Thu. 11am-9pm, Lunch: 11am3pm; Fri.-Sat. 11am-10pm, Lunch: 11am-3pm, Sun. Noon-8pm

11205 John F. Kennedy Dr., Hagerstown, MD

301.714.1397 www.schulasgrilland

SCHULA’S GRILL AND CRAB HOUSE Seafood Without the Ocean Drive The Schula’s Grill and Crab House family has always loved fresh, well prepared seafood and steak, and have a mission to share that love, committed to bringing customers the highest quality and freshest products available at a reasonable price. Their menu can suit every taste and the service makes you feel special. Meticulously crafted recipes delivered with consistency have won accolades for Schula’s. Trip Advisory 2015 named them a “Certificate of Excellence Winner” and readers of The Hagerstown Herald Mail and The Martinsburg Journal have selected them “Best Seafood” five years in a row. Additionally, the restaurant

won a serious of kudos from Hagerstown magazine readers who voted them, Best Crab Cake, Best Steak, Outstanding Service, Best Healthy Option, Being Family-Friendly and, ta-da! Best Overall Restaurant in 2015. The family’s care and commitment is reflected in Internet comments by happy diners, both local and from across the country, including one which says, “ We went to Schula’s three days in a row!” Another says, “The Best Crab Cakes on The Planet” and “Fresh is the word!”—good reasons to surf on in to Schula’s Grill and Crab House and get hooked. 41

SMOKEHOUSE RESTAURANT AT ANTRIM 1844 More than Food and Wine—It’s an Experience For nearly three decades, the Smokehouse Restaurant at Antrim 1844 has maintained its legacy as a culinary destination with an exquisite array of ingredient driven cuisine. An evening of dining in the Smokehouse Restaurant begins in the spacious twin drawing rooms with handpassed hors d’ouevres and the evening continues with guests seated in the historic smokehouse where they’ll enjoy a six course prix-fixe dining experience. Brick floors and woodburning fireplaces provide a reminiscent charm of times past. Dinner can also be enjoyed in our wine cellar

which consists of over 20,000 bottles of wine from over 2,700 different selections to excite the most novice to the greatest connoisseur. The menu changes daily and highlights the finest and freshest ingredients and is exquisitely prepared by our Executive Chef. Five-course and three-course wine pairings are an option carefully selected with great precision to complement the contemporary American cuisine. Once the meal is complete, guests can enjoy rare liquors, scotches, bourbons and cognacs in the Pickwick Pub.

BITES TO CHEW ON VIBE A unique culinary destination 42

RAGE ▼ Amazing dishes and fine wines served in six courses




Dinner only. Check hours when making reservations

30 Trevanion Road, Taneytown



Casual, family-friendly

RAGE ▼ Siam Steak with a “Thai Mojito”


LOCALE 12 E. Patrick St., Frederick, Lunch: Mon.-Fri. 11am-2:30pm Dinner: MD, 21701; Mon.-Thu. 4pm-9:30pm, Fri. 4pm-10pm, 213 W. Washington St., Sat. Noon-10pm, Sun. Noon-9pm Charles Town, WV 25414

CONNECT (MD) 301.668.2303 (WV) 304.885.8747

SUMITTRA Traditional Thai With Urban Class Located in scenic Downtown Frederick, Sumittra’s family-friendly, contemporary casual atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for memorable dining experiences for all occasions. Sumittra chef and native of Thailand, Paichit Phakam has over 30 years of experience creating authentic Thai lunch and dinner specialties featuring beef, pork, seafood, and vegetables. Owners Jib and Jang Phakam, Paichit’s son and daughter-in-law, along with their accommodating and friendly staff graciously welcome Sumittra’s guests to enjoy its unique menu board of Thai specialties,

including a variety of traditional curries, Thai pad noodle stir-fry dishes, and freshly made vegetarian selections. Sumittra’s fusion-style signature offerings boast meticulous attention to taste and presentation and are available for dine-in, carryout or custom catering for any special event. Sumittra also offers a full-service, on-premise bar, which features the “Thai Mojito,” its specialty house drink. A multigenerational family-run and family-friendly restaurant, Sumittra offers its guests a flavorful experience of authentically crafted Thai cuisine. 43

Locally owned and operated since 2000, ZiPani has two unique locations: the bakery on Ballenger Creek Pike serves fresh bagels, breakfast and lunch; the Thomas Johnson Drive location serves fresh bagels, breakfast and lunch, as well as full-service dinner. Dinner menu begins at 4:30 p.m. and seasonal patio dining is available.

Menu Highlights Breakfast: Fresh baked bagels and cream cheeses, egg sandwiches, signature coffee, Espresso Bar. Lunch: Fresh salads, panini sandwiches, wraps, and lively soups. Dinner: (TJ Dr. location only) Gourmet burgers, wood fired pizzas, over-stuffed sandwiches. Full bar with happy hour and cocktail specials.

Two Frederick Locations • 5866 Ballenger Creek Pike • 301-846-0735 177A Thomas Johnson Drive • 301-620-1932

Opa Kouzina 50 Carroll Creek Way #130, Frederick

Alfresco isAl-besto! Whether a Sunny Day, or a Star-StuDDeD night, FooD iS Special outDoorS

By Nancy luse Photography by Turner Photography studio

Most of the time we eat our meals seated in a chair at a table. The routine is changed up with the gulping of fast food in the car or balancing a plate in front of the TV while at the same time fending off the cat. But there are also times when we heed the call of the outdoors, whether it’s roasting hot dogs over a campfire or spreading out a picnic on the lawn. Restaurant owners understand the allure of alfresco and increasingly have carved out spots on terraces, porches and sidewalks to accommodate it.


Cacique 26 N. Market St., Frederick

“It’s a great window on the world,” says Jennifer Dougherty, owner of Magoo’s Pub & Eatery, 1-A W. 2nd St., Frederick. The pub can seat about 20 people outside on wrought iron furniture shaded by umbrellas as well as a large tree with spreading branches. Situated on a side avenue, there isn’t the bustle of Market Street, yet at the same time you can still people watch and witness any street action. Dougherty says the space is great for lunch during the day and when the sun goes down the outdoor lights come on to create a different atmosphere. “We’re pretty relaxed and mellow,” she says, at the same time recalling a St. Patrick’s Day five years ago “when it was 80 degrees outside” and the outdoor space was called into play to accommodate revelers.


Frederick’s city hall and the county liquor board have rules governing outside restaurant dining, including that the space be designated by permanent, yet movable fencing. Many of the businesses use wrought iron that fits in with the historic vibe of Downtown. At Cakes to Die For, a bakery at 154 N. Market St., Frederick, the strongest beverage served is coffee, so there’s no need for a fence. Instead, owner and baker Lucie Shelton has her outdoor space as a veritable Garden of Eden nestled among city concrete. Huge pots of pink roses, hydrangeas and cascading purple petunias share space with stools and high-top tables. Some rocking chairs are thrown in for good measure. “My dad is a landscaper,” Shelton explains.

The baker says her customers enjoy the outdoor space and it’s not unusual for people to take photos of themselves among the plants. “I know it sounds corny, but it really is a chance to stop and smell the roses,” she says—as well as the intoxicating aromas of cinnamon and other baking ingredients coming from the kitchen. She admits it’s a good marketing ploy if passersby notice what customers are eating and then decide to come through the door for some of the same.

Great WIndoW “ It’sona the World. “ Jennifer Dougherty, owner of Magoo’s Pub & Eatery

enjoy the delight of the outdoors on a large deck with a full-service bar. Jeanne Parrotte, who, along with husband and son, both named Stephan, own the business, says when they decided several years ago to add a larger deck it was “absolutely” a good decision. “When the weather is nice, especially in the spring after a hard winter, this is the first place people want to sit,” she says. Stadium Grill & Tavern has a menu that includes sandwiches, burgers and salads as well as an extensive seafood selection. Steamed crabs are one of the top attractions. Parrotte agrees that the outdoors is ideal for cracking and picking crabs, inhaling the spiciness of the Old Bay seasonings, but adding that “a lot of people do it inside, too.”

Shelton’s desire to create a welcoming space comes from a childhood spent visiting her grandparents where there was a backyard porch, a garden and rocking chairs where she would spend hours. “I love sitting in a rocking chair,” she says, and now years later, her grandfather is known to drop by her business and take a seat in one of the chairs. As to the appeal of outdoor dining, Shelton suspects that “people are looking for a different point of view” after spending much of their day inside an office cubicle. “It’s nice to see them enjoying all this.” At Stadium Grill & Tavern, 401 S. Cannon Ave., Hagerstown, at least 100 customers can

The Wine Kitchen 50 Carroll Creek Way #160, Frederick


being in a city, looking down on the street below, across at a parking deck or another roof-top.

The Orchard 45 N. Market St., Frederick

Also during Brewer’s remodeling, a downstairs dining room was outfitted with walls of glass doors that can be flung open to let in the outside. But, just as anytime you’re playing with the weather, there’s the unpredictability of a rain storm blowing through. “A thunderstorm can hit and then 15 minutes later the sun is out,” Bowers says, which means you may be shuffling customers in and out. For the true fans of outdoor dining, weather isn’t a consideration—just look at all those people wanting an outside seat when winter stages a thaw and tempered temperatures makes it possible.

The More Outdoors the Better Phil Bowers, one of the partners of Fountain Rock Restaurant Group, embraces the concept of outdoor dining to the point that all five of the company’s Downtown Frederick restaurants have it. “It’s a good thing that people want to be outside,” Bowers says. “It’s healthy; it makes you feel better getting a little Vitamin D.” Brewer’s Alley, 124 N. Market St., nearly always has its front patio filled to capacity when the weather is nice, and for a time they staked off the back parking lot for weekend overflow crowds. Now those crowds are being seated in the recently added roof-top dining space with its granite-topped bar and tiled floor. Granted you’re not getting a breath-taking view of nature up there, but there’s also something a bit hip about


While most of Fountain Rock’s places are situated so people can see and be seen, there’s also “Eleanor’s Secret Garden” in the back of Reina, 129 N. Market St. Named for Bower’s

It’s HealtHy ; It “ makes you feel better gettIng a lIttle VItamIn D. “ Phil Bowers, a partner of Fountain Rock Restaurant Group

mother who does much of the garden tending, there’s peacefulness to the space. Tucked between buildings, the flagstone terrace is flanked by herb gardens, hosta and fern beds, a giant holly bush decorated in white lights and

Isabella’s Taverna & Tapas Bar 44 N. Market St., Frederick

a stone goose. Flowers are also in bloom, sometimes ending up in vases on the tables. One Reina staffer says most don’t know the garden exists, but once they do it’s often their spot of choice. “It’s so quiet, no noise from cars on the street.” A quiet place is what George and Carolyn Smith and their friend, Karlys Kline, were looking for one lunch time when spotted along Carroll Creek Linear Park in Frederick at the Wine Kitchen. With a breeze tickling the leaves overhead and the sound of the park’s water features, it was indeed a quiet place. George joked that, “I don’t care where I eat; it could be in an alley, as long as it’s with two beautiful women.”

Brewer’s Alley 124 N. Market St., Frederick

Kline responded that “When you asked me to make reservations you said to make it for outside…and I agree, there’s something joyful about being outside.”




ggs in a pot ‘till good and hot. Shelled from the whites and cut just right. The yolk spooned out, fused with ingredients ‘till tout. Mayo and mustard whipped to a custard, cascading the white husk that remains. Double, double toil and trouble; you’ve conjured the devil through eggs.




So what is it exactly that makes combining a hard-boiled egg yolk with mayonnaise and mustard so wicked? Adding horseradish or hot sauce to evoke the fiery pits of hell would be one thing, but your traditional deviled egg recipe is pretty tame on the palate. So what gives? The devil first showed up in culinary concoctions in the 18th century, according to the Oxford Companion to Food, noting that

it was first used as a noun, then later as a verb to signify cooking something with “fiery hot spices or condiments.” While food historians often cite 1920s Florida as the birthplace of deviled crab, Amanda Hessler included a recipe dating back to 1878 for deviled crab that included chili peppers in her book The Essential New York Times Cookbook, and adds that she believes today’s deviled eggs to be the

mild-mannered cousin to deviled crab. It’s also worth noting the similarities of deviled eggs to the ingredients in deviled ham— specifically the Underwood variation of this chopped and canned spread, which includes mustard flour, and isn’t really all that hot. Over time, Old Nick lost some of his potent punch and became nothing more than a harbinger of a dish that happens to lack total blandness. Like all things though, Lucifer has come back around, and lent his identity and likeness to scores of cheekily named hot sauces that range from buffalo wing worthy to I-ain’t-going-nearthat hot. Despite several requests, Satan was unable to be reached for comment regarding his modern uptick in popularity.


Places to Wet ▼

ANTIETAM BREWERY 49 Eastern Blvd. Hagerstown ATTABOY BEER CO. 400 Sagner Ave. Frederick www.attaboy BARLEY AND HOPS 5473 Urbana Pike Frederick www.barley



BLACK ANKLE VINEYARDS 44463 Black Ankle Road Mount Airy


BREWER’S ALLEY 124 N. Market St. Frederick

CATOCTIN BREEZE VINEYARD 15010 Roddy Road Thurmont DRAGON DISTILLERY 1341 Hughes Ford Road, Suite 108 Frederick www.dragon DISTILLERY LANE CIDER WORKS 5533 Gapland Road Jefferson www.distillerylane ELK RUN 15113 Liberty Road Mount Airy FLYING DOG BREWERY 4607 Wedgewood Blvd. Frederick www.flyingdog

FREY’S BREWING COMPANY 8601 Mapleville Road Mount Airy HIDDEN HILLS FARM AND VINEYARD 7550 Green Valley Road Frederick www.hiddenhills farmandvine

Your Whistle MONOCACY BREWING 1781 N. Market St. Frederick

TENTH WARD DISTILLING CO. 508 E. Church St. Frederick

OLDE MOTHER BREWING CO. 911 E. Patrick St. Frederick

WILLOW OAKS CRAFT CIDER 6219 Harley Road Middletown

LOEW VINEYARDS 14001 Liberty Road (Md. 26) Mount Airy

ORCHID CELLAR WINERY 8546 Pete Wiles Road Middletown


RED SHEDMAN FARM BREWERY 13601 Glissans Mill Road Mount Airy

MAZZAROTH VINEYARD 8333 Myersville Road Myersville MCCLINTOCK DISTILLING 35 S. Carroll St. Frederick





SMOKETOWN BREWING STATION 223 W. Potomac St. Brunswick www.smoketown



for when the ▼


Mark Your Calendars for events that showCase food & drink

FESTIVALS AT KNOB HALL VINEYARDS Music is high on the event calendar at the vineyard at 14108 St. Paul Road, Clear Springs, from festivals featuring reggae to the Parrot Head Festival with its Jimmy Buffett vibe. The winery also regularly hots Paint Night where you can get in tune with your artistic side. Meet new friends, learn about wine and try some of the selections from Knobb Hall. Visit FRIDAY NIGHT MUSIC AT BLACK ANKLE VINEYARDS On Fridays from 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m. live music is offered in the tasting room and patio area at the winery at 14663


Black Ankle Road, Mount Airy. Enjoy the tunes with your favorite Black Ankle wines. Folks are invited to bring picnic baskets for noshing while sipping. Visit FROM PAIRING WINES TO HOSTING FESTIVALS At Linganore Winecellers, 13601 Glissans Mill Road, Mount Airy, not only do they have daily wine tastings and guided winery tours, there are also special events showing the perfect wines to pair with cheese and chocolate. Linganore also hosts music festivals, from rock to reggae, with an open air market of hand-crafted and imported goods. For a listing of events, visit

BIG CORK EVENTS The vineyard at 4236 Main St., Rohrersville has a wide variety of events including live music during the Sunday Summer Music Series and Friday Nite Music. Organizers also schedule events revolving around football season, the release of new wines and learning sessions on the world of wine. The 10,000squarefoot tasting room boasts a 25-foot tasting bar. THE DOWNTOWN WINE DOWN Jan. 7, 2017 in Downtown Frederick “wine down” after the holidays by enjoying wine and food tastings as

appetite is part of First Saturday. Visit DOWNTOWN COOKING SCHOOL February is the time to learn to cook like the chefs at several Downtown Frederick restaurants, sponsored by the Downtown Frederick Partnership. Learn special how-to’s, tips and tricks from restaurant pros, and learn to make Downtown Frederick's favorite dishes. Visit

BURNS NITE SUPPER St. Andrew’s Society of Mid-Maryland is hosting a Burns Nite Supper to

DINNER TRAIN Enjoy a delicious catered meal, gracious service and a player piano in a grand setting aboard a train. Walkersville Southern Railroad operates dinner trains twice a month from May through November, in addition to a few special dinner train events. For more information, phone 301-898-0899 or visit

BEST OF FREDERICK BASH First the readers of Frederick Magazine vote for their favorites and then on Feb. 25, 2017, at the Frederick Fairground’s EventPlex, they get to taste the winning categories of food ranging from pulled-pork sandwiches to scrumptious cupcakes. It’s a night of live music, dancing and the best local libations. Visit

honor poet Robert Burns on Feb. 25, 2017 at the Urbana Volunteer Fire Department, 3602 Urbana Pike. For more information, phone 410-9782667.


OYSTER, HAM & TURKEY SUPPERS During the colder months check out the churches and fire halls for community suppers that feature the trio of culinary delights. Some of these places also offer soup and sandwich lunches and pot pie.

HERITAGE FOOD The Catoctin Furnace Historical Society, Inc., which provides a glimpse into this prerevolutionary industrial village in northern Frederick County, will be hosting A Living History & Heritage Food Event on Feb. 22, 2017 at 12607 Catoctin Furnace Road, Thurmont.

THE LEPRECHAUN LUAU No matter where you hail from, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day! Combine a St. Patrick's Day party with a luau and you have an event like no other, which benefits the Rotary Club of Frederick's signature service project.



in charge ▼


FREDERICK RESTAURANT WEEK On March 6-12, 2017 embark on a savory tour of Frederick’s restaurants, a great way to stretch your dining-out budget and try new places. Enjoy specially priced menus at participating restaurants. Visit CATOCTIN AFFAIR This April benefit for the Mental Health Association features the talents of local restaurant chefs and caterers as well as live entertainment. STS. PETER & PAUL GREEK FESTIVAL Held in May and September at 920 W. 7th St. with traditional Greek food and drink along with music and dancing. SCOOP-A-PALOOZA This annual all-you-can-eat ice cream festival is held in Chambersburg, Pa., to benefit the Chamber Foundation.


Finishing its eighth year in 2016, the event features shops that donate ice cream and staff to do the scooping with the public charged admission to taste and vote on their favorite flavors. Last year the attendance was just under 1,000 people. There’s also a kid’s area, entertainment and ice cream making contest to add to the fun. Contact the Greater Chambersburg Chamber Foundation at 717-264-7101. PEACH FEST Mid-August is the time to celebrate everything that’s peachy at 21427 Leitersburg St., Leitersburg, a festival that has been around for 30-some years. Visit

APPLE DAYS In late September at Widmeyer Park in Hancock you will find this annual salute to apples, beginning with a parade and including barbecue, arts and crafts and all things apple. UTICA PICNIC Held the third Saturday in August in Miller Picnic Woods, the longrunning event featuring delicious food is hosted by St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Utica. IN THE STREET The second Saturday in September is when Market Street and Carroll Creek Linear Park in Frederick become filled with food offerings from Downtown restaurants as well as beer and wine gardens. Come stroll the street with food in hand and live music to entertain you. Visit

OKTOBERFEST AT SCHIFFERSTADT On the third weekend in October

visit the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum, 1110 Rosemont Ave., Frederick, for German food, beer, an oompah band, juried crafts, colonial re-enactors and more. Rain or shine. Visit www.frederickcountyland HISTORIC CITY FARMERS MARKET A tradition for more than 225 years in the heart of Hagerstown any Saturday all year, open 5 a.m. to noon at 25 W. Church St. in City Center. Approximately 30 vendors of produce, baked goods, sweet treats, hand-made crafts and other products. The city market also has two breakfast and lunch counters. Visit

Dine In • Catering

Home of the Largest Crab & the Coldest Beer in Frederick County 301-898-3181 10524 Liberty Road, Frederick, MD Located on Rt. 26 between Mt. Pleasant and Libertytown.

Gift Certificates and Banquet Room AVAILABLE


CATOCTIN COLORFEST Started in 1963, this festival swells Thurmont’s normal population of 6,000 to considerably more as visitors flock into town the second weekend in October for arts and crafts and also a chance to grab some amazing food. Some vendors are even willing to cook breakfast for the early risers starting at 7 a.m.

FAMILY FESTIVAL @ THE FARM Ever wonder where your food comes from? Find out on the third weekend in October when close to two dozen Frederick County farms open their doors for a self-guided tour with each hosting a variety of special activities and events from hay rides to sampling apples. Rain date is the fourth weekend in October. For more information, visit

Take Out • Delivery

12 E. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 301.668.2303 Summitra Thai Kitchen & Bar 213 W. Washington St., Charles Town, WV 304.885.8747 59


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Movie and tv restaurants that really exist


f you’re a fan of movies such as When Harry Met Sally or Wall Street, or have seen every episode of Seinfeld at least three dozen times, you may want to move your fandom to actually visiting the restaurants where some of the scenes were shot.


Although the interior of Tom’s Restaurant in New York City wasn’t used in the show, it’s still the inspiration for the place where Jerry, Kramer, George and Elaine gathered in the “show about nothing,” Jerry Seinfeld. The 21 Club in New York City has been used in numerous films, from All About Eve, starring Bette Davis to Wall Street where Gordon Gekko suggests that fellow character Bud Fox order the steak tartare.

If you’re ever in Boston, make it a point to stop at the Cheers Pub, a place where “everyone knows your name.” You can almost picture Cliff and Norm at the bar with Sam working the beer taps and Carla slinging insults. Traveling across the country, we have Twede’s Café in North Bend, Wash. In 1990 the pilot of the television show, Twin Peaks, was shot in what at the time was the Double R Diner. A fire in 2000 destroyed the interior and it was built in a different configuration, but there’s still cherry pie and “a damn fine cup ‘o coffee,” plus Twin Peaks memorabilia for sale. Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, Calif., is a 24-hour shop that turns out amazing pastries and served as part of the scenery for movies such as Iron Man 2, Coming to America and Earth Girls are Easy. It’s time for a road trip.


Holsten’s, a restaurant in Bloomfield, N.J., is where fans of The Sopranos may recall was the place where Tony Soprano and his family were gathered

around a table in the final scene of the HBO classic series. It’s possible that if there isn’t a line you can actually be served in the same booth.

Katz’s Delicatessen in New York City is where the famous scene between Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal was filmed for Rob Reiner’s rom-com classic When Harry Met Sally. The kosherstyle deli has been around since 1888 and in addition to When Harry Met Sally, it was used in the film We Own the Night and TV series Law & Order. A table is marked with a sign that reads: “Where Harry met Sally … Hope you have what she had.”

kitchen • coffee house • bar

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner with a fabulous infusion cocktail, you can’t go wrong at Café Nola. Be sure to check out the music scene!

4 E. Patrick St. • Frederick, MD • 301.694.6652 •

A Frederick Tradition CELEBRATING 35 YEARS!

An Irish-American Gastropub in the Heart of Downtown STOP


209 N. Market St., Downtown Frederick 301-695-6988 •

CALLiNg ALL Foodies! visit our store for the freshest... Turkey, Turkey Sausage, Potpies, Turkey Jerky, Smoked Turkey Parts, Country ham, Pork Bacon and

All Natural Fresh Chicken. Lunch meats: Snack Stix: Cheese:

Smoked Turkey Breast, Roasted Turkey Breast, Turkey Pastrami, Turkey Salami, Country Ham, Baked Ham, Turkey Ham, Black Forest Turkey Ham, & so much more. Teriyaki, Plain, Sweet, Pepper Jack, Cheese and Beer. American, Provolone, Swiss, Colby, Horseradish Cheddar, Farmers, Italian Blend, Pepper Jack, Smoked Gouda, Smoked Cheddar, Lacey Swiss and Farmers with Vegetables.


30 Elm St., Thurmont, MD 21788 • Store Hours: Thursday and Friday 8am-3pm, Saturday 8am-12pm

Stop By and See For Yourself. get Perky, Eat More Turkey

COMMUNITY HERE Throughout our history history, y,, commitment to the Frederick Fre County community has been our driving force. W We e simply believe doing more is our honored duty and an investment in Frederick County’ County’ss future. Our team of bankers are integrated members of the community creating highly personalized solutions … like only a true community bank can!

MEMBER MEMBER FDIC FDIC 301-620-1400 301-620-1400


Crave 2017  

Get an intimate look at the tri-state region's best in food, drink and dining.

Crave 2017  

Get an intimate look at the tri-state region's best in food, drink and dining.