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The Avant-Garde Twist of Arts & Crafts

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HUM/DIY, the avant-garde twist of Arts & Crafts Some time ago, when in Mexico we heard the word “craft”, the semantics immediately made us think of pieces with cultural or religious tradition that were related to “Sacred Art” or to indigenous handicrafts. Nonetheless, in a time in which visuality has transcended the artistic scene to proliferate by

artisan projects that redefine the use of found objects with a new purpose, in a society reigned by mass production.

stylized With the objective of consumer objects and promoting independent creation, graphic design in the mass media, everyday more designers, artists cultural exchange and means


opening a realm for discussion and exhibition, we've prepared a program for a two-day event based in Monterrey, Mexico. HUM offers workshops, round tables and p i e c e s conferences that showcase the most confronting the paradox of being avant-garde proposals of indie a consumer object yet “authentic”. design all of them central to the HUM mindset (DIY, bricolage). We’ve observed even in the local scene, how the number of designers and independent artists h a s g r o w n e x p o n e n t i a l l y, generating hybrid products: supermarket bags, designed and customized as an environmentalist campaign; book objects that mix plastic and literary disciplines; and artisans seem to resist the standardized aesthetic that leads to mass consumerism with the creation of unique


HUM monterrey HUM méxico Demographics Program Bios Contact

As part of the fair, we’ve scheduled a conference and a T h e p h e n o m e n o n o f workshop by Levine, as well as the M e x i c a n p re m i e re o f h e r in Mexico is just a part of a series of events around the world documentary “ that has propagated not just in ”. We also have the formal art and design situations like fairs, exhibits and showcases; participation of Mexican designers it’s also a passion deeply installed in workshops and round tables streetwise towards re-using, talking about sustainable, independent and countercultural decorating and stylizing. design. Faythe Levine is a filmmaker, author, independent curator and creative director. Born in the United States, she dedicates great part of her work to documenting the DIY movement in all of its variants, but mainly as a new face of the arts, design and lifestyle that rise upon the fusion between traditional techniques of plastic arts with the punk based



philosophy of


doing it


About HUM

HUM mĂŠxico Demographics Program Bios Contact

Monterrey is an industrial and business minded city, where the cultural standard as well as the

cultural demand is set

high, since it’s a city that has been

artistic activity

boosting and seeks to consolidate itself as a place where art and tourism meet.

Also, HUM will reunite the young talents from Monterrey that form part of an artistic voice that wants to be listened, and whose knowledge and experience will leave a legacy that’ll form part of

HUM do it yourself, is an event that has as an objective of promoting and spreading this culture that seems to be on the rise, and present it as a way to introduce new talents to the local scene, with collaborations of national and a


international . It shows an enrichment within the new art and design, showing an authentic manufacturing process, as well as the quality of the final result.

cultural heritage .

About HUM HUM monterrey

Demographics Program Bios

Of millenary antiquity, the cultural heritage of Mexico City contains


samples of diverse cultures

that have happened through time in its territory, deriving off of it


great in artisan, pictorial and artistic quality. Mexico City distinguishes itself for being host to varied

multicultural expressions, making it one

of the top cities in the world with a great number of habitants with different nationalities. HUM do it yourself, looks for stages that support the new

creativity as well as platforms

that drive the young, multidisciplinary talent that are in a constant




About HUM HUM monterrey HUM mĂŠxico Demographics

Bios Contact

Oct 29 9.00 CONFERENCE: Found by Mecha*

16.30 ROUND TABLE: 10.30 Design&SocialNetworks ROUND TABLE: (Vino en Tetrapak*, Quiero Posh*, AlternativePublications (Page, Nylon*, Vice, Celeste) Cecy Meade*, Awake Co.*) 11. 00 ROUND TABLE: AntiFashion (Taquito Jocoque*, Yummy Trash*, Te Amo)

17.00 WORKSHOP: CharacterCreation by Cecy Meade*

19.00 11. 30 SCREENING: ROUND TABLE: HandmadeNation* IndieDesign (Dear Deer, Miguel Melagrejo 21.30 Design*, Mumedi) DINNER 12.00 WORKSHOP: by Fathye Levine* Oct 30 13.30 SUPPER


15.00 CONFERENCE: HandmadeNation by Faythe Levine*

22.00 PARTY

About HUM HUM monterrey HUM mĂŠxico Demographics

Bios Contact

Nov 3 9.00 CONFERENCE: Found by Mecha* 10.30 ROUND TABLE: AlternativePublications (Page, Nylon*, Vice, Celeste)

15.00 CONFERENCE: HandmadeNation by Faythe Levine* 16.30 ROUND TABLE: Design&SocialNetworks (Vino en Tetrapak*, Quiero Posh*, Cecy Meade*, Awake Co.*) 17.00 WORKSHOP: CharacterCreation by Cecy Meade*

11. 00 ROUND TABLE: AntiFashion (Taquito Jocoque*, Yummy Trash*, Te Amo) 19.00 SCREENING: 11. 30 HandmadeNation* ROUND TABLE: IndieDesign 21.30 (Dear Deer, Miguel Melagrejo DINNER Design*, Mumedi)

12.00 Nov 4 WORKSHOP: by Fathye Levine* 16.00 13.30 CRAFT FAIR/SHOWROOM SUPPER 22.00 PARTY

About HUM HUM monterrey HUM méxico Demographics Program


Awake Co.* Faythe Levine* Awake Co. is an art platform used to carry and spread messages and information regarding Faythe Levine is a filmmaker, author, independent different subjects like technology, design, and well curator and creative director. Right now, she finds being. Awake Co. serves also as a filter that seeks herself documenting the emerging scene of the DIY sources of thought that influence positively on peopleand the new wave of arts, crafts and design. that want to achieve changes. We are open and exposed to feelings and a mental awakening.

Mecha* Also known as Mecha, industrial and fashion Cecy Meade* designer Metztli Mancilla is as young as I was born in México in the city of Monterrey but experimented in the Mexican fashion scene. right now i live in Saltillo(in México too). At this moment I’m working as a freelance illustrator and making personal projects. I love to create characters Miguel Melagrejo* and make up stories about them. I get inspired by many many things mainly by music. Hi, my name is Miguel Melagrejo… I’m a Mexican industrial designer, right now working as a freelancer and as head of new projects in Diacril.

Dear Deer Dear Deer presents a contemporary platform in which artists and crafters alike may share their ideas and way of thinking. It provides a gallery for emerging artists with fresh and inventive proposals and a separate floor devoted entirely to presenting and selling innovative and original work be it a shirt, a song, a photograph, or a thought. Intended as a playful environment that showcases local and international contemporary cultural rescue.

Nylon* Nylon is a trend magazine that mainly talks about fashion, beauty, music and lots of pop culture. It also organizes the coolest parties in Mexico, they have a blog and Nylon TV so you can keep up to date.

* confirmed

About HUM HUM monterrey HUM méxico Demographics Program


Page Page is a magazine that talks about new and classic topics, some of them subjectively and some completely down to earth. They try to understand their reader, give them the best. The magazine documents, exhibits and showcases the lifestyle of their audience. All topics share an angle: design and aesthetics.

Vice Sometimes it’s hard to say what we are about to say, but here it goes: Vice is the coolest magazine Quiero Posh* in the world! Ufff! In fact, it feels really good saying it out loud. It’s a magazine with the newest art Posh is pure eye candy and yummy for the senses. tendencies, music, lifestyle and with simultaneous It’s a design project that tries to transmit the editions from Tokyo and New York. importance of aesthetics through a visually striking and conceptual product. It’s object of desire, lifestyle Vino en Tetrapak* and patron of the arts. It’s part of a collective of Mexican talent and collaborates with artists in events that promote culture and good taste. The It’s a design studio that specializes in industrial fashionista concept of Posh lets it unveil the design, functional art, furniture design, stage design, launching of its collections seasonally, as fashion photography, painting, illustration, editorial design and object manipulation. states.

TaquitoJocoque* TaquitoJocoque are Julio, Roxylove and Augusto and we work with different techniques and projects.

Te Amo

Yummy Trash* Presented by it’s designers Asael Medellín and Victoria Velarde, their talent doesn’t stop at elaborating fashion clothes, they also create accessories, shoes, vintage fashion and prêt a porter. With Yummy Trash and Lord Leopard every girl turns deliciously beautiful. Brand that wants to create a lifestyle where who wears it has no fear and knows fashion as much as they know themselves. Te Amo transmits the uniqueness of concept creation as well as the physical creation of each collection. That’s why Rafa and Roberto believe above all thing in designing and making pieces with love: cute pieces with personality.

* confirmed

About HUM HUM monterrey HUM mĂŠxico

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HUM is aimed towards

the emerging culture of DIY in North America that enjoys not only handmade pieces, but is also fond of the philosophy and politics inherent to the concepts of recycling and do it yourself objects. The event seeks the attention of young, curious, modern, cult, liberal people interested in handmade Advertising and publicity of production, as well as ecologic and HUM will be through the support organic products, in an age range of different media: between Social Networks (Facebook, . Twitter, Myspace)


18 and 39 years

The idea of HUM is to Print (Magazines, Newspapers, boost the event by means of its Posters, Flyers, T.shirts, Souvenirs, Postcards)

fresh/hip/well designed identity, to encourage a dialogue about

the arts and the do it yourself culture between the attendees.

Alternative Media (Blogs, Radio, Podcasts, City Guides)

About HUM HUM monterrey HUM mĂŠxico Demographics Program Bios

HUM monterrey mail: blog: myspace: humhagaloustedmismo facebook: hum monterrey tel: 044.811.0488523 mirtha 044.811.5274459 violetta

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HUM the Avant-Gard Twist of Arts & Crafts