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The Memory Method Known as Loci Powerful Memory Techniques

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The word loci comes from the Latin word locus, which means places. Another name for the technique is the memory palace. The method is a mnemonic device that has been used for many years. A growing number of memory champions are beginning to use the loci technique. It has nothing to do with intelligence. A common name for the technique is the mental walk. People use this technique to remember shopping lists, entire deck of cards, to recall faces, birthdays, and much more. But how does it actually work? Let's go over that right away.

If you want to use the loci system, you have to pick a 'memory palace' first. This could be anything from your house, your city, and item, whatever. The only thing you need to make certain is that you know the palace by heart. That you can see the rooms and items clearly in your mind. You're going to use this memory palace to store the memories you want in such a way that makes them easy to recall.

First, get familiar with your memory palace. See it clearly and vividly. Make certain you're able to visualize it. Make a path that you are going to be taking through your memory palace. If you're using your house, make up a route that you'll take through your house. Through the different rooms in your home. Make certain that you're able to visualize everything clearly.

The method works by association the information you want to store with a room in your memory palace. Want to store a shopping list? Visualize the first item on the list in the first room. Visualize a bag of beans. It won't be enough to simply see it in the room, you need to clearly visualize it. Action and emotions will make the information easier to store. Visualize the bag of beans going up in flames. Visualize the bag of beans as being huge. Adding some factor the mental image will make it easier to recall. I often use frustration as an emotion. I try to open the bag but can't, so I feel very frustrated.

Place the items you wish to recall in the different rooms in your palace. The next item on your list would be placed in the second location. The most important part of the loci method is to have a clear visual image of the items and to know the castle by heart. Find which actions and emotions work best for you. To be able to store an entire deck of cards, you'll need 52 locations. Practice makes master.

Memory techniques make it a lot easier for you to recall important information. We encounter so much information every single day that if we want to recall everything, we basically need to use these memory systems.

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The Loci Method  

With all the information that we encounter every single day, we'll need to use brilliant memory techniques. The loci method is a technique t...

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