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Written by Asiya Parkar Illustrated by Hafsah Parkar

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3 Hi! I am Nina. I am six years old. I go to Blue Bell International.

I live with my grandmother, father, mother, tiny brother Timcoo and cat Snoozles.


My Family

Granny spends her time praying from the religious books. The rest of the time she sits in front of the TV.

Mummy looks after the house and Timcoo.

Father goes to work.


My School Blue Bell International.


My best friend, Sasha lives right next door.

I have three other friends, Bobby, Karim and Radha.

We all go to the same school.

Our teacher Ms Lalita teaches us Math, Science and English. We love school.


Colour Nina, her Mausi and Janaki as you read along.



is Saturday.

We are visiting Sudha

Mausi and then mummy will take me marketing. I kiss Timcoo goodbye, whom we leave behind with granny. Sudha Mausi lives near the market place.

We reach Sudha Mausi’s place by 10 a.m.

She welcomes me with a hug. I remove my sandals before entering the house.


I suddenly remembered what Ms Lalita had told the class. “Children, always greet your elders when you meet them.�

Ms. Lalita Says


“Namaste, Sudha Mausi!” “Namaste, Nina! Janki is waiting for you. She wants to show you her new doll.”

I ran towards Janki’s room. “Hello Janki! Can I see your new doll?”


“Yes, come in. I will show you my new Barbie doll!” Janki has ten Barbie dolls. Her new doll had very long hair and was very pretty too. We played ‘House House’ with all her Barbies’ and had a wonderful time.


“Nina! Its time to leave,� mummy called. I got up to leave. Just then, I looked around the room. Oh dear! What a mess. Ms Lalita always reminded us to keep everything away neatly when we had finished using our things.

Ms. Lalita Says


“Janki, I’ll help you to keep your toys away.” Janki thanked me as we put everything away in its proper place.

“Mummy, I helped Janki put her toys away!” “That’s my girl, Nina! Now let’s get on with our shopping.”


“Namaste, Sudha Mausi! Thank you for the yummy goodies you sent for us while we were busy playing. Do visit us soon and get Janki too.”

We left Sudha Mausi’s place for the Market.


Lesson 1 1.Always address your elders with respect. 2.Greet your elders when you meet them.

4.Be polite and thank those whom you visit.


About The School Blue Bell International is an environment- friendly school. Here the younger children are not taught from textbooks, but day to day experiences. They approach the study subjects through activity-based project work. The school grows its own fruits and vegetables on the campus grounds. This helps in learning about soil study, compost, climatic conditions, etc. that are required for the growth of the crop, making study enjoyable and practical. Excursions every week involve them in “DO NOT LITTER”, “BE KIND TO ANIMALS”, “SAY NO TO PLASTICS”, “THE 3RS’ ” campaigns to name a few. In short these “Save the Environment” campaigns teach them to be responsible citizens and good human beings.

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Nina visits Sudha Mausi  

This book has been illustrated to imbibe into children how simple manners can be useful and how to use them in their daily life.

Nina visits Sudha Mausi  

This book has been illustrated to imbibe into children how simple manners can be useful and how to use them in their daily life.