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Die Bonding Technology

VICO 520 M

Multi Chip + 3D Micro Assembly System

VICO 520 M

Multi Chip + 3D Micro Assembly System Positioning accuracy

± 10 µm @ 3 sigma

Dosing accuracy

± 0.1 nl @ 6 sigma

Machine capability

Cmk > 2.0

3D micro assembly

complete half space

Precision for Individualists The VICO 520 M combines high-precision micro

optimization of the production can be achieved easily

assembly and adequate micro and nano dispen-

and fast. The unique 3D vision system offers a true

sing. The customer friendly software and user

measuring in all dimensions. Positioning in the micro-

interface provide an easy way to teach individual

meter range, even at different heights, as well as

process steps. Therefore, modifications and

automatic optical inspection can therefore be realized.

High Technologies in Everyday Life Customers from automotive or medical industry

Sample applications

appreciate the high reliability and quality.

• Precise chip assembly on flexible PCB‘s for

The VICO 520 M is often used for challenging series

weather sensors

products in state of the art production environments. • MEMS - Micro sensors multi chip assemblies The unique bandwidth and flexibility opens the way

• Flip chip assembly on glass surfaces for optical

even into research institutes and industrial


• MID multi chip and SMD assembly

length measuring systems

Between Standard and Individuality The machine concept offers room for individual

We specialize in the development and installation of

customized solutions while providing standardized

production processes providing our customers with

proven platforms.

solutions for their requirements in assembly and dispensing. The broad knowledge of our application team allows us to find and realize those solutions together with our customers.

Innovative Concept of Operation The complete production process is monitored fully automatically within the micro assembly system, allowing an almost autonomous operation. The modular machine concept allows a fast and easy change over. The setup of new processes as well as the modification to product changes can easily be done by the operator. The consistent use of disposable materials as well as the elimination of wear parts in the dosing process reduces the costs and makes an expensive and time consuming cleaning process redundant.

Modules Placing head

Individual tools

Dosing head

Single dosing head for cartridges

of 5–10 ml

Placing head and dosing head in combination Tool changer Flux-/wetting station

Pin transfer

Direct dispensing

Component feeder

Tape feeder

Stick feeder

Waffle pack 2–4 inch / 1–8 fold

Gel-Pak® holder 2–4 inch

Wafer ejector unit up to 8 inch

Wafer changer

Flip station Option cameras

Part inspector

Process observation

Subside inspection

Horizontal inspection

Substrate holding fixtures





Conveyor systems

SMEMA compatible

Siemens compatible

Fixed width

Adjustable width

Customer specific developments

Technical Specifications Movement system Working area (X, Y, Z)

approx. (500 x 500 x 45) mm


± 0.001 mm

Placing head Tool rotation

> 360º

Axis resolution


Touchdown force

Analogously adjustable from 0.2 to 60 N

Dosing head Resolution

0.01 nl

Material storage

5–10 ml disposable cartridges

Range of viscosity

0.5 to 500 000 mPas

Dosing force

max. 240 N

Vision system Field of view (X, Y)

(6 x 4.5) mm

Capture range

± 1.0 mm

Rotation area

± 180º

Measurement precision (X, Y, Z)

± 0.002 mm


LED multiple color lighting with

additive RGB colormix

Machine specifications CE conform ESD qualified Weight

850 to 1000 kg

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Rounded cover (1450 x 1450 x 1850) mm

Rectangular cover (1650 x 1450 x 2450) mm

Power supply

400 V, 3LNPE, 50/60 Hz, 5000 VA

Compressed air

≥ 5 bar, 60 l/min, clean, dry, oil free

Operation and environment conditions

Floor carrying capacity > 500 kg/m2

Floor should be stable and free from vibrations

Room temperature 20–24º C

Relative humidity < 60 %

Constant light conditions

Häcker Automation GmbH Inselsbergstraße 17 99891 Schwarzhausen, Germany Telefon: +49 (0) 36259 300-0

Specifications subject to change. Issued: 10/2009 planwerkdarmstadt

VICO 520 M

Micro Assembly System VICO 520 M  

System for Multie Die Bonding + 3D Micro Assembly, suitable for applications like 3D-MID and Active Alignment

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