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VICO Laser Micro Laser Soldering System

The VICO Laser is a selective soldering system. By using a diode-based laser module it is able to process high precision solder joints with a diameter of 0.3 mm – even on plastic materials. The soldering process is controlled by a closed-loop algorithm which uses a Pyrometer to measure the actual temperature at the contact pads. Therefore it is possible to define soldering profiles for each joint. Thus, highly compact components (i.e. 01005 capacitors) can be processed as well as heat sensible devices (i.e. SMD microphones). The system fulfills the safety standards of a class 1 laser. In order to enhance its functionality the VICO Laser can be equipped with several extension devices including dispensing and placement heads.

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Data Sheet Micro Laser Soldering System – VICO Laser

Specifiactions General Part Number Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight Power supply Compressed air Laser Class

S1-0004 (1650 x 1450 x 2450) mm approx. 1500 kg 400 V, 3LNPE, 50/60 Hz, 5000 VA ≥5 bar, 60 l/min 1

Movement System Working area (X,Y) Repeatability

approx. (500 x 500) mm ±0.001 mm

Laser Head Z-Axis

Stroke: max. 150 mm Positioning accuracy: ±0.02 mm

Laser spots

w/o additional lenses: Min. diameter: approx. 0.31 mm Focus distance: 100 mm w/ additional lenses: Min. diameter: approx. 0.25 mm Focus distance: 50 mm

Wave length Output power

Standard: 970 … 990 nm 0 … 25 W (infinitely adjustable)

Pyrometer Temperature control Sampling rate Measurement wave length

Closed-loop 10 kHz 1800 … 2100 nm

Soldering temperature

approx. 150 … 700°C

Temperature accuracy


Soldering profiles

Freely definable

Camera System Sensor type Size sensor chip Field of view (X,Y)

CCD 1/3 Inch (4.8 x 3.6) mm

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Data Sheet Micro Laser Soldering System – VICO Laser

Extension Options Options Dispensing Dispensing Head D-X30 Direct Dispensing Unit DDU (Pin Transfer, Direct Dispensing) Placement 2D Placement Head P-X2 2D Placement Head P-X2H (Heatable Tool) 3D Placement Head P-X3 2-fold Tool Changing Unit TCU-2 Optical Inspection 3D Camera Head I-X34 3D Camera Head I-X38 3D Horizontal Inspection Unit I-H38 2D Subside Inspection Unit Part Handling 3D Alignment Unit 3D Multi Manipulation Unit Flip Chip Unit Universal Support S-UNI Vacuum Support S-V Background Light Support S-BL Waffle Pack Support S-WP-24/41 (2/4 Inch) Gel-Pak® Support S-GP-UNI/24 Transport/Feeding Conveyor (SMEMA, fixed/adjustable width) Belt/Stick Feeder Vibratory Conveyor Die Pick-up System (Single/Multi Wafer, max. 8 Inch)

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Data Sheet Micro Laser Soldering System – VICO Laser

Company Profile Häcker Automation GmbH provides solutions for production processes in microsystems technology. The company’s core areas of competence are Micro Assembly, Nano + Micro Dispensing and Micro Laser Soldering. Operating since 1995 the german based company focuses on highly innovative market segments like 3-D MID, Micro Optics/Sensors, MEMS and Medical Technology. In order to achieve best possible results, the service portfolio provided by Häcker Automation covers all aspects of the product life cycle. It ranges from technology consulting, simultaneous engineering and process development through prototyping and advanced testing to machine and device manufacturing as well as training and maintenance.

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VICO Laser