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White paper: Hadron view on Microsoft Vs. i4i Abstract


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Last month world was shocked by a news; a small company i4i sued corporate giant Microsoft incorporation on a patent infringement and won the case. Microsoft was barred to market its product "Word" which is widely used by millions of people around the world. The news created both tension as well as excitement in the people and the corporate. Some people were in tension that they will not be able to use Word anymore (people are now addicted to this product) while some ignored the news as they believed they can still use the earlier versions of the product. It came as a shock to corporate as the product is used in their daily work while some others are excited about the news as they believed that the infringement and court result will provide a huge gap for them to market their own product. The news was one of the major setbacks that Microsoft had to face in the last decade. About 121 cases have been filed against Microsoft for patent infringement till date, but not even a single one had such a big impact. Microsoft had to lose not only around $240 million but had to open an opportunity in the market for its competitors to move forward.

Background of the case

i4i Limited Partnership Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Corporation i4i Limited Partnership

Case Number: Filed:

6:2007cv00113 March 8, 2007

Court: Office: County: Presiding Judge:

Texas Eastern District Court Tyler Office [ Court Info ] Anderson Judge Leonard Davis

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Plaintiff: Defendant: Counter Claimant: Counter Defendant:

Nature of Suit: Intellectual Property - Patent Cause: 35:271 Patent Infringement Jurisdiction: Federal Question Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff Go to the initial complaint by i4i (pdf)

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Hadron Analytics - White paper on Microsoft vs i4i  

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