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The Club Reserve

Agency: Pier2Pier (Cape Town, RSA) Client: The Reserve Club Date:July 2011 The Reserve Club is an upmarket nightclub based in the trendiest area of Town’s, targeting a conservative clientele. The objective was to maintain a classic sophisticated appeal. The logo has a chic inspiration using the formal colonial architectural structure of the building where the Club is located. The website merges a fixed menu and a left to right scrolling navigation.

Artemis Hotel (Ibis) Agency: Tilt Publicite (Nice, Fr) Client: Artemis Hotel (Ibis) Date: December 2011

The Artemis Hotel from the group Ibis commissioned us to design a large print for the entrance to their hotel. Targeting a young international crowd echoing the visual culture of the 1950’s seaside Pin-up, with a contemporary twist. The landscape featured is situated in the beautiful picturesque city of Beaulieu right in front of the Mediterranean.

Vision Production

Contract Work: V.P (Cape Town, RSA) Date:May 2011 Vision Production is a new and upcoming film production company. A modern and strong identity has been chosen in order to reflect the creative spirit of this young company.

This project consists of a start up package with a micro website, Ipad portfolio, set of business cards and complementary stationery.

Hadrien Chatelet Work Samples

Hadrien Chatelet Portfolio 2012  

Sample of work of Hadrien Chatelet, Branding print/digital designer in Lodnon