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Branding designer Work samples by Hadrien Chatelet About A creative and dynamic graphic designer with over 7 years experience of freelance and studio work encompassing advertising, branding and web design. Known to be a hard worker and great team player, Hadrien is excellent in client relations and responding to briefs from concept to production. Having completed a BA in Industrial Design at ESAD, Reims in France and later on a BA in Business & Marketing at Westminster University he combines skills not only in design but also in marketing allowing to target more precisely client needs. Hadrien has worked for the likes of Galerie Lafayette, Purlforst Ltd, Pier2Pier, Agnes B, So Up Collective, Lestrade & Capia, Tilt Advertising developing visual identities, retail, web and print designs in cities from London and Nice to Cape Town.

Contact details +44 (0)7413 870 290

Hadrien Chatelet CV Freelance work Design and art direction for various companies, artists, brands. Creating brand identities, brochures, website, digital identity,online catalogue, e-commerce platforme as well as advising on communication strategies and brand development. Clients / commissions include: — Agnes B — Galerie L afayette — Ben Simon — Regina France — Institut Stanislas — Suki Suki — Secret Event — Diamonds Hosting — A Games Of Two Halves — Liz Mcburney Photography — Lestrade-Capia L awyers — Township Pattern Z a — Flow International — Voom Voom Club — So-Up C ollective — Aquarium Club — Tree Blind Mice — A dolphus Group — Vision Production — Leila Domini — Fanartic Magazine — Cape Town Dance Academy — The Ferry Gastropub — Century 21 — Hotel Ibis

work history September 2011–March 2012 Tilt Publicité Nice (France) Senior Creative Designer Redefining and uplifting the French based advertising agency’s image and expanding the design offer from print to a wide digital remit. Design of web and print marketing campaigns as well as implemention of new ideas. January–September 2011 Pier2Pier Cape Town (South Africa) Digital Brand Designer Digital branding management, creative pitching and web innovation design. Team work creating digital indentities and strategies such as web platforms, viral email newsletters, online catalogues, advertising banners and referencing.. March–May 2011 Township Pattern Cape Town (South Africa) Graphic / Web Designer Charity work for an international organization supporting eco commerce between South Africa and European countries. Rebranding and creating an ecommerce website link with viral newsletter template; as well as a range of prints including brochures and promotion plaquettes. January 2011–April 2011 FLOW (For Love Of Water) Cape Town (ZA) Graphic designer “FLOW” South African NGO who organises every year the National Water Day and lobbies nationally for responsible use of water supplies. Design of a viral digital animation campaign to encourage donations. Creation of a video clip

for the FLOW song with the aim to help teaching and educate South African communities. Both elements of the campaign where shown accross South Africa. May 2010–January2011 Purlfrost Ltd London (UK) Art Director Design of an entirely new range of wallpapers and wall stickers. Improving the visual identity of the brand and developing a structure more easily accessible for the e.commerce website. Refreshing layouts and designing new window display vynils liaising directly with the production team.

EDUCATION 2006–May 2009 BA Business Administration Double diploma between the business school of Antibes Sophia Antipolis (France) and Westminster University of London (UK) major in finace and minor in marketing. 2005 (BA) Bachelor degree of industriel design at Ecole superieur d’art et de design (ESAD) at Reims (France) 2000 (A Level)

2006–2010 CH Design Nice (France) / London (UK) Graphic Designer During my six years of studies, I freelanced for various companies including Galerie Lafayette as a retail designer. This was an exciting and successful venture which lead to design work for clients such as Agnès B, BenSimon, Ralph Floren... The work I completed included digital mangement strategy. 2005-2006 GALERIE LAFAYETTE NICE (FRANCE) Retail Designer This role involved combining design and manufacturing shop layout in order to compliment the floor and maximize the client’s sale potential. This also meant designing attractive display windows.

Lycée Leonard de Vincy at Antibes (France), sciences of apply art level with an option on history of art. SKILLS - Branding Design - Vector Graphics - Information Design - 2D and 3D Intergration - Digital Design - Print Production - Web and interface design - Illustrator - Photoshop - HTML, CSS, PHP - Indesign - Flash - Office 2008 (profesional) LANGUAGES - French: fluent writing and speaking - English: fluent writing and speaking


Agency: Pier2Pier (Cape Town, RSA) Date: August 2011 Rebranding of a digital management company. Working from Cape Town in collaboration with the management team based in Italy, Pier2Pier is a strong internationally renowned media company. The rebrand here looks at improving the clarity of the Pier2Pier visual identity using a bright, energetic colour palette and crisp, tightly kerned Helvetica. For the website the aim was to focus on connectivity with all our social networks as well as improving the navigation.

Brand Management

Hadrien Designer

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Lestrade & Capia Avocat

Client: Lestrade&Capia Nice (France) Date: July 2012 Lestrade & Capia is a family lawyer company based in Nice, South of France. The pitch was to design a new visual identity which would represent the two aspects of the agency: one specialised in human right and the other one in company right. The symbol of the cross here has been used in order to represent the idea of meeting points between the various laws covered by Lestrade & Capia. The typography choices look at reflecting classical, subtle, serious, trustworthy values whilst having a contemporary fresh feel. (Implementation: print and digital)

Hadrien Chatelet Work Samples

In The Air London

Client: In The Air (London UK) Date: August 2012 In The Air is a music promotion company based in London. Promoting monthly events, online Pod casting and electronic music production. The name “In The Air� is inspired by the feelings of travel and dreams. The visual branding is based on strong geometric shapes and Baroque references. The picture used in the monthly poster is an image of the sky of London in order to create a feeling of community with the costumers. A dreamy like image in the picture is applied in order to make a stronger visual impact. The colours are chosen depending on the season. I have implemented the design on print (posters, business cards, flyers) but most importantly online: blog (Tumblr), Facebook page, Soundcloud profil (derectly relink to Tumblr and Facebook) and Website.

Century 21 Agency: Tilt Publicite (Nice, Fr) Date: November 2011

The objective was to create a strong image for a winter campaign for Century 21 (A French real estate agency). Displayed through out the French Riviera on Shop signs, window displays, real estate magazine covers and web banners, using the Polar bear as a representation of positive strength and stability during a time of economic crises.

Hadrien Chatelet Work Samples

The Club Reserve

Agency: Pier2Pier (Cape Town, RSA) Client: The Reserve Club Date:July 2011 The Reserve Club is an upmarket nightclub based in the trendiest area of Town’s, targeting a conservative clientele. The objective was to maintain a classic sophisticated appeal. The logo has a chic inspiration using the formal colonial architectural structure of the building where the Club is located. The website merges a fixed menu and a left to right scrolling navigation.

Artemis Hotel (Ibis) Agency: Tilt Publicite (Nice, Fr) Client: Artemis Hotel (Ibis) Date: December 2011

The Artemis Hotel from the group Ibis commissioned us to design a large print for the entrance to their hotel. Targeting a young international crowd echoing the visual culture of the 1950’s seaside Pin-up, with a contemporary twist. The landscape featured is situated in the beautiful picturesque city of Beaulieu right in front of the Mediterranean.

Vision Production

Contract Work: V.P (Cape Town, RSA) Date:May 2011 Vision Production is a new and upcoming film production company. A modern and strong identity has been chosen in order to reflect the creative spirit of this young company.

This project consists of a start up package with a micro website, Ipad portfolio, set of business cards and complementary stationery.

Hadrien Chatelet Work Samples

Hadrien Chatelet Portfolio 2012  

Sample of work of Hadrien Chatelet, Branding print/digital designer in Lodnon

Hadrien Chatelet Portfolio 2012  

Sample of work of Hadrien Chatelet, Branding print/digital designer in Lodnon