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How to Achieve Work Life Balance By Joe l A Teo

While a personal and professional relationship can be rich, it can also be difficult to maintain a balance between your work and life. No matter how energetic you are or how good you are at juggling things, you will always find it difficult to complete certain projects and to have the ability to give adequate time to either your work or life. However, considering the follow ing strategies can help you to achieve a good work life balance. First, it is important that you don't panic. Whenever you are faced with a diff icult decision be sure to take the time to follow modest, recoverable steps. If you still have a difficult time dealing with the situation then consider talking to a coach or therapist who can help you gain the necessary perspective. Second, find a connection to a spiritual orientation or tradition. When you know that there is something larger than you are or something encompassing you everything will be a lot easier. Take fifteen minutes out of each day to connect with this source in a way that works for you in order to gain perspective and to bring your work life into balance. Third, sometimes you will fall into a pattern of simply making other happy and living according to their standards rather than your own. If you notice they are imbalanced then you will become less clear about your motives and this can affect your work life balance. Rather take the time to clean up your focus. Sometimes you need to visit a coach or therapist in order to gain clear and authentic communication that can help you correct this imbalance in your life. Fourth, make sure you keep company w ith individuals that help you stay stimulated. Make sure you are surrounding by friends, family and clients that encourage and help to stimulate you. When you don't have good supportive indivi duals around you they won't help you have fun or be productive when it comes to finding a work life balance. Fifth, watch your thinking. A lot of scientific evidence has found that the way we think often has a major effect on both our motivation and mood. Take the time to improve your cognitive skills and if necessary make an appoint ment with a therapist. If you have good psychological health then you can always get help from a skilled coach.

Sixth, make sure you set clear boundaries. While your life and wo rk are closely connected this doesn't mean that you should give up your privacy. In order to have a good work life balance, you need to get boundaries so you can feel good about what you are doing w ithout having a depleted feeling and feeling that your spa ce is being invaded. However, make sure your boundaries are flexible since things will change. Lastly, have a goal in mind, but don't make a plan. In order to achieve a goal you may have to get rid of your plans. In order to make your current activity matc h with your current resources don't be afraid to promptly and clearly revise commit ments and offers.

How to Achieve Work Life Balance  

While a personal and professional relationship can be rich, it can also be difficult to maintain a balance between your work and life. No ma...

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