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The story of man make himself successor to the most famous Legend of football in Egypt and the middle East without being a professional player .

the story of the person named : Khaled Mohammed Ebrahim ( Khaled Madeeh) Date of birth : 1/1/1994 “20� Place of birth : Tanta,Gharbia , Egypt University degree :in the 4th year at faculty of masscommunication Playing position : Back right , Half right , and defender Youth career : Tanta club then ElMahala

Some of people are lucky because they can find a chance to achieve their goals but the other may not find . This person at the beginning of his life he found an opportunity, but it was interrupted for Continuation, because of the circumstances and he lost the opportunity to achieve his goal, but it has not slowed since making himself Position in the hearts of those around him, and made his name as a professional without being a professional player in one of the big clubs and made himself a successor to the biggest legend in Middle East .

He Managed during his participation in the University Championships that make a significant difference in the result of matches until he won the championship with his colleagues at the team in the second year, but lost the championship in the third year in the final match . Madeeh who is similar to the former Al Ahly Club player “Mohammed Abu Trika” his performance as afootballer ,, and this happened as the result of his Love to this good person . He take him a role model in his deeds and behavior , Even now he looks like him in Everything at the several of Madeeh’s life . Madeeh wants to send a message to “ abo trika “ : "I love you more anyone ,, I hope to meet you one day and I want to be like you ".

We can find many similarities between Madeeh and abo trika ,, For example ,, he likes him in his movments , emotions , Random movements , smiles , Facial expressions .

His Smile ď Š

His anger ď Š

His style ;)

His amaze !!

In his traning ,,,

In his playing <<

His special movements ,, :D

Rendom movements ,,

Finally ,, we can call this person : “ Trekaa New VeRsion “   

_________________________________________________ Made by : Hadeer sobhye 17/6/2014 Good Luck ,, ya trekaa  

Treka new version  

the story of anew legend like "treka "

Treka new version  

the story of anew legend like "treka "