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Welcome(to(the(winter(ediCon(of(The(Breeze.((Winter(is(certainly(with(us(as(the(frosty( mornings(become(more(frequent(and(the(chilly(days(get(shorter.(However,(as(the(trees(give(up( their(last(few(leaves(we(can(enjoy(the(onset(of(the(fesCve(season(and(make(plans(for( Christmas.(For(those(with(a(sweet(tooth,(take(a(look(at(our(Christmas(recipes(and(blow(the(diet( into(next(year!( Take(a(look(at(the(stunning(photos(sent(in(to(our(Children’s(Winter(Photo(CompeCCon.(Our( Judge,(serious(photographer(Joe(Brereton,(was(very(impressed(by(the(quality(of(the(entries.( Well(done(to(all(who(entered.( You(have(probably(noCced(that(this(summer(we(have(not(been(mowing(the(common(in(the( usual(way(and(we’ve(allowed(significant(areas(to(grow(naturally.(This(has(already(had(a(posiCve( effect(on(wildlife(as(you(will(see(in(the(arCcle(from(one(of(our(residents(who(lives(next(to(the( common.(We’ve(also(taken(advice(from(professional(landscape(gardener(Pat(Mosby,(a( specialist(in(wild(landscape(management.(She(has(joined(us(to(select(the(natural(areas(and(also( to(sow(wild(flower(seeds(that(should(start(to(show(in(the(spring.( We(also(have(a(fascinaCng(arCcle(from(Michael(Moorhouse(of(the(H.E.A.R(CommiYee,(on(the( birdlife(of(Hade(Edge(and(following(many(reported(sighCngs(of(“huge(hares”(dashing(about(the( fields(in(the(area,(I’ve(put(together(some(informaCon(that(may(be(of(interest.( Also(in(this(ediCon(of(The(Breeze,(we(feature(an(in>depth(progress(report(from(Alex(Malkin(on( the(issues(around(the(broadband(problems(that(many(of(us(are(experiencing.(His(report(makes( interesCng(reading(so(let(us(know(what(problems(you(are(experiencing(and(we(will(forward(all( your(comments(to(Alex.( As(you(will(see(from(this(issue,(we(are(ge]ng(some(great(arCcles(from(our(readers(and(we( would(like(to(read(your(contribuCon,(so(send(it(to(me(at( Finally,(the(H.E.A.R.(CommiYee(would(like(to(wish(you(all(a(great(Christmas(and(New(Year.(

Poppy Appeal

Michael(and(Roy(would(like(to(thank(all(those( who(bought(poppies(this(year.((Hade(Edge( raised(£216>31p(for(the(appeal.( 3



It’s(the(Cme(of(year(when(the(residents(of(Hade(Edge(take(the(senior(ciCzens(in(the(village( out(for(Christmas(lunch.(As(well(as(turkey(and(all(the(trimmings,(the(seniors(are(entertained( by(The(Hade(Edge(community(choir,(lead(by(Sarah(Ogden,((singing(and(playing(carols.( Presents(are(donated(by(local(people(and(bought(by(the(HEAR(commiYee(and(they(have(a( wonderful(a`ernoon.(I(hope((they(feel(valued,(respected(and(special.(( What’s(not(to(like(about(such(an(event?(( There(is(something(in(the(BriCsh(psyche(that(makes(some(of(us(scepCcal(and(suspicious.( Members(of(HEAR(have(in(the(past(been(referred(to(as(“a(bunch(of(do(gooders”(as(if(doing( good(was(somehow(a(bad(thing.(We’re(about(to(enter(the(season(of(goodwill.(I(guess(once( January(comes(round(we’ll(be(back(to(the(season(of(negaCvity,(disapproval(and(easy(cynicism.( Recently(representaCves(from(Holmfirth(TransiCon(Town((HoTT)(came(to(the(village(to(discuss( a(proposal(for(replacing(the(Longley(Farm(windmill.(They(produced(a(professional(analysis(of( the(visual,(environmental(impact(of(the(new(turbine(and(went(into(great(detail(talking(about( how(it(might(be(financed(and(providing(a(Cmeline(for(its(construcCon.(In(the(New(Year(they( will(be(seeking(financial(support(from(local(people(in(what(will(be(a(community(project.(This( means(that(although(investors(will(get(a(return,(a(porCon(of(any(surplus(generated,(would(go( back(into(supporCng(other(local(green(schemes.(( It(would(be(fair(to(say(that(the(proposals(drew(a(mixed(reacCon(from(the(fi`y(or(so(local( people(who(aYended(the(meeCng(in(the(chapel.(Some(were(clearly(enthused(and(interested( in(the(scheme;(others(were(not(only(challenging(but(at(Cmes(dismissive(and(rude.(Clearly,( everyone(is(enCtled(to(an(opinion(and(wind(turbines(are(a(bit(like(marmite.(That(said(the( proposal(is(to(replace(a(windmill(that’s(been(part(of(the(landscape(in(Hade(Edge(since(1986.(It( was(the(very(first(of(the(new(generaCon(of(turbines.(It(no(longer(works(and(the(proposed( replacement(is(only(marginally(larger(than(the(exisCng(one,(quieter,(more(efficient(and( potenCally(financed(in(a(way(that(would(encourage(further(green(development(within(our( locality.(People(may(have(all(kinds(of(reasons(not(to(want(to(invest(in(the(scheme(but( seriously,(do(we(really(need(to(be(quite(so(opposiConal?(SomeCmes(the(easy(way(is(just(to( say(no.(Many(of(us(have(become(baYle(scarred(having(suffered(knock(backs(at(work,(in(our( relaConships(or(in(life(generally.(Disappointments(and(upset(is(an(inevitability(of(life;(how(we( deal(with(them(is(something(we(control.(A(liYle(cynicism(never(did(anyone(any(harm,(too( much(is(ugly(and(ulCmately(destrucCve.(HEAR(like(HoTT(is(a(group(of(people(who(just(want(to( make(Hade(Edge(a(great(place(to(live.((


MaYhew(Milburn( HEAR(Chair(


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Builders & Contractors

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! Head Teacher Jeff Kilner reports… !

Our closing week of last half term was marked by an exciting themed event based upon Doctor Who. The first day of our theme week started with a strange blue box (We later discovered it was the Doctor’s Tardis) being found in the hall. We were also joined by Rob Hull, Guinness World Records holder for the largest Dalek collection. Rob brought along his full sized remote control Dalek for us to see. This started the lines of enquiry and the children were quickly engrossed in science, math and story writing activities.


The week ended with our newly appointed Doctor, Jenson Hawley, leading an assembly for parents and families where we showcased the learning of the week. Pupils reported that not only had they learned so much during the week but they had enjoyed an exciting way of learning. After this all children and adults went off for a well earned break, ready to prepare ourselves for the next half term.


Christmas plans have already begun within school. We heard the rustling of tinsel being delivered, costumes and decorations were being taken off shelves and dusted off and our Christmas card post box will be in place before we know it. Our Terrific Tigers class will soon be working on their traditional nativity which will be performed on the 11th and 12th of December with a special show for elderly residents at 2pm on Tuesday 10th December. (We are aware that we may not have all addresses of elderly residents so if you would like to join us but haven’t received an invite would you please call Mrs Heppenstall on 01484 222470. Thank you.)


I think that our children will be ready for some rest and relaxation over the holiday period then will be back in to new school topics with, KS2 learning about the ancient Egyptians and KS1 learning about Dinosaurs. These topics will be supported with many events, an exciting whole school trip and after school clubs and activities.


I would like to end by wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all at Hade Edge J&I School.


Jeff Kilner


The Friends of Hade Edge



I would like to introduce myself as the new Chairperson of The Friends Group and take the opportunity to say thank you to Angela Vernoum for all her hard work over the years as the previous Chairperson. We also have new Vice Chairs (Heather Finlay and Helen Hanks) and Andy Bowden continues to perform the role of Treasurer. I would also like to thank Louise Charlesworth for her support as Secretary (position is now vacant if anyone is interested). If anyone is considering joining the committee please contact me at


We are only 3 months into the school term and already we have hosted the Macmillan coffee afternoon, put on the annual school disco and coordinated the Bags 2 School collection. Phew! If that was not enough on the 25th November the school will was visited by a theatre company who performed Aladdin (thanks to Simon for the use of the Band room (again!)). Also we must not forget the class 1 Christmas production on the 10th, 11th and 12th December (thanks to Tesco at Penistone for providing the ice creams and refreshments). Thinking ahead to next year we are considering holding a family fun evening in February so watch out for more details regarding that after Christmas. Then it will be on to the Spring Fair and Summer Gala….the fun never stops.


As with all the events we hold, they are there to enhance the childrens’ school life. As a result of your support at events we have recently been able to buy a number of ipads for the children to use in school so thank you.


One final point, you will all be aware of how you can raise money for the school by doing your shopping on line through (at no cost to you). We have also signed up to a cashback scheme with Yellow Moon (fab website for crafty bits and party bag fillers) so please don’t forget us when shopping on these websites.

! Thank you again for all your support and look forward to seeing you at an event soon. ! Clare Robinson Chairperson FOHE



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sleighbells chimney rudolph elves fairies grotto jolly northpole reindeer sleigh santaclaus toys

Kids Christmas Word Search

Santa Jokes Q. What do you call Santa when he stops moving? A. Santa Pause! Q. What do you get when you cross Santa with a cat? A. Santa- Claws! Q. Who gives presents to baby sharks? A. Santa Jaws!

! !

Knock knock Jokes Knock knock
 Who's there? 
 Snow who?
 Snow use. I forgot my name again!

Knock Knock Who's there ? Holly Holly who ? Holly-days are here again ! 8

! !

Fibre Broadband is Here, but no one can use it. By Alex MalkinHade Edge Resident


If you have lived or worked in Hade Edge for a while, you will have most likely noticed that the broadband here has its problems and a lot of them. You may also be wondering when this will be upgraded or improved. Well the fact of the matter is that Hade Edge actually received a huge upgrade to its broadband provision back in 2011. The problem is no one can actually utilise this. In 2011, the government pledged £363 million to spread improved broadband across rural Britain, with Yorkshire itself getting more than £17 million. Holmfirth was actually one of the first towns in the country to undergo BT Openreach’s new fibre scheme, which is known as FTTC or ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’. Commercially , the scheme has been branded as BT Infinity or wholesale equivalents such as Sky Fibre or TalkTalk Superpowered. This scheme involves replacing a key segment of an area’s broadband infrastructure with fibre, but still leaving the existing copper lines in place for a short distance between the fibre termination and the users home. In-effect the scheme brings the telephone exchange closer to you and de-centralises it by placing small, remote street cabinets (known technically as a DSLAM) in central areas of villages or developments. The key benefit of this is that it enables areas to receive speeds of up to 80Mbps (and likely even more in the near future).


The Current Situation-In Holmfirth, the scheme was completed in late 2011 and most providers began enabling their services on it by early 2012. Villages such as Scholes, Hepworth, Holme and Upperthong, on a whole, were able to receive speeds between 30 and 80Mbps, depending on the distance from the new fibre termination cabinets and the package of the user. Hade Edge, despite being ‘upgraded’ was actually left out from the benefits from this scheme due to BT Openreach’s decision to terminate the village’s own new Fibre line in Scholes, meaning that the line was still predominantly copper based. This prevents the new fibre-based frequencies from working correctly and continues to induce noise and interface on most lines, resulting in poor speeds and connectivity. On top of this they also left many properties (mainly the original village houses) on an older circuit that does not even connect to the Hade Edge’s own fibre cabinet in the first place, leaving many properties on speeds below 1Mbps, similar to Dial-Up.What’s even worse is that BT Openreach has been happy to hook up these properties onto the Fibre packages, charging the same premium price for a 40Mbps package to only receive what you could get ten years ago. If BT Openreach had extended the Fibre termination and cabinet by just over a kilometre, most of the current problems would have been resolved. In relation to what was spent, this would have been a relatively small amount. However Openreach obviously did not want to go the extra mile (literally).


What is being done about it?- Earlier this year I got in contact with Peter Butters from Kirklees Council, after attending a neighbourhood meeting on the situation in Holmfirth. I was able to attend a private meeting at the Kirklees town-centre offices where we were able to view the current statics and 9 discuss the problems and potential solutions.

One thing I was shocked to find is that by BT Openreach’s records, Hade Edge has been ‘checked-off ’ as being compliant to the UK Government’s 2015 target to have all households on at least 2Mbps with the majority on at least 20Mbps. Oprenreach’s records even stated the village had an average of 30Mbps for several central-village properties, which is of course not the case. The outcome of this is that Hade Edge is not likely to be further upgraded anytime in the near future. BT Openreach have spent their allocated budget intended for Hade Edge and it could even be up to another decade before new government-funded proposals are made unless action is taken now. Following further support from Peter Butters at Kirklees, I was able to arrange a meeting with Trevor Higgins, Openreach’s Regional Manager for Yorkshire & Humber. With help from Kerry Sykes and John Dalton in organising the venue, Dr Higgins was able to visit the village in person. Mr Butters, as well as a group of residents and business owners who had expressed concern/interest in the issue were also invited to join, including Richard Hawley of Hawley Associates, David Craggs of the local HEAR Committee, Kerry Sykes of, John Dalton of DIT Consultancy and Steve Sykes of Smart Arts UK. One thing that was clear was that the broadband in Hade Edge is having a negative impact on residents but especially those who have either established business here or work from home that rely on an internet connection. In response to the problems expressed to Dr Higgins, it was agreed that Openreach would be willing to further upgrade the services, but at the village’s own cost. For the improved scheme to go ahead, fundraising will be needed and several individuals who were present at the meeting are considering this. It was agreed between Dr Higgins and ourselves that any new scheme must accommodate the majority of the village, including the traditional properties on the older circuits.The basic plan, which was discussed, would be to bring the Fibre termination cabinet (DSLAM) to the centre of the village, as opposed to being isolated on Scholes Moor. In effect this would bring superfast connections of up to 80Mbps to the centre of the village, and a potential of 2040Mbps to be achieved on the outskirts, hamlets and farms. So far BT Openreach is in the planning stage of the new scheme and will be providing ‘Detailed modeling’ along with the estimated costs shortly. Mr Butters at Kirklees is also continuing to support the village and is assisting with communication between ourselves and Openreach.


The Future of the Situation- Hopefully something can be done in the near future to improve this situation for everyone. Hade Edge’s lack of telecommunication infrastructure, in terms of landline based broadband but also cellular-connectivity means that it is becoming harder for both residents and professionals alike to use certain services and products which can be assumed the norm today. With the ever-growing advancements in Internet services and technologies, the demand for faster and more reliable Internet is becoming more relevant each year. In some places, Broadband speeds are now even affecting house pricing. Whilst there will always be small ‘blackspot’ areas, and others do exist around Holmfirth, what is most dissatisfying about this situation is that BT Openreach were willing to waste thousands on upgrading our connection by simply not extending it a kilometre or so. The government wants the UK’s broadband to excel the rest of Europe and aims to have everyone on at least 2Mbps with an average of 20Mbps by 2015. As it stands currently Hade Edge will not achieve this target, even though it has been ‘signed off ’. Unless action is taken now, it is not likely that anything will improve anytime soon. If you want to voice your concerns or problems, feel free to email the Hade Edge Breeze at and it can be forwarded to myself and others involved. Unfortunately BT Openreach does not have any direct means of public contact. I would like to thank Peter Butters for his support and commitment in improving the situation. I would also like to thank everyone who attended the meeting with Openreach, including Dr Trevor Higgins for taking time to come and visit us in the village


THE LOCKWOOD WINDOW CO. Manufacturers of U.P.V.C Windows & Doors to the trade.


Unit 4, Perserverance Mill, Lockwood, Huddersfield, HD4 6BW Ring RICHARD POGSON direct! TEL: 01484 519677

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We pick up and deliver back to you. 24hour turnaround available. Dry cleaning service. Now offering laundry service - shirts, bedding, towels, table cloths.

SHAUN HEAP HOG ROAST & BBQ Hade Edge, Holmfirth

All outdoor events catered for *Very competitive prices *Fully Insured For prices & enquiries: Shaun Heap- 01484 682547 0790 424 3426 Farm shop now open Sundays Check our opening times over Christmas and place your orders! 11

A selection of Events Over Christmas in beautiful Yorkshire Pantomimes Jack & the Beanstalk: The

!Rock'n'Roll Panto !City Varieties Music Hall * Oliver! Swan Street, Leeds, LS1 6LW 29 November 2013 - 25 !30th Nov 2013 to 12th Jan 2014 January 2014, family panto with lots of audience interaction !Aandrockin' 55 Norfolk Street heaps of corny gags, packed with live classic pop and soul hits from the 60s, 70s and beyond plus the Sheffield, S1 1DA !legendary Rock Fight (now with boulders!)   +44 0114 249 6000 ! !*Aladdin * Beauty & the Beast *Rapunzel 14 December 2013 26 January !2014 
 5th December- 12 Jan 2014 9 December- 29 !Alhambra Theatre 01274 432000
 Rotherham Civic Theatre December www.rotherhamtheatres.c Huddersfield Pearce stars in ALADDIN !Billy 01484 430528 The Magical Pantomime ! 01709 823621 !

Seeing Santa

Lawrence Batley Theatre

*Sunday lunch with Santa & Mini Disco. 22 December 01422 314000 Cedar Court *Santa's Big Breakfast 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22 & 23 December. Full day of fun. BOOKING Essential.

Cannon Hall farm

*Selected days in December 2013 - See Santa in his Grotto. Queensgate and Huddersfield .

Market 01484 223730 ( *Meerkat Christmas Grotto 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23 December Yorkshire Wildlife Park *Santa Underground 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 December
 Meet Santa in his magical underground grotto. National Coal Mining Museum *Santa Specials 2013 30 Nov & 1 Dec, 7 & 8 Dec, 14 & 15 Dec and 21 & 22 Dec The perfect Christmas treat. North Yorkshire Railway 01751 472508

! Christmas Markets !

* Christkindlmarkt, Leeds, 9 Nov-16 Dec. This is one of the most established German Christmas Markets in the UK, with traditional wooden stalls, festive greenery Christmas carousel rides and twinkling colourful lights all creating a unique continental style festive atmosphere in the heart of Leeds city centre. Set in the stylish civic setting of the award winning Millennium Square. * Sheffield Christmas Market, 16 Nov-24 Dec. A truly magical experience awaits you on Fargate with the arrival of the Sheffield Christmas Market. Traditional wooden cabins offering a huge choice of seasonal goodies makes this the perfect place to stock up on gifts, foods and treats! This year also sees the introduction of a brand new Moroccan market. * Skipton Yuletide Festival & Christmas Market, 8th & 15th December 2013. The Festival will run across Skipton Town Centre from 10am until 4.30pm. You will find more than 150 decorated festive stalls; jam packed with all kinds of interesting, desirable and original gifts offered by traders in seasonal attire together with locally produced food, hot roasted chestnuts and Mulled Wine.




We(have(begun(the(new(season(on(a(high,(partly(because(we(can(actually(see(the(new( club(house(and(partly(because(of(the(enthusiasm(in(both(Senior(and(Junior(teams(


The(1st(Team(has(moved(from(the(fourth(to(the(third(division(in(the(League(and(is(holding( its(own(very(well.((The(2nd(team,(in(Division(three(of(the(Reserves,(is(playing(well.(( However,(the(best(news(is(from(the(3rd(team,(currently(in(Division(four(of(the(Reserves,( who(have(over(half(of(the(squad(made(up(from(last(season’s(Under(16s(team!((This(was( the(hope(when(the(Junior(secCon(was(set(up,(that(eventually(some(of(the(lads(would( make(it(through(to(form(our(home(grown(seniors,(and(the(3rd(team(was(started(with(this( in(mind.((The(lads(are(playing(really(well,(and(more(importantly,(enjoying(themselves.( Well(done(everyone.(


The(new(clubhouse(is(almost(complete(on(the(outside(but(fi]ng(out(the(interior(will(take( quite(a(while.((The(builders,(local(lads((AML)(Aaron(Luke(and(David(Oldroyd(have(done(a( fantasCc(job(and(the(outside(finish(is(a(credit(to(them.((We(have(windows(and(doors(from( Lockwood%Windows%(a(brilliant(company(and(Hade(Edge(Breeze(supporter)(and(the(roof( from(Century%Steels%at(Holmbridge.(Most(of(the(main(materials(are(from(local(companies.(


Fundraising(is(sCll(ongoing(as(prices(are(rising(all(the(Cme(and(we(are(sCll(applying(for( grants(to(add(to(the(several(we(have(already(received.((Our(thanks(go(to(the(many(who( have(helped.(We(will(be(doing(a(proper(thank(you(when(the(building(is(completed.( At(very(short(noCce,(to(fulfil(a(requirement(from(Sport(England(who(have(offered(us(a( grant,(we(held(an(Open(Event(on(the(31st(August(with(a(senior(football(match,(hog(roast,( bouncy(goal(scoring(castle(and(a(raffle.((The(event(was(very(well(aYended(by(players,( parents,(supporters(and(villagers(alike(and(I(believe(all(had(a(great(a`ernoon.


From all of our wonderful Hade Edge Breeze Advertisers!!

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Memory Framing Quality Handmade Frames

For all your framing needs contact: Lisa 07818 078324 Keith 07770 617911

!! !! !! !! ! With an eye on fashion !

Shirt Framing a speciality

Based in Hade Edge

Henderson Opticians IN ASSOCIATION WITH:

Dispensing Opticians- Christine Henderson Opthalmic Optician- Stephen Allott Together we offer 40 years of experience committed to: The highest standards of professional eye care


To book an examination (NHS or Private) Call : 01484 Tuesday - Friday : 9am - 5:30pm


Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Eye examinations are performed Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 104 School Street Holmfirth HD9 7EQ



Huddersfield Sailing Club

Hade Edge

Where it’s always a good sailing day!

! !

Review of the Year


2013 has been a great year for HSC both on and off the water. With our new Facebook page, set up by Rachael Lockey, and numerous articles on our main events in the sports pages of the Examiner during the summer, our profile has never been higher. On the water we have had a glorious summer and have gained some new enthusiastic family members. The most notable racing achievement of the year was Jim Robison’s success in winning the Heron Class Northern Area championship at Redesmere in Cheshire, bringing the Bell Trophy back to Huddersfield after a gap of nine years. Jim Robison with his Heron “Ginger” at Redesmere

Finally at the end of October another PR first occurred when we participated in a photo shoot for a feature in Yorkshire Life on the “other” Holmfirth beyond the Summer Wine cliché. A group photograph of some of the members is spread across two pages of the December issue.

The feature in Yorkshire Life on Holmfirth with HSC members To find out more about the sport of sailing come down to the clubhouse any Saturday or Sunday afternoon and have a chat. We also race on Wednesday evenings and can be found in the Bay Horse afterwards at 9pm from April to August. Full details of the club’s activities can be found on : and on Facebook. HuddersfieldSailingClub


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freephone: 0800 781 1074 telephone: 01226 764 567

L & CA Tyas !

Local plumber and Heating Engineer Bathrooms and Kitchens Fitted Tiling and all General Plumbing Please call Les on 01484 690486 Barn House, Bowshaw, Hade Edge

PPC Services Professional Pest Control Wasps, Moles, Bedbugs, Ants, Squirrels, Fleas, Rats Mice, Cockroaches, Rabbits and Foxes Paul Harvey Pest Control 07973 (

524332 16

The Holme Valley Mountain Bike Challenge 2013 Bikers from all over the country took on the challenges of the Holme Valley complete with some of the most spectacular, winding scenery in the country.

Andrew Armitage, a 50-year-old official with the 1st Holme Valley Scouts, has enjoyed cycling for 40 years and is delighted the event which he founded with Tim and Yvonne Radcliffe is as popular as ever.

The challenge now has 3 routes 33, 22 & 17 miles to accommodate the increasing number of riders & capabilities. All routes consist of a combination of demanding off-road terrain and local roads and lanes.! The ride, on the 8th September, started and finished at Hade Edge’s Flowery Fields and proceeds went to 1st Holme Valley Scouts.

Over the years more than £25,000 has been raised. Holme Valley Mountain Rescue and St John Ambulance also receive generous donations.

When you finish you get a T shirt, a certificate, aching legs and the true pleasure of having faced the challenge.

First place Results

30 Mile Route: 417 Tom Bell (2.01.32)

20 Mile Route: 260 Mark Warrender (1.55.22)

15 Mile Route: 378 James & Jeremy Egan (1.40.46)

Photo courtesy of The Huddersfield Examiner


Simmer-&-stir Christmas cake! By Mary Cadogan - BBC GoodFood An easy-to-make alternative to traditional Christmas cakes which requires no beating Prep: 1-1hr15 mins Cook: 2-2hrs 30 mins Makes: 20cm round cake

! Ingredients! 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

175g butter, chopped

200g dark muscovado sugar

750g luxury mixed dried fruits (one that includes mixed peel and glacé cherries)

finely grated zest and juice of 1 orange

finely grated zest of 1 lemon

100ml/3½ fl oz cherry brandy or brandy plus 4tbsp more

85g macadamia nuts

3 large eggs, lightly beaten

85g ground almonds

200g plain flour

½ tsp baking powder

1 tsp ground mixed spice

1 tsp ground cinnamon

¼ tsp ground allspice


Method! 1.

Put the butter, sugar, fruit, zests, juice and 100ml/3½fl oz brandy in a large pan. Bring slowly to the boil, stirring until the butter has melted. Reduce the heat and bubble for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Remove the pan from the heat and leave to cool for 30 minutes.


Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 150C/gas 2/ fan 130C and line the cake tin. Toast the nuts in a dry frying pan, tossing them until evenly browned, or in the oven for 8-10 minutes - keep an eye on them as they burn easily. When they are cool, chop roughly. Stir the eggs, nuts and ground almonds into the fruit mixture and mix well. Sift the flour, baking powder and spices into the pan. Stir in gently, until there are no traces of flour left.


Spoon the mixture into the tin and smooth it down evenly - you will find this is easiest with the back of a metal spoon which has been dipped into boiling water.


Bake for 45 minutes, then turn down the heat to 140C/ gas 1/ fan120C and cook for a further 1-1¼ hours (about a further 1¾ hours if you have a gas oven) until the cake is dark golden in appearance and firm to the touch. Cover the top of the cake with foil if it starts to darken too much. To check the cake is done, insert a fine skewer into the centre - if it comes out clean, the cake is cooked.

Make holes all over the warm cake with a fine skewer and spoon the extra 4tbsp brandy over the holes until it has all soaked in. Leave the cake to cool in the tin. When it's cold, remove it from the tin, peel off the lining paper, then wrap first in baking parchment and then in foil. The cake will keep in a cupboard for up to three months or you can freeze it for six months. 18

Shimmering forest cake by Jane Hornby BBC GoodFood Prep: 30 mins plus drying


Get the kids to help create this winter wonderland - just make sure you have enough Smarties to nibble on!


Ingredients! To cover the cake! 1. 20cm/8inch round fruitcake

2. 3 tbsp apricot jam, warmed

3. icing sugar, for dusting

4. 750g natural-coloured marzipan

5. 750g white ready-to-roll icing

To decorate! 1. 500g white ready-to-roll icing

2. green food colouring paste

3. 200g icing sugar, plus extra for dusting

4. 2 Christmas tree cutters, about 5cm and 10cm tall

5. 1 egg white

6. edible sparkles, available from cookshops

7. green Smarties and silver chocolate buttons (optional) TIP Dying icing Only add a little bit of the food colouring to the icing as a little goes a long way. You can always add more but if you add too much you may be stuck with a colour you don't like.

Cover the cake with marzipan and white icing. (See step 4 for more information). 1.

Knead the ready-to-roll icing, then split into three balls. Leave one ball white, and knead a little green colouring into the other two to give two different shades of green. Roll out each ball to about 5mm thick on a work surface lightly dusted with icing sugar. Stamp out about 15 tree shapes using tree cutters, then leave to dry for a few hours or overnight.


Once firm, lift half of the trees onto a cooling rack. Combine the 200g icing sugar and egg white to make an icing, then drizzle it over the trees with a teaspoon. Scatter with edible sparkles and leave to dry again until solid.


Put a little icing on the back of each tree and press the trees around the edge of the cake, overlapping some to give a 3-D effect. Scatter the sweets over the top of the cake to finish. Can be iced up to a week ahead.


To cover a cake with marzipan, first brush the cake all over with a thin layer of warmed apricot jam. Dust the work surface with icing sugar, then roll out the marzipan evenly until you have a 5mm- 1cm thick round, about 40cm across for a 20cm cake. Lift over the cake, using a rolling pin to help, then smooth with your hands and trim off the excess. Leave to dry overnight or for a few hours. Lightly brush the marzipan all over with cooled, boiled water. Roll the icing out as you did the marzipan, then smooth with your hands, trim off the excess and leave to dry.


Photo Competition !

This editions photo competitions theme is “The Great Outdoors�.The scope is massive! Come on and give it a go. The closing date for entries is the 21st February 2014. The best photos will be printed in the next Breeze due out early March 2014. Please include your name (and age if under 16) Kids will get a certificate too. E mail your photo to Our judge will be Mrs Lisa Dalton. Good luck!!


Children’s Photo Competition- a note from our judge Mr Joe Brereton It

is great to see such an enthusiastic response to the photo competition. We have had some fantastic entries and it has been an absolute pleasure to judge them. All of the entries showed a great ‘eye’ for a photo and living in such a beautiful area, I’m sure our budding young photographers have many a great picture to take. Well done to each and every one of you.

Ruby Sykes (aged 3 preschool)) *Frosty grass & Freya*

Jack Vernoum (aged 9- Year 5) *Frosty cotoneaster*


Jacob Smith (age 3 – Preschool) *Conker*

Lucy Sykes (aged 10- year 6) *Reflection*

Tabitha Smith (8yrs) Y3 & Amy Dawson-Jones (7yrs) Y3  * Winter Trees*


Matilda Smith (age 5 – year 1) *Leaves*

Elise Mallinson (8 yrs) Y4 & Dylan O'Kane (9yrs) Y4 * Pastureland*

Alice Dalton (aged 8- year 4) * Frosty trees*


Ben Dalton ( aged 9- year 5) *Windmill in the frost*

Tabitha Smith (age d 8 – year 3) *Evening sunset*

Ben Lambert-Wilson (7yrs) Y3 & Georgia Armitage (8yrs) Y4 *A beautiful View*


Freya Sykes ( aged 5- year 1) * Holme Moss*

Holly Dalton ( aged 7- year 3) * A frosty Hade Edge*


! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Simon Law & Son Plumbing & Heating

Simon Law & Son Plumbing & Heating are specialists in powerflushing central heating systems, which is a requirement when installing a new boiler onto old pipework and radiator systems. We use the latest power-flushing equipment to clean your heating system and increase the efficiency. Power-flushing your central heating system could save you up to 25% off your fuel bills.
 We are also Gas Safe Registered and carry out gas work, boiler changes and servicing. We are a local independent family company so please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

! ! Spring Lane Holmfirth !17 HD9 ! 2LN



Hade Edge Wildlife – The Brown Hare

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by Dave Lloyd!

The!brown!hare!is!a!na-ve!of!Northern,!Central!and!Western!Europe!as!well!as!Western!Asia.!It!was!probably!introduced!to! Britain!from!the!other!side!of!the!North!Sea!during!the!Iron!Age,!although!there!are!sugges-ons!that!the!Romans!brought! hares!here!as!a!source!of!food.!The!hare!is!related!to!the!similar!looking!rabbit,!a!different!genus!of!the!same!family! however!unlike!rabbits,!hares!do!not!dig!burrows!under!the!ground,!instead!they!make!a!small!depression!in!the!ground,! among!long!grass,!known!as!a!form.!They!spend!most!of!the!day!on!or!near!the!form,!moving!out!to!feed!in!the!open!at! night!and!rely!on!their!acute!senses!and!great!speed!to!escape!predators.! The!hare!is!a!golden!brown!colour,!with!a!pale!belly!and!a!black!tail!with!a!white!underside.!It!is!much!larger!than!a!rabbit,! with!longer!legs!and!longer!black!-pped!ears.!It!is!Great!Britain’s!fastest!land!mammal,!reaching!speeds!of!up!to!45mph.!An! adult!hare!is!usually!around!70cm!long,!4kg!in!weight!and!has!an!average!lifespan!of!about!four!years!although!in!an!ideal! environment,!they!can!live!longer.!They!are!generally!solitary!however!they!some-mes!form!loose!groups!when!feeding.! They!are!most!ac-ve!at!night!but!can!be!seen!during!the!day!if!disturbed,!bounding!across!fields,!oMen!in!a!zigzag!paOern.!

Normally!shy!animals,!hares!change!their!behaviour!in!spring,!when!they!can!be!seen!in!broad!daylight!leaping!and!chasing! one!another!around!a!field.!During!this!spring!‘madness’,!hares!can!be!seen!‘boxing’!with!their!front!paws.!Once!thought!to! be!interTmale!compe--on,!closer!observa-on!has!revealed!that!it!is!usually!a!female!hiUng!a!male,!either!to!show!that!she! is!not!yet!quite!ready!to!mate!or!perhaps!to!test!his!determina-on.!When!a!female!is!ready!to!mate,!she!will!start!a!wild! chase!across!the!countryside,!shaking!off!the!males!un-l!only!one!remains.!She!will!then!allow!the!remaining!male!to!mate! with!her.!Breeding!takes!place!between!February!and!September!and!a!female!can!raise!three!or!four!liOers!a!year,!each!of! two!to!four!young.!The!young,!known!as!leverets,!are!born!fully!furred!with!their!eyes!open!and!are!leM!by!the!mother!in! forms,!a!few!metres!from!where!they!are!born.!Once!a!day!for!the!first!four!weeks!of!their!lives,!the!leverets!gather!together! at!sunset!to!be!fed!by!the!mother!although!apart!from!this,!they!receive!no!parental!contact,!probably!to!avoid!aOrac-ng! foxes,!their!most!significant!predator,!when!the!leverets!are!at!their!most!vulnerable.! Hares!feed!mainly!on!grasses,!wild!plants!and!bark!from!twigs.!They!oMen!take!shelter!in!hedgerows,!bushes!and!woodland! edges,!especially!in!winter.!The!hare!has!undergone!a!substan-al!decline!since!the!1960s,!although!in!our!area!they!are!s-ll! a!common!sight,!probably!due!to!an!abundance!of!lightly!grazed!land,!rough!grassland!and!shelter.!In!other!parts!of!the! country,!the!decline!may!be!due!to!agricultural!changes,!increased!livestock!grazing!densi-es!and!the!loss!of!hedgerows,!all! having!a!damaging!effect!on!its!favoured!grassland!habitat.! The!brown!hare!has!now!been!classified!as!a!Priority!Species!in!the!UK!Biodiversity!Ac-on!Plan,!although!in!some!parts!of! the!country,!shoo-ng,!poaching!and!illegal!coursing!s-ll!contribute!to!its!decline.!The!hare!has!minimal!legal!protec-on!as!it! is!classified!as!a!game!species.!Ironically,!despite!its!declining!numbers,!in!England!and!Wales!it!is!s-ll!hunted!throughout!its! breeding!season!and!is!the!only!UK!game!species!not!to!have!a!closed!season,!when!hun-ng!is!prohibited.!! In!2011,!a!closed!season!for!the!brown!hare!from!1st!February!to!30th!September!was!introduced!in!Scotland.!!

A baby Hare......Awwwww

An adult Brown Hare....

27 Photograph by Steven Townsend

Hade Edge Common by Angela Holden Hade Edge Resident ! As!one!of!the!lucky!village!residents!whose! home!overlooks!the!common,!I!spent!a!large! part!of!the!glorious!summer!watching!the! increasingly!diverse!wildlife!enjoying!that! space.! The!result!of!the!commiOee’s!decision!to!allow! it!to!return!to!meadow!has!been!delighbul.! BuOerflies!abounded:!painted!ladies,!red! admirals!and!peacocks!were!joined!by!the!wall! brown!which!I!had!never!seen!before.! My!bird!feeder!has!also!benefited!from!the!variety!of!species!en-ced!by!the!increased!cover! provided.!My!usual!visitors!were!joined!this!year!by!a!large!number!of!goldfinches!and!my!first! sigh-ng!of!siskins!in!this!garden!since!I!moved!here!over!ten!years!ago.! I!can’t!wait!to!see!whether!this!range!of!species!is!maintained!(or!maybe!even!increased)!as!the! meadow!matures.! I’m!hoping!that!as!winter!approaches!I!may!see!hawks!hun-ng!the!small!mammals!which!will! undoubtedly!be!hiding!in!the!long!grass.!Looking!further!ahead!to!spring,!perhaps!the!ladies! smock!flowers!will!reappear!as!I!can!remember!seeing!some!in!my!early!years!here.! I!understand!that!the!plan!is!to!keep!the!land!as!meadow,!adding!more!variety!with!wild!flower! seeds.!I!hope!to!contribute!to!this,!having!already!scaOered!some!poppy!seeds!in!an-cipa-on!of! the!commemora-on!of!WW1!next!year.! It!would!be!wonderful!if!this!lovely!village!amenity!develops!with!an!increasing!diversity!of! plants,!animals!and!maybe!some!tree!cover!as!the!bushes!that!are!already!there!grow!to!some! maturity.! Thank!you!to!the!H.E.A.R.!commiOee!for!developing!and!maintaining!this!haven!and!long!may!it! con-nue.!!

Jeuvenile Siskin & Painted Lady Butterfly 28

Little Owl and Robin

! HADE EDGE BIRDS !By Michael Moorhouse As!I!write!this!in!October!the!House!Mar-ns!nes-ng!under!the!eaves!of!the!school!are!gone!to!warmer!climes,!as!are!the! swallows!which!were!lining!our!telegraph!wires!un-l!late!September!this!year.!!The!winter!visitors,!par-cularly!Fieldfares! and!Redwings,!are!now!arriving!from!the!north!and!as!the!numbers!increase!they!will!be!a!welcome!sight!in!the!fields! around!Hade!Edge.!!Fieldfares!usually!predominate!but!a!good!scan!with!binoculars!will!oMen!reveal!some!Redwings!with! their!reddish!flanks!and!prominent!eye!stripe.!!Both!are!members!of!the!thrush!family!and!the!Fieldfare!is!very!obvious! being!a!large!thrush!with!grey!head!and!rump;!their!soM!calls!immediately!obvious!as!they!fly!overhead!in!flocks.!!The!first! of!the!autumn!I!happened!to!see!were!arriving!over!the!village!on!15th!October.! We!are!very!fortunate!in!having!very!good!numbers!of!moorland!birds!breeding!on!the!high!ground!above!Hade!Edge.!! During!the!spring!and!summer!a!walk!on!Flight!Hill!can!be!wonderful!with!vibrant!life!everywhere;!Lapwings!tumbling! around!over!their!territory,!Curlews!with!their!bubbling!calls!which!seem!to!match!the!surroundings!so!well,!and!Snipe! which!seem!to!have!been!in!good!numbers!this!year.!The!laOer!are!very!swiM!in!flight!and!make!frequent!dives!over!their! territory!making!an!amazing!blea-ng!!sound!called!drumming!!caused!by!the!movement!of!!air!through!their!s-ff!outer! tail!feathers.!The!black!and!white!Oystercatchers!too!seem!to!be!doing!well!with!certainly!a!big!increase!in!numbers!over! the!last!year!or!two.!!!They!have!now!all!gone!to!lower!ground!in!the!marshes!and!to!the!coast!and!this!has!leM!the!moors! very!quiet;!!even!the!remaining!Meadow!Pipits!which!earlier!were!everywhere!have!gone!but!for!a!few!stragglers.! In!the!last!few!years!the!area!above!Winscar!reservoir!has!held!Whinchats!and!Stonechats.!!The!Whinchats!seemed!to! disappear!a!couple!of!years!ago!but!the!Stonechats!hung!on.!This!year!for!the!first!-me!I!have!failed!to!see!either.!It!would! be!interes-ng!to!know!if!anyone!has!seen!any!at!all!this!year.!Otherwise!it!has!been!a!quiet!autumn!for!me!bird!wise,! although!a!walk!down!to!Holme!Styes!did!produce!a!number!of!Mistle!Thrushes!and!Goldcrests!and!a!Sparrowhawk.!!The! Goldcrest!took!some!-me!to!see!properly!which!is!not!surprising!being!the!smallest!bird!in!Europe,!but!once!seen!the! bright!yellow!crown!is!striking.!!It!was!also!nice!to!see!the!LiOle!Owl!which!is!so!oMen!perched!on!a!wall!in!one!of!the! fields!below!the!school.!!In!view!of!the!na-onal!alarming!decline!in!the!Sparrow!popula-on,!we!are!lucky!in!having!good! numbers!in!Hade!Edge;!or!so!it!would!appear!from!the!numbers!in!our!garden.!It!is!difficult!to!keep!up!with!them!in!seed.!!! A!liOle!further!afield!in!Holmfirth!it!is!always!worth!looking!over!the!wall!at!the!river.!It!was!10th!August!this!year!that!I! looked!over!as!usual!just!opposite!the!Elephant!and!Castle!and!was!delighted!to!see!the!flash!of!a!Kingfisher!as!it!darted! up!the!river.!It!must!show!the!vast!improvement!in!water!quality!in!recent!-mes.!!!!!




A delicious alternative to Christmas pud...............

! Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce By Robert Cave Chef de Partie Carden park Hotel INGREDIENTS


225g fresh dates, stoned 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 85g softened unsalted butter 170g castor sugar 2 large free range eggs 170g self raising flour 1/4 teaspoon ground mixed spice 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 2 tablespoons Ovaltine 2 tablespoons natural yoghurt

1. Preheat your oven to 180C/350F/gas 4 2. Put the dates into a bowl with the bicarbonate of soda & cover with 200ml boiling water. Leave to stand for a couple of minutes to soften, then drain. 3. Whiz the dates in a food processor until you have a puree. 4. Cream the butter and sugar until pale using a wooden spoon. Add the eggs, flour, mixed spice, cinnamon and Olvatine. Mix together well. 5. Fold in the yoghurt and pureed dates. 6. Pout the mixture into a buttered ovenproof dish and bake for 35 minutes. 7. For the Toffee sauce place all ingredients into a pan and bring to the boil until toffee colour. Taking care not to burn. 8. Serve with clotted cream or your favourite ice cream Recipe serves 4-6 people.


! For the Toffee Sauce !

115g unsalted butter 115g light muscovado sugar 140ml double cream



Hade Edge Baby & Toddler Group

Kerry Sykes (680235)

The!Hade!Edge!Baby!&!Toddler!Group!is!doing!really!well,!with!many!people!travelling!from!out!of!the! village!too!to!take!part!in!our!lovely!liOle!group.!If!you!have!a!baby!or!toddler,!why!not!bob!along?,!we! are!open!every!Tuesday!from!10:30am!-ll!12,!it’s!a!lovely!way!to!meet!other!parents!and!grandparents,! and!is!a!great!way!of!your!child!interac-ng!with!others!of!a!similar!age.!! We!are!having!our!Christmas!party!on!the!17th!December,!and!our!Pantomime!by!the!Hey!Diddles!on!the! 18th!December,!we!would!like!to!say!a!massive!thank!you!to!the!Hade!Edge!CommiOee!for!their!recent! contribu-on,!which!will!be!contribu-ng!to!the!panto!for!the!liOle!ones,!which!is!just!great!! The!recent!Halloween!party!saw!Mul-!craM!Cabin!in!Holmfirth!come!along!and!the!children!all!made! Halloween!Badges!to!take!away,!and!were!all!full!to!the!brim!with!sugar!aMer!our!trick!or!treat!ghost! hunt!!!


Ideal for:
 art, colouring, collage, cutting & tracing


Hade Edge Pre-school


December 2013

Unfortunately in October I had to spend time away from Pre-school due to illness. In my absence Lyndsay and Sally stepped up and I want to thank them for doing such a great job in my absence - the children have been doing some great activities such as making their own musical drum/shaker and wellie printing which sounded great fun.


Lyndsay and Sally have brought in a great new system called Helping Hands Two children are chosen to be the Helping Hands for the day and they get to wear the helpers badge all day (kindly supplied by Sally who did a Blue Peter 'here's one I made earlier’!). They get to help to set the table at snack time and help to hand out snack and clear away afterwards. If they have been very kind helping hands all day they are given a star on the helping hands chart and when the chart is full a special treat is given. This has been put into practise and has encouraged some great behaviour and tidying up! I even know a few parents have used the Helping Hands at home to great effect.


This term has been full of activities and fun. We covered topics such as bonfire night and Divali. Some of our children put in entries into the Breeze Winter Photo Competition and we are now looking forward into Christmas and the New Year.


We have held two open mornings to encourage parents and new children to come and look around. We have more open days planned for next year so please come and see us on Friday 17th January 2014 10am till 11:30am or Thursday 13th February 2014 10am – 11:30am.


We still have some places available for children on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday (open hours are 9am – 3pm) and Friday (9am-1pm) and would be delighted to talk to any new parents about signing up new children to join our small, friendly and fun preschool.


Jane Higginson Pre-school Manager Email: Tel: 01484 681206



Miley Animal Care (No animal too large or small) Hilary Rushworth B.H.S.A.I Riding Instructor *Riding lessons (on own horse) * Animal sitting * Dog Walking 07966 434 678


Cakes for all occasions




*Birthday cakes made to order *All dietary needs catered for

Kates Cakes *Taste as good as they look*


Contact Kate 0n 680619

! !


Babysitting Service

My name is Hettie Irving and I am 15 and a half years old. I am currently studying at Holmfirth High School and I live in Hade Edge. I am available for babysitting on weekdays until 11pm and later on Fridays and Saturdays. My fee is ÂŁ5 per hour. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you.

07713 138239

01484 681692

SEW 4 YOU Local service based in Hade Edge * * * *


Curtains made to measure Curtain alterations Horse blanket repairs Clothing Alterations - Skirts & Dresses, Jackets & Coats, Leather, Jeans, Trousers.

(Various alterations, tapering, pockets, linings, zips etc) Price List available Call Janet on 01484

688856 or 07771 820915


The HEAR Committee of Hade Edge If you are interested in joining the HEAR Committee we meet on the second Tuesday of every month. We meet in The Bay Horse pub quiet room at 8pm. If you want to come along we would love to see you so please feel free. The more the merrier! Village Committee (HEAR) members

Chair- Matthew Milburn 680767 Deputy- Richard Slack 07871 959102 Deputy- Charlotte Earnshaw 683737 Treasurer-Alan Davidson 07732 531123 Secretary- Leigh Milburn 680767 Breeze Editor- Dave Lloyd 07733 243059 Advertising Secretary- Janet Johnston 687677 Chapel Liaison- Charlotte Earnshaw 683737 School Liaison- David Craggs 07919 698917 Pre school Liaison- Rachel Smith 07841 743671 Band Liaison/ Edgy Sessions- Helen Craggs 0784 1752973 Football Liaison- David Dalton 684924 Events Promotions - Kerry Sykes 680235 Pam Moorhouse Michael Moorhouse Andrea Turner

Howard Johnston Emma Atkin Audrey Dalton Cameron Irving

If you have anything you would like to include in the Breeze stories/comments/ letters/events please do not hesitate to either ring Dave Lloyd the Editor or e mail We would love to HEAR from you! Next Breeze due out early March 2014 34

Love Reading for Kids Book suggestions this Christmas Reading is fundamental to the development of children and countless research shows the links between good reading skills from an early age and future success in life. However, finding books children want to read or authors that excite them, can be difficult; the choice is daunting and guidance rather thin on the ground. Lovereading4kids is a brilliant web site which has been created using the experience as parents and book lovers, who want children to read great books. They feature books of the month for all age groups. They also feature messages from many respected illustrators and authors and have exclusive on line book reviews by Julia Eccleshare, author and children's books editor at the Guardian. Definitely worth a look if you want some ideas for extra stocking fillers this Christmas. Here’s just some of their recommended books. Take a look at the site for tonnes more. The Befana Drama is a global adventure by broomstick that sees VIPB's (Very Important Present Bringers) pitting their wits against each other. Full of magic, mayhem and mirth, not to mention witch-dust of the most wondrous kind, it is the most magical children's book of winter 2013 for 8-11 year olds


The Wimpy Kid is back! In the most hotly-anticipated children's book release of the year, the hilarious, globally-bestselling and award-winning Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Will a roll of the dice turn things around, or is Greg's life destined to be just another hardluck story? For 8-14 year olds.

Celebrate the twentieth anniversary Allan Ahlberg's award-winning, seasonal children's picture book The Jolly Christmas Postman! Children can take each colourful gift out of its envelope and discover for themselves what well-known fairy-tale characters are sending to one another for Christmas! Age 3+

Caught Napping is the exciting first book in the Jonathan Jinks Mysteries series for older junior school children. 18-year-old Jonathan is a bright lad who starts to see visions of trees and dogs in his head, but cannot fathom out why. Age 8+. Number one bestselling author David Walliams presents his first picture book, illustrated by artistic genius Tony Ross. What’s big, blue, bossy, and turns up uninvited? A slightly annoying elephant, of course! Introducing a magnificently warm and funny picture book from two remarkable talents, For 2-4 year olds.

The classic character Mildred Hubble, the most disasterprone young witch at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches is back with a wonderful new adventure. A hugely entertaining story with wonderful illustrations, too. Age 5+


Hade Edge Chapel


Dunford Road, Hade Edge

Hade Edge Pre-School opened in 1995 serving families with children aged between 2 and 5 who live locally and in the surrounding areas. The Pre-School operates from the Methodist Church Hall in the village using the hall and dining room/kitchen and there is a fully enclosed outdoor play area. A maximum of 24 children may attend the setting at any one time. The pre-school is open every weekday during term time, except Tuesdays. On Mondays and Wednesdays the Pre School is open between 9am and 3pm and on Thursdays and Fridays open between 9am and 1pm.


Please contact the pre-school manager Jane Higginson (07584&895&929) for details on enrolling your child, fees are ÂŁ3/hr. We are able to take children from age 2, and all children age 3 upwards are entitled to 15 hours early learning provision, paid for by government.


Hade Edge Methodist Church

Services&held&every&Sunday&in&December&and&March.& Services&during&January&and&February&are&held&on&the&first&and& third&Sundays&only.& All&Services&commence&at&2.30p.m.& Minister&Rev&Laura&Hardy:&Telephone&851985&

Good$News$from$the$Pews$ Harvest$Fes3val$ Our&Harvest&FesLval&was&extremely&well&supported&with&a&wide&range&of&produce&and&other&foods&which&were&donated& and&warmly&received&by&the&Welcome&Centre&at&the&Huddersfield&Mission,&for&distribuLon&to&the&needy&in&the&Kirklees& area.&

Bap3sms$ We&have&been&privileged&to&host&a&number&of&bapLsms&in&recent&months.&Anyone&considering&the&bapLsm&of&a&child&can& contact&our&Minister.&You&will&be&most&welcome.&

Jacob’s$Ladder$ Our&Jacob’s&Ladder&services&are&designed&for&children&and&the&family,&with&lively&music,&games,&quizzes&and&a&ChrisLan& message.&They&last&for&approximately&45&minutes&with&tea,&coffee,&orange&and&biscuits&provided&free&aZer&the&service.& Details&of&services&are&below&so&don’t&drag&your&children&round&the&supermarket,&let&them&come&to&Jacob’s&Ladder& instead&and&join&in&the&fun!& 1st$December&–&this&will&be&a&Toy&and&Carol&Service&where&you&are&invited&to&bring&along&new&or&good&condiLon&second^ hand&toys&(unwrapped)&which&will&be&donated&to&children&in&the&area&who&may&not&otherwise&be&receiving&a&Christmas& giZ.&Please&support&this&worthwhile&cause.& 5th$December&–&Bring&one&of&your&Christmas&giZs&to&show&us&as&we&celebrate&Epiphany.& 2nd$February&2014&–&is&a&special&Sunday&as&it&is&linked&with&our&Plough&Sunday&celebraLons.& 2nd$March$2014&–&join&us&in&this&innovaLve&service&as&we&look&forward&to&the&coming&of&Spring,&Mothering&Sunday&and& Easter.&

Candlelight$Carols$–$11.30pm$Christmas$Eve$ Start&your&Christmas&by&praising&our&Saviour.&Join&us&in&the&perfect&Christmas&sedng.&

Plough$Sunday$–$2nd$February$2014$$ A&service&for&the&farming&community.&Bring&your&farm&equipment,&tractors&and&whatever&to&be&blessed&in&this&tradiLonal& service.&

Mothering$Sunday$–$30th$March$2014$ Please&come&and&share&this&special&service&for&Mums,&Grandmas&and&Great&Grandmas&where&our&welcome&will&be&as& warm&as&our&coffee.&Flower&giZs&are&assured,&all&we&need&are&Mums!&


Smiles$from$the$Aisles&–&The&honesty&of&Children& A&minister&said&to&a&precocious&six&year&old&boy&“So&you&say&you&hear&your&mother&menLoning&you&in&her&prayers&each& night?&Very&commendable,&so&what&does&she&say?”&The&boy&replied&“Thank&God&he’s&in&bed”& &&&


HADE EDGE BAND Hello%Hade%Edge%

! Yes,%we’ve%started%practicing%Jingle%Bells.% !

As%usual%a%whirl%of%concerts%and%competitions%at%this%time%of%year%with%a%special% mention%to%our%Youth%Band%on%retaining%their%awards%from%the%2012%Pogson%Bray% Contest%last%Sunday.%Awarded%best%Youth/Unregistered%Band%prize%they%gave%a%really% entertaining%show%that%the%judge%absolutely%loved.%


The%Community%Choir%entertained%at%the%Senior%Citizens%Christmas%lunch%on% December%1st%and%our%village%Carol%Singing%will%be%on%Tuesday%17th%December.% Looking%forward%to%splendid%hospitality%again%with%mulled%wine%and%coffee%at%the% band%room%afterwards.%Try%to%join%in%as%we%pass%and%come%along%%and%have%a%mince% pie!%


Senior%Bands%concert%at%the%band%room%is%on%Dec%7th%and%Academy%groups%will%be% packing%the%civic%Hall%once%again%on%the%21st%Dec.%%Sunday%22nd%will%be%my%Christmas% Soiree%and%I’ll%be%welcoming%anyone%that%would%like%to%offer%some%Christmas% entertainment.%A%poem,%song,%or%just%come%and%sing%some%Christmas%Carols.%This% will%be%held%at%the%Bay%Horse%Pub.%Please%come%along%and%join%in%on%the%fun%and% Christmas%Spirit.%It%will%be%a%most%enjoyable%and%relaxed%family%evening.%

! See%you%all%soon% !

Simon Wood.. Musical Director



New shop opening 30th November! Wakefield Rd, Scissett ( Next to house of Oak)

Suppliers of high quality performance outdoor clothing and accessories for all your equestrian and outdoor needs. Jo Liles 07505 302533 Join us on face book Free local delivery! Loads of perfect Christmas Gifts!


Contact Contact Jim, your Jim, your local local friendly taxi service friendly taxi service.


Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch What a wonderful afternoon the seniors of Hade Edge had at the White Horse, Jackson bridge on Sunday the 1st December. Dave & Sara were exceptional hosts & the pub was festive & warm with lovely open fires. The ladies & gentlemen had a two course Christmas dinner (with mince pies courtesy of Pam Moorhouse) & teas & coffees. The drinks were flowing for them too & they all said what a most enjoyable afternoon it was. The Hade Edge community choir, lead by Sarah Ogden, entertained our seniors with a selection of songs from years gone by & Christmas carols. They were superb. Thanks to Charlotte Earnshaw & Helen Craggs for organising this brilliant event. The seniors were over the moon with their bags of Christmas goodies bought by the committee & also donated by our kind Hade Edge residents. A big thank you to all of you who contributed. Thank you to the majority of the committee who turned up to support this event & for being excellent drinks waiters & waitresses! ( Dave Lloyd & Janet Johnston) Thanks also to those who chauffeured the seniors to & back from the White Horse. It makes it all worth while raising money at the gala & Edgy Sessions to make our seniors feel special & have a wonderful day!




Have a festive feast with Addy's! We're sure you are all excited for the festive season ahead, and have made plans for that all important meal. Wether you are dreaming of Turkey, Duck, Goose or even a Rib of Beef, don't forget the other things that go hand in hand with Yuletide. We will have our usual festive range of meats including Chipolata Sausages, Streaky Bacon for the Turkey or our delicious Stuffing. Alongside these we will also be doing a wide selection of cheese, continental meats, honey roast hams, large pork pies and game pies. Another popular item is our Family sized steak pies. These are a good idea for Christmas Eve when you want a hearty meal for 8-10 people, with very little effort. We will also be selling jars such as Goose Fat, Cranberry Sauce, Horseradish & Mustards. On the sweeter side of things we will also be selling Mince Pies and Christmas Cake, sourced from Nicola's Gateaux in Meltham.   To prevent disappointment, it is advised that you order in advance. This can be done easily over the phone on 01484 682897 We will also be taking orders for New Year too.


Brindon & all of the staff at Addy’s would like to thank you for your custom throughout the year, and we wish you all the best for 2014. 41

Edgy Sessions kicked off on the 5th October at The Postcard Inn in Holmfirth. Opening was Steve Chapman Smith.With his mix of Americana and blues he went down a treat. Next up was the talented Dariush Kanani. He was again wonderful and had the audience in awe. A lovely and talented young man. Headlining were Peculiar Blue. Lynn & Paul were exceptional musicians and singers. As well as doing their own songs they did a few covers, a couple of medleys and had the crowd singing along. £120 was raised on the raffle and this month we decided to donate the money to Kerry Sykes’ toddler group. It will pay towards their pantomime by the Hey Diddles on the 18th December.


Another fantastic Edgy in November! Ade J L Payne opened the night. He was a new act and one we will certainly ask to return! His influence of Bruce Springstein & Keith Urban had us all entertained. Chris Martin the cheeky chappie with his blues guitar never fails to make us want more. An Edgy favourite. Last but by no means least was Decca, the ultimate musician comedian who had us all in stitches. A brilliant night. Thanks to all who braved the rain & wind to support us! £72 was raised on the raffle. It went towards buying the senior citizens Christmas presents at their Christmas lunch.


Decembers Sessions was a big hit. The pub was packed out & everybody was in great spirits. Rum Doodle, a first at Edgy, started the night with their folky rock music definitely influenced by Bob Dylan. The Yorkshire songwriter Roger Davies blew the pub away with his songs about Yorkshire. A true star. Alex Quinn & the Man in the Street had the pub rocking with their own music & a few covers such as Billy Joels- We Didn’t Start the Fire. Probably one of the best Sessions ever! A brilliant night. The raffle raised £123. Get along to a sessions & share the experience. It’s a wonderful night.


The postcard ! y g d Inn E A

s n sio s e S t h g i N tic s u co

! First Saturday ! of every Free Entry Music starts Month at 8.30pm

! Nominated Neighbour Scheme The nominated neighbour scheme helps avoid unnecessary confrontation on your door step. If you need to be part of this scheme please contact Jason Brook on 07590 524548 to obtain a card. Remember: Stop- before opening your door Check- to see who is through the window Chain or use a door bar before opening your door. 43

HOLMFIRTH PARISH CHURCH Hade Edge is in the Parish of Holy Trinity, Holmfirth. Services; 8.00am B.C.P. Communion, every other week.

! 10.30am Parish Eucharist every week. ! Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals; Rev Keith Griffin 682644

! We run a Sunday Club for four to ten year olds, 10.30 till 11.45 am every Sunday morning. ! Christmas services; 15th December; 6.30pm nd 22 December; 10.30am 6.30pm th 24 December; 3.30pm 11.30pm th 25 December; 10.30am

! Events; !

Choppards Carols by Candlelight The Christmas Story Carol Service Carols Round the Tree Midnight Mass Christmas Morning Eucharist

Saturday 14th December onwards, the church will be dressed for Christmas and the theme this year is ‘Christmas Joy’. All are welcome to come and enjoy the lovely floral arrangements.

! All are welcome to any of these services and events. !

Appeal for books. Appeal for books. Appeal for books. Appeal for books. We would be very grateful for any books you no longer require, which we can sell in our second hand bookstall which is open during the summer months. We can arrange to collect any books: 01484 684924. Thank you.



DIT Consultancy

*IT management & system support * Wired & wireless network specification, installation & maintenance * PC, printer, laptop & software sales * Hardware & software support * ADSL broadband installation specialists * Maintenance contracts

! *Specialising in small/medium sized businesses, education & home users* ! 323 Dunford Road Tel: 01484 817959 or 07909987766 email: Domestic & commercial enquiries welcome.

Hade Edge Holmfirth

Paediatric Physiotherapy Specialist in the Treatment of: Cerebral Palsy Developmental Delay Co-ordination Disorders (Dyspraxia)


18 years experience in children’s physiotherapy. Treatments in your own home, half to one hour sessions.


Ring for more information: Penny Townsend MSCP HPC APCP Borath Trained

Tel: 07775 556499


T – 01484 436855 eavalleysnpt@westyorkshire.pnn.


Will you be the lucky recipient of a large screen TV or a new laptop this Christmas? If you are lucky enough to receive either of these or indeed any other high value items I am sure the last thing you want is for them to be stolen. Sadly as the Festive Season approaches we historically see a rise in burglaries. I don’t want to be alarmist, I am sure you would sooner be forewarned and given a few timely reminders on home security.


• • • •


Set a timer that allows a lamp to come on around dusk if you are out at work and do not return until after dark. Make sure your doors and windows are locked and secure (1 in 5 burglaries occur via insecure properties) Don’t leave your door keys or car keys on display when you retire to bed. A thief would like your car. Going away for the Festive break? Let us know and we will keep an eye on your property (also let a neighbour know you are away)

I have a small number of Smartwater kits which are available on a first come first served basis. Smartwater is a liquid DNA with a unique forensic coding. Once applied to your property it becomes invisible to a human eye. We scan all recovered property with special lamps. We also scan anyone who is arrested who may have come into contact with Smartwater.

! If you would like a kit, please contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team on the below e-mail. ! We have seen a rise in thefts from vehicles in recent weeks, Again vehicles left insecure with property, your property, on display.

! Don’t tempt a thief. Make it difficult, so they don’t bother breaking into your car. !

If you have a 4x4 vehicle, or any vehicle which sits higher on the road than a normal car, thieves are targeting your catalytic converter. This forms part of your exhaust system and contains traces of platinum and other precious metals to filter exhaust gases.


The thief is able to gain easier access to cut out the converter on higher wheel base vehicles, so if you have a garage……why not use it?


I have hopefully provided you with some helpful information here, however if you would like to discuss anything I have mentioned, please get in touch either by phone, email, or have a chat to one of my staff whist they are out on patrol.


Another point to remember, if you are lucky enough to receive a TV, laptop or any other high value item, please don’t leave the packaging on display outside your house ready for collection. A thief will “clock” the box and you may become a target.


Hopefully, I haven’t frightened you to the extent that you will never leave the house again as crime in and around the Hade Edge area is extremely low, so much so that in the past 12 months there has only been one attempted burglary, five thefts from motor vehicles and two thefts of vehicles. Eight offences in total....eight offences too many, although by working together we can reduce it even further next year.

! I, along with my staff wish you all a good Christmas and a crime free New Year. ! Mark Trueman Inspector The Valleys Neighbourhood Policing Team


Happy Christmas & a great New Year to all of our customers


Garden birds




Ticklist of common British birds


Blue tit Great tit Robin Treecreeper



Collared dove


Kids Garden bird Hunt

photos from Woodland Trust Picture Library: Dennis Johnson, Nicholas Spurling, Pete Holmes, Dave Foker, Maurice Walker, Shaun Nixon. iStock photos: Andrew_Howe, AlbyDeTweede. Eric Mahy. please copy and share this for personal and educational use - there’s loads more stuff to download on our website


Hade Edge Breeze - Winter 2013  

Hade Edge Breeze Winter 2013 Newsletter for Hade Edge Village, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

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