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Hade Edge Breeze Spring 2014

Photo by Faith Swindell Year 5 Hade Edge J & I School



Welcome to the spring edition of The Breeze. In this edition, as well as our regular features we have the results of our “Great Outdoors” photo competition and I think you will be impressed by the standard of entries. Thanks to all who entered and to Lisa Dalton for picking the winners. We also have details of the Children’s summer photo competition with the theme “FUN FUN FUN.”


As many in the village will be aware, The Bay Horse pub is under temporary management and following a recent Hade Edge Action for Residents group meeting, Chairman Matthew Milburn asks the question “Fancy a share in your local?” Read all about it in his chairs report.


Our regular Valleys Police feature takes on a different slant in this edition in the form of an account of the daily activities of Police Community Support Officer Kayleigh Moorhouse (CS851). Kayleigh joined the team in November 2013 and is now a well known member of the local community.


We’ve also managed to persuade local outspoken character Jack Snittle to share his concerns on village issues with us once again.


Those with an interest in music may be aware the The Hade Edge Academy of Music has moved from the band room to a new home in Hope Bank at Honley. Read Simon Wood’s article and find out what’s new at The Academy.


Coeliac Disease….what’s that? Read Lisa Dalton’s article about her diagnosis and life on a gluten free diet.


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Dave Lloyd Editor


Fancy a  share  in  your  local?


On February  11th  2014,  the  Hade  Edge  Action  for  Residents  group  held  a  meeting,  which   explored  the  possible  beneCits  of  the  local  community  buying  The  Bay  Horse.  A  temporary   relief  manager  is  currently  running  the  pub  and  we  are  told  that  the  brewery  is  prepared  to   sell.  


The twenty  or  so  residents  present  agreed  that  Hade  Edge  would  be  a  less  attractive  place  to   live  if  as  has  been  suggested,  the  pub  were  to  be  converted  to  residential  accommodation.   We  looked  at  the  various  reasons  why  The  Bay  Horse  is  less  popular  compared  to  other  local   pubs  and  talked  about  the  kind  of  business  it  might  attract  if  local  people  took  ownership   and  employed  a  live  in  manager  to  run  it.    


Many felt  the  pub  needed  to  be  seen  as  a  warm,  welcoming  local  with  a  cosier,  more  family   friendly  feel.    It  was  recognised  that  the  fabric  of  the  building  needs  some  urgent  attention.   Although  the  roof  is  sound,  the  heating  system  is  on  its  last  legs  and  it  needs  rewiring,  new   windows,  insulation  and  redecorating.  Therefore,  as  well  as  raising  the  funds  to  buy  the  pub,   an  additional  and  signiCicant  sum  would  be  needed  to  Cinance  the  business  and  support  the   reCit,  stocking  etc.  


Spreadsheets itemising  start  up  costs  and  the  potential  returns  for  the  business  are  being   developed  based  on  current  sales  and  modelling  increased  sales  and  the  addition  of  a  food   offer.  It  was  agreed  that  there  are  likely  to  be  many  in  the  village  that  would  support  the   development  of  the  pub  as  a  community  asset  and  who  might  be  prepared  to  invest  both   time  and  money  in  the  project.  For  many  it  would  be  a  lifestyle  choice  as  much  as  a  business   proposition;  a  thriving  community  pub  would  certainly  make  Hade  Edge  an  even  better   place  to  live.  


Two models  of  community  ownership  were  discussed.  The  Cirst  was  a  cooperative  such  as   that  which  has  enabled  the  Anglers  Rest  in  Bamford  to  be  secured.  Whilst  very  democratic   (one  person  one  vote)  this  model  requires  a  great  deal  of  time  to  set  up  and  “management   by  committee”  was  seen  as  cumbersome  and  unwieldy  by  some.    


The second  model  was  a  share  offer  but  on  a  one  share  one  vote  basis.  This  would  enable  a   small  number  of  major  shareholders  to  take  a  lead  role  in  the  strategic  direction  and   accountability  of  the  operation.  This  might  mean  that  shares  would  be  available  to  anyone   who  wanted  to  buy  them  and  that  the  balance  were  bought  by  two  or  three  parties  who   would  take  responsibility  for  managing  the  business  with  a  brief  for  making  the  pub  a  going   concern  and  a  more  signiCicant  community  asset.    


There was  interest  in  both  models  although  the  second  was  felt  to  be  more  realistic  and  


attractive both  to  those  who  live  in  Hade  Edge  and  to  those  (such  as  cyclists,  walkers   and  commuters)  who  pass  through.  


A sub  committee  was  encouraged  to  draft  Cirmer  proposals  prior  to  the  next  meeting,   which  will  take  place  at  8pm  on  March  11th.    This  meeting  is  intended  for  anyone  who   is  interested  in  Cinding  out  more  or  in  investing  in  what  could  be  a  very  exciting   venture.  It  was  suggested  that  the  sub  committee  explore  a  number  of  government-­‐ backed  schemes  and  grants  that  encourage  local  people  to  take  ownership  of  what  are   deemed  to  be  community  assets.  


At the  meeting  in  March  a  strategy  for  the  development  of  the  pub  will  be  discussed.   This  might  involve  a  staged  approach,  which  might  take  a  number  of  years  to  realise   and  over  which  time,  investors  accept  that  they  would  not  be  looking  to  make  a  return   or  cash  in  shares.  Current  thinking  is  that  having  established  an  overarching  strategy   for  the  pub,  there  would  then  be  a  phased  development  plan  which  could  be  reviewed   as  it  unfolded.  The  scheme  could  be  phased  in  the  following  manner:  


Stage 1.   Secure  the  purchase  of  the  pub  for  the  community  and  claim  back  the                                                                VAT         Stage  2.   Undertake  essential  works  to  make  the  pub  safe,  warm  and  welcoming.                                                            This  will  involve  rewiring,  a  new  heating  system,  insulation  and  the                                                            reCit  of  the  front  bar.   Stage  3.   Develop  the  kitchen  to  enable  the  sale  of  food.   Stage  4.   Develop  the  back  room  as  a  Clexible  space  suitable  for  music  evenings,                                                            serving  food,  quiz  nights  etc.   Stage  5.   Extend  the  function  room  with  a  south-­‐facing  conservatory,  overlooking                                                          the  reservoir  and  moors.   Stage  6.   Develop  upstairs  to  create  additional  accommodation.  

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If you  are  interested  in  investing  in  the  pub  or  if  you  just  want  to   hear  about  the  proposals,  then  please  do  come  along  on  March  11th   at  8pm  in  the  Bay  Horse.  You  would  be  most  welcome  and  you  could  


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Head Teacher Jeff Kilner reports…


After arriving back at school in January the children have been full of awe and wonder. Learning about Dinosaurs in KS1 and KS2 children learning about Ancient Egypt. The school has taken on a very historic feel with displays and children’s work representing these periods of history. In early February we had a whole school trip to Manchester Museum where we participated in Dinosaur and Egyptian workshops. I have heard from so many of our children that this educational visit was ‘the best trip ever’ and the learning that took place there was immeasurable


We are continuing these topics all the way through until Easter and the children may have one or two surprises on the way. Indeed, Class Two, our Wonderful Wolves are already planning their Easter production called ‘Glint of Gold which has a very Egyptian storyline. Tickets will be on sale shortly and it would be lovely to see people from our community enjoying the show so please come and join us.


We have been busy outside of school too and particularly in the playground where our canopy is now complete. Whilst discussing this with children they are already identifying the different equipment that they would like to have out there and we have drawn up plans for a little fenced area so that we can extend the planting by the canopy too.


So, all in, we have been very busy in school. We have some big events on the horizon such as our Spring Fair and educational visits. We can already hear the buzz of excitement around these plans so we will be glad to see the wintry weather come to an end and to feel the warmth of Spring coming through.

! ! !


The Friends Of Hade Edge (FOHE)


After the hectic run up to Christmas, January has been a little calmer for the Friends Committee. I therefore wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the ways in which the children of Hade Edge School are benefiting from funds the FOHE group raise (in conjunction with the support from the local community that the events the FOHE host).


Last term the FOHE group bought some iPads for the children to use at school to enhance their learning. The FOHE also paid for the Christmas crackers for the children’s Christmas dinner (Christmas dinner would not be the same without crackers!). Finally the FOHE have provided funds needed to buy cooking equipment for the children to use in school to support the school in helping children develop basic cookery skills.

! Events coming up‌. !

On February 20th the FOHE, working with the school council, are hosting a family social event comprising of a beetle drive, picture quiz and refreshments. It is hoped the event will be well supported and lots of fun. If so it may well become an annual event in the FOHE calendar.


And of course, the annual spring fair will be held round Easter time. A provisional date for the diary is Saturday 5th April from 10am until 12pm so please put this in your calendars. This is subject to change, however, depending on how the long term weather forecast develops. The event is open to everyone. Whether you come for the legendary chocolate tombola, the bottle tombola, or maybe you would like your face painted, as long as you come you are guaranteed a great time. As usual there will be tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches available for when you need to rest and take stock of all the great prizes you have won! Each year we also have a fantastic raffle with prizes donated from local businesses. If you, or your company, could donate anything for the raffle or the bottle tombola then it would be most appreciated. You can contact us on the email below or through school.

! Hope to see as many of you and your friends there. ! Clare Robinson Chairperson


Ps The next Bags 2 School collection is on the 7th May 2014. So if you have any clothing donations for that then please drop them at school before 9am on that day.


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THE LOCKWOOD WINDOW CO. Manufacturers of U.P.V.C Windows & Doors to the trade.


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THE SEASON SO FAR All our teams, senior and junior, are doing well in their respective divisions. Some are doing well in cup matches and Trophy matches but the poor weather over the last two months has slowed things down a bit. Let’s hope for some better footballing weather!


NEW CLUB HOUSE. With the exterior completed, work has now begun on the interior and walls, electrics and plumbing are all on-going. Hopefully it will not be long before we are able to use the building but more funds will be needed before completion.

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An Insight Into Coeliac Disease- By Lisa Dalton, Hade Edge Resident

“I believe you have Coeliac Disease”. My heart sank and my initial reaction to hearing this was “how long do I have to live?” The word ‘disease’ frightened me. I had never heard of Coeliac Disease, but once the Doctor started to explain it, I relaxed a little. I learnt straight away that as long as I stuck to a Gluten Free diet I could live a normal life.


I was  23,  in  a  full  .me  job,  6  months  off  my  wedding  and  I  had  just  moved  in  with  my  Fiancée   but  even  in  this  situa.on  when  I  should  have  been  as  happy  as  I  could  have  been,  every  day   felt  like  a  ‘Monday  morning’.    I  was  .ered  all  the  .me,  energy  less,  had  tummy  aches  aFer   most  meals,  losing  weight  and  everyday  seemed  hard  work.    While  I  wanted  to  feel  excited   about  my  forthcoming  big  day  and  the  majority  of  the  wedding  was  organised,  day  to  day   things  seemed  to  be  an  effort.  


It was  my  Mum  who  persuaded  me  to  go  see  the  doctor,  and  while  like  most  of  us  I  put  off   seeing  the  doctor  whenever  possible  I  decided  she  was  right.    So  this  was  when,  aFer   explaining  my  symptoms  I  heard  those  words.  


I returned  to  work  the  same  day  my  blood  test  results  came  back  and  I  had  the  whole  of  the   Photography  Company  I  worked  for  at  the  .me  ‘Googling’  Coeliac  Disease  to  find  out  more   about  it.  


Bread, Pizza,  cakes,  biscuits,  pasta  –  just  some  of  the  common  foods  which  I  was  discovering  I   would  never  be  able  to  eat  again  due  to  them  containing  Wheat  &  Gluten.    However  when  I   started  to  find  less  obvious  food  products  such  as  yoghurts,  crisps,  ice  creams,  sausages  and   even  chocolate  and  sweets  contained  wheat  and  Gluten  I  was  shocked.    I  looked  in  my  lunch   box  for  that  day  and  if  I  had  I  been  told  to  to  a  Gluten  free  diet  straight  away  I  would  only   have  been  able  to  eat  the  fruit.    However,  I  had  been  told  to  con.nue  normally  un.l   aFer  the  endoscopy  I  had  to  undergo  otherwise  it  would  have  given  a  false  reading.  


The doctor  who  carried  out  the  endoscopy  was  able  to  tell  me  straight  away  that  I  definitely   had  Coeliac  Disease  and  to  start  a  Gluten  Free  diet  immediately.    Within  24  hours  of  the  diet  I   felt  like  a  different  person!  



In a  Coeliac’s  body,  the  immune  system  mistakes  substance  found  inside  gluten  (found  in   wheat, barley  &  rye)  as  a  threat  and  aYacks  them.  This  then  damages  the  surface  of  the   small  bowel  (intes.nes),  the  body’s  ability  to  absorb  nutrients  from  food.    So,  once   on  a  Gluten  Free  diet  the  Villi  on  the  surface  of  the  intes.nes  re  grow  and  the  gut  works   correctly  again. 10  years  and  2  children  later,  on  a  Gluten  Free  diet  I  am  very  well.    We  were  advised  to  keep   our  children  on  a  Gluten  free  diet  for  the  first  year  of  their  lives  to  allow  their  immune   system  to  best  chance  of  not  becoming  Coeliacs  themselves.    However  following  blood  tests   on  my  children  earlier  last  year,  Ben’s  results  came  back  as  ‘Highly’  but    Holly’s   results  came  back  as  ‘highly’.    Holly  then  had  to  undergo  an  endoscopy  with  a  diagnosis.   Coeliac  Disease,  we  discovered  usually  skips  a  genera.on  but  for  7  year  old  Holly  it  obviously   hadn’t.    My  Heart  sank  when  the  diagnosis  was  and  my  main  thought  for  her  was   ‘how  would  she  cope  at  birthday’    At  lease  when  I  was  diagnosed  I  was  23  and  could   cope  with  knowing  I  wasn’t  able  to  eat  ‘normal’  food  from  now  on  but  to  tell  a  7  year  old  she   couldn’t  eat  normal  pizza,  sausage  rolls,  sandwiches,  cakes  or  biscuits    and  other  tradi.onal   party  foods  again  broke  my  heart.   One  of  the  main  benefits  Holly  has  is  that  not  only  does  she  have  myself  who  is  already  a   Coeliac,  but  also  ironically  her  cousin  (with  no  blood  rela.on)  and  his  Grandma  also  have  the   condi.on.    This  meant  it  wasn’t  a  scary  or  trauma.c  shiF  onto  a  Gluten  Free  diet  and  lifestyle   as  it  wasn’t  something  she  hadn’t  ever  heard  of    or  knew  about.   Holly  is  learning  everyday  about  the  foods  she  can  and  can’t  eat.    She  is  well  to  the   diet  and  has  learnt  quickly  that  she  must  now  check  before  or  drinking  anything.    Holly   was  reluctant  to  eat  everyday  food  such  as  bread  before  the  diagnosis  as  we  now  realise  that   it  wasn’t  because  she  didn’t  like  certain  things  but  it  was  because  she  knew  herself  that  it   hurt  her  tummy.     We  have  explained  some  of  the  implica.ons  to  Holly  regarding  not  s.cking  to  a  Gluten  Free   diet  which  helps  when  it  comes  to  the  .mes  when  she  really  would  like  to  just  eat  that  big,   gooey,  chocolate  muffin.....    and  fortunately  the  thought  of  a  tummy  ache  helps  her  see   round  it.   Implica.ons  of  not  s.cking  to  a  Gluten  free  diet  in  the  short  term  can  be  stomach  cramps,,  diarrhoea,    and  general  .redness.    In  the  long  term  the  effects  can  be  much  more  Untreated  celiac  disease  can  be  life  threatening.    Ceoliac’s  are  more  likely  to  be   afflicted  with  problems  to  malabsorp.on,  including  osteoporosis,  tooth  enamel   defects,  central  and  peripheral  nervous  system  disease,  pancrea.c  disease,  internal   haemorrhaging,  organ  disorders  (gall  bladder,  liver,  and  spleen),  infer.lity  and  gynaecological   disorders.  Untreated  celiac  disease  has  also  been  linked  an  increased  risk  of  certain  types  of   cancer,  especially  intes.nal  lymphoma.   Coeliac  UK  is  the  main  support  charity  for  the  disease  and  is  con.nuing  research  into  the   illness  all  the  .me.    It  has  many  ‘apps’  to  check  suitability  of  products  and  registers  many   restaurant,  pubs,  cafes  and  eateries  to  make  out  a  liYle  easier.    Many  eateries  are  now   much  more  aware  of  Gluten  Free  diets  and  cater  for  them.   Supermarkets  and  specialist  shops  are  providing  many  raw  ingredients  as  well  as  ready   meals,  cakes  and  biscuits,  making  buying  for  Coeliac’s  much  easier.    


Checking suitability  of  food  for  a  Coeliac  is  vital,  so  please  never  be  worried  to  ask  if  you  are   unsure  about  providing  a  Gluten  free  meal  or  snack  for  anyone  with  Coeliac  Disease.  



Examiner Community Awards We would love it if you could nominate local mum of 3 Kerry Sykes who runs the Holmfirth Holmfirth Events website. She has helped to really pull the community together and promote our lovely town of Holmfirth “online”, helping to make a real difference in the Local Community. Over 4000 events have been promoted during this time and the website has supported over 200 local businesses and 100 local community groups. Kerry has a real passion for Holmfirth, and has worked selflessly on the website for over 2 years, not only running the website and the Facebook page , but also setting up and helping run local community Facebook groups like:-
 Holmfirth What’s On Calendar – Promoting local Events and news
 Holmfirth Snow - Facebook Group helping the local community communicate with each other in extreme weather conditions.
 Holmfirth Jobs – A free services for local businesses to post job vacancies to help get local people into local jobs.
 Holmfirth Business News – Promoting business events in the Holme Valley, like networking events, news and grants.
 Holmfirth and Huddersfield Craft Stalls – Helping connect Local Craft Stall holder with Event Organisers.
 Holmfirth Buy or Sell and the Holmfirth – Local Group helping people sell second hand goods locally. Kerry has also helped out local businesses before Christmas with the Holmfirth Hullabaloo, a fun local scheme to help get more people to shop locally, getting many of the businesses in Holmfirth to work together.
 She also set up and runs the #Holmfirthhour on twitter, to help connect residents and businesses together, which she does each Sunday night, because of her love for Holmfirth! The Holmfirth Events “one stop shop” website was a well needed service for the Holme Valley, and is has been really well supported by the community. If you agree that Kerry is a real asset to Holmfirth and have used the website to find local information or it has helped you to promote your business or community group, it would be absolutely amazing for you to vote for it, thank you. To vote please download your form from the link below, thank you Kerry’s Details are:Kerry Sykes- Holmfirth Events, Bayfield Close, Had e Edge, HD9 2QX, 07769536612

Get voting for our local lass folks!!! 16

!! !! !!



Firewood £25 per bag All major credit /debit cards accepted


freephone: 0800 781 1074 telephone: 01226 764 567

L & CA Tyas !

Local plumber and Heating Engineer Bathrooms and Kitchens Fitted Tiling and all General Plumbing Please call Les on 01484 690486 Barn House, Bowshaw, Hade Edge

PPC Services Professional Pest Control Moles, Wasps, Ants, Fleas, Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Rabbits and Foxes. Paul Harvey 07973 524332 (


Holmfirth What's On Calendar

Holmirth What’s On (Kerry Sykes) should be very proud as she has been sponsoring the local Skate4Isaac Charity, and in February donated a cheque for £250. This is to help raise funds for the Skate park at the Sands in honour of the wonderful Isaac Atkinson who started this amazing project with his friends. If you would like to help in any way by doing some fundraising yourselves for this great charity, please get in touch with them, any help is really appreciated. She has saved £5 from each place listing and advert from the website since September for the charity, and Kerry would like to say thank you to all the local businesses for their continued support of the Holmfirth Events website.

! !

Babysitting Service

My name is Hettie Irving and I am 16 years old. I am currently studying at Holmfirth High School and I live in Hade Edge. I am available for babysitting on weekdays until 11pm and later on Fridays and Saturdays. My fee is £5 per hour. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you.

07713 138239

01484 681692


Kids Photo Competition As the next Breeze will be the Gala edition , the next competition theme will be FUN FUN FUN. Get your photos into us at Don’t forget to include your name, age and school year. The best ones will be printed in the Breeze and the overall winner will get a super prize. Our judge will be Mr.Trevor Smith. Good luck! Entries by 16th May please. Keep your Breeze to refer back to or find us at ! The overall best photo from each of the last 3 competitions will be judged and the winner will be presented with a TROPHY at the Hade Edge Gala! To be judged by Chris Wiper. Well done to Alice Dalton for being overall winner in the Christmas Breeze. Well done to Faith Swindell for being overall winner in this Breeze. Get entering kids and find out who our last finalist is in the June Breeze!


ADULTS Near HathersageAngela Vernoum

Louise CharleworthHade Edge Snow


FensRachel Smith

Colour- Michael Charlesworth


SunsetLynda Wood

Judges Favourite*Sea Scape- Joe Brereton 22


Clouds & WindmillsRuby Sykes aged 3 Preschool

Nice day for a rideJack Vernoum aged 9 Year 5


Snow StormLucy Sykes aged 10 Year 6

Hazy MoonLily Charlesworth aged 9 Year 5


What you looking at? Holly Dalton aged 7 year 3

Here we goFreya Charlesworth aged 9 year 5


BowshawFreya Sykes aged 5 Year1

*OVERALL CHILDRENS  WINNER  *Yellow  Trefoil-­‐  Faith  Swindell,  aged  10    Year  5


Trees &CloudsMatilda Smith age 6 Year 1

Stunning ViewTabitha Smith age 8 Year 3


Windmill-Ben Dalton aged 9 year 5

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Simon Law & Son Plumbing & Heating

Simon Law & Son Plumbing & Heating are specialists in powerflushing central heating systems, which is a requirement when installing a new boiler onto old pipework and radiator systems. We use the latest power-flushing equipment to clean your heating system and increase the efficiency. Power-flushing your central heating system could save you up to 25% off your fuel bills.
 We are also Gas Safe Registered and carry out gas work, boiler changes and servicing. We are a local independent family company so please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.



Dog fowling seems to be a major problem within our village, especially in the areas of Snittle Road, the common land, the recreation ground and the area around Hade Edge School. All responsible dog owners know to collect dog waste. Children play in these areas so not doing so is unacceptable. As a responsible villager or dog owner if you witness a culprit not picking up then please say something. There are bags in the dog poo bag dispenser and if anyone needs extra bags (I have a box which do not fit the dispenser) please contact Helen Craggs on 07841752973.


Thanks! Bag it up & put it in the bin folks!!!! Let’s keep our village a great place to live. 30

! !

It’s been an exciting time at Hade Edge Preschool in the last few months and not just for the children. We have been looking at how to spend the money that was raised from the Hade Edge Gala and expanding our voluntary committee.


We have also had a few open mornings recently, however parents and children are welcome to come and visit anytime. We take children from age 2, so please drop in and talk to us if you are interested in your child attending some of our sessions.


Over the last few months we have looked at further developing our relationship with our village school. Jane and I even had a phonics lesson with Mrs Koltuk. We have come away with lots of great new ideas about how to prepare our children for the transition to school, with phonics, numbers and early writing but don’t worry we don’t work them too hard. Our motto is still “learning though play”, in fact we aim for the children to have so much fun they don’t even know they are learning!


With these developments in mind we have spent about half our Gala funds on some new toys, including some empathy dolls, some jolly phonics resources including CDs, song books, alphabet fishing games and lots more number and letter based toys and games. We are also looking at developing our outdoor play area, with the success of the sensory garden and the summer (we hope) approaching we will be upgrading our outside toys over the coming months too.

! Thank you for all your support. !

Rachel Smith (Preschool committee Treasurer)


Tel: 01484 681208 or 07584 895929

! ! !


Country Watch with Jack Snittle

It's about this time of year we start to look at nature anew. We're just starting to appreciate slightly more daylight and it's good to take a moment to look around us and take pleasure in the delights of living in semi rural West Yorkshire. We're privileged to be on the fringe of urban and rural; city dwellers can't work out why we live here, true country people would think we're just 'pretending' to live in the sticks. Wildlife is one of the benefits of such a hybrid lifestyle, but there are also a few examples of nature that have been captive but then released by irresponsible owners. I've listed a few examples that we see regularly: Tinnius Lagerus A shy creature, often found hiding in drainage channels or ditches at the side of roads. A flightless bird, though it's keepers are sometimes seen trying to encourage flight by throwing the unfortunate animal from speeding hatchbacks. Genericus Friedchickenbocs A nocturnal mammal, found close to small semirural towns that aren't populated by the more aggressive American 'Kentucky' Friedchickenbocs. This species has a remarkable body clock and often appears, amazingly, on Saturdays and Sunday mornings. Cuppus Costacoffeuis A migrant with stamina that can only be rivalled by the swallow or swift. Making long journeys from the larger towns in the area due to the fact that their body contains 99.6% liquid at 80째C, body heat is maintained for large distances. Definitely an urban dweller, these seem destined to drop to earth as soon as a clean, green verge is found.


Frozia Foodpackagia A remarkable wee beast this one. Capable of living at subzero temperatures for years at a time. Usually happy in captivity, it can sometimes make a break for it after its green bin home is upturned in high winds on bi weekly Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Brindonus Piebag This is a little beauty, a little smaller than some of the others, and specific to the local area around Hade Edge. A white plumage with attractive burgundy markings, we’re lucky to have this delightful creature so close. Has been seen as far afield as blowing down Scholes Moor Road. One must remember that these animals should ideally be controlled, but in the absence of wardens, we can all, as a community, do our bit to corral and contain their impact. Remember, wild animals like these can carry disease! Obviously I don't condone violence, but should you see anyone releasing one of the above creatures into the wild, tell them they're an arse and punch them on the side of the head.* * This is the opinion of the author only and in no way represent the feelings of the HEAR committee. Probably.


The HEAR Committee of Hade Edge If you are interested in coming along to a the HEAR Committee meeting and want to help in making Hade Edge a great place to live please do. Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at the Bay Horse Pub back room. Village Committee HEAR members

Chair- Matthew Milburn 680767 Deputy- Richard Slack- 07871 959102 Deputy- Charlotte Earnshaw- 688190 Treasurer- Alan Davidson 07732 531123 Secretary- Leigh Milburn 680767 Breeze Editor- Dave Lloyd 07733 243059 Advertising Secretary- Janet Johnston 687677 Chapel Liaison- Charlotte Earnshaw 688190 School Liaison- David Craggs 07919 698917 Pre school Liaison- Rachel Smith 07841 743671 Band Liaison/ Edgy Sessions/Breeze- Helen Craggs 0784 1752973 Football Liaison- David Dalton 684924 Events Promotions- Kerry Sykes 680235 Pam Moorhouse Howard Johnston Emma Atkin Michael Moorhouse Tracey Hawley Audrey Dalton Andrea Turner Cameron Irving

If you have anything you would like to include in the Breeze stories/comments/ letters/events please do not hesitate to either ring Dave Lloyd the Editor or e mail We would love to HEAR from you! Next Breeze due out early June 2014

Photo by Holly Dalton Hade Edge J&I School


Hade Edge Band

A warm welcome to everyone in Hade Edge from the Band and committee. By now, I guess most of the villagers will have heard the news that the Academy groups have departed the band room and moved to premises in Honley. A decision taken by the Academy Management Team and felt regrettable by all at Hade Edge Band. We have a new conductor for the Band in Jonathan Beatty, a local lad with roots in New Mill and Meltham and he is keen to get to know the residents in Hade Edge. We look forward to a vibrant 2014 with Jonathan in charge of the music for the Senior Band. The committee are keen to hear from individuals, organisations or businesses who are looking for premises to rent/hire, either for regular events/meetings of groups etc, or for one-off occasions. Our facilities are superb and we feel the village can benefit from these whenever possible. Please contact any band/committee member or call in on either a Tuesday or Thursday evening when the Band are rehearsing. Our engagements diary is already getting busy for 2014 and our next concert in the band room will be on Saturday 29th March 2014 when we are holding a joint concert with the ladies Choir from “Vocal Expression”. Please come along and support the band and enjoy an evening of Brass and Voices in Hade Edge. Our website address is

Call    on  07913  260449  if  you  wish  to  make  a  booking  for  the  Band  Room  or  book  the   Band  for  an  engagement. Thankyou Robert Turnbull Chairman HEB.


Tour De France Caravan and Camping  at Hade Edge Band Room.!

! ! !

We are working with Kirklees Council Tour de France centre for us to offer! our facilities to tourists who are planning to stay in the area whilst the! race comes through Yorkshire on the 5th and 6th July. The field adjoining! the band room many years ago belonged to the band and was signed over to! Kirklees so they could provide a recreational facility for the villagers, on the understanding that the band could have use of the field by request on a limited number of occasions per year in order to raise funds for the band.! Some villagers may recall caravan rallies on this field in the mid 1990's! which was a band fundraising activity at that time. We are offering tourists camping and caravan facilities from the afternoon of Friday 4th July through to mid-day on Monday 7th July. Facilities such as toilets, washing, snacks and refreshments would be in the band room and the area will be staffed by marshals from band members throughout the period. We will keep everyone informed of the progress before July comes around, but if anyone has any concerns or ideas we can tap into over this period ,we would welcome a visit by you at the band room either on a Tuesday or Thursday evening whilst the band are rehearsing between 8pm and 10pm. Everyone is welcome to pop in and listen to the band at anytime.!

! Thank you ! !

Robert Turnbull Chair of HEB. 36

Hade Edge Chapel


Dunford Road, Hade Edge

Hade Edge Pre-School opened in 1995 serving families with children aged between 2 and 5 who live locally and in the surrounding areas. The Pre-School operates from the Methodist Church Hall in the village using the hall and dining room/kitchen and there is a fully enclosed outdoor play area. A maximum of 24 children may attend the setting at any one time. The pre-school is open every weekday during term time, except Tuesdays. On Mondays and Wednesdays the Pre School is open between 9am and 3pm and on Thursdays and Fridays open between 9am and 1pm.


Please contact the pre-school manager Jane Higginson (07584 895  929) for details on enrolling your child, fees are £3/hr. We are able to take children from age 2, and all children age 3 upwards are entitled to 15 hours early learning provision, paid for by government.


Hade Edge Methodist Church

! !

Services are  held  every  Sunday  at  2.30p.m.   Everyone  is  most  warmly  welcomed.   Tea  and  coffee  and  biscuits  aXer  each  service   and  our  welcome  is  as  warm  as  our  coffee.   Minister  Rev  Laura  Hardy:  Telephone  851985  

Good News  from  the  Pews   1.   Jacob’s  ladder   These  are  special  services  designed  for  the  family  and  children  of  all  ages  and  are  held  on  the   first  Sunday  in  each  month.  The  services  are  lively,  full  of  fun  ac\on  worship  and  challenging   topics.  Why  not  give  it  a  try  –  services  last  for  approximately  45  minutes.  You  will  not  be   disappointed!  Watch  out  for  the  reminder  on  our  no\ce  board.    

! 2. Mothering  Sunday  –  30  March  2014   Please  come  and  share  this  special  service  for  Mums,  Grandmas  and  Great  Grandmas.  Flower   giXs  are  assured;  all  we  need  are  Mums  to  match  them  with!  

! 3. Easter  Service  –  20  April  2014   Share  the  joy  of  the  resurrec\on  and  the  true  meaning  of  Easter  with  us  on  Sunday  20  April  at   2.30p.m.  Easter  eggs,  the  symbol  of  new  life,  will  be  distributed  in  this  service.  

! 4. Pentecost  –  8  June  2014   Come  and  celebrate  the  birth  of  the  world  wide  Church  with  the  Junior  Brass  Band  on  Sunday  8   June  at  2.30p.m.  The  Service  will  be  followed  by  the  tradi\onal  Hade  Edge  tea.  Weather   permieng,  the  Service  will  be  held  on  the  Chapel  lawn.   Smiles  from  the  Aisles   “What  did  the  minister  say  to  her  ancient  car?”   “May  you  rust  in  peace.”   At  a  packed  church  mee\ng  the  minister  asked  the  congrega\on  “Can  you  all  hear  me?”  A  voice  from   the  back  piped    up  “Yes,  I  can  hear  you  but  I  don’t  mind  changing  with  anyone  who  can’t!”  

! David Ellioj  (Pastoral  Secretary)  


HADE EDGE Academy of Music by Simon Wood

Well, one  thing  is  for  sure,  its  not  so  breezy  down  in  the  valley!!  


Moving Hade  Edge  Academy  of  Music  down  to  Hope  Bank  has  been  quite  a  stressful  time  as  I’m   sure  you  can  all  imagine.  In  reality  the  Academy  had  outgrown  the  space  at  the  band  room  and   once  it  became  clear  that  we  wouldn’t  have  enough  time  or  space  available  to  us  then  a  new   venue  was  inevitable.    


In reality  we  have  been  able  to  expand  all  our  tuition,  brass,  keyboard,  woodwind,  guitars  and   also  extend  our  groups  and  rehearsal  times  to  reFlect  the  growing  demand.  We  have  three   practice/teaching  rooms  available,  all  with  pianos,  Five  large  rehearsal  rooms  and  the  main  hall.   We  also  have  a  full  workshop  and  large  open  space  for  your  imagination.  Come  and  have  a  look!   Enjoy  the  free  wiFi  and  Café/Kitchen.  


It’s also  amazing  to  be  a  part  of  the  Hope  Bank  Works  project.  It’s  worth  searching  Hope  Bank   Pleasure  Gardens  on  the  internet  to  see  what  a  fantastic  heritage  the  Holme  Valley  has.  


We already  have  two  theatre  groups  at  Hope  Bank,  Back  Lane  Art  Space  are  here  Five  days  a   week,  plus  the  cooking,  knitting,  sewing  etc,    it’s  all  very  exciting.  Our  Tuesday  afternoon  sing   song  is  wonderful  and  keep  a  look  out    for    our  JOB  CLUB  and  Back  to  Work  scheme.  Our   cooking  suite  is  due  to  be  Finished  soon,  for  community  cooking  and  private  hire  and  our  Food   Bank  and  Clothing  bank  are  already  up  and  running.  


Hope Bank  is  a  community  space.  We  are  here  to  work  with  and  help  all  community  based   ideas  and  groups,  we  are  supporting  our  village  halls  and  local  musicians  as  much  as  possible.   Those  people  who  have  worked  with  me  know  that  helping  others  is  really  important.  


Our First  free  CHARITY  concert  was  wonderful.  200  people  may  have  been  a  squeeze  but  both   stages  looked  terriFic  and  all  our  performers  seemed  to  be  up  for  it.  Our  chosen  Charity  was  the   Joseph  Salmon  Trust  and  it  was  brilliant  to  hand  over  a  handsome  cheque  to  them.  


As for  the  future,  our  groups  we  will  be  playing  at  the  Gala  as  normal  and  at  Hade  Edge  Band   Sunday  at  Church  and  we  continue  to  support  the  Edgy  Sessions.  I  have  forged  many   community  links  in  Hade  Edge  and  they  are  all  precious  to  me.  We  will  do  everything  to  help   and  support  the  community  in  Hade  Edge.  


I'm also  delighted  to  announce  that  our  groups  will  be  performing  directly  on  the  TDF  route.   Hopefully  we  can  offer  all  our  visitors  a  warm  welcome  with  free  performances  across  the   whole  weekend.        


Finally our  “Top  of  the  world  Arts  Weekend”  will  take  place  on  June  21st,22nd  and  23rd  once   again  with  two  valleys  radio.  Should  be  an  exciting  weekend.  


If anyone  would  like  to  speak  to  me  about  the  Academy  or  Hope  Bank  Works  then  don’t   hesitate.  07973  426939.     See  you  all  soon.  



Shop Now Open!! Wakefield Rd, Scissett ( Next to house of Oak)

Suppliers of high quality performance outdoor clothing and accessories for all your equestrian and outdoor needs. Jo Liles 07505 302533 Join us on face book Free local delivery!


Contact Contact Jim, your Jim, your local local friendly taxi service friendly taxi service.

At the  time  of  writing,  I’m  sure  I’m  not  alone  in  feeling  fed  up   with  the  horizontal  rain,  Hade  Edge  is  particularly  good  at   providing.  However,  it’s  not  all  bad  news,  as  this  weather  calls   out  for  hearty  stews  and  comfort  food.     There  are  plenty  of  options  for  those  of  you  wanting   something  tasty,  cheap  and  easy.     We  have  our  usual  bulk  buy  deals  on  Braising  Steak,  Mince   and  Diced  Beef,  and  it’s  all  fresh  so  it’s  perfect  for  stocking  up   the  freezer.  We  can  also  bag  it  in  portions  at  your   convenience.   For  the  more  adventurous  of  you  we  have  some  different   options.  These  include  Ox  Cheek,  Oxtail  and  Pigs  Cheeks.   These  are  all  cheap  cuts  and  remarkably  easy  to  cook.     These  types  of  cut  are  now  in  quite  high  demand  as  some  TV   chefs  and  restaurants  are  getting  behind  them  and  re-­‐ educating  people  how  to  make  the  best  of  them.  Because  we   only  get  a  limited  number  of  these  each  week  from  our  locally   reared  stock  it’s  wise  to  order  them,  either  via  Phone  (01484   682897),  e-­‐mail  (,  Facebook  (J   Brindon  Addys  Traditional  Butchers  and  Graziers)  or  Twitter   (@AddysButchers).   I  hope  everybody  enjoys  experimenting  in  the  kitchen  and   making  the  most  of  these  delicious  cuts.  


41 Edgy Sessions on the 11th January was a great night. The super Ged Wilson set the night off with his stomping blues, the pub was rocking. Simon Wood and his band, an Edgy favourite, slowed things down with a set of love songs old and new. A jazzy set of excellent music by excellent musicians. Jimmy No Pants Dare had the crowd singing and dancing with his upbeat popular covers. A great night at the Post Card Inn, the best music venue in town. We raised £87 on the raffle.


Edgy on the 1st February was a superb event. Evans & Munroe kicked the evening off with a guitar and double bass. They sang about life’s trials and tribulations with quite a bit of humour thrown in. Hade Edge’s very own Unsuited played next. The fun party band had the pub jumping with their great covers. Matt Bentley & Steph Stephenson headlined. A pair of exceptionally talented musicians, playing folk-pop with a few covers too. Matt is an intricate performer and with Steph’s haunting vocals they blew us away. The raffle raised £118.


Thank you to all who come and support Edgy Sessions. Raising money for our village!


The postcard ! Inn

! First Saturday of every Month

s n o i s s e S t y h g g i N Ed c ti s u o c A

! Free Entry Music starts at 8.30pm

Come along & support your village




Hade Edge is in the Parish of Holy Trinity, Holmfirth. Services; 8.00am B.C.P. Communion, every other week. 10.30am Parish Eucharist every week. Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals; Rev Keith Griffin 682644

! We run a Sunday Club for four to ten year olds, 10.30 till 11.45 am every Sunday morning. ! 4th March Shrove Tuesday 5th March Ash Wednesday Mothering Sunday Service at 10.30am on 30th March


Easter Services 13th April at 10.30am ‘Palm Sunday’ 20th April at 10.30am ‘Easter Sunday Eucharist’


Events; 5th April at 7.00pm a Quiz Evening to be held in the gallery room.


17th April at 7.30pm ‘Meal with a Meaning’ starting at Holmfirth Methodist Church and finishing at Holmfirth Parish Church.


18th April at 10.30am Good Friday workshop and Lunch for children and adults. 18th April starting at 2.00pm Walk of Witness in Holmfirth.

! 22 May at 2.00pm ‘Tea at the Ritz’ to be held in the gallery room. ! All are welcome to any of these services and events. ! nd

Appeal for books as in past years, we would be very grateful for any books you no longer require, which we can sell in our second hand bookstall which is open for the summer months, thank you.



DIT Consultancy

*IT management & system support * Wired & wireless network specification, installation & maintenance * PC, printer, laptop & software sales * Hardware & software support * ADSL broadband installation specialists * Maintenance contracts

! *Specialising in small/medium sized businesses, education & home users* ! 323 Dunford Road Tel: 01484 817959 or 07909987766 email: Domestic & commercial enquiries welcome.

Hade Edge Holmfirth

Paediatric Physiotherapy Specialist in the Treatment of: Cerebral Palsy Developmental Delay Co-ordination Disorders (Dyspraxia)


21 years experience in children’s physiotherapy. Treatments in your own home, half to one hour sessions.


Ring for more information: Penny Townsend MCSP HCPC (Borath Trained)

Tel: 07775 556499

T – 01484 436855 eavalleysnpt@westyorkshire.pnn.


Introducing Police Community Support Officer Kayleigh Moorhouse


Hi, I am Kayleigh Moorhouse, one of your local Police Community Support Officers (PCSO). I have been as PCSO since November 2013 and my beat covers Holmfirth and its surrounding villages. Covering my beat on foot or by bicycle means I am available to be stopped and spoken to by any member of the public. This community engagement allows me to find out the needs of our community so I can then tailor my day to fit these in and work towards tackling issues that are causing the community concern. These local issues vary from village to village and can be anything from antisocial behaviour to parking related problems. The encounters I have with the public are some of the most enjoyable parts of my day and are also key to my role as they can provide me with information that’s most important in fighting crime. We call this community intelligence so look out for contact points on the West Yorkshire Police website and find out where you can come and have a chat.


A typical day for me starts with a briefing where I learn of any incidents that have happened within the area, what tasks I will have for the day and also share any information with colleagues that may assist them whilst they are out on patrol. Then it’s straight onto my beat where I will visit schools, shops or local groups, patrol problem areas or visit victims of crime. In one day I aim to patrol as much of my beat area as possible. I complete my tour of duty by updating incidents that I have dealt with.


From time to time I will also attend multi agency meetings with partners such as local councillors or KNH. Being a PCSO is most enjoyable and I am finding the role very exciting and rewarding.. I enjoy the different challenges and experiences the role brings as well as being part of a community in the knowledge that I am helping to make a difference to it.


If you wish to contact me either leave a message on 01484 436855 or email me on or stop me whilst on patrol for a chat.


Kayleigh Moorhouse CS 851



Early hints of spring At the start of a new year spring seems like a really long way off. But keep your eyes peeled in January and February - Mother Nature leaves some clues to show that change is in the air and spring will soon be on the way!

Hazel catkins


Bluebell shoots

These are the male flowers of the hazel tree. They’re sometimes called lambs’ tails.

One of the earliest bulbs to flower. Look out for them in damp woods and by streams.

These pop up early to get as much light as possible before the tree canopy closes over.

Elder budburst


Lesser celandine

The elder is one of the first trees to sprout leaves. Look out for its dark red buds bursting open.

Spot primroses in woods, meadows and hedgebanks, where they like damp and shade.

Look out for these shiny yellow flowers and heart-shaped leaves covering woodland floors.

Birds building nests

Bird song


Keep your eyes peeled for blackbirds and rooks carrying materials for nest-building.

Listen out for birds like the song thrush tweeting that spring is on the way.

Look for balls of jelly in ponds, ditches and slow-moving streams. The black specks are eggs.

Start your own adventure at Fun stuff for kids, families and schools by the Woodland Trust, a charity registered in England & Wales (294344) and Scotland (SC038885) at Kempton Way, Grantham, NG31 6LL © 2013 You may print and copy this sheet, in its entirety, for non-commercial purposes. Do not put this pdf on other websites - please link to our download page. Questions? 0800 026 9650

Hade Edge Breeze - Spring 2014  

Hade Edge Breeze Newsletter for Spring 2014 for the village of Hade Edge, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

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