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It is great to know that we have friends and partners

HBC seeks to respond to the incredible needs around

all over the world who are eager to partner with us in a

us. This includes; caring for those who have fled con-

variety of ways.

flict in neighbouring countries: providing hope, love and community, as well as medical and relief supplies; seek-

Hadath Baptist Church is a growing missional church,

ing to educate and train Lebanese and Syrian young

located in a highly strategic part of Beirut, Lebanon.

people who are likely to drop out of school; providing a

Our church borders a number of communities that

place of fellowship and teaching to all who would join.

represent the religious and social diversity of Lebanon. HBC’s vision is to love God and to love our neighbours.

Rev. Dr. Hikmat Kashouh

We believe in partnership. Through working together we can see God's kindgom come and His will be done in Lebanon, in the Middle East, and beyond.

OUR MISS ION At the heart of any church is the recognition that we are

House groups are emerging within these communities,

involved in God’s mission.

supported by members of HBC! People are coming to faith in Christ, not because of the practical help they

We are committed to being used by God to bring peo-

are receiving, but because they are witnessing love in

ple to Him across the Middle East and North Africa, to

action. Many Syrian refugees are now attending Hadath

see the Kingdom of God made known and lived out in

Baptist Church on a regular basis, and growing in faith.

the lives of individuals and communities from all backgrounds. With the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-

God is doing an amazing work in spite of the dreadful

20 we strive to make disciples. We do this through small

events taking place in the region. Beyond Lebanon, HBC

groups and church planting, as well as through our vari-

is supporting church planting ministry in North Africa.

ous relief and development activities. PLEASE PRAY Given the ongoing refugee crisis in Lebanon, one of our main focuses is bringing much needed love, care and assistance to those most in need - the poor, marginal-

who we encounter, whatever their need.

ised and oppressed, the widows and orphans, of which

• For the refugee community, who are suffering be-

there are too many! Much of this work takes place in the

yond belief, and that we may be able to offer hope,

area of Naaba, a significant hub for migrant workers and

through our loving actions.

the refugee community. We serve among families and individuals who are: Syrian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Palestinian, Armenian, Assyrian, Ethiopian, Egyptian and Lebanese! 4

• That we will truly represent the gospel to those

• For those who find faith in Christ, that they will be strong despite very difficult circumstances.







HBC is fortunate to have a num-

HBC is a large extended family

As with any church pastoral care

ber of medically trained members

and we seek to include everyone.

is a central element in all we do.

and friends within our community.

Launched in 2011, our Family and

We have a diverse community, with

Recognising that meeting people’s

Couples Ministry seeks to help our

differing pastoral needs. As such

physical and medical needs is an

members model healthy Christian

we rely on our members to care for

important element of sharing and

relationships within marriages and

each other through a range of ac-

demonstrating the whole gospel

families. By strengthening these

tivities and initiatives. Our Pastoral

message, we seek to support those

bonds we not only model Biblical

team plays a vital role in visiting the

with significant medical needs.

and Christlike family relationships,

sick, the elderly and those in need,

Many people are unable to pay for

we model Kingdom values that at-

praying with and for them, and

medication they and their families

tract others into our wider family.

demonstrating love. The team also

need. Coupled with regular visits to

This works in practice by our team

participates in condolence visits

the homes of those in need, our vol-

offering support and counselling

and funerals. Small groups also play

unteers are able to identify medical

to couples and individuals through

an important role in providing pas-

needs, and if possible provide some

personal meetings and regular re-

toral care. HBC has a system to en-

level of support. HBC also works in

treats and workshops. We want to

sure everyone has people who are

partnership with a local NGO to fa-

see God honouring relationships

responsible for ensuring they are

cilitate an occasional ‘mobile clinic’

within our community, which also

cared for. Please pray that everyone

within HBC.

model Kingdom values.

will feel loved and cared for.

LEARN ING SUPPORT PROJECT The Hadath Learning Support Project helps young peo-

By having both Lebanese and Syrian students together

ple who need significant additional input if they are to

we are also breaking down social and religious barriers

succeed in education and life. The aim is to provide high

that have divided generation in the past. With Jesus as

quality and affordable education to those who may oth-

our example, we are seeking to build peace and recon-

erwise drop out of schooling. The project runs five days

ciliation, by helping young people develop deep friend-

a week for three hours a day, providing tuition, home-

ships with those from other communities.

work support, life-skills training, IT classes and exam preparation support, as well as social activities. The project serves both Lebanese students from Hadath and Syrian refugee young people from Naaba - an area of Beirut with a large refugee community - who are either not in school or who are at risk of dropping out of school. This is a critical issue, as not achieving in education has massive negative implications for the future. Social workers, as well as supporting the young people in the project, visit the homes of the students and build relationships with their families. Hope is being demonstrated in a very practical way.


PLEASE PRAY • That the right young people will be able to attend. • For the staff and students of this project. • That the LSP will have a significant impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities. • For the breaking down of social, religious and cultural barriers and hatre. • For our Sponsorship Program to both sustain, develop and improve this vital project.




MAIN WOR SHIP HALL God has been incredibly faithful to us as we contin-

Given the rapid growth taking place at HBC it is not sur-

ue to work towards completing the HBC building.

prising that we have outgrown our current worship hall

We anticipate the building becoming a hub for the

(basement). We are already running two Sunday morning

local community, offering a wide range of services

services as there is not enough space to fit all our mem-

seven-days-a-week. The building is already used every

bers, friends and visitors. We anticipate this growth con-

day, but there is so much more we could do with

tinuing as people find their home with the HBC family.

a finished building. Completing the main worship hall would enable us to build further links into our

As a result we need an appropriate space for regular

neighbourhood and community.

worship, teaching and fellowship meetings as well as other large services such as weddings, training and

Having the Children’s Ministry Floor and the Youth and

mission events. We want HBC to be a truly accessible

Community floor have already enabled us to facilitate

place for all members of society, including those with

a range of exciting mission focused projects, such as

additional needs.

Mainly Music, and the Learning Support Project, both meeting real needs of the communities they seek

Finishing the main worship hall will free up

to serve. We are moving in the right direction, but still

the basement as a venue for new mission activities.

have a lot of work to do to complete the wonderful building God has blessed us with.

The opportunities are almost limitless!

SITU ATI ON Lebanon and neighbouring countries, are living one of the biggest humanitarian crisis of recent times. The massive influx of Syrian refugees in Lebanon have strained all elements of the country’s fragile infrastructure. There is no hiding or ignoring it, the crisis is here, on our doorsteps. HBC has chosen not only to aknowledge it, but to respond to it in many different ways. We have welcomed into our family increasing numbers of Syrian refugee families who are finding hope, love and salvation in our midst and we have different projects and ministries that aim to help and support those most in need.



1.024.063 479.058 1.3 million

Million refugees registered in Lebanon. The true number is even higher (many do not register for fear of political persecution).

Children under 18 affected by the war, residing in Lebanon.

Lebanese people affected by the influx of refugees. Refugees and vulnerable Lebanese communities vie for increasingly scarce resources.

Numbers & Figures: 16 April 2014 - UNCHR, United Nations Refugee Agency



HBC RET REAT Each summer the HBC family retreat for four days into the beautiful mountains of Lebanon. This is an important time of the year for us all, as we come together for worship, teaching, vision making and the deepening of

PLEASE PRAY • That God will continue to speak powerfully during this time of retreat.

relationships. It is the chance for all our diverse family

• That as many people connected to HBC will be

(literally people from all corners of the world, from differ-

able to attend each year, including those from the

ent social, cultural and religious backgrounds) to get to

various ministries connected to HBC.

know each other more and demonstrate what it means to be a family. This is a great opportunity for you, our friends and partners to visit us, to get to know us, to enjoy Lebanese hospitality, and gain a deeper vision for what HBC is doing as it seeks to build God’s Kingdom here in Lebanon and beyond.

• That people will grow in their sense of belonging within our church, and as a result participate more in the ministry of the church. • Pray that we may have enough funds so that those on limited incomes will be able to attend.

MAIN LY MUSIC Mainly Music is an exciting ministry that is drawing many

The leaders of Mainly Music are also wanting to develop

people into relationship with members of the HBC fam-

other types of support for parents, such as parenting

ily. The group meets at least twice a month and uses mu-

courses, social events and Bible studies.

sic, crafts, free-play, ‘snack-time’, parties and fellowship with mothers and their young children. Mothers from diverse social and religious backgrounds get to know and support each other, building self-confidence and share advice about motherhood and childbearing.

PLEASE PRAY • For the network of mothers and children that has developed and is always increasing. • Pray for the development of a committed team to

Having the Children’s Ministry Floor at HBC makes this

help with the leadership and for the potential for

a great place to be if you are a mum, or a child under

the group to become a weekly event!

the age of 3! Members of the HBC family witness to the love of Christ in natural and non-threatening ways, and the children have a great time of fun and learning within the context of a welcoming church. Regular parties also provide the opportunity to share the gospel, such as at Christmas and Easter.


• For resources to start a new group amongst the refugee community in Nabaa. • For deeper relationships and opportunities to share the love of Christ. • For wisdom on how to support mothers practically. emotionally and spiritually.




YOU TH & TEENS Within our ministry with teens we aim to grow young

ment activities and all sorts of other things. They are

leaders from within and beyond HBC, providing a safe

an incredibly active, and growing group. The goal of the

place where they can come and experience welcome,

Shabbibi is to equip young adults (18-25) to be effec-

fun, and an environment where they can share their

tive leaders in their own communities (spheres of influ-

problems and challenges. The teens ministry combines

ence such as university, work, home etc.) demonstrating

Christian teaching, worship, discipleship, entertainment

passion, intentionality and commitment to the Kingdom

and pastoral care for 13-18 year olds. It now also involves

of God.

ministry among those Lebanese and Syrian students of our Learning Support Project, as well as our growing Scout group. We also have a very cool ‘Youth Bus’, a customised 1977 VW bus which we have turned into a mobile youth centre. The bus has a TV, Playstation, great sound system, etc. and is fantastic for outreach with other young people.

PLEASE PRAY • That we will meet the physical,emotional, educational and spiritual needs of all the young people we serve, regardless of their age or background. • For the young people who have witnessed terrible things as a result of the regional conflicts - including

The Young Adults Group [Shabibi] are extremely active in all aspects of HBC. As well as their weekly meeting, which includes teaching, worship and fellowship, they are involved in small-group discipleship groups, evangelism, leading worship within the main HBC worship services, supporting our various relief and develop-

the civil war in Syria. • For funds to recruit and employ a full-time youth leader to support this diverse ministry. • That we will reach and disciple many more young people to become followers of Jesus.

SUN DAY SCH OOL One of the most exciting things about being a member

terrible civil war in Syria. Many of these children have

of the Hadath Baptist Church family is seeing the num-

witnessed unbearable events and loss. Our Sunday

ber of children who are growing up. Each Sunday we

School classes proved a welcome break from their very

have 80-100 children aged from a few weeks old up to

difficult lives, providing a fun environment where they

16 years of age. We work hard at making sure they feel

can learn about the love of Jesus for them, their family

included in our family both within the main worship ser-

and their country.

vices as well as their Sunday School classes. The aim is that our children ‘grow in wisdom, stature and favour with God & others’ (Luke 2:52). We teach and disciple children in creative and fun ways, using music, drama and fun activities to help them grow in faith. We use a curriculum that is designed to meet the social, educational and spiritual needs of different aged children (2-12 years) from HBC families and those from the local community. We also have a dedicated crèche room on the Children’s Ministry Floor. As with the rest of HBC, our children come from many different backgrounds, including a large number who have fled the


PLEASE PRAY • We thank God for the opportunities to demonstrate the love of God to children from different backgrounds through this ministry. • That we will develop deeper relationships with families in Hadath and beyond. • For our teachers and leaders, that we will be led by the Holy Spirit and be gifted by God to teach and model Jesus in creative and fun ways that transform children’s lives.


OTHER MINIS TRIES SENIOR’S MINISTRY Within the HBC family we are blessed with many seniors who bring wisdom and experience to our fellowship. Some of these people are unable to attend regular ser-

in the wider ministry of HBC. There are also many women who have fled the war in Syria who need care. SPORTS MINISTRY

vices at HBC, due to health and mobility issues. We aim

The HBC sports ministry serves many purposes as well

to take holistic (spiritual, emotional and medical) care of

as trying to keep us all fit and healthy. It provides the

people within the HBC family. This includes home visits,

opportunity to engage with other churches in friendly

Christmas food packages and regular activities. There

competition, as well as giving people the opportunity to

is always the need to provide much needed medicines

be a positive witness among friends. We want to have

for our seniors who cannot afford their own treatment

fun and live a healthy life. Some of us are more active

costs. This is something we are always keen to explore

than others of course.

how our friends and partners can help with. EVANGELISM WOMEN’S MINISTRY


Evangelism is part of the culture at HBC. We have a

HBC is blessed with many faithful women of all ages and

team who encourage and support people in their ef-

backgrounds. The leaders of this ministry seek to pro-

forts to share their faith with others, and make disciples.

vide a place for fellowship, pastoral care and counsel-

We are always exploring new and creative ways to en-

ling, teaching and worship among the women of HBC,

gage in evangelism, including using things like the mobile

through regular meetings, supporting them to be active

youth centre bus with young people.




Throughout this document you will have seen that there


are opportunities to support the many ministries of Ha-

Presidential Road,

dath Baptist Church. All of the ministries mentioned

Hadat — Baabda — Beirut,

within this document, as well as others which have not


been mentioned really need your prayers. If you would like to find out more about any of these ministries please


get in contact with us.

Website: Newsletter:

Some of the ministries also have opportunities for our

Online Donation:

friends and partners to support them in very practical ways, including through financial contributions.

Bank Account Details A/C Name: Hadath Baptist Church

We would be more than happy to discuss your poten-

A/C Number: 030/02/300/1500374/1

tial contributions towards our ministry through Skype,

Bank: Blom Bank - Hazmieh

email, or a telephone conversation. Please let us know

Swift Code: BLOMLBBX

how we can help you in this area. Our website also pro-

IBAN: LB 24001400003002300150037410

vides the opportunity for online donations.

Add.: Blom Bank, Damascus Road, Hazmieh, Lebanon

Hadath Baptist Church - Partnership Document  

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