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Charter Prices: Bahrain 1 B.D - K.S.A. 10 SR - U.A.E. 10 ED - Kuwait 0.7 KD

pre-owned Boat Show

at Amwaj Marina Hammour:

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10 Be Smarter & Charter

Whilst owning a yacht is well beyond the means of most, chartering one is a surprisingly affordable option that gives you all the excitment of a yachting experience, without any of the headache.


30 The Dhow Builder

This ancient and beautiful tradition is kept alive today by craftsmen like A.Aziz Shaheen Khalfan in Bahrain, who still uses techniques that were used hundreds of years ago, and have been handed down over generations.

44 The Fish Report

As part of our regular detailed reports on marine wildlife in Bahrain, we profile the GPIC fish farm responsible for saving the Sobaity in Bahraini waters; the kingdom’s coral and how to protect it; and a profile of the Hammour, how to catch it and how to cook it!

16 The Majesty 48


Though it’s the most accessible of the Majesty range from Gulf Crafts, it’s still a generously appointed yacht with one of the biggest flybridges in its class, and several options for dining and entertaining - a fantastic pleasure cruiser perfect for charters or first-time buyers.

26 The Nautique G-Series

The Nautique G-Series are the word in high-end wake-boarding boats. And the Super Air Nautique G21 is the latest offering in the range, providing a truly premium watersports and pleasure cruising experience.


Hadag Magazine

64 Marine Technology

The awesome supercharged Yamaha Waverunner FX SVHO, the high-end Garmin 1020x and the superb Golden Boat Lifts systems are all featured in our Marine Technology section this issue.

78 The Guide

All the latest products and services you need to know about, from boat suppliers and outboard engines to GPS and sonar systems, fishing reels, pocket tools and more, and where to find, buy and maintain them!

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First, & the

Only One GREETINGS ocean enthusiasts, and a very warm welcome to the first ever issue of Hadag, Bahrain’s, and indeed the Middle East’s first ever home-grown marine lifestyle magazine. Given the huge popularity of fishing, boating and watersports amongst the region’s residents, both local and expatriate, we can’t believe that a publication like this hasn’t already sprouted up somewhere, but here we are, and we’re very excited by this project. The response from the market when we introduced the idea has been massively encouraging. The level of enthusiasm that has been shown by Bahraini society, government, business and industry has been immense, and we’re truly grateful to everyone who has shown their support for this new concept here in the Kingdom. We have our sights firmly set on the rest of the Gulf too, so watch this space! Now, down to business – this month Hadag is going to bring you what we intend to bring you on a quarterly basis each year from now on, ranging from the aspirational – the yachts and mega-yachts that we all dream of owning – down to the

Chief Executive Officer Greg Hughes Founder Rashed M. Bin Daina

Design Consultant Paula Leal

Editor Tony Sidgwick

Photography Hani Bader @ Marine Resources

Hadag Magazine

Special thanks to:

For their support in sharing their substantial knowledge and research

For their support in launching Hadag magazine

Tony Sidgwick Editor

Editorial Contributors Shabana Adam Karina Lazarraga Dina Kabbani Jawaher Alwardi

Director Omar Shaheen


motivational – the pleasure craft and jetskis we could all own with some hard work and savvy research. However, the very core of Hadag is, and always will be, the marine environment, which is why we will seek to educate you on the wildlife, its natural habitat, and how we, as ocean lovers, can contribute to maintaining that habitat to the benefit of both ourselves and future generations. We do this because the sad truth is that everything featured in this magazine, the entire way of life, is under serious threat, and it is up to us, the people who would read a magazine like this, and who care about the subject, to take measures to protect it. We hope you find Hadag both enjoyable, informative, and educational, and as a new concept we welcome your feedback as to what you feel would make this publication even better. Here’s wishing you fair winds and smooth seas…

Sales & Marketing Manager Selma Carolina Jemouai

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All Rights Reserved. Opinion expressed within does not necessarily represent the opinion of the publisher. All efforts have been made to ensure accuracy of the information within this publication. However, FACT M.E. Bahrain Publishing cannot accept responsibility for any erroneous content or omissions.

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hadag Yachts


S m a rt e r and Charter

Whilst owning a superyacht is a privilege only the superwealthy can afford, chartering a yacht is a surprisingly affordable option that is well within the means of many‌


Hadag Magazine

Hadag Magazine


A hadag Yachts

s Uri Omovich, the shady Russian oligarch character in the Guy Ritchie gangster movie Rock n’ Rolla, quoted, “They say there are only two days you enjoy a boat: the day you buy it, and the day you sell it.” Having owned a boat before, albeit a small one, we’re sure this isn’t true, as we enjoyed it on many an occasion. However, when hit with the numerous bills of boat ownership, it’s a viewpoint we can certainly sympathise with! And when you’re talking a superyacht, this is amplified significantly. Aside from a price tag ranging from several hundred thousand dinars to several million, you have maintenance, berthing and crew costs that can run into the tens, if not hundreds of thousands a year! So, if you’ve ever been to Amwaj Marina and seen the impressive display of gorgeous yachts lined up at the berths, like most


Hadag Magazine

With the Rizzardi 45, the jetski is included in the price of the charter, along with food and refreshments.

people, you’ve probably felt a pang of jealousy. “Wouldn’t it be nice?” you ask yourself. However, what many don’t know is that several of these yachts are available for hire, making them accessible to those who could never afford to actually buy and maintain one themselves. Providing this service is BISS Marine, a yacht and boat chartering and brokerage service located at Amwaj Marina, and run by Captain Nabeel Hijris. They have a range of vessels available for charter, as he explains. “We have five boats at the moment, ranging from 60BD an hour up to 180BD an hour, and we’re looking at getting two more boats in soon. We’ve got an open fishing boat, which can accommodate up to ten people, that we’d normally use for a day charter for people who just want to nip out to Jarada or something like that. “After that we’ve got the Oryx 36, a cabin cruiser, which has a generator with an AC in the cabin so if people want to have the time indoors, they can do. The advantage with those two boats is that you can get up to the beach on Jarada; you don’t need a separate boat to reach the sand bank.” And then there are the yachts. “For the Hadag Magazine


hadag Yachts

yachts, we have the Rizzardi 45 and the Atlantis 47, both of which can accommodate up to 14 people, and come with the jetski as well.” There are a number of destinations that guests can choose from apart from Jarada, including Hawar, Yaram and Al Dar islands.

And in the near future, 24 hour overnight charters will be available too, so that you can spend the night on the ocean and enjoy the sunrise. “The 24 hour charter is planned for when we have the bigger yacht with the flybridge, which is coming soon. It’ll either be an

Azimut 55 or Majesty 88, and it will accommodate up to 25 people. The 24 hour charter is something new to Bahrain, we’ve only just received the permission to do it.” BISS Marine will also be launching a whole range of marine activities this month, including wakeboarding, wake surfing, tubing and banana boating, as well as PADI diver courses, from the basic discover scuba right up to dive master. “We’ve got Axis boats coming in soon, which are brilliant wakeboarding boats, and we’re going to have two here permanently, dedicated purely to water sports.”

For more information: All of these activities will be operated from Amwaj Marina. For more information, contact BISS Marine on 3991 2828. 14

Hadag Magazine

Hadag Magazine


Hadag Yachts

The Majesty 48 This stunning yacht is the perfect choice for highly sociable ocean cruising – a great option for first-time buyers or investors.


Hadag Magazine

Your Royal Introduction

Hadag Magazine


T hadag Yachts

his is the Majesty 48, a recently launched 48-ft yacht which sets itself apart from the rest of the yacht models in its range with its eye-catching design, highly social cockpit area and spacious flybridge. Despite its impressive dimensions and features, the Majesty 48 is, in fact, the most accessible of the Majesty fleet, with the next step up in the range being the Majesty 56, and ranging up to the impressive Majesty 155 Superyacht. The Majesty 48 has been designed to entice first-time yacht buyers by anticipating their requirements and accommodating them. For instance, as a pleasure craft most likely to be used for entertaining guests on day trips, there are two potential dining areas on the main deck where food and drink can be enjoyed. In addition, the ample seating area on the flybridge incorporates a large seating area and sun deck so that everyone can enjoy the sunshine whilst the yacht is cruising. The Majesty 48 boasts three rooms, with berthing for six, including two double beds and two bunks, making it the ideal weekend cruiser for a family and their friends. There are also two bathrooms, and a one-bed crew room at the rear of the yacht. However, for day trips, the Majesty 48 can accommodate many more, with ample seating both inside and outside, as well as on the flybridge. There are also two food preparation areas, one on the main deck, and one on the flybridge, for food and refreshments. And, with sunbeds both on the flybridge surrounding the helm and towards the bow of the yacht, there is ample space for passengers to enjoy the sunshine on a cruise. The Majesty 48 is the ideal choice for highly enjoyable and sociable shortrange day cruises for small-to-medium parties, and weekend trips with family and friends.


Hadag Magazine

With plenty of space for dining and socialising, it’s the perfect choice for social events.

Boasting one of the biggest flybridges in its class, it allows everyone to experience the thrill of open air cruising.

Hadag Magazine


hadag Yachts

Majesty Yachts

A popular brand throughout the world, Majesty Yachts is recognised for quality, innovation and personalised luxury - without the price premium. The UAEbased design team behind Majesty Yachts comprises British, Dutch, Australian and Italian designers, styling interiors and exteriors to suit clients’ tastes across the world. Majesty Yachts are built to comply with leading charter specifications and international standards, including MCA, RINA and ABS, offering the ultimate luxury without compromising on safety. Majesty Yachts are built with leading marine technology including advanced composite construction and vacuum infusion processes, gyro stabilisers and water-jet drives on larger yachts. Majesty Yachts offers each of its owners around the world a meaningful and unforgettable luxury yachting experience. The official dealer of Gulf Craft’s Majesty Yachts brand in Bahrain and the UAE is Bush & Noble, who provide a range of luxury flybridge


Hadag Magazine

yachts and superyachts by Majesty ranging from 48-155ft. Established in 2012 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, their all-inclusive service caters to clients both locally in the Middle East and globally. The core aspects of their business comprise a consultancy service focusing on delivering valuable expertise and personalised yachting solutions, and a yacht brokerage division to facilitate the purchase and sale of yachts worldwide. Bush & Noble have dedicated offices throughout the UAE and in Bahrain catering to all needs with brokerage and new boat sales, as the official dealers throughout the Gulf for internationally renowned brands such as Bavaria Boats, Majesty Yachts and Axis Wake Board Boats.

Call 3991 2828 for more information. Length Overall: 14.60 m Beam: 4.70 m Draft: (0.85 m Fuel Capacity: 1,510 L Water Capacity: 375 L Displacement: 15 t approx Black Water Capacity: 75.70 L Grey Water Capacity: 75.70 L Generator: 11 kW Engines: 2 x 550hp

Free Beach and Pool Access at 4PwUFM#BISBJO¬ A Magnifique experience of relaxation at Sofitel Bahrain! Book a treatment at our Thalassa Sea & Spa of one hour or more and receive complimentary beach and pool access to enjoy our La Plage Beach Club facilities after your treatment!

SOFITEL BAHRAIN ZALLAQ THALASSA SEA & SPA 105 Zallaq Highway,Building 2015, Block 1055 Zallaq PO Box 55540 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: (+973) 17 636363 • (+973) 17 636391 e-mail:



Institutional visual - © A. Rossner, Getty Images


hadag Boats

wake it With more power, more features, more seating and more value, the Yamaha 242 Limited S is one of the most desirable jet boats on the market today.

There are few boats out there that are such a complete package in the way that the Yamaha 242 Limited S is. They don’t do ‘options’; everything comes as standard, so when you buy this boat, everything we mention here is what you get for your money. The first of those things is power, courtesy of the twin Yamaha 1.8l High Output Marine Engines putting out a maximum 360hp, which can take the boat up to a top speed of 82.7km/h, or 45 knots. Optimum cruising speed is around 60km/h, or 32.5 knots. However you look at it, it’s no slouch! The acceleration is perhaps one of the most notable aspects of this mid-sized family boat, along with the incredibly nimble handling, and with the addition of the towing tower this makes it an excellent choice for wakeboarding and all kinds of marine leisure activity. There is seating on the boat for up to eleven people, including two rear-facing on the stern’s swim platform for watching the wake boarder, and the fact that it’s a jet boat with impellers rather than external propellers adds to the safety factor. And for those being


Hadag Magazine


One of the best all-rounders on the market today in terms of design, comfort and value-for-money!

Hadag Magazine


hadag Boats

towed, the swim platform is now only seven inches above the surface of the water, making it easier to reboard even without the integrated ladder. There’s an impressive range of seating configurations, thanks to filler cushions and removable and changeable seat cushions, which means that you can configure the boat for sunbathing, socialising or simply facing forward for cruising, making it hugely versatile. The transom itself is one of the boat’s most popular features, with a design that many have attempted to imitate, but few have bettered. In addition to the two aft-facing seats on the transom, there is seatback padding for people sitting on the swim platform, and even a remote for the stereo. It’s ingenious features like this that really make the 242 stand out! Additional features include a high-end Clarion Bluetooth and mp3 sound system with additional speakers in the stern area and built into the swept aluminium towing tower, a removable dinette table that can be installed either on the stern of the boat or in the main seating deck, and even a removable cooler integrated into the design of


Hadag Magazine

The 242 Limited S now features a high-end Clarion sound system with speakers and a remote built into the transom.

the boat. There’s also a freshwater shower at the stern and 15 stainless steel drinks holders placed around the boat. In the captain’s chair, you’re treated to a GPS-based control centre with depth finder, fly-by-wire controls, a swivel and slide seat, and stereo controls, in addition to all the necessary gauges. The integrated GPS control centre means that you don’t have to buy a separate unit – you have latitude, longitude, compass heading, elevation, water depth, engine hours, fuel consumption, and so on. The reliability of Yamaha boats is one of their biggest selling points, but it’s also the fact that they make the entire boat themselves, from engine to hull, meaning that the Yamaha supplier, Kooheji Marine Centre, can provide any of the

required parts for servicing and maintenance, making it a one-stopshop experience. You’ll find few boats that offer as much for the asking price as this one!

For more information: For details and prices on any Yamaha marine products, call 1770 0007.

Hadag Magazine 25 Hadag Magazine 47

hadag Boats

Nautique G-Series

Proven Performance The G Series boats from Nautique have become the go-to range for people looking for a premium and specialist wake-boarding experience.


Hadag Magazine

The Nautique G-Series boats, available in 21’, 23’ and 25’ versions, are the result of countless conversations between professional wakeboarders and engineers. Riders, who are also professional boat drivers and professional boat passengers, provided the ideas for improvements and engineers brought the ideas to life. The Nauituqe G-Series doesn’t compromise in performance and luxury and can help you get to a high level of the sports of wakeboarding or wake surfing. This is because the G-Series boats feature specialist hull designs and industry leading

technologies that all work specifically to create the perfect wakes for wakeboarding and wake surfing. For example, they feature the Nautique Configurable Running Surface (NCRS), which fine-tunes the hull surface under any condition using the latest technology in the Nautique LINC interface system. Designed to create a versatile wake that will work for every level of riding, at any speed and line length, riders are given the choice to program settings to their specific preferences. As part of the system, the boats maintain 2,850 lbs. of sub-floor internal ballast, with maximum storage and a world-class wake without the need for additional weight. Adding to the sport specific performance of the G-Series, the Nautique Surf System with WAVEPLATE can be equipped to create a fully customisable world-class surf wave that has led to Nautique becoming the official towboat of the U.S.A. Wakesurf National Championships. This unique system allows surfers the ability to keep the boat evenly weighted and switch the wave from each side in seconds without the need to offload ballast and people. And with the G21, being shorter than its larger brethren, the G23 and G25, the wakes respond even more to the NCRS and Surf System. For instance, if you want a steeper or mellower wake for wakeboarding or surfing, you’ll notice a huge response when you’re dialling in your settings. As a result, this is one of the most tunable boats on the water. For a specialist wakeboarding experience there are very few boats on the market that can match this one! As far as a wakeboarding experience goes, it doesn’t get much better than this!

As far as a wakeboarding experience goes, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Hadag Magazine


hadag Boats


Second Hand Boat Show

The first event of its kind in the Kingdom, the secondhand boat show brings buyers and sellers together in a professional and organised event where everyone gets a good deal!


Hadag Magazine

For the inexperienced buyer looking to purchase a second-hand boat for the first time, it can be a minefield of uncertainty. How do you know you’re getting a good deal, and not being overcharged? How do you recognise the true value of a boat? How do you know you’re not being sold a dud that will cost you a fortune in maintenance bills? “Most people who buy boats in Bahrain purchase them second hand, but at the moment the market is quite disorganised. There’s no showroom, or central point for trading second-hand boats, just flyers posted in supermarkets or ads on social media websites,” says Captain Nabeel Hijris, owner of BISS Marine, one of the main sponsors of the event. “The second-hand boat show will bring it all together in one place, allowing sellers to display their boats, and buyers to see what’s on offer.

The event will be a one-stop solution for anyone looking to sell or buy a second-hand boat.

They’ll assist people with valuing their boats and getting a good deal, and inspect the boats to make sure that they’re in good condition. It’s the first event of its kind in Bahrain, and we plan to do it every year.” The event will take place from May 15 to 17, at Amwaj Marina, from 3pm to 8pm daily. There will be a small entry fee for visitors, but there will be food and a bar available at the event too. The organisers are expecting between 20 and 30 boats and around 10 yachts to be on display, in addition to a range of jetskis, inflatables and other marine equipment. Bahrain is surrounded by beautiful seas, so why not get out there and enjoy them? For more information, call 1601 1160. Hadag Magazine


Hadag Heritage

the Ancient Art of


The ancient tradition of ‘dhow’building is alive and well today, not least in Bahrain, where A.Aziz Shaheen Khalfan still plies his trade constructing these beautiful vessels.


Hadag Magazine


Hadag Magazine


Local Hadag

H ardy, seaworthy and tested by time, the dhow can trace its roots as far back as ancient China, around 600BC. It was spread throughout Asia by Chinese explorers, and adopted by many local sailors and fishermen as their vessel of choice. The dhow is thought to have been brought to the Gulf by Yemeni and Omani sailors, and from here went on to ply its trade along the coasts of East Africa. Dhows are still used as fishing and small cargo vessels to this day, and the construction and maintenance of the wooden ships is still a lively trade. One such tradesman is A.Aziz Khalfan and we caught up with him to find out more about his craft. From what age did you begin? A very young age, only 12 or 13 years old! How did you become a dhow maker? To me it’s a passion that I pursued. It was inspired by my entire family, who were all carpenters working on doors and windows since a long time ago. Many of the techniques A.Aziz uses have been in use for centuries.

Were any of your family dhow builders? No, I’m the only one who specialised in this craft. What type of wood do you use? Is it plentiful? I have been using the same kind of wood for a long time. It’s called “Alsaay” (teak) wood and it’s the only type that I have been using because of its ability to endure and last longer. The wood was readily available before, however these days it’s harder to come by; it’s mostly imported from Dubai. What tools and equipment do you use? Before everything was done manually,


Hadag Magazine



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Hadag Magazine



Hadag Heritage


Hadag Magazine

The ‘dhow’ is a boat design that has been used for not just centuries, but millenia!

but things have changed and it’s now electrical. The drill has been introduced, and even an electric saw. The old is tiring yet safer. Even though the electrical machinery is very quick and accurate, it requires full attention during operation, as a mistake can be hard to undo. How many dhows have you made, and how long does it take? I make two types of dhows, a big one and a small one. I have made about 10 big ones and more than 50 small ones. It takes about six to seven months to create the big kind, but with the help of workers only four to five months. The small ones take 20 to 25 days to be made. How much does it cost? The cost associated with building the dhow is very high, as each wood plank costs 130BD, leading to a total cost of building a dhow of 8,000 to 10,000BD. What are the steps of constructing the dhow? They are basic steps that have been used for hundreds of years. All the work is done by us, the carpenters, and the only other craftsman involved in the building is the metal smith, to hammer in nails, rings and help construct the ship’s steering mechanism. I have also worked on dhows with engines, but the engine comes from outside and is installed. Do you work on customer orders? No I don’t, I work on my own mood, building ships for myself and not for the public. Yet if someone was interested in one and I was willing to sell, negotiations will be held. Hadag Magazine


Hadag Heritage

Have you taken part in exhibitions or festivals? Yes I have joined the Katara competition for traditional ships, which is an annual competition held in Qatar. I have entered the competition with my Dhow and won first place. What is the importance of dhows in Bahrain, and what is it used for? It forms a big part of the Bahraini culture, as it has been used by our ancestors as a means of transport, fishing and pearl diving for centuries. However, these days few people use these ships anymore, as they’re more difficult to operate than modern boats, and they require high maintenance, and are very costly to run. They’re usually used for exhibition and show purpose only. You used to build more? Yes, more than now, as the demand was much higher before, and the supply for the raw materials was better and accessible. Today fiberglass has taken over the market, being much cheaper, stronger and easily built, and most importantly, less maintenance is required. Is there still a youth interest in this field? There are some who love this craft, and perfect it as well, surprisingly.

If you’re interested in buying one of A.Aziz’s dhows, contact us at Hadag, and we will make and enquiry for you.


Hadag Magazine

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On the seas


Hadag Magazine


royal Caribbean cruise The stunning Splendour of the Seas will deploy to the Middle East in winter 2015/16 for Royal Caribbean International’s fifth season cruising around the Gulf. Hadag has all the details…


f cruising the blue seas of the Gulf is something on your to-do list, then you might want to check out what’s in store with Royal Caribbean International. The popular global cruise line will return to the Gulf in winter 2015-16, with the seasonal sails comprising 16 round trips on a sevennight itinerary. The cruise ship coming to the region will be the eagerly awaited Splendour of the Seas, refurbished in 2011, and with room to accommodate around 2,070 passengers and 760 crew members. The 870ft long, 105 ft wide vessel houses an impressive array of features and facilities including a total of 915 staterooms (587 Ocean View and 328 Interior), five food and beverage outlets, 10 bars and lounges (including a nightclub!) a library, a conference centre and a number of relaxation, adventure and entertainment amenities too. The Centrum on board Splendour of the Seas, with its sweeping views and central location, is a chic and sophisticated venue Splendour of the seas is what some would call a real stately ship with facilities galore for guests.

Hadag Magazine


On the seas

915 staterooms make up the impressive guest accommodation, with ocean view and interior options.

featuring enriching daytime activities, dazzling nightly entertainment and jaw-dropping aerial spectacles. The Centrum’s R Bar features a sophisticated 1960s vibe, complete with iconic furnishings and signature cocktails mixed by a savvy and personable mixologist. During the entertainment, which takes place throughout the cruise, the soaring space comes alive with a series of aerial acrobatic vignettes blurring the lines between choreography and technology. Guests sailing aboard Splendour of the Seas have a variety of restaurants, both fine dining and casual, to choose from, providing them with an exceptional and customisable vacation experience. Among the highly-acclaimed dining concepts onboard Splendour of the Seas, guests will find the Asian Izumi restaurant; the line’s signature steakhouse, Chops Grille; as well as the Boardwalk Dog House hotdog counter; the Park Café deli-style restaurant and the exclusive Chef ’s Table dining experience. The line also offers an à la carte menu in the 40

Hadag Magazine

Viking Crown Lounge, which gives guests the opportunity to enjoy bitesized portions of their favourite classics. Younger cruisers will laugh and learn in scheduled activities throughout the day in the liner’s award-winning Adventure Ocean youth program. Teens 12 and older can enjoy spending time with peers in the teen-only hangout and disco,

Hadag Magazine


On the seas

and join enrichment classes such as mixing music like a DJ or learning hip-hop dance moves. The energetic onboard staff lead all the supervised youth activities throughout the day, so mum and dad needn’t worry when they’re off relaxing. Talking of relaxing, this is one cruise decked out with the ultimate in leisure facilities; you’ll find a Vitality Spa and Fitness Centre, a beauty salon, a solarium, two pools, four whirlpools, a rock-climbing wall, a nine-hole miniature golf course, an outdoor movie screen video arcade, small shopping boutiques, a medical centre, and a Royal Caribbean Online Internet Centre (there’s no time for boredom on this ship!). For business travellers, Splendour of the Seas also offers numerous conference and meeting facilities. State-of-the-art fully-equipped meeting rooms and Wi-Fi connections on board the vessel can accommodate big groups and charters too; whilst theatres and lounges are also available for corporate events with up to 800 people. The ship is scheduled to dock in its home port of Dubai, followed by calls to Oman’s capital Muscat and Khasab, along with Abu Dhabi too. Visit for more information or to book now.


Hadag Magazine

Five fabulous food and beverage outlets make up the extensive dining options on board.

For evening relaxation or to take some chill out time, the ship’s bars are a great socialising point.

Hadag Magazine


Hadag And the Environment

success in sustaining sobaity Few people would imagine that a company specialising in petrochemicals could actually benefit ocean life in Bahrain, but this seems to be the case with GPIC.


Hadag Magazine

Renovated GPIC Fish Farm.

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) was established on December 5, 1979, on an artificial island with an area of 600,000 square metres east of the island of Sitra, in order to take advantage of the natural gas reserves of the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is a joint venture between the Government of Bahrain, represented by the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA); Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC), Kuwait and the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Saudi Arabia, producing 1200 metric tonnes per day of ammonia, 1200 metric tonnes per day of methanol and 2000 metric tonnes per day of urea granules. Despite the name of the company not

sounding particularly environmentally friendly, Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company has, since its inception, been completely committed to preserving Bahrain’s natural marine resources. Aside from the many environmentally focused Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities it carries out throughout the year, the biggest evidence of the company’s commitment to sustainability must be the GPIC Fish Farm, the pride of the company’s environmental programme. Established in 1996, across an area of 625 square metres on the west coast of the company’s complex with a total capacity of 30,000 fish, the farm was so successful that it was expanded twice between 2002 and 2005. In Hadag Magazine


Hadag And the Environment

â&#x20AC;&#x153;410,000 Sea Bream alone have been releasedâ&#x20AC;? addition, after the major renovation and merging of the three fish farms which was carried out in 2012, it now spans a total area of 2,225 square metres, and has a capacity to produce between 80,000 and 100,000 fish annually. As of 2013, a total of 410,000 sobaity sea bream alone have been released into the open sea. Sobaity sea bream were specifically selected for breeding after a careful study by the Department of Fisheries concluded that stocks of this species were severely depleted and therefore


Hadag Magazine

Sobaity fish flourishing in the farm.

threatened with extinction. The fish are bought from the Hayyan fish farm of the Department of Fisheries between the months of October and November with an average weight of 70 grams. They are then released into the ocean during the months of May and June with an average weight of 500 grams. The success of the Fish Farm, which is located right on the coast of the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main industrial site, is clear evidence of the absence of environmental pollutants from the water around the site, as the fish would not be able to grow and flourish if the marine environment was contaminated. To ensure the safety of the fish for human consumption, GPIC sends samples to the laboratory of the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as to specialised laboratories in Britain.

All of the results confirm the safety and suitability of the fish for human consumption. On a weekly basis, the quality of water in the Fish Farm is measured to ensure GPICâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s conformity to international specifications related to fish farm water quality. All of the results again confirm the safety and suitability of the water for fish farming. Naturally, as a great example of environmental sustainability and responsibility, the GPIC Fish Farm receives hundreds of visitors annually, including corporate management of businesses across Bahrain, ambassadors and ministers, as well as university and school students from inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain. Visit for more information and news. Hadag Magazine


Hadag And the Environment


Coral Reefs

The mere mention of coral reefs brings to mind colourful fish, clear waters and warm climates – which Bahrain and much of the Middle East generally enjoys. We focus on the Kingdom’s coral reef systems – why their existence is important to human sustenance and survival and what can be done to protect them.

Hadag Magazine 48 48Hadag Magazine

Various type of sea stars found attached to corals in Hayr Bu Aljaaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l.

Hadag Magazine Hadag Magazine49 49

Hadag And the Environment

What are Coral Reefs? Imagine brightly coloured fish darting in and out of coral pinnacles and caves, soft fronds wave gently with the current, and flower-like anemones beckon. Thriving in warm, shallow waters, corals are tiny animals that grow slowly and release calcareous substances which serve as their protection. They come in different shapes and colours, attracting many kinds of fish and crustaceans and hundreds of other marine organisms such as sea turtles. They are not only fascinating and beautiful, but corals feed and

Hadag Magazine 50 50Hadag Magazine

reproduce, forming an integrated environmental system. Why are Coral Reefs Important? Coral reefs are some of the oldest, largest and most diverse ecosystems on the planet, supporting an incredible diversity of fish, crustaceans, algae, soft coral, sponges and invertebrates. This in turn provides nutrition to millions of people and thousands of communities all over the world. Coral reefs support tourism and recreational activities and tourists visit these areas for underwater diving and watersports as well as

environmental awareness. These beautiful coral structures also act as a natural buffer for shorelines against waves, storms, and floods, helping to prevent loss of life, property damage, and erosion. Dangers facing Coral Reefs in Bahrain: Coral reefs are highly productive and diverse ecosystems with environmental and economic value, but they are also very fragile and highly susceptible to negative environmental factors which can dessimate reefs and reduce sea life.

A type of Coral found in Fasht Al Adom.

A type of sea star found in Hayr Bulthameh. In the old days, fishermen shaped these into a camel to give to kids as toys.

Today, many coral reefs are suffering degradation due to a variety of causes, including: climate change (rise in water temperatures), anchor damage (by fishermen and tourists), pollutants (oil spills, waste and sand disposal, release of hazardous chemicals from

Hadag Magazine Hadag Magazine51 51

Hadag And the Environment

A type of sea star found in Khour Fasht.

factories), overfishing, development such as sea reclamation, and physical disturbances. Geographical distribution of coral reefs in Bahrain: The Kingdom is home to many different types of corals. Its coral reef areas include Hayr Bulthameh, Fashat Al Adom, Hayr Bu Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;amamah and other sites around the island and provide homes to different types of coral species such as Acropora, Paltygyra, Montipora, Pocillpora and Porities. These actions help leave a positive impact on coral reefs:

Clown Fish with anemones in Hayr Bulthameh.

- Waste prevention of all kinds, including avoidance of dumping rubbish and toxic chemicals in the sea. - Raising awareness about coral reef ecosystems and their importance. - Preventing boats from dropping their anchors directly on coral reefs. - Imposing fines on activities directly damaging these coral reefs. - Encourage building artificial corals to reduce the pressure on the natural ones, especially as these are currently limited. There are various charities through which artifical reefs can be purchased by private organisations or individuals.

For more details:

All information for this feature is courtesy of the Agricultural & Marine Resources. Contact Tel. 1781 5881 Fax. 1772 8459 PO Box 20071 Manama, Bahrain 52

Hadag Magazine

Hadag Magazine


How to Find it

The Fishing

Season Fishing is a big sport in Bahrain as can be witnessed by the many fishermen hanging out lines from a number of sites around the island. Several species can be found in Bahrain’s waters and depending on the time of year, one will find a variety of fish including angel fish, parrot fish, barracuda, grouper and clown fish. 54

Hadag Magazine

Local name: Hammour Known as: Grouper Grows up to a maximum length of 95cm. General Features: Its upper body is light brown in colour and its bottom part slopes with yellowish to dark brown, sometimes black dotted patches. Their habitat: A ocean-floor fish lives in rocky areas, surrounded by dunes and associated spots of areas of coral reefs located near the Hawar Islands and eastern part of the island.

Diet: Fish and crustaceans (crabs and shrimps) and mollusks Breeding season: In between Spring and Summer from March to August Fishing equipment: Fish cage- spinning (gill nets) - Hook – Hadra Usual catch weight: Baby grouper 5001,500 grams; large grouper – 2,0005,000 grams Peak fishing period: Year-round Landing site: All around Bahrain Economic Value: High

Local name: Hamra Known as: Malaber bloodsnapper

Local name: Summan Known as: Brownspotted grouper

Grows to a maximum length of 70 cm. General Features: Its body is covered with narrow scales, and its mouth is slightly prominent. It is crimson to ruby red in colour with dark longitudinal lines along its body. Their habitat: Muddy and sandy areas near coral reefs and rocky areas. Diet: Feeds generally on small fish and crustaceans and benthic invertebrates Breeding season: May to August Fishing equipment: Gargoors - Hook Usual catch weight : 2,000 grams – 4,000 grams Peak fishing period: March and April and usually hunted in small quantities Landing site: Muharraq harbour Economic Value: High

Grows to a maximum length of 95cm. General Features: Its slim body is compressed from both sides. It is pale brown in colour interspersed with dark brown spots which are also found on its fins. These spots are darker than the blobs which are located all over its body. Their habitat: Rocky areas, sandy spots and areas usually where there are coral reefs, as well as sea grass beds located near Hawar Islands and eastern part of the island. Diet: Fish and crustaceans (crabs and shrimps) and mollusks Breeding season: In between Spring and Summer from March to August Fishing equipment: Fish cage - spinning (gill nets)- Hook – Hadra Usual catch weight: 2,000-3,000 grams Peak fishing period: Year-round Landing site: Muharraq harbor – Sitra harbor - area north of Bahrain Economic Value: Medium

Local name: Naiser Known as: Dory Snapper

Local name: Anfooz Known as: Yellowbar Angelfish

Grows to a maximum length of 35 cm. General Features: Its slim body is longitudinally compressed moderately from both sides and covered with scales. The back and upper parts of its body is yellowish green and the undersides are pink, with a silver tinge, with longitudinal lines of yellow or gold on the sides with a black spot near its tail. Their habitat: Borders of sandy bottoms and coral reefs, as well as shallow rocky areas. Diet: Small crustaceans such as small crabs and shrimps, marine worms, as well as small fishes. Breeding season: from January to March and from August to December Fishing equipment: Fish cage - spinning (gill nets) - Hook – Hadra Usual catch weight: 100 grams - 300 grams Peak fishing period: Year-round, but peak from April to June Landing site: Most areas of Bahrain Economic Value: Low

Grows to a maximum length of 30 cm. General Features: Its oval-shaped body is strongly compressed from both sides. It’s covered with scales which vary in size from one area of the body to another. This fish is characterised by bands of blue usually from its head region, its front and sides with a yellow spot that is irregular and crescent-shaped. Their habitat: The fish Anfooz is a demersal type of fish which lives on coral reefs and rocky bottoms, as well as in muddy or sandy areas. It is plentiful in the southern part of Bahrain. Diet: Feeds on sponges, seaweed and small crustaceans Fishing equipment: Fish cage - Hadra Usual catch weight: 200 grams to 1000 grams Peak fishing period: Year-round Landing site: Most areas of Bahrain Economic Value: Low Hadag Magazine


How to catch it

Anatomy of the Hammour

Scales small, thin plates that provide protection & flexibility

Nares (nostrils) used for smelling, not breathing

Caudal fin

Pectoral fin Operculum (gill cover) bony flap that protects gills

Local to the northwestern Indian Ocean â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from the Red Sea to Pakistan, it also thrives in Omani waters and can be found along its entire coastline except the Arabian Gulf. Closely associated with coral and rocky reefs, it is mostly found on shallow, sandy bottoms. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also relatively small and grows up to 40 cm in length. Unlike other groupers, this species is not very common. It is caught mainly with hook and line and fish traps and is usually marketed fresh.

Anal fin

Pelvic fin

Hayr Shtaya

Fasht Alyarm Khor fasht

Fish Catching Tips:

Tackles to use Groupers generally live in reefs and when hooked, they will dash to their favourite hole and break you off on the rocks if they can. Even relatively small Groupers often require fairly heavy tackle because of the amount of drag necessary to keep them from the reef. Best Baits Groupers can be caught on lures, live bait, and dead bait; but the best bait for most groupers is a live fish of some sort. If legal, choose a smaller reef fish, put a big hook in it, and drop it back down or trawl it.

Fasht Al adom


For more details: Mashtan

All information for this feature is courtesy of the Agricultural & Marine Resources. Contact Tel. 1781 5881 Fax. 1772 8459 PO Box 20071 Manama, Bahrain 56

Hadag Magazine

Note: The Grouper is a Demersal fish and is commonly found in coral reefs and rocky areas.



NAUTIQUE 210 Shop No. 56, Andalusia 2, Zayed Town, Bahrain Phone Number: +973-17 552777 Email:

Hadag Magazine


How to cook it


Hadag Magazine

Hammour Sayadyeh The popular Hammour is given a regional twist courtesy of a recipe from Chef Dany Deeb, Arabic Chef de Cuisine, Saraya Restaurant, Softel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa.


Corn oil Butter Onions Fish bones Basmati rice Cumin powder Coriander powder Fresh coriander Salt & pepper to taste Hammour fish fillet


Note that the quantities of the ingredients are up to your desired preference. In a hot pan, pour oil and sautĂŠ the onions until they become very dark brown in colour. Set aside. Boil water in a separate pot, adding in the fish bones and coriander to make the Sayadiya Sauce. Set aside. Cook rice separately, putting in the butter later. Once cooked, stir around to ensure all the rice is coated with butter. Once ready, pour in the Sayadiya Sauce, making sure to take out the fish bones first. Gradually add in the other powdered ingredients to the rice. Add salt & pepper to taste. The fish fillets can be either fried or cooked in the oven â&#x20AC;&#x201C; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s up to your preference. To serve, place the fillets on top of the rice. Garnish with your choice of vegetables, pickles. This dish can also be served alongside your favourite mezzes and starters.

Chef Dany Deeb

Hadag Magazine


How to cook it

Earth And Ocean La Mer seafood restaurantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Chef Gari Abdel from Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa, shares a special recipe for local favourite Hammour. Our verdict? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heaven on a plate!


Hadag Magazine


Serves 2: 360g Baby hammour 150g Potatoes 80g Mix wild mushroom 10g Capers 20g Shallots 20g Lemon 10g Garlic 50g Wild Mushrooms 50g Sukura leaves


Clean and gently remove the bones from the whole baby hammour using a sharp boning knife. Dry both fillets with kitchen paper and season with ground sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. In a pan, keep a low temperature, pour some olive oil and when hot enough, place the fish and let it cook on both sides. Once cooked, turn temperature down and leave on the side of the pan to keep warm until it is ready to serve. In salted water, cook the potatoes with skin (very important) until they are tender. Remove skin and mash them with a vegetable mill. Add milk, butter, salt and pepper and stir until it is smooth in texture.


Chef Gari Abdel

Clean the wild fresh mushrooms and drain. In a hot pan, sautĂŠ the mushrooms until golden brown. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside. For the sukura leaves, clean and dry them, then season with salt and pepper and vinaigrette. To make your sauce vierge, make a butter noisette, add the capers, vinegar and lemon confit, kalamata olives, tomato concasse, fennel, coriander and lemon juice.

Hadag Magazine


How to cook it

Seasonal Delights The Domain Hotel’s Executive Chef Bengt Carlsson gives us two great recipes using locally-sourced seasonal vegetables and fish. A native of Stockholm, in Sweden, seafood is very close to Bengt’s heart, as Sweden has many miles of coastline.


Hadag Magazine

Hammour en Papillote Ingredients

Hammour Potato Plum tomatoes Asparagus Green beans Fennel Basil Dill Salt & pepper Olive Oil Lemon Two sheets of greaseproof paper Egg Yolk


Pre-cook the fennel and potato in some fish stock until they’re about half-cooked to ensure they cook in the same time as the rest of the ingredients. Lay one of the sheets of greaseproof paper in a pan to create the ‘bed’ for

all the ingredients. Lay the sliced precooked potato and fennel on the bottom, and then add the filleted, sliced hammour, tomatoes, asparagus, green beans, chopped basil and dill. Season with salt and pepper, and drizzle with olive oil and squeezed lemon juice to taste. Spread a layer of egg yolk around the edge of the grease proof paper, and then lay the other sheet on top. Ensure that an airtight seal is created around the edges by the egg yolk, and fold them in carefully to strengthen the seal. It is important that the paper parcel is airtight during cooking. Put in a preheated oven at around 150-160 degrees, and cook for 12-15 minutes. Serve the dish sealed in the paper, and then open at the table, so that all the aromas escape and the flavours are kept in the dish. This dish can be pre-prepared for as many guests as you like, one per guest, and then popped in the oven as needed. Any seasonal ingredients can be used, as well as other seafood such as prawns, so itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great dish for experimenting.

For the Grill As we enter into the camping and boating season, we bring you a fantastic and yet very simple option for open-air cooking

Grilled Faskar Ingredients

Faskar (one per person) Leeks Coriander Salt & pepper Olive oil Lemon Juice


Clean and descale the Faskar, and make several cuts along each side of the fish to ensure even cooking throughout. Chop the leek and coriander, mix with olive oil and lemon juice, and season with salt and pepper. The fat of the olive oil and the acid of the lemon juice serve to release all the flavours of the ingredients during cooking. Stuff the mixture into the fish, and then drizzle the outside with olive oil before grilling. This is an ideal option for camping and beach bbqs, as each fish can be wrapped in tin foil and stored before cooking. It can be either unwrapped and grilled, or placed directly onto the coals of a bonfire in the tin foil. Again, ingredients can be experimented with, but avoid harder vegetables like carrot and broccoli, as they wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t cook as fast as the fish.

Hadag Magazine


Hadag technology


Thrills! With the most powerful engine ever featured on a WaveRunner, and one of the most powerful on the market in general, the FX SVHO promises some serious excitement!

The 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner FX SVHO (Super High Vortex Output) boasts an all-new 1822cc, fourstroke, four-cylinder supercharged Yamaha Marine Engine that claims to produce 20 per cent more power and torque than the current SHO engine. Based on calculations from previous models, it’s estimated that the new SVHO engine will crank out around 250 horsepower! The supercharger itself delivers 60 per cent greater boost, as well as being more efficient and providing 110 per cent better intercooling power with its new oil cooling system. With the addition of an advanced fuel injection system, a new 160mm jet pump, high-performance impeller, new ride plate and toploader intake grate, Yamaha has raised the standard in watercraft performance. Thanks to this new engine, riders will enjoy competitionlevel performance straight out of the box. “This is a huge year for Yamaha WaveRunners with the introduction of the most powerful, highest performing engine ever placed in a WaveRunner,” said Scott Watkins, Yamaha’s product manager. “And we didn’t just stop at the engine. We enhanced every single performance component surrounding this new engine to get the absolute most performance we could get. The models featuring our new SVHO engine deliver race ready performance.”


Hadag Magazine

However, the WaveRunner FX SVHO isn’t all about sheer power, although that is definitely on hand for those who want it. Available in both two and three-seat configurations, it is also an ideal personal watercraft for leisure and enjoyment. It’s the smoothest, most powerful three-seat touring machine that Yamaha has ever made, ready to take you on the greatest adventures in luxury and comfort. The all-new supercharged Super Vortex High Output engine and lightweight NanoXcel® hull and deck are the perfect double act - impressive power coupled with stable, agile handling and a comfortable ride. Cutting-edge technology and innovation look after you along the way too, with electronic throttle control, Cruise-Assist, Neutral selector and remote-control security. The 2014 Yamaha WaveRunner FX SVHO is available in Bahrain from the Kooheji Marine Centre, a multi product franchise, fully equipped to handle sales and servicing of all Yamaha products. It offers a complete range of adventure sports and commercial marine products right from marine ropes to highly sophisticated marine electronics and boats. Call 1770 0007 for more information.

Explore a whole new lifestyle...

BISS MARINE SERVICES: • • • • • • • • • •

Bahrain Commercial Level 1 Bahrain Commercial Level 2 Daily Yacht Charter Fishing Charters Own Boat Tuition Watersports Boat Brokerage Consultancy Boat Valet Service Yacht Delivery

RYA TRAINING: • • • • •

Power Boat Level 1 Power Boat Level 2 Power Boat Intermediate Advanced Power Boat PWC Proficiency Hadag Magazine Tel. +973 39912828


The Garmin 1020xs Hadag technology

The Garmin 1020xs is one of the most versatile and capable chartplotter/sonar combo on the market, and is perfect for cruising, sailing or fishing.

Boasting a crystal clear 10-inch colour SVGA display and preloaded worldwide basemap, the 1020xs impresses almost instantly. Once you begin to explore the features of the device, things just keep getting better. For example, high-sensitivity internal 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS provides position and heading updates 10 times per second. It displays fluid on-screen location and proves to be incredibly accurate when marking waypoints and navigating. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also scope for customization and add-ons. HD-ID, CHIRP and DownVĂź with CHIRP sonar technology are built-in, allowing you the flexibility to choose from several optional transducers. For example, when used with a compatible CHIRP transducer, GPSMAP 1020xs displays crystal-clear sonar images detailing fishing hot spots, ship wreckage or a diving location. With Garmin CHIRP technology, you get remarkable target separation and resolution at extraordinary depths, and can dial into specific frequencies to target certain species of sport fish. Bottom contours are more visible, even at speed, and signal noise can be suppressed at greater depths to provide a more timely interpretation


Hadag Magazine

of what’s below for safer navigation and better fishing. However, the icing on the cake for us was the high level of Apple compatibility. With BlueChart Mobile, a free app downloaded from the App Store, you can plan marine routes on your iPad or iPhone, and then wirelessly transfer them to your boat’s compatible networked Garmin chartplotter. Also available from the App Store is Garmin Helm, which allows you to view and control your compatible Garmin chartplotter from an iPhone or iPad. You can easily switch between portrait and

landscape mode to accommodate mounting preferences, and you can even record a movie of your chartplotter screen to share with friends and family. The Garmin 1020xs is one of the more high-end options on the market, but if you’re seriously into your fishing and diving, or operate commercial services, it comes highly recommended. The Garmin 1020xs is available from Al Dhaen Group. Call 1773 7111,

Hadag Magazine


Lifting You Higher Hadag technology

A practical, unique and hugely convenient approach to boat berthing, these lifts are a must-have for any boat owner with their own dock.

Wet berthing your boat has its upsides and downsides. The upsides are that your boat is always in the water and ready to go when you want it. You also don’t have to worry about taking it on and off the trailer, and all the headache that entails, from fighting with jetskis for your place in the queue to the inevitable scratches to your boat’s hull. However, the downsides are that you have to worry about hull fouling and corrosion, especially with jet boats that don’t sit well in water for long periods. But what if you could combine the benefits of both types of storage, without any of the downsides? This is where Golden Boat Lifts, from Systems & Technology Enterprises, come in. Golden Boat Lifts are mechanical devices that are either attached to your dock or built on the sea bed next to your dock that raise your boat up out of the water when not in use, and lower it into the water in minutes when you do want to use it. They’re extremely simple and easy to operate, and are especially ideal for locations exposed to heavy tides, as they avoid the boat being damaged


Hadag Magazine

by high waves. They can even reduce maintenance costs, as they keep your boat out of the salt water, and therefore reduce fouling and corrosion. The designs are so successful that they’ve even been specifically approved by Durrat Al Bahrain Resort management for use in the development. And though they look complicated, they can in fact be installed in just one or two days, and they boast a 15-year warranty on structural parts. These lifts aren’t just for small boats either – they have systems which can carry loads of up to 120 tonnes, which is the weight of your small to medium-sized yacht! We’re truly impressed by these systems, which are perfect for boat owners who have their own private jetty. While the initial cost of the lifts might be considered unnecessary,

when you factor in the savings on boat maintenance, and the convenience of not having to take your boat on and off a trailer in a marina, we think theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re well worth the price! Contact Systems & Technology Enterprises on 1769 1414 for a survey and quotation. Systems & Technology Enterprises supply a wide range of marine services and equipment, from docking systems to navigational equipment and water sports and marine leisure equipment. If you want to find out more about the lifts themselves, including some testimonials from very satisfied customers, log on to

Hadag Magazine


luxury Rides


PORSCHE PORSCHE HAVE GONE TO GREAT LENGTHS TO PRESENT THE MACAN AS ‘A GROWN UP 911’ RATHER THAN A ‘BABY CAYENNE’. SO, HOW SUCCESSFUL HAVE THEY BEEN IN THE DELIVERY? FROM THE OUTSIDE, there’s no mistaking where the Macan gets its DNA from, however Porsche try to present it. From a distance, many would mistake it for the Cayenne, and even up close they’re very similar. While the Macan is visibly smaller when the two are parked next to each other, the main tell is the one-piece ‘clam shell’ bonnet the Macan features. Interestingly, this is the biggest single piece of aluminium ever used in a car’s bodywork, according to Porsche. The interior of the Macan is superb. Comfortable and cosy, it almost feels tailor made to the driver, with a figure-hugging sports seat holding you in place for fast cornering, and controls that are all literally at your fingertips. It features the same large, raised centre console as the Cayenne and Panamera that makes you feel like you’re sitting in the cockpit of a jet, with all the Sport, Sport Plus and suspension settings conveniently featured. The Macan is currently being offered in just two specifications, the Macan S, with a 340hp 3.0l V6 biturbo engine, and the Macan Turbo, with a 400hp 3.6l V6 biturbo. Both feature a permanent all-wheeldrive system, and Porsche’s superb and lightningquick PDK double-clutch transmission comes standard on all models, which is something the Cayenne has never featured thus far. To demonstrate the Macan’s abilities, Porsche flew us out to the stunning Fairmont Ras Al Khaimah for two separate experiences. The first was a purpose built off-road course, including soft sand, axle-benders and steep inclines. The off-road setting raises the Macan by a considerable 40mm, giving it decent ground clearance and approach and departure angles. The upshot of this is that, despite its diminutive size, the Macan can handle any low-to-


Hadag Magazine

medium difficulty off-road terrain with ease, but on the more rugged stuff you risk costly damage to your lovely Porsche bodywork and underside. The second experience was a breathtaking drive up the road to Jebel Jais, the UAE’s tallest mountain, which in our humble opinion pips Jebel Hafeet as the best driving road in the Gulf, and one of the best in the world. Why haven’t you heard of this road, you ask? Because it’s not actually finished – construction hasn’t reached the summit yet, so the road’s not officially open, but trust us, it’ll be famous soon enough! The Macan S and Turbo

boast almost identical driving characteristics, especially with the Sports Chrono package as featured on the demo models we reviewed, though obviously the Turbo has noticeably more ‘oomph’ on acceleration. As with any Porsche, the Cayenne and Panamera included, a fanatical level of attention has been given to the driving experience of the Macan, and it shows. Whilst the Cayenne demonstrated almost supernatural levels of handling and performance for an SUV (the key words being ‘for an SUV’), the Macan demonstrates comparable handling and performance to the Panamera and even the 911, thanks

to the Porsche Active Suspension Management and Torque Vectoring. We know this is a bold statement, but in our opinion, the Macan is, without a doubt, the sportiest premium compact SUV in the world, by a long shot. Nothing else – not the BMW X3, not the Audi Q3, nor the Mercedes GLK – even comes close. A large reason for this is that, whereas its premium German rivals are something of a compromise (i.e. less costly versions of their larger brethren), Porsche have not compromised with the Macan at all. It’s not a cheaper version of the Cayenne, simply a smaller, sportier version.

Hadag Magazine


Marina Moda

From bright navy, teak and cerulean to warm cream and pastel blues, traditional hues are given a revamp yet still exude a timeless chic air.


Hadag Magazine


SAILING Simple lines and classic tailoring embody a collection that looks to the sea for inspiration. Sandy tones offset a cool Mediterranean palette, while silhouettes dance whimsically between sea and sky thanks to light-as-air fabrics. Shirts in a variety of prints, dyed cotton blazers and the navy blue washed nappa jacket sit alongside cotton casual trousers in shades of blue and grey. This season, whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s downtown classic or utilitarian chic you prefer, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all about dressing up by dressing down, making Massimo Dutti the go-to label for the smart and dapper modern man this season.

Hadag Magazine


Marina Moda


Hadag Magazine

For those looking for the perfect pair of pants, Massimo Duttiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cotton chinos are the go-to trousers, suitable for daytime cool or for an easy evening look once paired with a bright sweater.

Warm colours and sporty touches make up this seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new accessories, with simplicity being the main focus.

Hadag Magazine


Marina Moda

The brandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s light outdoor jacket makes a comeback this season in a travel inspired Atlantic blue version that epitomises the very essence of breezy elegance as well as maritime ease, perfect for any casual-loving man.


Hadag Magazine

Hadag Magazine


The Guide Top Engines Whether two-stroke or four-stroke, here’s our pick of outboard marine engines for this season...

MAX SHO vf150 Yamaha The streamlined V MAX SHO 150 delivers the exhilarating hole shot and impressive top speed of a two-stroke with the efficient advantages of a four-stroke.

df300ap Suzuki The world’s first outboard that combines standard and counterrotation operation into the same lower unit. Two-Way low water pick up inlet provides engine cooling.

BF250 Honda The Honda BF250 is a fourstroke 250 hp marine engine. The powerful, quiet 250hp outboard motor is ideal for pontoons, centre console or multi-hull bay boats.

250 PRO XS Mercury The OptiMax Two-Stage Direct Injection System produces consistent performance and unmatched throttle response by providing a constant supply of atomised fuel and air.

GPS and Sonar Systems Many sonar systems are coupled with GPS navigation that offer imagery, functions, and unparalleled overall performance - here are some of the best...

Dragonfly Raymarine Delivers the crisp details of CHIRP DownVision sonar in an affordable package. The split-screen display shows both DownVision and conventional sonar simultaneously. 50-channel GPS.


Hadag Magazine

GPSMAP 741xs Garmin 7-inch WVGA touchscreen with pinch-to-zoom; Built-in CHIRP capability; Radar support; Video input and NMEA® 2000 connectivity.

fcv-587 furuno A unique fish size analyser. Its White Line feature discriminates fish lying near the bottom. Clear visibility even when wearing polarised sunglasses.

Elite-5 CHIRP Gold lowrance Fishfinder / chartplotter 5-inch fishfinder/chartplotter that combines CHIRP Sonar with DownScan Imaging™, Gold high-definition mapping.

The Guide

Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Fishing Reel

These superbikes of the ocean let you explore marine environments with a lot more fun and convenience…

H-160 Hollis 6061 T6 aluminium construction, hard anodised, with a marine finish 9-point adjustable propeller pitch. Has 3 power settings with shift on the fly capability and has a smart electronics to protect the motor and battery.

GTI Sea Scooter Sea Doo Dive propulsion vehicle designed for scuba divers, snorkelers, and water enthusiasts. Propels user at speeds of up to 2.5 miles per hour, rated for depths of 100 feet. Waterproof circuitry protects internal electronics from accidental flooding. Run time of 2 hours per charge with normal use; adjustable buoyancy control.

Spinfisher V Penn A total of 6 seals (9 seals on the live liner models) are used to create the new Water Tight Design used in the Spinfisher V. Whether you dunk the reel in the surf, or let it ride in the spray all the way home, you don’t have to worry about saltwater getting into the gearbox or drag system.

SAV-7 Tusa Designed to propel up to 3 scuba divers at once. Progressive acceleration system lets you make speed adjustments on the move. Saddle wings help scooter pull 3 divers without noticeable performance losss. 3-speed propeller adjusts to different angles and pitches with an LED battery indicator; maximum speed of 2.6 miles per hour, depth rated to 230 feet.

Tyrnos 10 2-Spd L/D Shimano Shimano Tyrnos Saltwater Trolling Reels feature an open top crossbar design and Shimano’s stainless steel A-RB anti-rust bearings.

Mako Oceanic Mako is a high performance personal dive vehicle utilising the latest in motor and battery technologies to deliver startling speed and run time statistics, extending dive time and range. Up to 2-hour run time. Variable pitch propeller.

Glasses Technology

Trio 40S Okuma Has aggressive styling, high-speed gearing and the Trio spinning reel’s revolutionary Crossover Construction platform.

Off Shoot Oakley When you spend a lot of your time on the water, whether on a boat or a board, you need to make sure your eyes are protects. Choose this lens/frame color combo with a large wrap-around design, and see how comfortable it is to have 99% of glare eliminated.

Stradic CI4 Shimano Featuring Shimano’s new C14+ construction which is 250% stronger than the original CI4 material, the new Shimano Stradic CI4+ Spinning Reel is also loaded with Shimano’s latest spinning reel technologies.

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The guide

Best Binoculars An invaluable tool in fishing, selecting the right quality pair of marine-grade binoculars can be worth its weight in gold.

nighthunter 8x56 Steiner Larger 56mm objectives result in maximum light transmission for maximum clarity and sharp contrast at dawn and dusk.

L 10 x 42 Canon The much-anticipated 10x42 L IS WP is the first waterproof binocular to incorporate Canon’s exclusive Image Stabiliser technology for steady, shake-free image capture.

Ultravid 10x42 Leica The 42 mm Ultravids has all the benefits of the new HD-models, such as the water and dirt repellent Leica AquaDura coating and the innovative FL lens glass.

navigator 7x50 Steiner The porro prism Navigator Series is the choice for recreational boaters, weekend anglers and hobby sailors.

DEv-5 Sony HD video recording Full HD with7MP still image 3D viewing, no need for 3D glasses; 20x Zoom with AutoFocus; Optical SteadyShot image

Action Cameras Pretty cool contraptions, action cameras can also be used as fish finders. You can hang them underneath your boat to see the fish and anything else that’s under the water.

Virb Garmin 1080p HD video recording with 16 megapixels, GPS, battery records up to 3 hours; waterproof.

Hero3+ Go pro Supports 4K, 12MP Photos at 30 fps; Ultra Wide Angle Glass Lens, Waterproof to 131 feet Built-In Wi-Fi

HDR-AS15 Sony Compact, rugged HD video action camcorder; Full HD recording; waterproof housing; 4X slow motion

coolpix aw110 Nikon Water-proof, Shockproof, Freeze-proof; 16MP, Full HD video; Aperture: 3.9 - 4.8 & Length: 5.0-25.0mm

Power shot d20 Canon Waterproof up to 33 feet, temperature resistant; shockproof 12.1 MP; Full HD video; Optical image stabiliser

Pocket Tools Whether you need a sharp edge, a screwdriver, a corkscrew, or another tool to make a quick repair, here are some of the most useful tools available…

Swiss tool Victorinox Contains 24 hardened stainless-steel tools for a lock-in place, and closes with a pushbutton.


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charge Leatherman With more than 8 functions. It combines all of the most needed features into one functional tool. Fits in a pocket or clips on your pack.

skeletool Leatherman With more than 6 functions; Fits in a pocket or clips onto your pack or bag for easy portability.

super tool 300 multi tool Leatherman Victorinox With 12 functions; 420HC With 27 functions and Clip Point Knife with stainless-steel body bottle Straight Edge and 420HC opener, crate opener, combiSheepsfoot Serrated Knife edge blade, scissors and more.


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Classified Boating Equipment

Al DHAEN group Sitra and Arad Tel. 1773 7111 Part of the Al Dhaen Group, Al Dhaen Craft not only caters to the wide range of boat lovers and users all over the globe, but are distributors of world-class marine products, spare parts and accessories including; Beuchat, Cressi-Sub, Garmin, Jobe Sports, Kohler Power Systems, as well as global brands like Jensen, Marlin, Jabsco, Halco and Z-Guard. 2000 marine store Sitra Tel. 1774 2777 The work shop is located in Sitra just after the harbour entrance, 2000 Marine are the sole agent for Britax, Polyform, VDO, Johnson and more. Gulf Marine Sitra, Riffa and Muharraq Tel. 1773 1990 In each branch of Gulf marine youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find amazing accessories for your yachts or boat, and its the sole agent of Johson Pumps, DHR lights, Attiva Paints and Dan Fender.

Fishing Equipment Blue ocean Muharraq Tel. 1734 3858 The store is located on Halla just after the new hospital and its known for selling fishing tackle, lures, reels, rods, catalogues and tackle boxes in Muharraq. 82

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Engine Repairing

Fiberglass Repair

Nada Marine Services Sitra Tel. 7715 6561 The workshop is located inside Sitra harbour next to GPIC, Nada Marine do lots of services like mechanical works, smart antifouling solutions and more.

Rek repairing Muharraq Tel. 3923 0250 The work shop is located inside Muharraq harbour, their services are repairing all types of fibreglass problems.

Al Amwaj Boats repair Muharraq Tel. 3351 7626 The work shop is located inside Muharraq harbour, this work shop services, repairs and paints all types of boats including jetskis. Potter MArine Muharraq Tel. 3996 4626 The work shop is located inside Muharraq harbour. Potter Marine is known for maintaining and selling engine supplies

Propeller Repair Maher workshop Arad Tel. 1767 3308 The work shop is located in Arad next to the Toyota Centre. Known for repairing propellers and all kinds of metal, and also its known for the best iron, steel and mechanical repairs in town

Upholstery Services freddys leather Hidd Tel.6999 0066 The workshop is located in Hidd Invesment Wharf. Freddys is famous for its professional work on diffrent leathers and materials for yachts, boats and cars. Fatema upholstery Gallaly Tel. 3389 5045 The work shop is located in Gallay behind the Airport. Fatema upholstery do leather and all the other materials for yachts, boats and cars.

Yacht Services

Yacht Rental Jarada Tours Manama Tel. 7715 6561 They provide diving, yacht and island trips, to jetski rentals, dolphin watching tours, snorkelling and fishing trips to BBQs on the islands and Private Charters. Al-Dhaen Yacht Rental Hidd Tel. 77055005 Part of the Al Dhaen Group, Al Dhaen Yacht Rental is located in Shaik Khalifa park in Hidd where you can rent a yacht for you and your family for great trips around the island

Jetski Rental Bahrain Marina Club Manama Tel. 1729 1527 The Marina Club offer jetski rental, superb Marina facilities and zervices such as berthing, boat parking, launching, recovery, valet services, underwater inspection, 50 tonne hoist & diving. Coral Beach Club Manama Tel.1731 2700 Located on Al Fateh Corniche, you can rent jetskis, and the place itself has a dynamic, compelling cosmopolitan outlook that offers guests a sensational setting by the sea, fresh air, open spaces, casual and fine dining, water sports, health club, swimming pool, and a sandy beach.

Intercol Marine Solutions Department Manama Tel. 1772 8691 Their repair and installation capabilities provides, installs and covers the maintenance of marine generators, marine fire fighter systems, propellers, advanced marine engine systems, waterjet propulsion units, marine industrial engines, air-conditioning units, electrical installations and pleasure boats. Marina Bay Bahrain Sitra Tel. 3880 7050 Repairs all marine engines as well as marine equipment, speakers, stereo, GPS, fish finders and more. They also fix all related electrical boat parts like trim taps, engine electricity, and more. BEAUCRAFT W.L.L. Sitra Tel. 1368 0601 the first national company specializing in providing complete marine leisure services such as managing and operating marinas: importing, exporting, selling and leasing boats, yachts and jet skis providing internal maintenance for ships; and provision of advisory and development services as well as logistical support to waterfront realestate developments.

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