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Kim Hyuenjun | Fragile | urethane coated on recycled cardboards | 110 x 120 x 80cm | 2010

Expose , exposed 110821 | 90 x 134 x 14 cm, wood, 2011

THE SENSES ; INTERACTIVE PERCEPTION Although at first they may seem ver y different, the three ar tists included in the present exhibition share in their works a common denominator. Bae Joonsung, Hong Sungchul and Cha Jongr ye have developed distinctive ar tistic languages, which encourage a dynamic experience from the viewer. Developing concepts touched by both Optical and Kinetic Ar t, this young generation of Korean ar tists creates socially engaged works that in their own unique way bridge the gap between Western and Eastern figuration. The ar tists’ aim is to understand how the viewers perceive, remember and interact with their creations, to explore the internal mental processes that originate when these ar tworks are enjoyed. In this sense, using a term borrowed from psychology, one could venture to define this as “Cognitive Ar t”. The ar tworks need to be felt besides being watched and observed therefore establishing a fruitful interaction between the senses and the materials. One has to enter into a physical communication with the objects on display. This is even more evident in the previous series of works by Bae Joonsung, where the ar tist, instead of using the device of the lenticular lens, painted directly onto transparent acrylic plastic films, which, laid on the photograph’s surface, were meant to be drawn aside by the viewer in order to completely reveal the underlying composition. Contrary to Kinetic Ar t, which depends on the motion of its elements for its effects, these works – which are clearly static – depend on the movement of the obser ver. They have to be viewed from different angles, to be walked around in order to be fully appreciated. One has to move, change position and perspective to reveal the Asian female nudes lurking under Bae Joonsung’s lenticular lenses or to see the 3-D images printed on Hong Sungchul’s strings. Cha Jongrye’s compositions on the other hand, though motionless because of their medium – i.e. carved wood – have nonetheless a strong dynamic character. The swirling shapes protruding from the background resemble the movements of fluid lava or the natural shapes of limestone stalactites and stalagmites. Moreover Cha Jongr ye’s modular compositions, made of geometric grids and organic forms, stimulate a new spatial awareness in the viewer, who gets almost sucked into the carved panels.

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( b .1968 )

Cha focuses on the dialectical relationship between wood and land, material and nature on the surface of her sculptures. There is a sense of poise and connectedness within the allotted spaces of these forms. Each component of the whole is masterfully carved to create part of a larger modular work reminiscent of an elaborate puzzle or topographical contour map. The relationship between each convoluted shape offers a poetic and strangely surreal vision of space and energy giving a conceptual clarity, which properly situates her within the context of environmentalism. Born in 1968, Cha Jongrye completed an M.F.A and B.F.A in sculpture at Ewha University.

Expose, exposed 091010 | wood | 72 x 72 x 10 cm | 2009 (below) Expose, exposed 110905 | wood | 140 x 140 x 30 cm | 2011 (right)

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( b .1969 )

Hong Sung Chul, using various media and modern technology, prompts interaction and performance from his viewers. Communicating the deep desire for human contact within society, his works never fully reveal themselves initially and exude a ghostly quality whereby the visual sense is questioned. The viewer must abandon reliance on their eyes alone and use their bodies and voices to prompt cooperation with the work. Stripping away the isolating experience traditionally encountered within art galleries, Hong initiates a dialogue with and between viewers, instilling the sense of community prised in Korean culture. Hong’s current body of work revives his string concept – a visual representation of what ties humans together from the earliest stage of life – the umbilical chord. These strings, upon which an image is printed, are staggered in his works and interlace to reveal a final representation – one of support or loneliness. Born in 1969, Hong Sungchul completed an M.F.A and B.F.A in sculpture at Hongik University in Seoul before finishing another M.F.A in Integrated Media at California Institute of the Arts.

String_hands_0014 (left) print on elastic strings in a steel frame 50 x 80 x 8 cm | 2011

String Mirror_hvbody_0291 (above) print on elastic strings in a steel frame 102 x 80 x 14 cm | 2009

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String_hands_0246 | print on elastic strings in a steel frame | 120 x 200 x 15 cm | 2011

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( b .1967 )

The series ‘The Costume of the Painter’ was his iconic work, in which he painted on to transparent acrylic films. These films need to flip up and down, through manual interaction by the viewer, to reveal Asian female nudes underneath the painted film. He appropriates old master paintings and contextualises the original impression and his pastiche. Since 2006, the introduction of lenticular lens in his work made this viewing experience effor tless. The most recent series of paintings are titled ‘The Museum’ and Bae Joonsung has emphasized the theme of relativity; the viewer and being viewed by placing his work in the multi-perspective environment of Museums. Born in 1967, Bae completed an M.F.A and B.F.A in sculpture at Seoul National University.

The Costume of Painter - kotkkoji girls | lenticular | 80 x 120 cm | 2011

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The Costume of Painter - Phantom in the Painting, J.S.Sargent white dress hn lenticular and oil on canvas | 194 x 130 cm | 2011

The Costume of Painter - Phantom of Museum Pa , Whistler white dress hn lenticular and oil on canvas | 194 x 130 cm | 2011

The Costume of Painter - Shadow on the wall As , camera woman oil and lenticular on canvas | 162 x 112 cm | 2010

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BAE JOONSUNG ( b1967 ) EDUCATION 2000 M.F.A., Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul 1990 B.F.A., Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2011 The Costume of Painter, Ar t Seasons, Singapore 2009 The Costume of Painter, Severance Ar t Space, Seoul 2007 The Museum, Galler y HYUNDAI, Seoul 2006 The Costume of Painter, Galler y Touchar t, Heyri Ar t Valley The Costume of Painter, Canvas International Ar t Gallery, Amsterdam The Costume of Painter, Lotte Avenuel Department Store, Seoul 2004 The Costume of Painter, Paik Haeyoung Gallery, Seoul 2003 The Costume of Painter-Travel with C.Lacroix, Daelim Contemporar y Ar t Museum, Seoul 2002 The Costume of Painter, Museum of Beaux-Ar ts, Tours, France 2000 Naming, Galler y IHN, Seoul 1997 Naming, Sal Galler y, Seoul 1996 Impression of Books and Paintings, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

The Costume of Painter Still Life with books in bookcase lenticular | 171.6 X 120 cm | 2011

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2011 Fashion into ar t, Plateau Galler y, Seoul A Glocal View – Korean Contemporar y Ar t, Uppsala ar tmuseum, Sweden 38°N Snow South : Korean Contemporar y Ar t, Galler y Charlotte Lund, Stockholm 2010 Korean Eye – Fantastic Ordinar y, The Ar t House, Singapore Korean Collective London, Alebemarle Gallery, London Korean Eye – Fantastic Ordinar y, Saatchi Gallery, London Multi Effect , Galler y IHN, Seoul 2009 Ar t & Techne , Jeju Museum of Ar t, Jeju Ingres and the moderns, Musee Ingres in Montauban, France 3rd Play and Magnificence-, Moran Museum of Ar t, Kyungkido The Still: Logical Conversation, Galler y Hyundai Gangnam, Seoul From Yeonhui-dong, YHD Projects, Seoul 2008 Daegu Textile Art Documenta 2008, Daegu Culture Art Hall, Daegu Ar tists, What is Science for you?, KAIST, Daejeon Yongduck Lee & Joonsung Bae, Ar t Seasons Gallery, Zurich First Step: New Ar t From Korea, Ar t Seasons Gallery, Beijing 2007 Wonder Land, National Art Museum of China, Beijing The Edge of Sensation, Simon Galler y, Seoul Ar t Amsterdam, Galler y Skape, Amsterdam 2006 Photo Show 1010 06, Gana Ar t Center, Seoul Now Korea, Canvas International Ar t Galler y, Amsterdam 2005 3rd Frieze Ar t Fair, Regent’s Park, London 15th Anniversar y Special Exhibition 86, Kumho Museum, Seoul 2004 Frieze Ar t Fair, Regents Park, London Extensions, John Chelsea Ar t Center, New York Atelier Repor t, Savina Museum, Seoul 2003 Tradition & Innovation ll, Galler y Hyundai, Seoul Crossing 2003: Korea/Hawaii, The Contemporary Museum, Hawaii Hiddening / Reaveling, Kwangju Civic Museum, Kwangju, Korea 1993 to 2002 : Par ticipated in over 70 group exhibitions

CHA JONGRYE ( b1968 )


EDUCATION 1992 B,F,A in Sculpture Ewha Women’s University 1996 M,F,A in Sculpture Ewha Women’s University

EDUCATION 2001 M.F.A., Integrated Media, California Institute of the Ar ts, CA 1996 M.F.A., Sculpture, Hong-ik University, Seoul 1994 B.F. A., Sculpture, Hong-ik University, Seoul

SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2011 The 6th Solo Exhibition, Ever Har vest Galler y, Taiwan The 5th SoloExhibition, Sungkok Ar t Museum, Seoul 2008 The 4th Solo Exhibition, Vermont Studio Center, U.S. 2007 The 3rd Solo Exhibition, Galler y Goanhun, Seoul 2004 The 2nd Solo Exhibition, Galler y Ar tside, Seoul 1999 The 1st Solo Exhibition, Galler y Dyukwon, Seoul SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2011 Ar t Road 77, Lee&Park Galler y 2010 Neowa Sculpture Exhibition, KEPCO Ar t Center Ar t Beacon in Lotte Hotel, Hotel Lotte Neowa Sculpture Exhibition, Moon Galler y, Hong Kong Magamnews Installation Exhibition, Paju FACT, R.Mutt Galler y-U.K Ar ts and Crafts Collaboration, Icheon World Ceramic Center 2009 Korean Aesthetics, Albemarle Galler y, London Aesthetic of material, Galler y 4W Neowa Sculpture Exhibition, Galler y Ewah, Seoul 7 Things I want to know about Ar t, Icheon Ar t Hall 2008 Living Design Fair, Designer’s Choice – COEX, Endingnews Installation Exhibition, Station of Yeoncheon Neowa Sculpture Exhibition, Galler y Ewah, Seoul 2007 Korea-India Ar t Exchange, India-New Delhi 2006 Endingnews Installation Exhibition, Urim timber-mill, Seoul 2005 Endingnews Installation Exhibition, Middle School Songun Great Function, Museum of Seoul ar t center, Seoul Neowa Sculpture Exhibition, Galler y Dos, Seoul ‘Hello’ Exhibition, Galler y Chang ‘Seeing with the hear t’ Exhibition, Galler y Jungdong Kyunghyang 2004 Endingnews Installation Exhibition, Selak Resor t Neowa Sculpture Exhibition, Galler y PICI, Seoul ‘The temptation of space’ Exhibition, Galler y Hyundai Depar tment store 2003 Endingnews Installation Exhibition, Muui Island Korean Women’s Fine Ar t Association Exhibition, Gongpyeong Ar t Center, Seoul Ewha Sculpture Association Exhibition, Galler y Goanhun, Seoul Yangpyeong Ar tist’ Association Exhibition, Yangpyeong Ar t Center 2002 Deulmok Association Exhibition, Galler y Agio Endingnews Installation Exhibition, Ansung 1992~2001 Par ticipated in 20 Group Exhibitions

SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2010 Les mains déFILent Les yeux FILent, Galerie Orem, Paris, France Solid but Fluid, YHD Projects, Seoul 2008 Anxiety and Dynamics of Incompleteness, Kring, Seoul 2007 Perceptual Mirror, Galler y IHN, Seoul Youngeun Ar tist Relay_Sungchu Hong, Youngeun Museum of Contemporar y Ar t, Gyeonggido Kwangju 2002 RGB_SHOW, Kumho Museum of Ar t, Seoul 2001 String Tongue, CalAr ts, LA 2000 White Cube, CalAr ts, LA SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2011 Double Democracy, ar tGwangju, Korea Korean Collective Basel 2011, hall33, Basel, Switzerland 2010 Korea tomorrow, SETEC, Seoul, Korea Korean Collective London 2010, Albemarlegallery, London, UK Hong sungdo, Hong Sungchul, Erhard Witzel Gallery, Germany Remind, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Ar t, Kwangju, Korea Man Ray & His Heritage, Seoul Museum of Ar t, Seoul, Korea 2009 From Yeonhui-dong, YHD Projects, Seoul The Magic of Photography, Hanmi photo Museum, Seoul Shooting Image, KOEX, Seoul 2008 Unusual One, Lobby of Hana Bank Head Office, Seoul Contemporar y Korean Photographs 1948-2008, National Museum of Contemporar y Ar t, Gwacheon Your Mind’s Eye_Digital Spectrum, Seoul Museum of Ar t, Seoul Youngeun 2008 Residency & Open Studio, Youngeun Museum of Contemporar y Ar t, Gyeonggido Kwangju First Step: New Ar t from Korea, Ar t Seasons Gallery, Beijing 2007 Mutual Induction, KTF Galler y the Orange, Seoul Text in Bodyscape, Seoul Museum of Ar t, Seoul Look & See, Kumho Museum of Ar t, Seoul 2006 Soft Landing- 7 Ar tists Meet BMW, CAIS Gallery, Seoul EHS project, Sejong Center, Seoul 2005 R-mutation, Seoul Ar ts Center, Seoul Between, Contemporar y Ar t Museum of Hongik University Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgar t, Stuttgar t Issues of Criticism, POSCO Ar t Museum, Seoul 2004 Contemporar y Ar t Video & Installation, Daegu Ar t Center Soul & Bowl, Galler y IHN, Seoul Alternative Realities, EMAF, Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul 2003 Fake & Fantasy, Ar t Center Nabi, Seoul I, You, Us, Sungkok Ar t Museum, Seoul 2002 Seoul International Media Ar t Biennale, Seoul Museum of Ar t Alchemy, Sungkok Ar t Museum, Seoul 2001 Peer, Galler y 825, LA Immediate Distance, Main Galler y, CalAr ts, LA 1994 to 2001 : Par ticipated in over 18 group exhibitions.

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This catalogue is published by HADA Contemporary to accompany the exhibition

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The Senses ; Interactive Perception  
The Senses ; Interactive Perception  

Korean contemporary exhibition presented by HADA Contemporary in London.