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Often, marks are left behind for distinction, recognition and recollection. We leave remnants of our past to write our own history, to continue on our story that we want others to hear, be touched, marked and live by. Other marks may fade and disappear yet there are those that remain through the years, even with any havoc time may inflict. The mark of UP Economics Society is timeless, ceaseless, and endless. Numerous semesters passed by asserting the aspirations that the UP Economics Society lives up to. But on our Golden Anniversary, we witness the true affirmation and testament of the passion, commitment, and most of all, faith of the UP Economics Society to Service, Excellence and Tradition. This is what makes us deserve the golden mark. On this prestigious milestone, we continuously make known to the whole UP community and outside the borders of our university, the mark of who and what we are – the ECOSOC way. Our unfaltering dedication for genuine community development of grade 3 tutorials for Balara Elementary School students, Saturday day care sessions for Pook Ricarte kids and most especially the full scholarship we provide for five deserving high school students shows our noble desire for service. Our members and alumni alike take pride in the notable achievements, pioneering events and prominent fundraisers that truly display the mark of excellence. And now, we commit ourselves to uphold the same tradition that our founders have started; to continue the legacy that ECOSOC has marked on people’s lives. WE ARE THE UP ECONOMICS SOCIETY: THE GOLD MARK OF SERVICE, EXCELLENCE, AND TRADITION. Since 1958.

Full name: __________________________ Year & course: __________________________ Contact #: __________________________ Birthday: __________________________ Sexual Orientation: __________________________ Status: __________________________ __Single

__Single and Available



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__It’s Complicated


____________ nickname

There are places I’ll remember All my life though some have changed... FAVE CHILL OUT SPOT: ______________________________ All these places have their moments... FUNNIEST EXPERIENCE: ______________________________ With lovers and friends I still can recall... BEST BUDDY: ______________________________ But of all these friends and lovers... SOULMATE: ______________________________ There is no one that compares with you... ROLE MODEL: ______________________________ Though I know I’ll never lose affection for things that went before...

ULTIMATE HOBBY: _____________ CURRENT OBSESSION:____________ I know I’ll often stop and think about them, in my life ... LIFE GOAL: ______________________________ I love Ecosoc more. :) WHY should Ecosoc dub you with its GOLDEN MARK? ______________________________ WHAT can you give to Ecosoc on its Golden Anniversary? ______________________________ WHERE will you go after life in Ecosoc? ______________________________

Dear Apps, Since I already have a reputation of using big words as I welcome applicants into this big organization, I’ll try to keep things simple this time. After all, the explanation of how it really feels like to be an Ecosocer is simple. But the impact on the lives of those Ecosoc touches remains BIG. Everyone knows how Ecosoc has changed my life. Palagi ko nga sinasabi na ECOSOC is the best thing that ever happened to me. Marami pa ata akong natutunan dito kaysa sa buong stay ko sa college so far. Or to qualify, mas marami a kong valuable na natutunan sa Ecosoc kumpara sa kahit anong classroom na napasukan ko. Hindi ko pa nababanggit yung mga relationships na nabuo ko dito. Just to cite some, dito sa ECOSOC ko nakilala ang longlost brother/magiging best man sa kasal ko, magiging wedding planner ko, at mga magiging ninong at ninang ng mga magiging anak ko! Oha. Kulang na lang yung mapapangasawa ko. Di ko lang sure kung nameet ko na nga sya dito sa Ecosoc. Hmm kung babae ka, malay mo ikaw pala yun! WAHAHA oy pero di talaga ako flirt ah baka naman natatakot ka na sakin. ;) Pero syempre wala namang binatbat ang experiences ko kumpara sa experiences ng daan-daan pang iba na naging bahagi ni Ecosoc sa loob ng 50 years. Kumpara sa experiences ng mga kids ng Balara Elementary School, ng mga kids ng Pook Ricarte, ni Nanay Maring na nagaalaga ng mga street children sa Pandacan, mababaw pa ang mga naging experiences ko sa ECOSOC.

50 years na ang ECOSOC, so malamang, marami na rin kaming naging part na ng mahabang history ng Service, Excellence at Tradition. Totoo, lahat kami natouch ng ECOSOC sa iba’t-ibang paraan at iba’t-ibang degrees. Kung may isang bagay man na common sa amin ni Godofredo Bamba (ang unang president ng ECOSOC) kasama na lahat ng mga taong naadik sa sa ECOSOC in between, yun ay lahat kami, hinayaan namin at pinili naming maexperience ang kung ano man ang naexperience namin sa ECOSOC. Gets? HAHA. Gets mo yan, taga-Econ ka eh. :) Ang application process ng ECOSOC, simple lang naman ang gustong itest—kung sa loob ng isang sem ay patuloy mong pinipili na maexperience ang ECOSOC experience sa kabila ng hirap, pagod, stress, hassle na kasama sa package deal. At the end of it all, masisiguro ko naman sayo na worth it lahat. LAHAT. So sayo, mahal na applicant, WELCOME! Full blast kami ngayong sem hahaha siguradong masarap na experience yun. Promise. Kung pipiliin mong tumuloy hanggang mafeel mo na kung anong ECOSOC experience ang pinagsasasabi ko, then see you sa 50th year! It is our choices, far more than our abilities that define who we are sabi nga ni Albus Dumbledore. Bading sya, oo pero tama yun. Kaya ikaw, choose to experience the ECOSOC experience.

Aries :)

Dear Applicants, Hello and a very sincere WELCOME TO ECOSOC! :) Before everything else, uunahan ko na kayo. :) Siguro ang una niyong tiningnan ay ang “Application Requirements” na nakalagay sa likod ng primer na ito. At kung hindi, siguro ngayon ay kakatingin niyo lang. Hehe. It may seem like a lot initially, but don’t be daunted! Those specific events and requirements were especially chosen because they are able to expose you to all the different facets of Ecosoc. They are supposed to be opportunities for you to have fun while being able to get to know the Society. :) If Ecosoc is definitely something, it is that we are definitely diverse. Ecosoc has 12 Committees. As applicants you are given the chance to become part of one of the 9 Committees. The Adhoc and Taskforce Committees (lead by the President and Vice President respectively) are extra special committees whose members are specially chosen. For now, hindi pa kayo pwede dun. Hohoho. The other committee is the Membership Committee. We are in charge of guiding and screening you during your application process. Masusungit kaming lahat at kinakain namin ang mga apps na nagde-defer. Hahaha! Joke lang. :D Alam niyo siguro na this is the semester before our beloved 50th year. :) That is why this semester, we will be strict in implementing the application process. Pero kung strict kami sa guidelines, siguradong strict din kami sa

paninigurado na masaya ang application process ninyo! “Nothing worth it is every easy.” But remember, even if you may think that the process is hard, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun. The Membership Committee will always be available for you. :) Lastly, I’m sure you all have preconceived notions of what Ecosoc is, what being an Ecosocer is like. One thing is sure though: Ecosoc is not just an organization. What is Ecosoc to its members? Ecosoc is different for everybody. At the heart of course is CDC, yun ang lagi nating alalahanin. We are here because of the kids and the scholars. Pero ang pagiging isang Ecosocer, that is up to you. Maaring ma-enjoy mo ang marketing, o kaya’y ang pag-attend ng JPES events. Maraming paraan para maging isang Ecosocer, at para mahalin ang Ecosoc. Try things out, give them a shot. :) Honestly, hindi talaga mahirap ang pagdadaanan niyo, In time you will find yourself going to the tambayan automatically, not because you’re required but because you enjoy spending time with the people. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the events and to get to know the members. Excited na ako na mangyari yan sa inyo. :) Thank you for applying, and we hope you spend more time with us. :) Tuloy-tuloy na to! We’re happy to have you with us as we prepare for our grand celebration next semester. Good luck, apps! :) And again, WELCOME! :)


The University of the Philippines Economics Society s a socio-civic organization composed of almost two hundred Economics majors in the University of the Philippines. For 50 years now, it has flourished in the School of Economics, keeping the flame of the Grand tradition alive. The UP Economics Society was born in 1958 when a group of students from the College of Business Administration decided to create a means of serving their fellow students, as well as their community. The society is known for its various activities, all of which aim for the well being of its members and the achievement of its goal of SERVICE, EXCELLENCE and TRADITION. These include company tours, symposia, workshops, various sports events, variety shows, etc. The society also sponsors weekly tutorials for the Grade 6 students of San Vicente Elementary School, weekly day care sessions for younger children from Pook Ricarte, and semestral Free Clinics for various communities. But what distinguishes the Society from other organizations is the scholarship program. By means of the UP Economics Society Scholarship Fund (ESSF), six deserving students are currently able to go to school with full scholarships. We, in the society, maintain this scholarship fund through our semestral fundraisers. The many achievements of UP Ecosoc have not been ignored, as it has received the now defunct Wenceslao Vinzon’s Award for Most Outstanding Organization, the most coveted award then in the entire UP system. Moreover, the organization received the Gawad Chancellor for Most Outstanding Organization and the Alpha Phi Omega Oblation for Best Organization. Read more in the official Ecosoc website:

1. Koro:

Nais kong makarating sa mga bituin Upang mamasdan ang ganda Ng kanilang ningning Sa piling nyo, para ko na ring Kapiling ang mga bituin, Kislap ng ngiting nagsasabing Walang pipigil sa atin


Ang bawat hangarin ay kayang tuparin wala nang pipigil sa atin hangga’t mayroong mga bituin

Mangako ka’t mangarap Gampanan ang tungkuling ganap At kailanma’y sundan Ang wagas na daan

(Koro) Koda: Mangako ka’t mangarap (2x) Humayo ka sa mundo at paglingkuran Ang Diyos, Kapwa at Bayan

Aries Carlos

President/ Adhoc Chairperson

Czarina Carbonel

Secretary/ Secretariat Committee Chairperson

Michael Patrick Anabo

Public Relations Officer/ Liaison Committee Chairperson

John Michael Sampan Carmen Cecilia Veneracion Vice President/ Taskforce Chairperson

Treasurer/ Finance Committee Chairperson

Michelle Berna Sanchez

Academic Affairs Committe

The Executive Committee, or the Execom is the highest governing body in the Society, It is composed of 12 member

Cherish Mae Olanda Commsunity Development Committee Chairperson


Karen Nogaliza

Externals Committee Chairperson

Raymond Rainier Zabala Special Events Committee Chairperson

Maria Lucia Lopez Anna Carmina Martinez Francis William Lopez Echoes Editor-in-Chief

ee Chairperson

Membership Committee Chairperson

Sports Committee Chairperson

rs of Committee Chairpersons and Officers. The Execom meets every Monday, 12:00-1:00pm at the tambayan.

This committee is known as the HEART OF ECOSOC. It supervises the weekly tutorials for the Grade 3 students of Balara Elementary School every Wednesdays and the weekly day care sessions for the younger children of Pook Ricarte every Saturdays.

Aguila, Ana Fe Alcantara, Catherine Bundoc, Filipinas

Carlo Go Nandz Roxas

Vice Chairs

Catabay, Elviemma Coronel, Aira Juana

Rivera, Patricia Anne

De Asis, Diane Kate

Sanares, Samantha

Elpusan, Neil Everett

Santiago, Jessyka Mae

Morillo, Leonina

Sibulo, Marianne

Agustin, Miriam

Jimenez, Darrel John

Aquino, Ma. Corazon Kris

Laguardia, Carlo

Bez, Archie

Meru, Demetrio Jr.

Dayag, Florian Kim

Quintos, Melanie Grace

Delizo, Gene Herly Gutierrez, Terrylou Hilao, Sherri Gel Fernandez Its responsibility is to make sure that most of the academic needs of the members are met, as well as establish a good relationship with the UPSE faculty. They hold book rentals, symposia, tutorials, debate trainings and programs for the faculty.

Jay Tolentino Vice Chairs

Echoes is the official publication of the society. Echoes documents all of the society’s undertakings and provides a venue for Ecosocers with an inclination for writings. This committee manages the organization’s website and it also publishes the literary works, opinions and committee news.

Sam Anis

Photo Editor

Tin Cunanan News Editor

Yla Paras

Associate Editor

Jholo Moreno Features Editor

Lianne Lanceras Managing Editor

Austria, Audrey Joy

Salvador, Kash Aristotle

Badi, Carla Mae

Sarmiento, Willie

Firmacion, Ladislao III

Tia, Lalaind

Kua, Kesterson

Vega, Jose Alfonso Virgilio

Sabado, Precious Crisan


Kimmie Lazo Maui Rabuco Vice Chairs

Our “window” to the outside world, Externals updates the society with what’s going on around the college, university and the nation. It coordinates with the students and officers of other Econ organizations and of JPES, or Junior Philippine Economics Society. It also holds symposia, talks and company tours for Ecosocers.

Allejos, Marianne

Portacio, Sarah Dine

Ame, Ma. Angela Kristina

Romero, Karl Benjamin

Castillo, Jane

Santos, Patrick

De Vera, Maria Katrina

Silva, Nikko Emmanuel

Enriquez, Oliver Godfrey

Sy, Ma Sheena Jane

Garcia, Pat

Villanueva, Nicole Angela

Finance is responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of the society’s financial status and releases financial statements for each month. It holds meaningful and timely activities to raise funds for the organization, such as the National Youth Summit for Sustainable Development and Tree Planting.

CJ Villanueva Monique Sequito Vice Chairs

Abrahan, Giancarlo Lauro V

Okada, Maiko

Anglim, Allyana

Pelagio, Joy Pearl

Capacia, Karen Eloisa

Penaflor, Josephine Ann

Catral, Katrina Elea

Rodriguez, Rachelleen

Eleazar, Erik Jan

Sanchez, Ma. Jessica Christine

Morales, Cristina Victoria

Soriano, Ana Ysabel Umali, Kristine Camille

Rodanel Cris Pael Supangco Vice Chairs

Liaison is the society’s coordinator with the alumni. It updates the alumni on the activities the society is holding. It is responsible for updating the alumni database as it grows bigger after every semester. It holds career talks, symposia, company tours, and alumni dinners.

The Membership Committee handles the entire application process. It screens the applicants and monitors the progress of the members of the society. It is primarily responsible in the internal unity of the organization. It also holds the fun-filled Tambay Week every semester.

Aiko Araneta Vice Chairs Sieg Allegado Laurence Go Manzano, Katrina Ross Aure, Madel

Octaviano, Leslie Anne

Barit, Kenna

Pascual, Karen Kate

Burgos, Bea Rosario Louise

Quines, Angel Rose

Capulong, Fatima Marie

Raymundo, Denisse Monica

Chua, Dennis

Reyes, Noel Ricardo

Hao, Nicole Ranna

Suguitan, Carlo Emmanuel

Agustin, Gen

Empaynado, Karen

Bautista, Vera Marie

Gayosa, Madeth

Bertulfo, Jean Paula

Limgenco, Jeanne Rachel

Cañada, Pam

Nario, Ma. Regina

Cruz, Kathleen Anne

Talledo, Donna

Destacamento, Jenny

Tuason, Kate

As a virtual “extended arm” of the Secretary, Seccom is responsible for all paperwork in the society (except the publication) and artwork (posters, production work etc). It is responsible for the decorations as well as the cleanliness of the Ecosoc’s tambayan at SE 121. It also takes charge of the society’s directory, tshirts, and the applicant’s sigsheet and the Ecosoc calendar.

Pakaye Tuazon Mica de Jesus Vice Chairs

Bathan, Roxane

Diomampo, Francesco Dominic

Bienvenida, Raya Sabina

Gamos, Josephine

Chua, Jasper Enzo

Hermogenes, Patricia Mae

Coquia, Joshua

Li , Reginald

De Jesus, Ma. Monina Elisha

Metiam, Ida Rose

De Venecia, Caroline Irena

Pizarro, Anna Patricia Pua, Andrea Julienne

Josh Baquiran

Salonga, Vina Vanessa Victor, Kristine Joy

Marianne Rosario

Vice Chairs

SPEV holds exciting events such as the Treasure or Scavenger Hunt, Vice Night, Christmas Party, Medical Mission in line with the organization’s thrusts and the members’ well-being. It also caters to the cultural undertakings of the society.

Anabo, David Joseph

Feliciano, Paul Neilmer

Batocabe, Justin Cesar Anthony

Huang, Raymond Joseph

Cabal, Billie Kristel

Jampac, Jeanne May

Claravall, Maria Josefina

Lasco, Hannah Rochelle

Dadivas, Maria Annika

Lazo, Carlo Pico, Nathan Michael Santos, Rosalyne Faith

Carl Assidao

Karlo Patron Vice Chairs

The Sports Committee takes care of all the sporting vents of the society like the Members Bersus Applicants, Race of Thunder, and other Ecosoc tournaments.

Headed by the President, Adhoc is responsible for the month-long celebration of the Society’s anniversary month every September. Logistics A Dir. Raya Bienvenida Asst. Dir. Moppet Claravall Members: Dennis Chua Elvi Catabay Karen Empaynado Mocca Raymundo Nathan Pico Noel Reyes Publicity Dir. Andrea Julienne Pua Asst. Dir. Leslie Octaviano Members: Chevy Morales Madel Aure Mica de Jesus Triszh Hermogenes Wil-J Sarmiento Madeth Gayosa Kimmie Lazo Jo Gamos

Logistics B Dir. Maui Rabuco Asst. Dir. Kash Salvador Members: Carlo Go Carlo Lazo Pinay Bundoc Regina Nario Roxane Bathan Misha de Jesus

Marketing Dir. Josteen Vega Asst. Dirs.: Nandz Roxas, Ranna Hao Members: CJ Villanueva Joy Victor Kat Catral Monique Sequito Nica Aguila Ria Sibulo Pakaye Tuazon Alin de Venecia

Gel Fernandez Adhoc Co-Head

Sales and Finance Dir. Marianne Rosario Asst. Dir. Kenna Barit Members: Bhadz Badi Darrel Jimenez Jamoy Jampac Karen Capacia Timmy Capulong Josh Coquia Vina Salonga

Logistics Dir. Peachy Pizarro Asst. Dirs.: Carl Assidao, Ogie Enriquez Members: Sieg Alegado Ainna Anglim BJ Firmacion Laurence Go Chase Suguitan Jay Tolentino

Publicity Dir. Pam Cañada Asst. Dirs.: Jopee Pelagio, Patrick Santos Members: Sam Anis Josh Baquiran Yla Paras Pen Penaflor

Marketing Dir. Kaye Pascual Asst. Dirs.: Audrey Austria, Pat Garcia Members: Gian Abrahan Tin Cunanan Lianne Lanceras Inna Morillo Maiko Okada Jes Sanchez Sab Soriano

External Relations Dir. Faith Santos Asst. Dirs.: Jasper Chua, Karlo Patron Members: Cathy Alcantara Kate Cruz RJ Huang Sam Sañares

Sales and finance Dir. Pael Supangco Asst. Dirs.: Roda Cris, Jessyka Santiago Members: Lia Ame Dave Anabo Bea Burgos Terry Gutierrez Niki Villanueva

On the other hand, Taskforce is a special committee headed by the Vice President. Taskforce is responsible for the society’s major fundraising event that will support the ESSF.






















The Organization is not all about fun and partying. We are proud of the ESSF or the Economics Society Scholarship Fund. Out of this account, we are able to send five hig school students to school. We are an organization with a purpose. So try to befriend the scholars, know their guardians, and fill in the blanks:




The Constitution Committee is in charge of the constitution’s revisions and amendments.

The Commission on Elections is in charge of the election held towards the end of the first semester.

Mico Anabo

Sieg Alegado

The Scholar Committee is composed of the five guardians of the scholars, the President, the Treasurer and the CDC chairperson. They are the ones in-charge of the well-being of the scholars.

Audrey Austria

Kate Cruz

Karen Capacia

Yla Paras Jopee Pelagio Sab Soriano

Know your co-applicants. They will be your constant source of information as well as inspiration to be active. Remember, you’ll be working as a team, especially for Challenge Night. So start talking to your co-apps by asking them this question:

I wanna make you smile, whenever you’re sad. All I wanna do is grow old with you... How do you see yourself 50 years from now?

The UP Economics Society also has a wide array of its alumni, each excelling in his/her chosen field. The list includes some of the members of the UPSE faculty-Prof. Berna Puyat and Prof. Emmanuel Esguerra; showbiz personalities--Jon Santos, Renz Verano; high profile officials in the banking sector--Mr. Alex Escucha (VP-Chinabank), deputy Governor of BSP; and many many more. Now, what are you waiting for? Get to know the alumni by getting their autograph!

How do you see Ecosoc’s 50th birthday party?

Joining Ecosoc automatically makes you a member of two larger Economic organizations, the Junior Philippine Economics Society (JPES) and Philippine Council for Economic Students (PhilCES).

The Junior Philippine Economics Society (JPES) started 1988. The JPES is the junior arm of the Philippine Economics Society. It is a national organization composed of 20 organizations from 15 different universities all over the country. Its objective in uniting Economics students are all geared in the Pursuit of economic excellence. The Philippine Council for E c o n o m i c s Students (PhilCES) is an intercollegiate organization of economics majors in the country. It is the junior division of the Council of Economics Educators (CECON). The vision of PhilCES is competitive and highly competent economics education in academic institutions all over the nation. PhilCES aims to achieve this by providing innovation and diversity in the study of economics, initiating academic activities that will enhance the knowledge and skills of its members, and promote awareness and advocacy on various socio-political and economic issues.



Individual (15%) Sigsheet Tambay Hours

7% 8%

Events Based – Required (30%) Acquaintance Party Evaluation Challenge Night Evaluation Required Events Attended

5% 10% 15% •

Committee Based (15%) Committee Performance Internship Grade

10% 5%

Objective (30%) MidSem CheckUp Final Interview

15% 15%

Executive Committee Evaluation


Addtl’ Events Attended (Bonus) Guardian Ward Points (Bonus)

5% 5%

Passing: 80%

• • •

Attend 5 CDCs _ Medical Mission is required and may be included in the 5 _ GK Build is required and cannot be included in the 5 50 hours of tambay for the whole semester + 15 hours during Tambay Week _ (Sigsheets will be given to you once you have completed 10 hours of tambay.) Complete signatures of the Executive Committee in your Sigsheets 1 Committee Internship Midsem Check-up (Informal Interview)

Attend as many events as you can! Hey, we’re giving you reason to have A LOT OF FUN without feeling guilty. :)

__________________________ DATE VERIFICATION EVENT Applicants’ TBS 6/30 50th year Kick-off 7/5 Eventology 7/14 Acq. Party 7/11 MBA/Clean-App 7/28 1st Applicant GA 7/29 MidSem Chk-up 8/4-8 Challenge Night 8/15 2nd Applicant GA 8/26 Treasure Hunt 9/5 GK Build 9/6 Musikapella 9/14 Alumni Homecoming - 9/20 3rd Applicant GA 9/23 Adhoc Event 9/27 Final Interview 9/29-10/23 Induction Ball 10/10

You’re required to attend 5 CDCs -- 3 Mondays, 2 Saturdays. Still, we encourage you to go the extra mile and exceed the minimum requirement. Not only will you gain bonus points, you’ll also help our community. Don’t forget to have the CDC Chair verify your attendance! :)

_______________________ DATE VERIFICATION Mon CDC Mon CDC Mon CDC Sat CDC Sat CDC

Ever wondered how it feels like to be part of another committee? You are required to undergo one “committee internship” during your application process. This is an opportunity for you to experience a different committee, to help out in a different kind of event. You may choose from those below. Guidelines: 1. The internship you choose must not be from your “home” committee. 2. When you have chosen, approach the respective Execom in charge of that internship. 3. Approach them as early as possible, as some internships have limited slots. 4. When your internship is over, don’t forget to give the Execom-in-charge of the internship your Internship Evaluation Form. 5. Ask the Memcom Chair for an Internship Evaluation Form. Liaison - Alumni Talk Membership - Grand Tradition SPEV - Tambay Week Event/ Vice Night Taskforce - Musikapella

Tambay Week (Sept 8-12) will be the most colorful week of the application process. Why? Well that is because there’s a “happening” each day. Also, __ tambay hours are expected from you. Hmm, sounds time-consuming? We think not because Aubrey Gloriani a.k.a. Tambay King had __ tambay hours in just one week. If he can, then why can’t you? So, come on, enjoy the company of the members and be the next Tambay King or Queen!


time in

time out



Besides the committee you’ve been assigned to, it wouldn’t hurt to extend an extra helping hand to the other committees. Do assist in little ways, and the head of the committee will reward you with bonus points.





SIGSHEET: Ecosoc, The Gold Mark of SET  

Applicants' Signature Sheet AY 2008-2009 1st Sem

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