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River Name: Date Type of Input Description Land Use

Wylye Site Number 13 23/12/2015 NGR ST8259537227 Sediment Priority Low Heavily eroded arable field from farm traffic LHB: Woodland plantation, Arable RHB: Pasture, woodland plantation Field Vegetation LHB: Overwintering crops, Poplar, RHB: Poplar, Pasture grass Scrubby vegetation Comments: Heavily eroded field from farm traffic is collecting water at the bottom of a steep sloped arable field. The water collected is high in sediment and cuttings have been placed in the field margins into the woodland to allow run-off when the field is saturated and water saturated land is present. Mitigation: Increase field margins and create swales or grassy areas to absorb the water. Look at crop management to prevent requirement for driving over very wet ground and stopping compaction of soil. Delivery mechanism: CSF farm advice visit. Potential ES or CS options.

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Avon sediment pathways 2016 wcsrt report  

Avon sediment pathways 2016 wcsrt report  

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