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River Name: Date

Swan/Were ? 23/12/2015

Site Number NGR

5 ST8512444949 To ST8578745162 Medium

Type of Input Sediment Priority Description Drainage channel from derelict land Land Use LHB: Scrub, Woodland RHB: Scrub, Woodland Vegetation LHB: Scrubby vegetation, small trees RHB: Scrubby vegetation, small trees Comments: Small Buffer strip on field margin directly next to the channel. In a number of places the margin is heavily compacted and has puddles of standing water. This continues through both fields all the way up to the A36. Mitigation Action: Increase the buffer strip along the edge of the field margin along the course of this channel. Delivery mechanism: CSF farm advice visit. Potential ES or CS options.

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Avon sediment pathways 2016 wcsrt report  

Avon sediment pathways 2016 wcsrt report  

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