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River Name: Date Type of Input Description Land Use Vegetation

Wylye Site Number 23b 23/12/2015 NGR ST8512337294 Sediment Priority Medium Sediment from track and field run-off entering the watercourse LHB: Rough grassland, formal garden RHB: Horse pasture LHB: scrubby grass, some trees, RHB: Pasture grass, some trees, hedgerows hedgerows Comments: North of Ford crossing point (byway) on the river Wylye with heavily eroded verge banks and track. Access track from arable field is causing sediment to enter the main watercourse during high rainfall events. Mitigation: Improve access to field gate by putting in hard standing, thus reducing erosion. The ford will need to be investigated by Wiltshire Highways, potential to create drainage channels to divert water onto adjacent land before it reaches the ford and re-surface byway to reduce erosion. Delivery mechanism: CSF farm advice visit. Wiltshire Council Highways scheme.

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Avon sediment pathways 2016 wcsrt report  

Avon sediment pathways 2016 wcsrt report  

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