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APEM Scientific Report P00000410

Mitigation: Overland Runoff – Soil testing to investigate soil structure and potential for compaction with suggested excavation of a small swale where the water is currently pooling in the vicinity of the road. This would act as a settling pool and would limit the volume of water discharging into the water course and onto the road. Stock exclusion required if implemented Feasibility – Excavation of small swale with stock proofing feasible with good engagement with the farmer. Soil structure investigation is unlikely to be progressed even if compaction is identified.

Road widening - Minimise erosion of road side margins by introducing protective curbing and improving road drains to reduce saturation of surrounding verges. Potentially introducing pull over bays. Limit use of wide agricultural vehicles and introduce grips onto Share Lane to break pathways to watercourse. Feasibility - Pending discussion with the highways agency but all road drains should be satisfactorily unblocked.

May 2016 v1 – Final

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Avon sediment pathways 2016 apem report  

Avon sediment pathways 2016 apem report  

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