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Premium Cereal Bars For all demanding and very specific requests on the product we develop and tailor recipes with very particular ingredients, realising individual claims in order to achieve utmost enjoyment for the consumer.


Bar with entire Nuts

Bar with big Fruit Pieces

Organic Bar with Exotic Fruit

Savoury Vegetable Bar

Flakes Bar

Mini Cereal Bars

Trendy Cereal Bars According to new style and consumer preferences we are happy to develop new concepts which really bring enjoyment especially for kids and passionate snackers. Examples

Cocoa Crisps Kids Bar

Biscuit Sweet Treat Bar

Packaging options Following standards from Mini bars into pouches, to single bars in bulky trays up to beneficial retailing display cases ready for the shelves, please select your preferred packaging.

Private Label

Cereal Bars

Technologies & Competencies

Single-pack / Twin-pack

Counter Display


Ready to shelf

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Sorted / Assorted Display Tray

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Your tailor-made

cereal bar solutions

Cereal Bar

Production Techniques

Higher quality, more innovation and deep passion are the ingredients of our success. With HACO you are opting for a very professional private label partner who has more than 40 years of manufacturing experience. We offer customized cereal bar concepts, exclusive developments for your brand and we support you with our flexible and immediate services. So realise your vision in partnership with HACO!

Swiss Quality

Dutch Engeneering

Austrian Business Excellence


Partly coated

The classical style of cereal bar is still one of the most popular snacks. These bars can get enriched by various flavors, cereals, fruit components or savoury ingredients depending on style and taste desire.

Soft or baked cereal bars partly coated with finest chocolate or a tasty white overglaze. This technology gives the consumer an insight into the composition of the bar without losing its sweet and indulgent taste.

Cereal Bars

Cereal Bars


Specific features and attributes driven by the latest food trends:

A wide range of possible functional cereal bars:

Wholegrain & oat, fibre-enriched, multigrain

Allergen-free Bars

Organic + organic coating

Kosher Certified Bars

No additives

Glutenfree Bars

No artificial colours, flavors and preservatives

Meal Replacement Bars

No trans fats / No hydrogenated fat / No Palm oil

L-Carnitin Bars


Coffee / Guarana Bars

Low saturated fat / low fat

Dietary / Figure-control / Fitness Bars

Light / Low calories

Energy / Sports Bars – Before / During / After

Rich / high in vitamins and / or minerals

With biscuits

Suitable for toddlers & kids

Savoury-taste bars

No added sugar / sugar-reduced

Organic Bars


Soft Savoury bars

Blackberry / Apple

Natural drizzled

Strawberry & Yogurt bar with Drizzle

Fruit Bar with Drizzle



Soft or baked cereal bars coated with finest chocolate or a tasty white overglaze. This concept works fantastic with fruit and light cereals.

This concept provides the bars with a dairy-like touch, adding a layer of tasty milk and cream in between two layers of cereals. Available in several flavours with the possibility of intensifying the taste with extra fruit inclusions.

Cereal Bars

Cereal Bars


Coconut milk / chocolate

Chocolate Chips / Drops


Strawberry / Milk

Free from wheat / sesame Added Beta-Glucan to lower cholesterol

High nut content Nutfree possible

A wonderful crunchy and tasty snack suitable for almost any occasion. Similar to Granola it is a fantastic change in taste. More over the home-baked appearance makes them unique and very popular.

Very soft bars consisting of dried fruit or vegtables, juice concentrate, wholegrain oats get then gently baked for a soft delicious fruity or savoury taste. The texture is so soft that is even appropriate for toddlers.

Sandwich Format

Cereal Bars


Plus: different shapes and dimensions!

Dome Shape

Soft baked

Cereal Bars

High fruit content > 36 %

Flat Format


Max.: 110 x 38 x 16 mm Min.: 80 x 28 x 9 mm Mini-Format: 45 x 28 x 9 mm

Natural crunchy

Cinnamon crunchy

Coated Crunchy Bars

Crunchy Bars in Twin-pack Format

Vegetable Oat Bars

Organic Kids Bars

Haco private label cereal bars portfolio 2013