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New Hackney Family Directory The new Hackney Family Directory will be coming out mid March. Each primary school pupil will receive a copy to take home. It will also be widely available through Hackney libraries, children’s centres and Hackney information points. If your organisation would like copies, please contact us or call 020 8820 7590. Benefit update Bedroom tax From April 2013, working age people who get housing benefit and live in a Hackney Homes or housing association home will get penalised if they have more bedrooms than the government says they need. One bedroom will be allowed for each: Couple Person over 16 Two children (under 16) of the same sex Two children under 10 Any other child A carer providing overnight care whose normal home is elsewhere A Border or Lodger No rooms will be allowed for foster children. No rooms will be allowed for children whose main home is elsewhere. They will lose 14% for one additional bedroom over size requirement and 25% for two bedrooms or more over size requirement. To find out what is happening in Hackney, and how you can help your clients go to the Hackney Community Empowerment Network For families: things to do Easter Holiday playschemes There are a number of playschemes running over the Easter holidays (29 March-12 April). Click here for the list or call FIS on 020 8820 7590. Working parents who are receiving Working Tax Credit may be able to access the childcare element to get back some of their childcare costs. Find out more by going on the HMRC website, or call 0845 300 3900. Free and Fun things to do The main museum is free, though adults pay £2.50 to check out the Alms Houses. Up-date on services for families Hackney Food Bank Hackney is the second most deprived borough in England. Hackney Foodbank provides a minimum of 3 days emergency food and support to local people in crisis. Please get in touch with Foodbank if your organisation wants to take part identifying people in crisis and issuing them with Foodbank vouchers. There are currently 2 distribution centres in Hackney: in Hoxton and Stoke Newington. Office hours are 9.30am-5.30pm (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays). T.07570 862 937 E. Speech & Language Therapists at Primary Schools By Jane Rolt, Acting Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist, Primary Schools Speech and Language Therapists working in primary schools in Hackney see children from nursery class up to those in Year 6 (we also have therapists working in the Early Years and Secondary Schools). In primary schools we work with children with a wide range of difficulties – Autism, language delay or impairment, speech sound difficulties, stammering, voice problems. We aim to support the school to meet the child’s needs. Examples of what we do include: setting up and running a language group - modelling it to a teaching assistant so they can take over and carry it on, or working directly with a child to teach them a new speech sound and then showing a teaching assistant how to continue the work. My favourite type of intervention at the moment is working with a whole class on listening skills. We teach four key listening skills through party games, and then the teacher carries on working on the skills. It is great fun and the children can benefit enormously! For further information about Speech and Language Therapy contact our hotline on 020 7683 4587/4262 or from April 2013 look out for our new website at For children aged 0-4 years, Speech and Language Therapists have Walk in Talking groups, available at Children’s Centres. Please call the numbers above for more information or contact FIS

HENRY (Health Exercise Nutrition for the Really Young) HENRY (Health Exercise Nutrition for the Really Young) is an evidence-base programme that was developed to meet the needs of practitioners and communities when tackling the growing problem of overweight and obesity in preschool children. It was developed by Professor Mary Rudolf, an expert in childhood obesity and Candida Hunt, a specialist in parenting and emotional literacy. HENRY Let's Get Healthy with HENRY parenting groups is for parents and carers who have babies, toddlers or young children under 5. The groups run for 8 weeks and are free. A crèche is provided. Each session is 2.5hrs long with 30 minutes of family time (game and healthy snack) and 2 hrs of parent time. The groups are ideal for parents/carers who Want to know more about/want to improve their lifestyle and build healthy eating habits Those who would like ideas on weaning children away from the screen Those who are struggling to get their children to eat more vegetables or have a more varied diet Those who are concerned about their child's weight. The sessions are a mix of healthy eating and lifestyle support combined with parenting skills to help to achieve this. Parenting Programmes For updated information on the January to April parenting programmes leaflet, please contact the Family Information Service on 020 8820 7590 or go to the website for a copy. One-off Parenting Session Hackney Quest and First Steps are holding a one-off session for parents of children aged 11+ For more information please contact or call 020 8533 5480 Useful Links Other Hackney e-newsletters for staff working with Children & Young People Working with young people over 12 - Young Hackney – a fortnightly e-newsletter on Hackney services. Working with families with children under 12 - Family Information Service – half-termly e-newsletter on childcare, parenting courses and family services. Disabled children – weekly e-newsletter from Hackney Ark on services for Hackney families with disabled children. Health policy summaries – Schools – weekly bulletin to head teachers and senior leaders in schools Published by the Family Information Service at Hackney Learning Trust. Do you have a story or event for our newsletter? Email or call us on 020 8820 7590. Article word limit is 150 words and copy deadline is 26 April 2013

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