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Hackney Parent / Carer of a child with a disability and / or Special Educational Needs?

Want to know more about planned legal changes for meeting the needs of children with special educational needs from September 2014? Help shape the development of SEN provision in Hackney Come to the next meeting of the

SEN Parents Forum with Helen McNulty, Head of SEN and Disabilities Tuesday 26 February 10.00 -12.00 at Hackney Learning Trust, 1 Reading Lane London E8 1GQ

Please call Jenny at HPPS on 020 7014 7123 to let us know you are coming, especially if you need an interpreter or have any special needs yourself. Sorry, but we are not able to provide a crèche for this meeting If you can’t come to this meeting, but would like your views to be considered, please contact HIP (Hackney Independent Forum for Parents/Carers of Children with Disabilities) on 07985 739851 or Scilla Morgan at hackney parent partnership service on 020 7014 7123

SEN forum for parents and Carers Feb  

Meeting for parents