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The BUZZ at Harrisburg Campus

July/August 2010

The May/June issue of the Buzz included much information on the Strategic Plan for the Harrisburg Campus. The last meeting of the Campus Team was held on May 19, 2010 at Midtown II, and included a report from John Eberly on Finance, Information Technology, Security, Facilities, and Auxiliary Services (WWCC, Radius, Mailroom, and Pollock Childcare Center). We defined the Campus goals and priorities in each of these areas as it relates to the Harrisburg Campus. The last day for sales at Radius (the museum store) was on June 25, 2010, ending a 5-year run for this initiative. The transition of the Pollock Childcare Center to having an outside vendor (U-Gro) manage its operation is underway. U-Gro will commence operations on August 16, 2010. More information on the goals and priorities of these areas will be included in a later issue of The BUZZ.

We invite you to be a part of this process by submitting your thoughts, ideas, items of interest, awards, faculty and staff profiles, etc., utilizing the last page of this edition of “The Buzz�.

Harrisburg Campus Executive Team Revised July 2010

Campus Vice President/Dean – Nancy Rockey Nancy’s major function is to direct the operations of the regional campus and take a strategic leadership role in developing comprehensive college programs and services that meet the community's needs. She is expected to be visible in the community and be the representative of the college in the assigned service area – Dauphin, Cumberland, and Perry Counties. Her direct reports include Linda Lefevre (Executive Dean, Academic Affairs), John Eberly (Executive Director, Business Affairs), Winnie Black (Dean, Student Affairs), Sheila Ciotti (Executive Director, Midtown), Pat Thompson (Campus Director of Human Resources), and Janice MillerZerbe (Executive Assistant). Nancy is located in S108B and can be reached by phone at extension 1774, (cell) 991-1218, or via email at

Academic Affairs Executive Dean – Linda Lefevre Linda’s span of supervision encompasses the personnel responsible for all academic programming and support at the Harrisburg Campus. This includes all Academic Deans (Lori Fair, Virgil Ganescu, Thad Sampson, Diane Thompson, and the vacant Math & Science Dean), the Academic Success Director (Marguerite MacDonald), the Library and Information Resources Director (David Pappas), the college in high school coordinator (Joanna Stoms), the Performing Artist Series Director (Teri Guerrissi), and support staff (Deb DeSantis) at the Harrisburg Campus. She also provides college-wide curricular leadership for the Arts & Humanities Departments, and operational leadership for Business, Hospitality &Tourism Division (BHT) and the Art Department of CHA. Linda is located in S112D, and can be reached by phone at extension 2366 or via email at

Campus Dean, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management – Winnie Black Winnie’s direct reports include Jennifer Jackson, Christine Cappuzzo (Counseling & Advising), Raquel Walmer & Heather Reber (Financial Aid), Winnie Richards (Child Care Center). Crystal Scheib (Registration & Cashiering), Danielle Brookhart (Admissions), and Willetta Huth (Welcome Center). Winnie oversees the quality and availability of student services for both credit and non-credit students at the Harrisburg Campus. Winnie is located in C107A, and can be reached by phone at extension 2410 or via email at

Executive Director, Business Affairs – John Eberly John’s role is diverse. It encompasses responsibility for Budget Management (Brenda Krebs), Information Technology (Chris Fuller), Facilities Management (Joe Wojtysiak), Security (Paul Morin), & Business, Auxiliary & Ancillary Operations (Jay Ellison). John is located in S108D, and can be reached by phone at extension 2648 or via email at

Senior Director, Business, Auxiliary & Ancillary Operations – Jay Ellison Jay is responsible for overseeing the WWCC (Michael Baker), the Mailroom (Tony Armstead), and outsourced contractors (duplicating, food services, vending, childcare center, etc.). Jay is located in S112G, and can be reached by phone at extension 1717 or via email at

Campus Human Resources Director – Pat Thompson Pat’s responsibilities include employment and recruitment, employee relations, new employee orientation, compensation/classification, benefits functions, and general information dissemination for the Harrisburg Campus. She will provide support & guidance to managers on HR issues and serve as an advocate for Harrisburg Campus employees. Pat is located in S108A, and can be reached by phone at extension 2632 or via email at

Executive Director, Midtown – Sheila Ciotti Sheila is responsible for the day-to-day operation of HACC Midtown. She oversees all of Student Services., including registration, cashiering, financial aid, career and admission services. She is also responsible for the coordination and approval of room space at Midtown 1 and Midtown 2, for both internal and external constituents. Sheila works with department chairs to develop the Midtown general education schedule. She also provides cabinet level staff with relevant data and statistics regarding Midtown students, enrollment, programs, and other activities. Sheila works with Midtown staff and faculty to provide quality services to Midtown students. Sheila is located at MID2–112, and can be reached by phone at extension 1420 or via email at Sheila has accepted a position at Penn State Hershey Medical Center as the Operations Director for the Department of Anesthesiology. She will have the operational oversight of the Anesthesiology Department including the Residency program. Sheila’s resignation is effective August 13, 2010. CONGRATULATIONS SHEILA!!!!!!!!

Executive Assistant to the Campus VP/Dean– Janice Miller-Zerbe Janice’s role is to assist the campus VP with daily office operations, oversee the transition of College functions to Campus functions; respond to and resolve sensitive questions, or concerns from Harrisburg faculty, staff, and the public. Plan, organize, and execute special events and projects convened by the VP’s Office in conjunction with Harrisburg Campus Division offices, i.e., Honors Convocation. Janice is located in S108C, and can be reached by phone at extension 1773 or via email at

Administrative Office Specialist to Executive Dean – Deb DeSantis Deb is responsible for providing support to the Academic Affairs Executive Dean at the Harrisburg Campus, Linda Lefevre. She will also provide support to Linda as curriculum Dean of Arts & Humanities and operational dean of Arts and BHT. In this role she will record curricular changes and forward materials for College approval, assist with division accreditations, and share information with College offices. She will also coordinate the Harrisburg room allocation list and the Adjunct In-service program. Deb is located in S112E, and can be reached by phone at extension 3247 or via email at

Human Resources Specialist – Holly Bailor Holly’s responsibilities include providing specialized support to the Campus Human Resources Director. She also supports the Harrisburg Campus staff by providing assistance with the online employment application process, RAFs, EPAFs, interview scheduling, clerical testing, and general HR information. Additionally, she responds to questions and requests for assistance from the public with regard to our employment process. Holly is located in S107, and can be reached by phone at extension 1769 or via email at


Functional Area


Campus Administration

Nancy Rockey, Campus Vice President/ Dean

Academic Affairs

Janice Miller-Zerbe Executive Assistant Linda Lefevre Executive Dean

Office extension/ Location 1774/S108B 991-1218 (cell) 1773/S108C 2366/S112D

Deb DeSantis Admin. Office Specialist Lori Fair, Dean Health Careers & Transitional Studies


Virgil Ganescu, Dean Technology (TECH)


Thad Sampson, Dean Communications, Humanities, & The Arts (CHA)


Diane Thompson, Dean Social Sciences (SOSC)


Dean, Math & Science (Vacant)


David Pappas, Director, Library Services


Margie MacDonald, Director Office of Academic Success



Responsibility Campus operations; development of programs & services. Administrative support for Vice President; transition oversight. Academic programming. Supervises all Harrisburg Campus Deans, the Academic Success Director, the Library & Information Services Director, Performing Artist Series Director, and the College in High School Coordinator. Hbg. Operational: Business, Hospitality & Tourism, and Arts. College-wide Curriculum: Arts & Humanities Administrative support for Executive Dean. Hbg. Operational: Transitional Studies, Nursing, & Allied Health. College-wide Curriculum: Transitional Studies & Human Development Hbg. Operational: Computer, Engineering & Industrial Technology College-wide Curriculum: Engineering & Industrial Technology Hbg. Operational: Communications, English, Humanities, College-wide Curriculum: Communication, English Hbg. Operational: Social Science College-wide Curriculum: Global Studies, Education and Legal Studies Hbg. Operational: Mathematics Biology, Physical Science, & Physical Education (currently under Lori Fair) Curriculum, College-wide: Mathematics McCormick Library

Office of Academic Success & Testing Center

Joanna Stoms, Coordinator College in the High School

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Business Affairs

Teri Guerissi, Director Performing Artist Series Winnie Black Campus Dean Jennifer Jackson Admin. Office Specialist Christine Cappuzzo, Sr. Campus Director Counseling & Advising Raquel Walmer Heather Reber Co- Campus Directors, Financial Aid Winnie Richards Campus Manager Pollock Childcare Center Willetta Huth, Sr. Campus Director, Welcome Center Crystal Scheib Campus Coordinator Registration & Cashiering Welcome Center Danielle Brookhart, Campus Director, Admissions John Eberly Executive Director

1788/S109E 2576/A120 2410/C107A

Harrisburg: College in the High School and the offsite classes. locations. Rose Lehrman Arts Center Student services for both credit and non-credit students.


Administrative Support for Campus Dean and Senior Campus Director.


Counseling, advising, disability services, career services, and Keys.

2639/C212 1168/C211

Financial Aid.


Pollock Child Care Center.


Welcome Center.


Registration & cashiering.




Campus budget management, Information Technology, Facilities Management, Security, Student Accounts, & Business, Auxiliary & Ancillary Operations. Campus Facilities Management.

Joe Wojtysiak, Sr. Director Facilities Management


Chris Fuller, Campus Technical Support Manager Information Technology Paul Morin, Campus Security Director, Safety & Security Jay Ellison, Sr. Director Business, Auxiliary & Ancillary Operations


Campus IT support, Media Services, Help Desk, etc.


Campus Security.


Oversight of the Wildwood Conference Center, the Mailroom, Duplicating Services, and outsourced contractors (food services, vending, childcare center, etc.). Campus budget.

Brenda Krebs, Sr. Fiscal Analyst, Budget Office


Human Resources


Pat Thompson Campus HR Director


Holly Bailor Human Resources Specialist


Sheila Ciotti Executive Director (thru August 13, 2010)


Donna Daversa, Student Services Specialist


Cindy Ernharth Career Counselor


Employment, recruitment, employee relations, employee advocate, compensation, and benefits. Administrative support for HR Director & providing assistance with online employment process, ERAFs, EPAFs, interview scheduling, temporary agency requests, and general HR information. Day to day operations. All Student Services activities; coordination/approval of room space at Midtown 1 & 2; development of Midtown general education schedule; enrollment & program statistics for Midtown students. Provides support services to Student Services staff & front line services to students. Assists with the planning & implementation of Midtown events & activities. Provides career development services to Midtown students & advises TRDW, WIA, and Trade Act students.


July 2010 Diane Appelt Jennifer Boyd Sandra Hinthorn

Library Technician, Midtown Marketing/Promotions Coordinator Student Affairs Technician, Financial Aid

August 2010 John Austin David Pappas Ann Shaffer

Building Services Technician Campus Library Director Education Specialist, Surgical Technology

New Faculty

Justin Bichler – Biology James Duran - Reading Fred Gantz - Sociology Darrell Keener - HVAC Kathleen Ledermann - Psychology

Deb Lynch - English Camelia Maianu - Psychology Liz Mauncele - Nursing Jeff Newhard - Counseling


Security Substation is now operational. The substation is located on the second floor of the Cooper Student Center and is staffed by a Safety and Security Officer and Student Worker. Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. are the hours of operation. Students can now get their student IDs and parking passes, as well as information about the College’s Safety and Security Department and policies, without having to leave the Student Center.


Midtown II, 3rd & Reilly

The Midtown Technology Camp was held from July 12th through July 15th at the Midtown 2 building. The Camp was at full capacity with 15 participants, and was extremely successful. The technology topics covered included:

Web Design and Development Geospatial Technology Electrical Engineering Mechatronics/Solar Mechatronics/Energy Auditing Architecture/CAD Engineering


Midtown I / CCTA Renovations: The building is now fully operational. There is a new entrance lobby, Security office and elevator. On the first floor there are several attractive classrooms, forty eight welder training stations and the machine shop which has been relocated from the second to the first floor. The second floor is occupied by the Workforce Economic Development and Entrepreneurial staffs. There are also several classrooms and a conference room.

Former Domestic Linens Building Site: The parking lot has been paved and light fixtures and access gate have been installed. The concrete sidewalk along 4th Street is now being poured. Continuation of the urban meadow paved brickwork will follow shortly.

Blocker Hall: Renovations to house the Allied Healthcare programs in the first floor, south wing of Blocker Hall, are nearing completion. Staff will be moving in and will be functioning for Fall 2010 classes. Rooms B-120 and B-122 are being prepared for the Nurses Aide program and will be ready by mid August. Financial Aid Office: In an effort to improve service, a custom counter, with six customer service stations, has been designed and is being fabricated. Installation is projected for the end of July or early August.

Public Safety Center: The Phase 1 project to construct a 47,000 square foot Law Enforcement building is in the early design stage. The facility will contain 25 indoor firing range positions for pistol and rifle. Bids for construction are expected to be advertised in early 2011 with completion of construction by mid 2012.

Evans Physical Education Pool: Within the next two weeks, the pools will be drained to replace the drain grates, to replace tile damaged during this renovation and, where necessary, to regrout tile in the pool bottom. The pool is expected to be operational for the Fall semester.

Mixology Classroom: The conversion of Mumma 130 from a computer lab to a new home for the credit and non-credit Mixology and Wine Tasting programs will be completed by mid August. Demolition has been completed and a contract has been finalized for the new construction and equipment installation.

Childcare HVAC System: An engineering study has been completed and a decision has been made concerning the best option for upgrading and relocating the existing HVAC system. We are now in the process of soliciting bids for construction and establishing an installation schedule.

Campus Cleanup: Line painting of parking spaces, STOP logos, handicap logos, pedestrian crossings, and sidewalk curbs is well underway and is expected to be completed by mid August.

SGA Furniture Additions: Ten picnic tables with umbrellas (funded by SGA) have been received and will be assembled and placed on campus prior to the start of Fall classes. Magazine & Glossy Paper Recycling: A recycle container has been placed at entrance #3 in the stoned area of the West Parking lot (parallel to Industrial Road). It will be available 24 hours a day for students, faculty, staff, and the general public to dispose of any glossy materials and to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities速 of Central Pennsylvania. There will not be any bins in buildings and everyone is to dispose of recycled magazines in the large container.


Arlene is a hard worker and a dedicated employee. There has never been a time when asked to do something that she’s been anything other than willing to help. Many comments have been received from our clients about how she does her best to help them out. A primary part of Arlene’s job is working at the front desk greeting and helping our customers. She is always ready to help anyone who walks through the CSC doors. Whether a contractor, College employee or student, she always gets people to the right location and in contact with the appropriate College representative. Arlene’s help has ranged from assisting in tracking people down to helping contractors gain access to buildings, to driving the bus on a rainy day so contractors could inspect a campus project. A smile and cheerful greeting always awaits customers at the CSC. Arlene is truly an asset to the College and FMD.

PROFILE Yolanda Perez-Rivera was recently profiled in the Spring/Summer issue of the NOW magazine published by The Patriot-News. She was also a headliner in the Sunday, July 11, 2010 issue of The Patriot News. Here is how she responded to the magazine interview questions: RESIDENCE? Harrisburg OCCUPATION? Professor of Counseling at Harrisburg Area Community College. Master’s degree in Education; master’s degree in Bilingual Bicultural Education. FAMILY? : Single. Four children, 41-45; nine grandchildren, 6-18. DIET? “I try not to eat sugar, salt or red meats and to focus on high fiber foods. I usually cook but haven’t done much lately. I know that too much eating out isn’t good.” FAVORITE SNACK? Fruit EXERCISE? Walking BEAUTY ROUTINE?“I take care of my skin using Mary Kay Timewise products, designed for women over 40. I have regular manicures, pedicures, a few facials a year and haircuts in Reading by someone who understands my hair. Years ago, I was color analyzed and continued to stick to the color chart, which helps my mood and state of being.” HOBBIES? “Volunteer work and community service are important. I’m president of the Latino Hispanic Professional Association and involved with the future Latino-Hispanic American Community Center, and Estamos Unidos. I also enjoy writing notes – a lost art – to friends and a pen pal I’ve had for five years. Wherever I travel, I send postcards to all my grandchildren.” FRIENDSHIPS? “Friends are like extended family. With friends I feel nurtured and connected, which is important for good mental health. Friends validate who your are and what you do. If there is something you need to improve, they can pinpoint that.” SECRET TO HAPPINESS IN YOUR 60s? “Be happy with the process of aging. I would not go backwards. I am very happy where I am now. I also nurture my spiritual dimension, both in faith with the Bible and aesthetics through art and music, which keep me emotionally balanced.” WHAT WOULD SURPRISE PEOPLE ABOUT YOU? “Many years ago, my family was a part of a ham radio group in Puerto Rico that went looking for UFOs in the El Yunque Rain Forest Mountains.”

Congratulations Yolanda!!!!!!!!!


Jill Matolyak and her husband welcomed a new addition to their family. Benjamin Matolyak was born on June 5th and weighed in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces.

CONGRATULATIONS Jill and family!!!!!!

Pam Stein has been awarded a certificate of completion from the Leadership Harrisburg Area organization. Pam completed the Community Leadership Program and is a member of the class of 2010. A graduation ceremony was held at The State Museum of Pennsylvania on May 19, 2010.


Marguerite MacDonald The Leadership Harrisburg Area (LHA) Board voted unanimously to approve Margie’s nomination to their Board of Directors effective on July 1, 2010.

CONGRATULATIONS Margie!!!!!!!!!!

Beginning August 1, Gretchen Ramsey will begin her new job as the College's Director of Legislative Affairs. Gretchen has done an outstanding job as Campus Development Officer for the Harrisburg Campus. It has become increasingly evident that we need to pay additional attention to our state and local representatives. There is money available from these groups that we want to aggressively work with and tap for money and that is what Gretchen is going to provide. Her presence on the advocacy team will help us with funding and help us create an even more positive relationship with our legislators. Gretchen's previous job as Campus Development Officer is posted and telephone interviews will be conducted during the week of July 26, 2010. We hope that we can find someone half as enthusiastic and dedicated as Gretchen for that position. Please join us in congratulating Gretchen for her hard work to date - particularly on the Public Safety Center Fundraising Campaign - and in wishing her great success in her new role at HACC.


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HEALTHY HINTS June 8, 2010

The Low-Down on High Blood Pressure Kick hypertension to the curb with a few tips and some willpower.

With nearly one in three adults suffering from high blood pressure, there’s no better time to get the world population back in tiptop shape. Uncontrolled hypertension can result in stroke, kidney failure and heart failure – all without warning. Known as a “silent disease,” high blood pressure can sneak up on anyone at anytime. Fortunately, however, the risk of hypertension-related complications can be reduced. And while a doctor may prescribe effective medications to keep your pressure under control, there are many things you can do to take your health into your own hands! Here are some natural tips to avoid a trip to the ER: 1. Shape up and trim down: Extra weight means extra digits on your blood pressure reading. So, doctors recommend a DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet. Try to keep your meals around 2,000 calories a day with seven to eight servings of grains, four to five servings of vegetables, four to five servings of fruit and two to three servings of low-fat or nonfat dairy foods. Nuts and legumes should also make an appearance in your diet, but keep the sweets to a minimum (about five servings per week). Alcohol and sodium/salt should definitely be limited, too.

Pay attention to your BMI (body mass index) as well, making sure you’re in the normal range of 18.5 – 24.9. If you’re not, then make it your goal to trim down; even losing 10 pounds can help reduce or prevent high blood pressure! Exercise, therefore, is another must. However, a workout doesn’t have to be a marathon training session. Just 30 minutes of physical activity for most of the week will help improve your overall health. Take it slow with a walk or play catch with your little one – it all counts. 2. Say no to stimulants: Because caffeine and cigarette smoke contain stimulants, they elevate your blood pressure. One or two cups of fresh ground coffee can raise pressure to an unhealthy Stage 1, and cigarettes, of course, do their fair share of bodily damage. Any nicotine product in general will cause your blood vessels to constrict and your heart to beat faster, which quickly raises your blood pressure. Quitting will not only help you lower your long-term blood pressure, but you’ll greatly reduce your chances of suffering from heart disease or a heart attack. If you’re a coffee lover, consider other ways to get your fix, or at least start by cutting back. 3. Stop Stressing: Studies have shown that people under stress experience a significant rise in blood pressure. If you are overweight or have a family history of hypertension, stress can take an even greater toll on your body. Help out your heart with a walk, meditation or relaxing music. Many experts even suggest that a hot bath for only 15 minutes can help lower high blood pressure for several hours!

Simple lifestyle changes can have a dramatic, positive impact on high blood pressure. Talk to your doctor about how to take better care of your body with or without the help of medication; you may find that you’re in more control of your hypertension than you think. Need to re-evaluate your fast food addiction or smoking habit? Go think it over – on a 30-minute walk!

HARRISBURG CAMPUS EMPLOYEE BUZZ Received an award recently? New child or grandchild? Buy a new house? Vacation on a new island? Having a birthday soon? Employee profiles? If you would like to be profiled, to nominate someone to be profiled, or to share some personal information with your co-workers at the Harrisburg Campus, please complete the form below, read & sign the release, and send it to Pat Thompson, S108A. Pictures are welcomed! Name______________________________________________________ Job Title __________________________________________________ Location__________________________________________________ Profile?___________________________________________________ What’s new?_____________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Release: I, the undersigned, give permission to HACC and/or its agents to use the information contained in or attached to this form as a part of any edition(s) of “The Buzz”. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished edition. Signature: __________________________________________ Date:__________ _________ July 26, 2010

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