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Greetings! For the first time, HACC and the HACC Foundation present a combined annual report for fiscal year 2013-14. Inside you will read about employees, donors and others in the community who are changing the lives of HACC students throughout our geographic footprint. You will also find financial statements with links to more data available through our website.

John J. “Ski” Sygielski, Ed.D., HACC president

I am fortunate to be with HACC at such a historic time. We began HACC’s 50th year by celebrating our history, successes and growth from a single campus to a five-campus institution serving 10 counties in Pennsylvania plus students all over the world. As part of our celebration, students received tuition giveaways made possible by generous contributions by donors during my journey to all the campuses in Dr. Ski’s Miles of Gratitude – Tour de HACC last April. Special anniversary events, such as the historical panel discussion and lectures, brought visitors to our campuses to experience all that HACC has to offer. This report also recognizes those who support HACC with their generous contributions and acknowledges their investment in the vitality of our region’s workforce. I hope that you enjoy the report and the chance to reflect on the results of the hard work of so many people. Stay tuned! There are more incredible things to come!

John J. “Ski” Sygielski, Ed.D. President, HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College HACC Foundation Secretary

Dr. Ski arrives at the York Campus during Dr. Ski’s Miles of Gratitude – Tour de HACC.


2013-14 HACC and HACC Foundation Annual Report  
2013-14 HACC and HACC Foundation Annual Report