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Pete Wambach, a member of HACC’s first class, fondly remembers the College as “a godsend.” His professors had a great impact on him. As a current member of the HACC Board of Trustees, Wambach, a retired state legislator, is delighted to see first-generation students like him graduate. As a high-school honor student and page boy in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Wambach saw then-Gov. Bill Scranton sign the community college bill and knew immediately this was his pathway to a college degree. Joseph Porter, also a member of HACC’s first class and a first-generation college student, didn’t believe he could afford college. For Porter, HACC’s professors made the difference by turning his life around. Their genuine concern for students helped those like him who didn’t know how to study. Porter is a lifelong learner who returned to HACC after retiring to learn to be a master gardener. Judy Darr, a HACC alumna and laboratory management adjunct faculty member, knew that HACC offered her an opportunity to attend the program she wanted at a great price and close to home. Darr remembers that HACC faculty has a way of not assuming that everyone knows the basics and helped her to write better than most of her peers who had begun their careers at four-year institutions. Darr’s 41-year career is a result of the high-quality training she received at HACC. In her current position with Pinnacle Health, Darr recruits students directly from HACC’s medical laboratory technician program, a testament to its lasting impact and continued quality. James Schadewald, a HACC alumnus and assistant professor of psychology, recalls that HACC really set him up for the future by realizing that he is intelligent and just didn’t know how to learn. After success at HACC, Schadewald knows not only how to learn, but also to help students of all abilities learn to succeed. HACC’s faculty say that they are here for the students… this sentiment is confirmed by the testament from alumni who have made HACC a permanent part of their lives. They are here working in the community today because their professors at HACC have always been devoted to their success. Faculty like Greg Hess, emeritus professor of counseling, who served the College for 43 years, wanted to be part of HACC because they see it as a vocation, not just a job. HACC offers meaning – for students, faculty, staff and community volunteers alike.


2013-14 HACC and HACC Foundation Annual Report