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Habonim Dedicated Chemical Solutions Habonim is a leading manufacturer of ball valves and pneumatic actuators. With over 50 years’ experience, the company enjoys a worldwide reputation for its high quality, innovation and engineering expertise, and offers the industry’s best customized services. Habonim supplies a wide range of 3-piece and flanged ball valves, as well as tailor-made solutions, generating significant cost and space savings for its customers. All Habonim products meet international standards and are engineered to work safely and efficiently in a variety of applications. During chemical processing, the raw materials can be both physically and chemically transformed, by using large amounts of heat and energy. Eliminating product emissions is one of the most serious challenges for the process industry and consequently can be most costly to control. As part of its Health & Safety initiative campaign, Habonim has introduced additional security to the valve stem design, for critical applications.

HermetiX™ ZERO-Stem-Leak Valves Habonim’s unique, patent-pending HermetiX™ technology offers ZERO-Stem-Leak which is critical in the chemical industry.

3-Piece Ball Valve

Flanged Reduced Bore

Habonim’s 3-piece ball valve series is suitable for applications requiring high flow capacity and tight shutoff – where reliability, functionality and flexibility are essential for product quality. The valves meet the toughest industry requirements and international standards.

Habonim’s end-entry ball valves in ANSI classes 150 and 300 offer tight shutoff, long service life, high durability and exceptional performance in many service applications under the most severe working conditions.

Flanged Full Bore

Habonim’s line of flanged full bore ball valves in ANSI classes 150 and 300 are ideal for conditions that require minimum pressure drop and reduced risk of clogging with solids or slurries. Flanged full bore valves offer tight shutoff, long service life, high durability and exceptional performance in many service applications and under the most severe working conditions.

Habonim offers a wide range of products for special services in the chemical processing industries such as Ammonia, Chlorine, Vacuum, Freon and others. For further information and guidance regarding chemical resistance of materials used in Habonim valves, please refer to our Chemical Compatibility Guide Bulletin.



Chemical Conversion

Physical Conversion

Habonim Chemical Processing Solutions

Actuation & Special Solutions Quick Shut off Pneumatic Actuator - Compact II

The patented 4-piston quarter turn actuator delivers twice the torque in a smaller housing. The fastest cycling, most reliable pneumatic actuator with the highest cycle life performance in the market today. The Compact actuator emergency shutdown comes with a 7-year warranty - as standard, due to its high performance and superb reliability.

Control valves PROFIX Habonim has extended its range to meet industrial demands for flow control systems that are accurate, flexible, cost efficient and maintenance friendly. ProfiX™ valves provide excellent performance, even in the harshest environments, and offer a compact lightweight design solution. They are characterized by step-less control of pressure and flow for fast response times, wide rangeability and bubble-tight shutoff for increased valve longevity even in the most demanding conditions. Critical features include high pressure drop capacity with straightthrough flow, high Cv, and large exhaust capacity with added design features for ease of maintenance and zero backlash. HVS - Habonim Valve Sizer, a unique software tool which simplifies the task of selecting the perfect ProfiX™ control valve package for any service condition. HVS has access to a database of over 5,800 different media for accurate calculations of process Cv, valve opening percentages, velocity, critical condition warnings and predicted noise levels and more. Operat on is in accordance with International Standards of IEC60534 and ISA 575-17 1989.

Distribution of new raw material


Habonim Chemical Processing Solutions


Solutions at Work Innovation for Enhanced Isolation EKA Chemicals (Akzo Nobel) required an enhanced Double Block & Bleed solution for its Chromasil production. The media used in the process were: ethanol, industrial water, nitrogen, stabilizer solution, desalinated water & acetone. The design required two of each component (including actuators and valves), making the standard DBB too costly, heavy and space-consuming, while creating many possible sources of leakage. Habonim’s innovative Dual-Safe™ DBB offered the customer a compact, tailor-made package, operated by a single actuator, which increased safety and strict isolation as well as meeting the need for cost and space savings.

Cost Effective Flow Control Solution In a headbox profile of a dewatering machine designed by Andritz AG in Graz, the main requirement was for a large number of control valves to be fitted in a limited space application. The demand for a flow rate of “5.000 - 12.000 l/min”, for 54 valves in one machine had to be maintained. Habonim’s engineered solution offered the customer a hand-operated control valve, using V- Port 60 with oval hand wheels and position indicators to allow precise control of media flow.

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PED 97/23EC, ATEX, SIL 2-3 level optional, ISO 15848-1, GOST ISO 10497/API 6D, ISO 17292

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