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2013 Annual Report

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Access to safe, decent, affordable housing is a desperate need in our community. Springfield’s 2010—2014 Consolidated Plan notes one in five households in Springfield earns less than $19,000 per year. Many of these families spend 70% or more of their income on housing—much of it inadequate. The number of Greene County residents living in conditions defined as poverty housing is nearly 14,000.

2012—2013 Board of Directors President Ann Littell Mills

Nickie Bland

Byron Pierce

Steve Brown

Jon Risdal

Vice President Michal Moss Early

Stacey Clem

Simeon Shelton

Secretary Michele Risdal-Barnes

Rachel Dwiggins

Greg Weaver

Teresa Fletcher

Andrew Wells

Greg McKinney

Rick Windes

Stuart Murr

Daniel Wooten

Treasurer Irick Thurman Executive-at-Large Gene O’Dell Jonathan Gano


Letter From the President Habitat for Humanity International’s theme is Why We Build: Homes, Communities and Hope. As I look at Habitat Springfield, I see why we build. Because children of homeowners are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college. Because those children are more likely to be homeowners themselves. Because our Tools for Life class and our zero-interest mortgage make a large impact on the financial security of our homeowners. We are increasing self-sufficiency in our community. These are the reasons why we build. But I also see what we build. We build hope. We build a community. We build the foundation for the future. With your support, we placed four families in homes in 2012. We renovated owner-occupied housing through our Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative, assisting an additional 96 Springfield households. We couldn’t have done it without the help of countless volunteers: more than 32,000 volunteer hours in 2012 helped us accomplish our goals. Revitalization of Springfield does not happen by chance. It takes funders, community leaders, volunteers, church involvement, and hard work. Habitat for Humanity of Springfield works diligently to find collaborators to make the dream possible. As we gather together to reflect on the last year and why we build, I invite you to look at what we have built and what we will continue to build. Together, we’re building a better Springfield. Thank you for your support! ~ Ann Littell Mills, President, Board of Directors

2013 Annual Report


Construction Habitat for Humanity of Springfield was given many opportunities to help the citizens of Greene County this year. Through many different projects we have moved closer to the fulfillment of our organization’s mission to provide decent affordable housing to all those in need. It was with great enthusiasm that the construction staff worked side by side with members of the development services, family services, volunteer services, financial services, ReStore staff, and the executive director to complete many projects in service to our brothers and sisters of Greene County. 

Placed three families in newly constructed homes

Placed one family in a renovated home, and renovated an additional six homes for future families

Completed 44 Creating Healthy Homes home repair projects in partnership with Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas

Deconstructed one home for future build site

Renovated the United Way office to strengthen our relationship and help fulfill their mission to “mobilize resources within our community”

Completed 50 A Brush With Kindness projects

Began work to complete another 50 Creating Healthy Homes projects in partnership with Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas

“The construction staff would like to extend its thanks to all the volunteers, donors, staff and board members for helping us complete these projects. We look forward to continuing our mission with your help and continued service well into the future.” ~ Mark Murphy, Habitat Construction Director


Land Acquisition In addition to raising funds to cover the construction cost of a new home, Habitat for Humanity of Springfield must acquire the land on which to build. Although land acquisition can be challenging, the past year has been our strongest. We have successfully secured two buildable infill lots and a 2.8 acre parcel of development property that will provide 10 lots. Additionally, we have acquired development property that will provide 24 more building lots. This “bank” of property provides enough land to provide build sites through the next five years. A focus to expand our construction efforts outside of multifamily developments has taken shape this year. By building on the infill lots scattered throughout the city we are presented with an opportunity to improve existing neighborhoods and assist more families in need.

“Habitat for Humanity of Springfield offers a special thank you to the Land Committee members who’ve worked tirelessly this year to secure property in order to further Habitat’s mission.” ~ Chris Houghton, Habitat Operations Director

2013 Annual Report


Family Services As the year started in July 2012, the Selection committee for the home buying program was working through the last ever once-a-year application cycle. That cycle yielded 43 applications and three new Partner Families. After that process, Habitat Springfield started taking applications on an on-going schedule, and from August 2012 through June 2013, 51 families applied for home ownership through the Habitat Partner Family program, 11 were still under consideration at the end of June, and four had been selected into the home buying program. The Family Selection committee works diligently to evaluate applicants based on the three standard Habitat for Humanity criteria: need for a home, ability to pay the zero-interest Habitat mortgage, and willingness to partner. Residents of Greene, Christian and Webster counties are eligible to apply for the program if their household income falls between 30 and 60 percent of the area median income, which for 2013 is $15,950 to $31,920 annual gross income for a family of four. At the end of June, a plan formulated to have Habitat take applications one afternoon a week at Springfield’s new Affordable Housing Center, and to train staff/volunteers there to take applications for the home repair programs. This new partnership will certainly increase awareness of Habitat’s programs, as well as strengthen working relationships with other organizations in the community focused on affordable quality housing, accessibility, and safety.


Taking applications on an ongoing schedule required changing the Tools for Life class series from one series a year to ongoing weekly classes to allow Partner Families to cycle in and out. Emily Keller joined the Habitat team to coordinate the Tools for Life classes as well as monitoring the progress of each Partner Family on other program requirements. This expansion is a wonderful opportunity to add topical variety and mix in new instructors for the classes. Along with the traditional home buying program, the HFHI Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative is alive and well in Greene County. The volume and variety of applications being received show a huge need in Greene County and the surrounding areas for affordable repairs on homes occupied by lowincome owners. In addition to coordinating 44 major home repairs that used professional contractors to complete a range of projects, Habitat staff and volunteers during the spring of 2013 teamed up with Caring Communities during neighborhood clean ups to assist 52 households who did not have the means to participate. The volunteers removed brush and debris, trimmed bushes, cleaned gutters, painted, and generally helped spruce up yards for very appreciative homeowners who worked side-by-side with the volunteers if they were able.

New Habitat Homeowners = 4 Households Creating Healthy Homes = 44 Households A Brush with Kindness = 52 Households

Total Families Impacted = 100

2013 Annual Report


Partner Families and Sponsor Organizations Habitat for Humanity of Springfield gratefully celebrates and thanks our generous sponsors. Their remarkable kindness helps build safe, decent, affordable homes and makes the dream of homeownership a reality for Habitat partner families.

Sylvester & Adriane Davis Sponsors: Wells Fargo 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath “I’m so thankful for this opportunity and thank God for this program and this possibility...I will be dedicated to working for it, taking care of it, loving it and thankful every single day of my life.”

Amanda Haden Sponsors: FHLB Des Moines, Metropolitan National Bank, ReStore 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath “Thank you for all that you have done to help other people.”


Toni Goben Sponsors: JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Hulston Family Foundation, Drury Habitat Chapter, Wagner Interiors, Tool Belts & Bow Ties 4 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths “Owning our own home means having a place the kids will always know as home.”

Linda Demster Sponsors: FHLB Des Moines, Metropolitan National Bank, Wells Fargo, Anonymous Donor 4 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bath “I want to show my kids that anything is possible.”

Anita Banfield Sponsors: FHLB Des Moines, Metropolitan National Bank, ReStore 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath “Thank you for letting God use you to bless our hearts and help us build our homes here in Springfield, Missouri.”

2013 Annual Report


Joseph & Sonya Kelley Sponsors: FHLB Des Moines, Metropolitan National Bank, ReStore 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath “It means a safe place to run and play, it means a place to call our own. A new home would also mean to me that I can do this and be self-reliant. My children and I are more than ready for our own home. This is something that we as a family set around and dream about together”

Samantha Stepp Sponsors: FHLB Des Moines, Metropolitan National Bank, ReStore 4 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bath ““I want to give (my son) everything he needs and then some. Most importantly, I want to give him stability and a safe home. I want him to have a yard where him and his friends can play.”

Kevin Corbisier Sponsors: FHLB Des Moines, Metropolitan National Bank, ReStore 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath “I have my real family, my church family and now my Habitat family. All the nice people I have met and helped through volunteering has been the real blessing.”


Local and Global Impact Springfield and Beyond Changing a family’s housing situation impacts that family and its community in many ways. Habitat partner-families realize positive changes not only in the decrease of living costs, but more importantly through the impact on their children. Renter’s children are constantly moving and changing schools, which interrupts their learning. According to research compiled by the Cincinnati office of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, children of homeowners are 25% more likely to graduate from high school, 116% more likely to graduate college, and save taxpayers an average of $34,000 in public expenditures (i.e. the cost of juvenile delinquency, teenage pregnancy, etc.). But the change doesn’t stop there – it extends to the community and even abroad. Habitat for Humanity of Springfield homeowners contribute more than $46,000 each year in property taxes, additional revenue Greene County receives as a result of its 83 Habitat homeowners. Habitat for Humanity of Springfield tithes on the funds we raise to Habitat for Humanity International to build homes worldwide. In 2013, Habitat for Humanity of Springfield tithed $14,751! Since 1988, Habitat for Humanity of Springfield has built more than 200 homes in Greene County and abroad. We are excited to continue this good work reaching out to our Greene County families and their children. We are equally as excited to see the positive impact these families have on our community and to share the joy of a safe, decent place to live with our international neighbors. We are grateful for the generosity of our supporters whose contributions allow Habitat for Humanity’s ministry to be a catalyst for meaningful, positive, sustainable change.

2013 Annual Report


Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative The Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative is a new affiliate model that was developed by Habitat for Humanity International. The program broadens the scope of work Habitat does to eliminate substandard housing. Affiliates can now focus on housing preservation, weatherization, critical home repair, home renovation and new construction. Springfield started home renovation with Project ReHabitat and is now encompassing home preservation services through Creating Healthy Homes and A Brush with Kindness. With both programs, partner families are required to partner through the purchase of materials and “sweat equity.” This promotes a sense of pride and enables the affiliate to economically sustain the program. Habitat-Springfield provides the labor, expertise and 0% interest, no-profit financing.

Creating Healthy Homes Creating Healthy Homes focuses on critical interior and structural home repairs and helps low-income Greene County homeowners affected by age, disability or family circumstances who struggle to maintain the integrity of their homes.

“This was a wonderful solution to a terrible problem and it wouldn’t have been fixed without you. Praise God for you and God bless Habitat,” shared an elderly homeowner whose bathroom was inoperable for several years and recently had repair work done through Habitat’s Creating Healthy Homes repair program.


A Brush with Kindness A Brush with Kindness focuses on minor exterior home repairs, painting, debris removal and landscaping. The goal of the program is to prevent the growth of substandard housing through home preservation. Low-income homeowners are often forced to choose between home maintenance and other critical needs. By partnering with Habitat, homeowners are able to make repairs before the condition of the house degrades further.

Pictured in front of her transformed home, Patty Jo’s “brush with kindness” unveiled a transformation she didn’t expect – her own. Not only does she have renewed pride in her home’s appearance, the exterior repairs inspired her to complete other repairs. Patty Jo has gone on to accomplish other interior and exterior repairs with renewed commitment to her home. Patty Jo is a success story!

2013 Annual Report


Habitat for Humanity of Springfield served 96 households through Creating Healthy Homes and A Brush With Kindness this year. Projects range from debris cleanup and exterior painting to bathroom repair, new roofs and lead based paint removal. Through renewed partnerships with Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines and the City of Springfield, we look forward to continuing these programs to help even more Springfield residents in years to come!


2013 Annual Report


ReUse, RePurpose, ReCycle, ReStore Habitat for Humanity of Springfield’s ReStore continues to be a growing source of funding to further the mission of eliminating poverty housing in the Greene County area, as well as a much needed resource for remodelers, builders and households throughout southwestern Missouri. The ReStore sells both new and gently-used donated building materials, appliances, furniture and more, at prices 35% - 65% off of retail. To better serve our customers we have changed our hours of operation. The Restore is now open to the public and accepts donations Monday through Friday 9:30 am – 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00 am – 6:00pm

Building our Goals The ReStore continues to expand home construction related products and recycling services. Unlike traditional retail operations that purchase their products for resale, our Restore depends on obtaining its product from donations. There is a direct correlation with the amount of donations and the quality of items that drives our sales numbers. In order to continue to grow our ReStore sales during the upcoming year, we plan to focus on additional marketing efforts to build awareness of our retail and donation center. We will continue our efforts to enhance product merchandising and store organization to enhance our customers’ shopping experience.

Items typically stocked:

ReStore Volunteers:

Appliances Bathtubs Cabinets Carpet Doors Electrical

Will Grindstaff James Glover William McGee Dave Dawson Daniel Gardner Daya Cardell Jan Stritzel


Flooring Furniture Hardware Home décor Light fixtures Paint & stain

Plumbing Roofing Shelving Tile Trim Windows

Al Trenary Shelley Scanlon Logan Christiansen Matt Leggette Ryan Martinez Patrick Thompson Chris Warnke

Usable materials & products not sent to local landfills

ReStore sales July 2012—June 2013, for the 2nd year in a row!

highest net profit of 700 ReStores

hours ReStore volunteer labor with ReStore volunteer labor

Building Through Recycling Commitment to protecting our environment is a priority of Habitat for Humanity of Springfield. The ReStore grew its recycling efforts with our drive-through recycling center, ReCycle for Homes, which opened a little over a year ago. The recycling center is open to the public Monday—Saturday 9am—4:30pm, and accepts all paper, plastic and metal recyclables. From July—December of 2012, the ReCycle for Homes recycling center diverted 36,791 pounds from Springfield’s landfill, and generated $5,030 in revenue to help fund Habitat’s mission. Collectively, Springfield’s ReStore, ReCycle for Homes, Cans for Habitat, and Cars for Homes has diverted more than 2 million pounds of materials from the local landfill and raised over $1 million in support of the mission to eliminate poverty housing in our community.

Thank you to all of our donors and patrons—your efforts make an amazing difference!

2013 Annual Report


2012—2013 Financial Financial Report Receipts ReStore 69% Grants 6% Home Sales Income 15% Contributions 6% Other 1% Gifts In Kind 3%

$1,000,596.02 $88,998.63 $223,016.00 $96,945.57 $7,994.39 $39,231.91

Total Receipts



Program ReStore Administrative Fundraising

54% 36% 4% 6%

$717,419.19 $478,453.15 $53,568.74 $87,379.78

Total Expenses

100% $1,336,820.86


* Receipts and expenditures based are on unaudited financials.


2012—2013 Donors Foundation Club

(up to $499)

AC Electrical Systems, Inc Jackie Alexander Lori Ames Ashley Furniture Homestore Skip Barnes & Michele Risdal-Barnes Jennifer Barnhouse Richard Biagioni Dean Biles Jarrett & Nickie Bland Kevin & Amy Bollinger Michael Bray Angela Brennan Broadway United Methodist Church Steve & Patricia Brown Winston & Phyllis Burton In Memory of Norman Chadwick William H. Cheek D-4 Investments, LLC In Honor of Beverly Davis Noel & Sharon Day Dale Donat Wade Early Roy Edge Gary & Janet Ellison Dana & Ann Elwell Boyd & Angel Field Teresa Fletcher Glen Friedman Gamma Sigma/Phi Sigma Pi Chapter National Honor Fraternity

2013 Annual Report

Joe & Jane Gano Pat Gartland Lori Samantha Gates Diane Gelner Scott Giffen Jay & Lisa Guffey In Honor of John Hambeck Justin & Keren Hill In Memory of Albert Horn Tom Howard John D. Hume, DDS David & Shirley Hutchison Leah Ingram Jen Jenkins Lori Johnson Leonard & Deborah Kellner Roscoe Killingsworth Brian King & Jennifer Behme Linda’s Flowers Gary Lockhart Brooke Marshall Dr. & Mrs. Joe McAdoo Joe & Barbara McCarty Huntleigh McGehee Greg McKinney Med-Pay, Inc J.B. “Dude” Melton Sarah Metz Gretchen Miekley MSU Habitat for Humanity Chapter


2012—2013 Donors Foundation Club (up to $499) Monticello Homes & Development Suzanne Moore Moore Construction Felicia Morgan Jennifer Mueller Paul & Sharon Nahon National Avenue Christian Church Thelma Neff Jennifer Nelson Neoma R. Nettell Larry Peterson Shawn Poyser Quilting for Charity Robert Rand In Memory of Kathleen Reed Redeemer Lutheran Church Kay Richey Bill Robb Kayshia Rosenbury Jacob Sappington Ron & Jan Sheridan Corrine Shirley Loretta Skaggs

Lisa Slavens Dean Smith South Street Christian Church St. John’s Chapel UCC Sydny Stewart Sharon Stout Christopher Swan Ken Thurman Brian, Shelley & Christopher Todd Brandi VanAntwerp Ryan Verfurth Veritas Public Relations, LLC Jennie A. Verner Gregory Weaver Michael Wehrenberg Andrew Wells Josh Whisenhunt Ryan Williams Rick Windes Sonya Wise Daniel Wooten Beverly Young

Framing Club ($500—$999) Erica Bauer Chad Courtney Courtney & Mills, LLC Dake Wells Architecture J.R Gardner


Guaranty Bank Neil Guion & Etta Madden Sam Hayes In Memory of Ronald & Marjorie Hanna King’s Way United Methodist Church

Framing Club ($500—$999) Kirkpatrick, Phillips & Miller, CPAs Damon Mills & Ann Littell Mills Millstone Homes, LLC Patrick Moore Ozark United Methodist Church

Risdal Enterprises LLP Simeon & Bobbie Shelton Southland Christian Church Walmart Foundation Dee Wampler

Wall Raisers Club ($1,000—$4,999) Bike & Build, Inc Charlie & Mary Beth O’Reilly Family Foundation Delores S. Watkins Trust Great Southern Bank In Memory of Bonnie L. Hart Clarence E. McElroy Mercy Healthcare System Metropolitan National Bank Bradley Mounts Neale & Newman, LLP

Old Missouri Bank Shelly Palen Jon & Kathy Risdal Simmons First National Bank Starbucks Partner Giving Program Shirley Terry Irick Thurman TTR Enterprises, Inc Wagner Interior Supply Lisa K. Ziebell

Finish Carpenters Club ($5,000—$9,999) Helen Calhoun Trust

Hope Builders Club ($10,000—$19,999) Habitat for Humanity International Cars for Homes Program

Hulston Family Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

Master Builders Club ($20,000+) JPMorgan Chase Foundation

United Way of the Ozarks


Together we raised more than $34,000 in one night toward the Habitat mission to eliminate poverty housing! Funds raised were used toward the construction costs of Toni Goben’s home, completed in April 2013.

Special thanks to the sponsors of Tool Belts & Bow Ties 2012!

Special thanks to the sponsors of Tool Belts & Bow Ties 2012!


Serving Springfield A Wide Spectrum of Solutions Project ReHabitat is a program designed to assist centercity communities by building new homes on reclaimed lots and rehabbing existing homes. Habitat for Humanity of Springfield seeks donations of buildable lots, existing homes, distressed properties, and undeveloped land. The Habitat ReStore sells new and gently used building materials, appliances, home improvement items, furniture and more, at discounted prices. The ReStore keeps many items out of the landfill, and is a resource for families and remodelers. Your donations and purchases help build homes! Cans for Habitat raises money to build houses for Habitat for Humanity of Springfield by encouraging the community to recycle their aluminum cans. Look for recycle bins across Springfield, or bring your cans to the ReCycle for Homes recycling center located at the ReStore. ReCycle for Homes is a drive-through recycling facility to assist the community in recycling and diverting items from the local landfill. ReCycle for Homes accepts metal, paper and large appliances. A Brush with Kindness is a program designed to help lowincome homeowners preserve their homes, revitalize neighborhoods, and improve our community through lowcost exterior home repairs, including painting, patching, minor repair, trimming and landscaping.

2013 Annual Report


Volunteering at a Glance More Than 32,000 Volunteer Hours! Volunteer. This word means so many things to so many people and organizations. Habitat for Humanity of Springfield defines this word as Hope, Life, Joy, and Future. Volunteers are the lifeblood of this organization and without every single person who made the effort to work with Habitat, we would cease to exist. This fiscal year has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the community, the country, and this affiliate, but the one constant is Habitat Volunteers. This past fiscal year we have seen growth in volunteer hours to over 32,000 and more than 6,000 volunteer spots filled. To better understand these numbers and what they mean to us, consider that 32,000 volunteer hours is essentially a donation of more than $613,000, while more than 6,000 volunteers could almost completely fill every seat in the Springfield Cardinals Stadium! We have had volunteers from Missouri, Minnesota, Alaska, Hawaii, New Jersey, Texas, and all the way from Isesaki, Japan. All of these volunteers have assisted in the completion of 52 A Brush With Kindness projects, 4 families becoming new Habitat homeowners, the ReStore diverting more than 2 million pounds of material and reaching new highs in revenue, as well as the design and implementation of new policies and procedures throughout the affiliate by way of our committees and Board of Directors. Habitat for Humanity of Springfield would like to thank every single person who has had a hand in volunteering this past fiscal year.


Help Habitat Serve Springfield! Volunteer Opportunities Construction Volunteer groups and Individuals with skill levels ranging from novice to expert are welcome to build with us. Projects include new home builds, A Brush With Kindness, ReHabitat projects and more.


The Habitat for Humanity ReStore sells donated building and home products to the public at a fraction of retail. The money earned through these sales go directly towards Habitat’s mission. Volunteer opportunities include donation receiving, merchandising, recycling center attendant and customer service.

Committees From family advocacy to construction, and special events to finance, there is a spot for any interest or background.

Volunteer Spotlight RV Care-A-Vanner volunteers are retired individuals who travel by way of RV around the country helping Habitat for Humanity affiliates build homes in 2 week increments. Our affiliate was blessed with volunteers from Texas, New York, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan, and Colorado. The CAV volunteers asked for nothing but coffee in the morning and lunches (if we could). We did our part, and they blew us away with a brand new home for the Demster family in just 20 days! The Habitat for Humanity family gives thanks to this amazing group of people who helped the Demster family's dream of homeownership become a reality."

Habitat for Humanity RV Care-a-Vanners

2013 Annual Report


Volunteers Groups Aerospostale Alpha Delta Phi Alternative Opportunities Arc of the Ozarks Bailey Alternative School Bike & Build Camping World CASL CASP "Catalyst" Christian Bible College City Utilities Delta Sigma Pi Drury University Campus Chapter Evangel University "Make-A-Difference Day" Expedia Experience Works Footsteps Fort Leonard Wood Friends of Peace Corps in the Ozarks Global University

Students Today, Leaders Forever — Minnesota


Good Samaritan Boys Ranch Greenwood Sociology Class Habitat RV Care-A-Vanners Isesaki, Japan (Sister City) Journal Broadcast Group Kappa Sigma Lakeland College Lutheran Student Center Midwest Metro Missouri State University "Into the Streets" Missouri State University Campus Chapter Phi Eta Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Queen City Beard and Moustache Federation Regal Beloit SCAT Serve 2012 Sigma Nu Smith-Glenn Mercy Springfield Chapter of Credit Unions Starbucks Stepping Stones Students Today Leaders Forever Minnesota Students Today Leaders Forever Nebraska Target Theta Chi Vivint Walnut Grove FFA Webster University Wells Fargo Wyndham Young Adult Ministries of New Hope International Ministries



Adam Kelley Al Trenary Alaina Strom Alan Shen Amanda Haden Anita Banfield Ashley Hanson Bob Gillespie Chris Warnke Daniel Gardner Dave Dawson Daya Cardell Emily LaPreze Jackie Faiferlick James Glover Jan Stritzel Jim Westwick Joe & Jane Gano Johnesha Francis Kate Kopmann Ken Werner Kevin Corbisier Linda Demster Logan Christiansen Mark Sharp Marlin Dicke Matt Leggette Patrick Thompson Ryan Martinez Sam Reese Samantha Stepp Shelley Scanlon Sonya Kelley Will Grindstaff William McGee

Asbury United Methodist Billings Church of Christ King's Way United Methodist Northside Christian South Haven Baptist St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Peter's United Church of Christ Unity of Springfield University Heights Baptist

2013 Annual Report

Volunteer Spotlight Habitat for Humanity of Springfield thanks volunteer, Al Trenary. Al began volunteering in the Habitat ReStore in March 2012, and has become a member of our Habitat family. When asked why he volunteers, Al told us he really likes and appreciates the work Habitat does in the community and he wants to better spend his retirement by helping. Al shared that his favorite thing about volunteering at Habitat is the joy of meeting all the people and being able to help those he has seen in need.

Al Trenary


2012-2013 Volunteer Committees Construction Andrew Wells Bill Foster

Tyler Hendrix Dude Melton

Steve Graham Jonathan Gano

Ann Littell Mills Angela Brennan Rebecca Rast

Sarah Metz Julie Durand

Rachel Dwiggins Simeon Shelton Gene O’Dell

Tom Howard Rick Windes Eric Gerke

Michal Moss Early Jonathan Gano

Irick Thurman Gene O’Dell

Special Events Steve Brown Sonya Wise Charlie Matthews

Finance Irick Thurman Byron Pierce Matthew Cash

Executive Ann Littell Mills Michele Risdal-Barnes

Marketing, Public Affairs and Faith Relations Steve Brown Brad Koetters Nick Sanders


Glenda DeFontes Rob Presley David Schoolfield

Earle Doman Della Presley JT Wray

Family Advocacy Buddy Ball Teresa Fletcher Kayshia Rosenbury Michele Risdal-Barnes

Amanda Besser Debra Hall Mark Stocks Michal Moss Early

Nickie Bland Heather Rowe Greg Weaver Vreni Jones

Nickie Bland Jim Davis Teresa Fletcher Donna Jones Patti Mikulin Robert Norton Kayshia Rosenbury Laurie Tomko

Stacey Clem Valerie Eastman Melida Gutierrez Vreni Jones Robin Miller Lacee Schultz Mark Stocks Trina Cowan

Simeon Shelton Glenda DeFontes

Jon Risdal

Luke Fraser Glenn Green

Charles Vandivert

Family Selection Amanda Besser Melody Crigler Greg Eastman Moriah Hillson Kate Kopmann Michal Moss Early Michele Risdal-Barnes Amy Shelley-King Greg Weaver

ReStore Steve Brown Nick Sanders

Land Acquisition Bill Drummond Jonathan Gano

2013 Annual Report


Message from the Executive Director Growing up in Cleveland in the 1960’s, I endured more than a few years with the Indians in the basement of the American League. We got used to saying ‘it’s a growth year’ and then ‘just wait ‘til next year.’ Well, it took a while, but finally in the 1990’s it looked like all those growth years would actually pay off. They did, too, when the Tribe took the Pennant and made it to the World Series. Although they didn’t win the Series, you can imagine how satisfying and exciting it was just to see them get to the dance. Since joining the Habitat for Humanity Springfield team as Executive Director in October, 2012 it has felt like a ‘growth year’ for us. Like many companies, we’ve had to scout out and sign several new key players including a new Development Director, a new Finance Director, a new Family Services Associate and, more recently, a new ReStore Director. While recruiting and hiring, if done right, is an interesting challenge it has also given HFH Springfield the chance to revive and build a very strong team. And we have done just that. Springfield can point with pride to the extremely exceptional and ‘pennant winning’ season your ‘rookie team’ was able to produce! Thanks to the amazing prayers and efforts of our hard working housing ministry team, we have seen the love and support evidenced from people like you - our supporters, volunteers, financial contributors, providers of in-kind gifts of building materials and the ever-growing number of donations and shoppers to our ReStore. All of your expressions of support and trust have resulted in Habitat Springfield being able to enrich and improve the lives of 98 families in the past year! This year our team really hit it out of the park. Aside from generating over $1 million in sales at the ReStore, we were able to build 3 attractive, decent and affordable new homes, renovate 7 homes, continue the expansion of our Legacy Trails Phase Two neighborhood development, provide substantial cosmetic and structural improvements to 96 family homes, become certified to eliminate toxic lead paint from Greene County homes, redirect and recycle over 900 tons of waste away from our landfills, support our Habitat International parent in building much needed international housing, provide and manage ‘zero-interest’ mortgages to 83 Habitat homeowner Partner Families, generate additional property tax revenues back to Greene county and expand our Partner Family application process from once a year to 24 times a year! We also created and implemented a new Employee Policy Manual, secured additional Human Resources support, developed a new Marketing/Public Affairs and Faith Relations team and generated over $34,000 at our highly rated “Tool Belts & Bow Ties event! Like all good teams, though, we couldn’t do it without the unending energy, gdfasdf


encouragement and backing from you...our community. All of us on the Habitat staff, board of directors, new homeowners, partner families and others who we’ve worked with or offered a ‘hand-up’ to our families express our sincere gratitude to all of you in the Springfield area community. Now...just wait ‘til next year! With the strong foundation of our current team and the growing support and backing from you and our community, Habitat Springfield is well positioned to tackle the continuing challenge of satisfying the constant need for affordable home repairs, speed-up our overall pace of service and family placement, deepen critical partnerships with other local service agencies and, most importantly, adhere steadfastly to Habitat for Humanity’s primary mission of providing decent, affordable housing to more families. Poverty housing is not going away. It demands our attention now more than ever. Habitat for Humanity Springfield welcomes the chance to provide enriching changes to families and lives in YOUR community and neighborhoods. We invite you to join our team this season to win the World Series against poverty housing and promise our commitment to always put your gifts to the best possible use, to make sure your involvement is meaningful and to always try for a Home Run! ~ Larry Peterson, Executive Director

Staff Executive Director Larry Peterson

Development Director Brandi VanAntwerp

Operations Director Chris Houghton

Development Associate Angel Field

Family Services Director Nancy Williams

Volunteer Coordinator Tommy Hawkins

Finance Director Deanna Rogers

Construction Coordinators Dan Harrell, James Baker

Construction Director Mark Murphy

Receptionist & Cashier Shirley Quade, Gail Smith

ReStore Director Will Kuebler

Family Services Associate Emily Keller

2013 Annual Report

ReStore Staff Chad Roy Mike Estabrook Matt Haggard Mike Smith Brian Mattny


2410 S Scenic Ave • Springfield, Missouri 65807 (417) 829-4001 •

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