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What Makes Habitat’s Playgrounds Different?

Posts & Clamps: the convenience of easy on site adjustable clamps. 360 degree clamps contain maximum holding power, helping in preventing swaying. Using a clamp system also means that there is no need for drilling holes into posts which can result in rust.

Post Caps (Top & Bottom): Caps are attached at the factory and won’t invite rust, which may occur when caps are installed on site. Die-cast aluminum top caps are secured with three drive rivets, so they won’t rock or loosen. Bottom caps increase footing area, discouraging sinking and/or settling.

Decks: snugly around posts to eliminate entanglements, and feature drainage holes too

ProShield: A specially formulated primer with a high quality, architectural-grade powdercoat topcoat. The result is enhanced longevity, greater protection against harsh UV rays, prevention from corrosion and improved product performance.

Permalene: High-density, 3/4” thick, UV stabilized, colorfast polyethylene material is exceptionally sturdy and kid-friendly. Highest quality fade resistant pigments and easy to clean surface, so your playground will look beautiful.

Aeronet Cable: Steel-reinforced cables provide years of safe, bouncy fun. Made of tightly woven, polyester-wrapped, sixstranded galvanized-steel cable. These abrasion-resistant, color-stable cables are extremely durable and vandal resistant.

Powdercoat Paints: Our state-of-the-art powdercoat paint system is architecturalgrade, corrosion resistant, and UV stabalized to ensure gloss retention and a

Swivel Point: Specially engineered swivel point connectors are used instead of standard clevis pins or S-hooks. These selflubricating “universal joints” are kid tested, and maintenance free.

Friendly to little coating protects decks, steps, swing chains and other steel components.

Drainage holes allow water to escape on rainy and snowy days which keep children dry.

What Makes Habitat’s Playgrounds Different?

Springs: Uniquely constructed alloy springs allow for maximum movement with no pinch points. This keeps little hands and feet safe.

Bolt Links: Safe, durable bolt links are used to attach swing seats to chains, instead of potentially dangerous “S” hooks, which wear easily.

Fasteners: Landscape uses vandal resistant fasteners that can’t be removed with standard tools. All primary fasteners are stainless steel for long-lasting, rustproof durability.

Playground Photo with unique colour scheme

Hardware: Landscape Structures only uses screws, so that safety won’t be compromised by unwanted tampering. Instead of shipping a box of bolts, each set of hardware is organized in individual packs with a diagram of their respective equipment to make assembly easier.

Sliding Footers: Landscape Structures is the inventor of the sliding footer. Sliding footers help ensure slides don’t pull away from decks or crack due to normal expansion and contraction during warm and cold cycles, which result in dangerous gaps that can potentially entangle children’s clothing. Slides also have “hoods” which encourage children to sit down before going down the slide. Slides come in all shapes and sizes, straight or curved shapes, with room for one, two or three children.

Colours: Hundreds of playground colour combinations in a wide variety of materials that come together perfectly to meet your design requirements, fade resistance, gloss retention and durability.

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What Makes Habitat Different  

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