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is proud to be the leader in the evolution of water play by providing the most innovative, diverse, and interactive water play elements in the industry. Our products have been used throughout the world in spray parks, aquatic centers, hotels, resorts, campgrounds, fitness centers, housing developments, military bases, and amusement parks.

Big Water


ARC Structures and ground sprays provide large volumes of fun and safe water play.

Only non-corrosive materials with UV resistant and easy to maintain coatings are used which are designed for outdoor enviroments and seasonal conditions.

Interchangeable Product Design

Low Maintenance

Interactive Play

All structures and ground sprays have non-clogging nozzles and are all self-draining for easy winterization.

Structures have been designed for fun interaction with structure movements that allow water to pour, dump, spray, wiggle, and spin creating unique water formations and creative play.

ARC products are surface mounted and easily interchanged allowing versatility in project design.

Environmentally Friendly

Fiberglass or Stainless Steel

Safe All structures are non-climbable with no pinching points or sharp edges.

ARC offers structures and ground sprays in both fiberglass and stainless steel. These versatile product options in material fabrications allow ARC to meet any client’s needs and budgets when selecting water play features for pools or splash pads.

ARC is the industry leader in promoting environmentally responsible recirculation systems. Our recirculation systems allow for splash pad design to focus on creating enhanced water play in a safe environment without being dictated by water consumption concerns.

Caracas, Venezuela

ADA Accessible

Prefabricated Mechanical Systems

ARC products are designed for ADA Accessibility and interaction.

Whether the project requires a recirculation or city water system, our spray park systems are of the highest quality incorporating UL and NSF listed equipment. We prefabricate, pre-plumb, pre-wire, and pre-test our mechanical systems prior to leaving the factory. These steps insure that we’re providing the highest quality systems that will be easy to install, operate and maintain.

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Aquatic Recreation Company

Aquatic Recreation Company

play elements that have been developed and successfully used in water park and splash pad facilities. These structures are colorful and fun water play elements. They are made of non-corrosive materials and have internal manifolds and baffles to create crisp water formations. Standard structures are easy to install, virtually maintenance free and can be provided with an optional flow control valve.

SeaWorld, San Antonio, TX

Water Dome

Water Sheet

Water Bars

Water Rainbow

Mini-Water Dome

T Water Fall

Water Funnel Tree

Triple Fun Tree

Ity Bity Water Dome

Water Cup

Water Wheel

Water Bucket

Tiny Tot Water Dome

Water Bucket Duo

Water Bucket Brigade

Water Bucket Cluster

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Standard Structures

ARC Standard Structures are water

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Water Post

Tall Water Tent

Water Bug

Water Bug Fan Spray

Lazy River Water Bar

Interactive Valves

Water Pipe

Water Spout

Double Water Spout

Water Mist N Spout

Water Shower

Water Funnel

Misting Water Post

Tall Misting Water Post

Water Cloud

Water Arch Bar

Low Bar Mister

Sit N Soaker

Lazy River Water Buckets

Add an interactive flow control valve to your standard structure to create an interactive experience.

Lazy River Water Sheet

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Standard Structures

Water Tent

some of the most innovative, interactive water play elements in the industry. These non-corrosive structures have been designed for direct interaction by users to create unique water formations and play only limited by the user’s imagination. These creative structures are safe and appropriate for all age groups and encourage multiple user water play.

Signature Structures

ARC Signature Structures are

Water Logs

Water Dump

Water Put

Water Sprayer

Water Fire Nozzle

Water Pressure



Rotating Spray Display

Aim and Spray

Rotating Mister

Water Table

Rotating Water Arch Bar

Water Wiggle

Water Squiggle

Water Booster

Water Weight

Bridgeport, WV

Water Whooosh Interruptor

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way to combine Standard and Signature structures into a cost effective, attractive, and fun water play system. These impressive systems come with interactive flow control valves and optional colorful banners. Multi-Play Systems can be a center piece for your design or a stand alone water play element. These systems have been designed with internal distribution manifolds that minimize underground plumbing. The reduction of underground plumbing reduces installation costs, annual maintenance and provides years of carefree operation.

Multi-Play Tubular System

Multi-Play III System

Multi-Play V System

Multi-Play VII System

Coralville, IA

Multi-Play Canopy System

Junior Climb N Slide

Junior Canopy Climb N Slide

Multi-Play Climb N Slide System

Multi-Level Climb N Slide System

3 Tier Multi-Play Climb N Slide

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Multi-Play Systems

ARC Multi Play Systems are a

are fun, heavy, aerated, water formations. Sprays are designed for areas with no standing water to limited water depths. Patrons can interact with multiple spray displays by plugging individual sprays, causing remaining sprays to shoot higher. ARC Ground Sprays are designed to be self draining and are provided with plugs for easy winterization.

Stream Jet

Stream Jet Manifold

Stream Jet Triangle

Arch Jet

Triple Arch Jet

Arch Jet Tunnel

Arch Jet Manifold

Crown Jet

Curvy Jet Manifold

T Jet Manifold

Center Point Manifold

Water Pillar

Inward Spray Ring

Upward Spray Ring

Outward Spray Ring

Mini Outward Spray Ring

Mini Upward Spray Ring


Junior Geyser


Water Column

Water Jewel

Outward Spray Cube

Upward Spray Cube

Mini Upward Spray Cube

Mini Outward Spray Cube

Mallorca, Baleares, Spain

Under Water Bubbler

Ground Funnel Fan Spray

Side Wall Spray

Misting Spray

Crackle Corn

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Ground Sprays

ARC Ground Sprays

Welcome to ARC’s Wild Side!

Themed Structures

ARC offers several product lines featuring themed products to provide your project with fun and creative themed elements. Product lines include Creatures, Contraptions, Plantscapes, Nautical, and Kiddie Slide structures. Sun Flower Spout

Sun Flower Cluster Spout

Palm Tree Shower

Flower Shower

Cactus Water Shower

Cat Tail Spray

Misting Palm

Turtle Dome

Water Dragon

Octopus Bucket Brigade

Snake Water Noodle

Donkey Arch Bar

Horse Arch Bar

Zebra Arch Bar

Elephant Water Bucket

Kettering, OH

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Big Gush Water Tower

St. George, UT

Water Wind Mill

Ship Mast

Ship’s Ahoy

Mini Mast

Hitching Post

Spraying Ship Hull

Water Anchor

Sea Shell Water Dome

Wooden Mulit-Play III

Wet Kids Crossing

Red Barn Arch

Water Fire Hydrant

e Mo h T . . ater. W e r o M e h T 16 | Aquatic Recreation Company, LLC |

Themed Structures

Water Tower

n! u F re | Aquatic Recreation Company | 17

Bee Rainbow

Whale Tail & Body

Water Frog

Kiddie Turtle Slide

Kiddie Duck Slide

Kiddie Rock Slide

Landing Pad

Themed Structures

Butterfly Rainbow

Dolphin Arch

CUSTOM THEMING ARC can provide unlimited possibilities for custom theming for your water park. If you have a concept in mind, ARC can work with you to bring it to life.

Gerrardstown, WV

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City Water Systems

ARC is the industry leader in promoting environmentally responsible recirculation systems. These systems allow for enhanced water play without the wasting of water that traditional single pass domestic systems offer. ARC systems provide complete water quality management and failsafe controls that are safe and easy to operate. Recirculation systems are provided with the following, pre-plumbed, pre-wired components:

ARC’s city water systems are an alternative to recirculation systems when splash pads are in a controlled environment with limited usage. When using a city water system, water play activity selection should be elements with water conservation sprays to limit water consumption. City water systems are a cost effective approach for a splash pad project when water use is not a concern and water reclamation is designed in the form of a retention pond for re-absorption or irrigation. City water systems are housed in either above ground enclosures or below ground vaults. Equipment systems consist of the following components:

• UL Filtration Skid • UL Control Panel • Water Quality Management System • UV Disinfection System • Underground Water Reservoir • UL Feature Pump Skid • Distribution Manifold

Activation Bollard Collector Boxes Drain to Waste Valve Box Optional Underground Vault Enclosure • Optional Above Ground Skid Enclosure • Optional Water Heater

Filtration Skid

• • • •

• • • •

UV Disinfection System

Activation Bollard

UL Control Panel Water Distribution Manifold Drain-to-Waste Outlets Activation Bollard

Prefabricated Vault

• Optional Underground Vault Enclosure • Optional Above Ground Enclosure

U.L. Listed Control Panel

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Recirculation & Water

Recirculation Systems

ARC believes in providing product versatility and design flexibility to meet your project specific requirements. Just a few of the customized options are as follows: flow patterns and flow rate adjustments, incorporating decorative banners or custom facility graphics, desired fabrication materials, interchangeable product design, interactive flow control valves, custom colors, custom theming, and total custom product designs.

Fabrication Material Options

Product Flow Rate Options

Customer Service ARC offers a variety of project support services to insure project success for any size project. We believe in providing total project support‌ from concept thru to completion. ARC will give your project the attention it deserves.

Design Concept Services To aid you in design, ARC provides free splash pad layouts. These concepts help you visualize overall appearance, space usage, splash zones, and age appropriate areas. In addition, ARC provides overall project data and total project budgeting information to aid in design direction and scope of project.

High Flow

Low Flow Fiberglass

Stainless Steel

Decorative Options


Construction Supervision Construction Documents


Standard Colors Custom Colors also Available!

22 | Aquatic Recreation Company, LLC |

Interchangeable Design

ARC offers complete splash pad project construction documents. These documents can be used for project construction, local health department approval, permitting and receiving competitive bids on various aspects of work. If required, these documents can be stamped by a registered professional engineer in the state your project is located.

To ensure the success of your project, ARC offers onsite construction supervision. Field supervisors will assist your selected installers with project layout, project sequencing of work, proper installation of materials, successful system startup and training.

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Product Options & Service

Product Options

Sales Representatives Distributing Worldwide

Aquatic Recreation Company, LLC Minneapolis, MN 55346 Tel 952-445-5135 | Toll Free 877-632-0503 Fax 952-345-6444


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