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Outdoor Learning Environments

Urban living, extended screen time and reduced physical activity are factors contributing to fewer green space play opportunities for children. Habitat Systems Inc., Western Canada’s largest company of outdoor playspace designers, wants to help children reconnect with nature and rediscover the beauty of the outdoors. Using elements from nature and natural products, we create natural learning environments that offer a high play value and promote healthy development through play in natural playscape settings. These spaces are designed to ensure that children have the ability to develop their Gross Motor, Sensory, Social, Creative & Cognitive skills through play. 1.866.HABITAT (422-4828).

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Bring your play space together with benches, planters, shelters, and more. Using natural materials, we can provide a place to rest, read, or stay out of the rain!


Our outdoor instruments are built to maintain pure tones through years of rigorous play/exposure and are designed in such a way that any note is pleasing to the ear.


Whether it’s sailing a ship and playing pirates or chasing the fairies through your whimsical garden castle, we can create a themed design that suits the size of your site.


Give children the independence that bolsters development without sacrificing safety. A natural look can make fencing unobtrusive and enhance your play space.


Create a natural flow of activity through your site. Pathways offer a perfect surface for strollers, tricycles, bouncing a ball, and imaginative chalk creations!



There are endless customization options to fit your needs and to expand and create more sensory elements. These structures keep young kids engaged and offer a quiet place to escape.


Get kids excited to learn by utilizing an outdoor classroom with natural light and fresh air! We can work with you to make your outdoor classroom vision come to life.

“There are few things that can make a child smile as much as playing in the sand, where one can build moats and castles with as little as their own bare hands.”

- Unknown


Habitat Systems’ sandbox creations are customizable to your space and budget. They are a practical avenue to bring play and development to your facility. These play areas bolster development in fine motor skills, creativity and social interaction.


Think outside of the box with natural borders sculpted into organic shapes. Children will make these a play piece in themselves using their imagination to tightrope walk across a crevasse or play follow the leader!


Creating a garden area in your facility will bring kids outdoors and provide vital learning experiences about how things grow. Gardens help develop fine and large motor skills, social interaction and emotional competence through the pride that comes from caring for something alive.

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YMCA Eagle Creek - Victoria, BC

Playhouse and Water Feature

Playhouse Storage Benches

Plantings and Fencing


Storage Shed

Water Feature

Covered Sandbox Contact Habitat Systems today to start your play space project l Toll Free 1 (866) 422-4828 l


Hilltop Christian Childcare Centre - Delta, BC

Side View of Play Space


Front View of Play Space


Interpretive Forest

Table and Sitting Area

Trellis and Garden

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Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre of BC - Vancouver, BC

Interpretive Forest


Stairs, Benches, and Garden


Arden Montessori - Coquitlam, BC


Covered Sandbox

Table and Benches

Log Steps

Playhouse and Logs

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Gibsons Elementary Daycare - Gibsons, BC “Working with Habitat Systems was such a pleasure. They were fantastic at really listening to our needs and wants while still appreciating our budget and space constraints, and designing and building the perfect space to meet our program needs. From start to finish the customer service and end product were exactly what we wanted, and done on time.� - Lisa Stiver, YMCA of Greater Vancouver

Pathway and Plantings

Planter and Bench

Covered Sandbox With Playhouse

Outdoor Classroom


Vista Point YMCA - Vancouver, BC

Sandbox and Playhouse

Interpretive Forest Contact Habitat Systems today to start your play space project l Toll Free 1 (866) 422-4828 l


Phil Milton - Natural Playground Designer and Artisan Phil Milton joined the Habitat team in April 2015 as the Natural Playground Designer and Artisan. From that time he has been an invaluable member to the team with his creative mind and experience, having over 30 years working with landscape designs and installations. His extensive educational background and practical experience in woodwork makes him the inspiration and creator behind our natural playground projects. He has attended many play space design and child development workshops, allowing him to have a clear understanding of a child’s engagement and understanding at a young age in a natural setting. While his designs achieve age appropriate results, he encourages challenging play spaces by incorporating a balance of gross and fine motor skill components which inspires imaginative and community play. Phil is aware of the science behind child development and that play has been under estimated as a means to problem solve, social co-operation/negotiation, self-monitor/assess and problem solving through failures and achievements, and is therefore a big proponent of “play to learn” and understands the benefits of “risky play” and children being allowed to “self-assess” or “risk assess”.



Nature-themed playgrounds are a natural fit when it comes to planning outdoor play spaces. Even better is that our unique design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to combine the adventure and wonder of nature with the durability, safety and low maintenance of high-quality play equipment. And best of all, while kids are staying active and engaged they are learning about the beauty and complexities of the natural world around them.

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Habitat Systems Inc. is a distributor of commercial grade park, playground, and landscape equipment, with four offices throughout Western Canada to serve you. We strive to provide our clients with products which create safe environments where children and adults have the opportunity to create, imagine, dream, and learn together.

Freestanding Play

Site Furnishings

Poured in Place Rubber

Engineered Wood Fibre

Playground Grass

Rubber Tiles

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Ready to Start Planning?

Habitat Systems has worked with hundreds of daycares and early childhood facilities on their playground projects – and we would like to be of service to you! We offer the following services: • • • • • • • •

exciting themed and inclusive focused designs unique add-on play items, such as sandboxes and gardens thoughtful designs focused on your wish list 3D layouts to see how your area will look once installed experienced assistance with step-by-step project planning complimentary site visits and presentations installation services - including supervised & community installs a team of knowledgeable employees dedicated to providing unparalleled service

Contact us toll free at 1 (866) HABITAT (422-4828) or at (604) 294-4224 for a complimentary site visit to begin planning your dream play space. Contact Habitat Systems today to start your play space project l Toll Free 1 (866) 422-4828 l

Natural Outdoors Learning Environments