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Revolutionary, high-performance surfacing


We made a breakthrough in surfacing Of all the play surfaces available, only one combines the benefits of design, technology and safety into one revolutionary, high-performance solution: PebbleFlex.® It’s quite simply the best playground surfacing in the world. Unlike traditional poured-in-place surfaces, PebbleFlex utilizes an advanced bond-in-place technology where millions of pebbles bond together to create an unparalleled surface that stands up to the demands of weather extremes and active use. It’s a seamless, resilient surface designed for endless play. From consultation to installation and beyond, Landscape Structures is your partner in designing the perfect PebbleFlex play environment.

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Superior Technology The right chemistry seals the deal. PebbleFlex® is composed of tiny spherical aliphatic polyurethane pebbles that are highly abrasion resistant and more UV stable than any other surfacing. The pebbles are bonded together with a clear, flexible, two-part aliphatic polyurethane binder — an exclusive process that is significantly stronger than typical non-bonded rubber granule surfacing.

Durable. In high-use areas, such as under swings and slides, a proprietary, clear aliphatic polyurethane grout is applied to the surface to offer even more abrasion resistance.


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Maintainable. The bonded pebbles withstand detergent cleaning solutions and sustain power-washing of up to 2800 psi. With a higher cleaning tolerance and longer life, PebbleFlex dramatically reduces maintenance time and costs.

Long Life. With a highimpact attenuation resulting from cushioned layers of recycled rubber and foam, the life of the surfacing is extended well beyond poured-in-place surfaces.

Uncompromising Safety Protection that measures up to an industry-best warranty. Safety and play go hand-in-hand at Landscape Structures. PebbleFlex is tested to accommodate fall heights of up to and including 12 feet, and meets all safety and accessibility standards. This high-impact attenuation results from a 1-1/8" layer of SBR recycled rubber and a layer of recycled closed-cell foam. The thickness of the foam varies depending upon the fall height requirements. (See diagram below, illustrating the layering system.) The recycled rubber and foam combination allows for natural expansion and contraction and is water permeable. A one-of-a-kind surfacing solution.

PEBBLES– 3/8" SBR–11/8"

FOAM (varies)

BASE Concrete, asphalt or compacted aggregate

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Sustaining Beauty Let design transform your play environment.

Standard Blends

PebbleFlex® comes to life in five standard blended “pebble” colors — along with 15 custom solid colors to coordinate a look that complements your playground. Additionally, you can create virtually any custom graphics to capture a particular

Red Blend

Gray Blend

Green Blend

design, be it a city park’s theme or a school’s mascot. Whether close up or at a distance, the aesthetic impact of PebbleFlex adds immense value to your environment. Our Brown Blend

consultants can work with you to determine the perfect expression.


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Blue Blend

Custom Solids

Light Blue

Royal Blue






Brick Red








Industry Best The product is superior. The service is exceptional. PebbleFlex Safety Surfacing System

Traditional Poured-in-Place Surfacing

Wear Surface

The PebbleFlex wear surface is composed of two sizes of aliphatic polyurethane spheres (pebbles), chemically bonded with a compatible two-part aliphatic polyurethane binder. The two-part binder provides more control of the curing process. This matrix is installed at an average thickness of 3/8", is UV stable and abrasion resistant yet porous enough to eliminate standing water. A vast majority of rain water surface drains when properly installed.

Traditional poured-in-place surfacing uses an EPDM or a TPV granule; neither of which is compatible (doesn’t bond) with the binder. Nor are they as UV stable as PebbleFlex. They use either a one-part aromatic binder (least expensive) or a one-part aliphatic binder, thus eliminating some control of the curing process, resulting in surfaces with limited service life.


In high-wear areas a proprietary highly abrasion resistant grout is applied to the surface for added durability.

This is an exclusive product of PebbleFlex. No other surfacing provider has anything like it.


The impact-attenuating layer is composed of a 1-1/8" thick layer of a recycled SBR rubber matrix bonded over a recycled closed-cell foam base. The foam is bonded together with heat and is basically inert — not susceptible to any degradation. The thickness of the foam is dependent upon the fall height requirements. A chemically compatible two-part aromatic primer is applied between each layer.

Traditional poured-in-place surfacing uses only SBR rubber as their impact-attenuating layer. It is very difficult to get a consistent 3" layer of SBR. The surface will have hard spots and soft spots. The one-part aromatic binder will degrade if in continual contact with water. The system is less dimensionally stable.


The pebbles are available in 15 solid colors and five standard color blends making the combinations virtually infinite.

Not available in as many colors, nor are the colors as brilliant as PebbleFlex. Because EPDM and TPV are not UV light-stable colors, they fade rapidly.


The PebbleFlex system has been tested per the ASTM F1292 Standard to accommodate fall heights to 12'. The system also complies with the ASTM F1951 Accessibility Standard and other standards relating to flame ignition, skid resistance and UV stability.

Some poured-in-place surfacing options are not tested to a 12' fall height.


The PebbleFlex system can be installed over concrete, asphalt or compacted aggregate base. The foam layer is easy and quick to install. The 1-1/8" SBR layer is much easier to install with consistent density than the 3" used by others for 8' fall heights. Because the pebbles are consistent and round, they trowel much easier than granules and use water-based lubricant as opposed to diesel fuel. PebbleFlex is installed by factory-certified installers that work for Landscape Structures. This simplifies the contract, eliminating subcontractor complications.

Traditional poured-in-place providers do not recommend installing their product over a compacted aggregate base. Subcontractors are often used who are not held responsible for their installation.


PebbleFlex surfacing should be inspected at the same time as the playground equipment. We recommend cleaning the surface at least once a year with a pressure washer and mild detergent. We also recommend applying a clear coat of our two-part aliphatic polyurethane over the entire surface every two or three years – this will greatly extend the life of the system.

Pressure washing of older EPDM surfaces can often result in damage to the surface. Most EPDM surfacing suppliers don’t offer maintenance instructions.


PebbleFlex is warranted for five years against natural deterioration and manufacturing defects and includes maintaining the impact attenuation requirements.

Competitor’s warranties vary significantly. We have seen warranties of up to 10 years, but do not know what they are warrantying. Some do not warrant their fall height at all. 888.438.6574 •


Better playgrounds. Better world.™

PebbleFlex®: the difference is clear

Since 1971, Landscape Structures

» Expert representation from playground consultants

has been committed to enhancing children’s lives by fostering and creating inspiring play experiences while honoring the environment.

and certified installers. » The versatility to cover a number of surface substrates including concrete, asphalt and compacted aggregate bases.

We create innovative playground equipment to inspire children to grow strong bodies and minds so their futures remain bright. And to further ensure a better tomorrow,

» A five-year warranty that includes impact attenuation. » Easy cleaning and maintenance due to a strong, chemically bonded surface.

we are sensitive to the environment through manufacturing practices that minimize our impact on the earth. Our goal from day one has been to foster healthy children playing in healthy communities year after year, generation after generation.

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» A soft, safe surface that complies with all safety and accessibility standards for playground surfaces. » Fall height compliance. For more information, contact your Landscape Structures playground consultant or call 888.438.6574.


Provides enhanced safety, durability, longevity and easy maintenance to create play areas where the fun never has to stop.

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