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n 2015, Habitat for Humanity - New York City is committed to uniting New Yorkers around the cause of affordable housing. We invite New Yorkers to come together and raise their voices as well as their hammers to strengthen our great city, state and nation. Faced with so many challenges, Habitat NYC knows that it is impossible to simply build our way out of New York’s complex housing crisis. By partnering with organizations, coalitions, and individuals to advocate for housing solutions that meet the full spectrum of housing need, we can increase Habitat’s impact on a much larger scale. As Habitat NYC continues our work building, renovating, and repairing affordable homes for low-income and storm-effected families, we will work to ensure that public policies prioritize the housing needs of New York’s most vulnerable residents and work to educate and unite volunteers and supporters to make an even larger impact for the cause of affordable housing.

HABITAT NYC LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES FOR 2015: New York City •Increase investment in affordable multi-family homeownership opportunities for working families and reform the City’s tax assessment policies to ensure long-term affordability •Create a true, flexible affordable housing trust fund with dedicated revenue sources to enhance the building and preservation of affordable homeownership and rental housing

New York State •Renew and enhance the State’s 421a Tax Incentive Program and Rent Regulations •Allow New York City to adjust and control property taxes in order to stimulate the influx of revenue for the building and preservation of affordable housing

United States •Protect federal homeownership resources that support the work of Habitat for Humanity nationwide – including AmeriCorps/VISTA funding, HOME and CDBG programs, and the Self Help Home Ownership Opportunities Program (SHOP)

International •Foster land tenure security internationally - ensuring families the right to live in a place without fear of eviction.


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2015 HOUSING GOALS New York City INCREASE INVESTMENT IN AFFORDABLE MULTI-FAMILY HOMEOWNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FOR WORKING FAMILIES AND REFORM THE CITY’S TAX ASSESSMENT POLICIES TO ENSURE LONG-TERM AFFORDABILITY: Affordable homeownership gives lowincome and working families critical economic and social benefits — building equity, significantly improving educational achievement, fostering greater civic participation, inspiring pride and a sense of accomplishment and improving physical health. Building affordable homeownership opportunities creates jobs, generates new tax revenue and stabilizes families and communities. Habitat NYC seeks to ensure that our elected officials understand the vital importance of affordable homeownership and support policies that spur affordable homeownership in a city of renters.

CREATE A TRUE, FLEXIBLE AFFORDABLE HOUSING TRUST FUND WITH DEDICATED REVENUE SOURCES TO ENHANCE THE BUILDING AND PRESERVATION OF AFFORDABLE HOMEOWNERSHIP AND RENTAL HOUSING: The city should establish the Housing and Building Investment Trust Fund using new revenue streams such as a luxury transfer tax, pied-a-ter tax, or vacant property reclassification. These funds should then be used flexibly to help affordable housing developers serve lower-income families with extended lengths of affordability and to support the building of new homeownership opportunities.

New York State RENEW AND ENHANCE THE STATE’S 421A TAX INCENTIVE PROGRAM AND RENT REGULATIONS: With both the 421a Tax Incentive Program and the State’s rent regulations expiring in June, our elected officials should move to strengthen these initiatives to create and preserve more affordable housing. This should include expanding the 421a General Exclusion Area (GEA) citywide to ensure all development accessing the program includes affordable housing units. The State should also move to strengthen rent stabilization laws to reduce the loss of regulated units by eliminating Vacancy Deregulation and reforming MCI and IAI loopholes.

ALLOW NEW YORK CITY TO ADJUST AND CONTROL PROPERTY TAXES IN ORDER TO STIMULATE THE INFLUX OF REVENUE FOR THE BUILDING AND PRESERVATION OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING: The State should grant New York City the ability to increase property taxes on luxury housing units and vacant properties as the City sees fit. By adjusting tax rates and classifications, New York City will be able to access new revenue in the pursuit of achieving the goals set forth in the Mayor’s $41B Housing New York Plan.

United States PROTECT FEDERAL HOMEOWNERSHIP RESOURCES THAT SUPPORT THE WORK OF HABITAT FOR HUMANITY NATIONWIDE: Habitat for Humanity International seeks to leverage United States government programs and resources to build homes and to create resilient communities. To support this initiative, the federal government must maintain and enhance the following funding streams: • Corporation for National and Community Service (Ameri- • HOME Investments Partnerships Program and Community Corps and VISTA): AmeriCorps members provide direct Development Block Grant funding both flow through local services to communities, serving affiliates in construction, and state jurisdictions to affiliates in support of a range of family services, youth programs, and volunteer services. housing development activities. VISTA members lead affiliate capacity-building efforts, • Self-Help and Assisted Homeownership Opportunity including partnership development and fundraising. Program (SHOP) provides land and infrastructure grants through Habitat International to affiliates.


FOSTER LAND TENURE SECURITY INTERNATIONALLY — ENSURING FAMILIES THE RIGHT TO LIVE IN A PLACE WITHOUT FEAR OF EVICTION: • Prioritize access to land and housing within the U.S. global development agenda • Push for inclusion of access to land and housing in sustainable development goals • Ensure land and housing are properly addressed during the United Nations’ third Conference on Sustainable Development

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