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Customer Service Portal

The Single Access Point Solution Leverage you investment in legacy IT systems or provide better access to new IT systems and raise the level of service towards your customers

What is the Customer Service Portal? The Customer Service Portal (CSP) is a tailor-made web-based solution that will benefit any trading or service company. CSP gives you a direct and and speedy access to information about your customers’ transactions and financial accounts. It also allows your

interface for your customers rather than a different interface for each module.

Why CSP? Offer your customers superior services and increased self-reliance - you will gain a competitive edge and save money.

One access point The objective of CSP is to integrate and connect all your subsystems and provide a single system for employees and

access any relevant information at their convenience. A CSP installation requires minimal investment in hardware or software - it is very cost effective. Your customers and employees log on to CSP to gain access to any of the subsystems from a single point of access. Everyone has the same interface to your information systems. The modular approach makes it possible to replace or update back-end IT systems without the customer on the front-end noticing.

Superior service customers to make new bookings, enter service instructions and track service requests. Give your employees, partners and customers access to internal and legacy systems and create a one-stop service point.

A competitive edge is vital for your company and providing the best

customers with advanced authorisation, authentication and access control. The system is a one-stop shop for customers to get price quotes, enter service requests, view order status, see shipment locations and access accounting information.

Cost savings

CSP for whom? Most companies have IT systems that have been developed over a long period of time. Until now, replacing them has required extremely expensive custom solutions. CSP offers a novel approach to upgrading legacy installations with its flexibility and adaptability. It provides international and domestic companies with the means to integrate their systems and make them accessible all around the world. CSP provides a common interface to your company’s existing systems - financial, inventory, services, shipments and more. This solution is far more cost effective than migrating to a new system. Your customers will often need to retrieve information from more than one of your subsystems. An integrated solution based on CSP provides an intuitive user

Implement CSP and you can expect to reduce your own costs as well as save your customers from making expensive mistakes as happens when they use conventional manual ordering processes. Our existing customers have substantially reduced the number of customer service representatives in their call centres. Help your customers further reduce costs by reducing their inventories — they can track their deliveries more effectively and receive them on time. In the fastpaced and competitive global market it is imperative for your partners and customers to have 24/7 access to all their information wherever they are in the world.

The objective CSP integrates your existing systems through a modular structure and makes them accessible from a single logical interface over the internet. Your employees, partners and customers can

possible services is one way to gain a lead. A key component for your customers is the capability to access information at any time, wherever they are. CSP allows your customers to become selfreliant. They no longer have to wait for customer services when they have routine enquiries and the reduced load on your customer service staff will give them more time to attend to other important matters, resulting in superior services.

Existing Functionality - Create export orders for shipments. - Get quotations for shipping costs. - Track shipments. - Order storage space. - Generate customs and tax clearance reports. - See invoices and balances and business overviews. - Send and track service requests from warehouse. - Get notifications for shipments and deliveries. - Manage users and access privileges and restrictions.

Increase customer satisfaction Empower your partners and customers with an advanced CSP solution. Enable them to work more independently and automate their workflow to reduce errors. Their overall experience and satisfaction will reach new levels.

Reduce manual data entry Up-to-date information on your products, inventory, availability, prices and other services means your customers can prepare orders and book other services more precisely using CSP. Reduce manual data entry by allowing your customers to confirm service bookings online.

Leveraging legacy systems Over time, companies deploy systems that are very

expensive to replace or upgrade. The CSP does not require any changes to current internal systems. It gives companies the opportunity to leverage all their existing investments in legacy systems.

Fewer booking errors Bookings made through CSP are more accurate because verification is carried out in real time and customers get instant feedback while they are booking. The CPS displays pop-up selection lists and allows only valid values. Less work correcting mistakes leads to reduced costs and increased profits.

The Customer Service Portal offers a uniform access to your information systems that results in cost savings and increased customer satisfication and retention.

Minimal investment New investment in hard– ware and supporting software is limited to one Windows Server 2008 with an MS-SQL Server 2008 database.

Need further information? Contact us and get a good, clear overview of how the CSP solution can help you and your business. We are always ready to demonstrate how CSP can best be fitted to your situation. Our e-mail address is

Key advantages

Investment in legacy IT systems leveraged Uniform web-based access to different systems Increased security via a single access point Customer empowerment increases customer delight Presents opportunities for cost savings Real increases in customer service levels

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The Habilis Customer Service Portal  

The CSP enables companies to leverage their investments in legacy systems or provide a better access to new IT system and raise the level of...