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Does Company Logo Contribute to Branding Strategies of a Business? Hitesh Mistry, Vice President A strong brand identity is extremely essential to position a company in the market, and to connect with the target audience. Now how will your market segment identify your brand? Your clients remember and recognize you by the brand name and the logo that represents your brand. Whether you are small-medium or a large scale enterprise, the first thing you need is an appropriate Business Logo Design that represents your brand. For this, it is very important to hire logo designers who can create a design that connects your brand with your clients. The logo can eventually be used on your company letterheads, brochures, business cards, on product packaging, promotional materials and other merchandise.

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Why is having a Well Designed Logo So Important? Logo is the symbolic representation of your business, your values and your business practices. It helps you standout and separates you from the rest. It helps customers identify your merchandise at a glance. Business logo design is the first step of building your brand and creating a lasting impression on the minds of your customers. Get answers to the following questions before you finalize a logo design  Is the logo unique? Does it reflect my brand’s identity?  Will this design interest and impress my customers?  Can the customer identify what product/merchandise/service I am offering just by looking at the logo?  Is the text legible?  Are the colors used for the logo associated with my brand image? Do they represent my brand? Does it send across the right message to my clients?  Will the logo look good, when converted into grey scale?  Is the logo versatile? Can I print it using various printing techniques for varied branding and promotion activities?  Can I give both a flat 2D look and a 3D feel to the logo design? Once you have a well designed logo ready, plan branding strategies for your business. Outsourcing comprehensive branding, marketing and design services to a single provider is the best thing to do, as once the company that handles your branding, marketing and promotion activities understands your brand and relates to it, the going gets smooth. Company logo is central to brand building and can be effectively used across branding strategies like:  Brand Positioning: As someone rightly said, brand positioning is not what you do your product; it is what you do to your consumers mind. Your company logo creates an impression and positions your product in the proposed clients mind.  Brand Promotion Public memory is short termed. Hence, once you establish your brand, it is important to promote it, so that people do not forget you. So citing your logo across various promotional activities helps them register and identify your company at a glance.

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ď ś Digital Marketing Today the world is getting flatter, and online marketing has become an indispensible part of branding and marketing strategies. Getting citations by publishing press releases, promoting awareness initiatives, and engaging your customers via social media has become the primary focus. ď ś Sponsorship and Other Initiatives Businesses often sponsor a good cause or take up initiative for social awareness. In such events, company logo is used in various ways in form of adverts, hoardings, and sponsored merchandise etc. Service providers like Habiledata, offer comprehensive DTP and graphic design services including data conversion, logo design, packaging design, online marketing and branding services all under one roof. Our versatile and creative Company Logo Design Services can help you build a strong brand identity. Our integrated solutions help your build, establish, manage and promote your brand effectively thus garner a vast client base and boost your business. For more information Company Address:

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Does company logo contribute to branding strategies of a business  

A logo design is the emblematic representation of your occupation, your values and your business practices. It helps customers identify your...