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DISH NETWORKS Before you read this ask yourself are you one of those adventurous souls who have the ability to discern between the truly trashy and the absolutely fabulous then read on, if no then please don't waste your time. We are going to talk about some truly cool alternative to the various Satellite TV dish networks and other TV channel systems that have you paying through your nose and yet make you feel that you are being shortchanged. Remember that you are not alone. There are millions of people out there who have been through the grind and come out stronger. There are hundreds of disgruntled customers whose lives are mired in millions of miles of cables and satellite dishes that consume more power than they can handle and this makes it difficult for them to discern between the various satellite TV dish networks. Today, there are two major satellite TV dish networks that are ruling the airwaves, Dish Network and DirecTV. Each of them offers a large number of channels and several so called low-cost options for service. In addition to that, they also promise to offer freedom from the binding stresses of your local cable company. The reality is much AUGUST

further from the truth. You find out the hard way that all that glitters is not gold and then you are stuck with the trash that you've got. This includes dozens of channels that you are never going to even flip through in this life time and a huge dish that consumes power faster than a teenager inhales cheeseburgers. So you need to ask your self is there an alternative to satellite TV dish networks and their enforced hegemony? Yes. There is. Free to air is here. Satellite TV dish networks are the future of cable TV networks that will enable you to receive all the good stuff on cable TV all the time irrespective of the network that you are using. In fact with the free to air satellites you won't need to have a network. Just free to air will suffice. Satellite TV dish network able to transmit satellite signals which a person can receive legally for free. This means that without having any subscription and without paying the exorbitant fees you get all the satellite channels that you want for free. Although the free to air satellite transmission is not encrypted, it is typically encoded for MPEG-2 video and may have geographical restrictions.


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