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Chapter 4

Annex 11 — Air Traffic Services 4.4

VOLMET broadcasts and D-VOLMET service

4.4.1 Recommendation.— HF and/or VHF VOLMET broadcasts and/or D-VOLMET service should be provided when it has been determined by regional air navigation agreements that a requirement exists. Note.— Annex 3, 11.5 and 11.6 provide details of VOLMET broadcasts and D-VOLMET service. 4.4.2 Recommendation.— VOLMET broadcasts should use standard radiotelephony phraseologies. Note.— Guidance on standard radiotelephony phraseologies to be used in VOLMET broadcasts is given in the Manual on Coordination between Air Traffic Services, Aeronautical Information Services and Aeronautical Meteorological Services (Doc 9377), Appendix 1.




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