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Story Mile 2.0 Inspired by the emirates Crafted at zayed university Editor Brione laThrop Story consultation and editing by Rym Ghazil

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The Fateful Decision Fadhel and the Fox The Revenge Abu Karbah and the Rich Man Mzraat Salama Mansor & Abu Ras In the Souq Al Medfah Spirit of the Nation A Mother’s Love

Nahessa: The Nanny Owl for all Generations Al Roua'a Al Roua’a’s Kid A Box Full of Memories Saleh’s Adventur Sheikh Kasain’s Regret Um Daryah Guardian of the Mangroves: Myth or Reality The Guardian of the Mangroves Nasser and the Ghaf Tree Collaboration Brings Happines Ghareeb Koosa Boosa Hemarat Al Ghayl The Proposal

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Hessa’s Home The Hidden Enemy Marwa’s Ghos Kotof and Khattaf Loud Lesson Sweet Tooth The White Camel The Heart of a Woman The Fireworks and Qwam al Deseas The Fourth Room The Troublemaker Saber the Brave When Mountains Speak The Sacrifice The Broken Hearted Giant Guardian of the Mountains The Gentle Giant The Jinni & the Abay The Promis The Haunted Coffee Sho The Guardian of Liwa Fort Meera’s Tale Mother of the Machete The Secret Life of Um Heala The Orphan Protector

the fateful decision


Written by: Eiman Ebraheem Mohamed Ahmed Al Hammadi Illustrated by: Aysha Saif Ahmed Saif Al Hamrani

“I want to be rich! can you make this happen? Hamda asked. “of course,” warned Abu Al Les, “but every thing has a price.”

“Life is all about choices, choose wisely or live the rest of your life in regret.” Our story began with Hamda’s path to happiness.

Hamda went to the old house where she once lived, but there was no sign of her mother.

Hamda lived with her mother Maryam in a small house. Maryam did her best to not let Hamda feel less than others because they were very poor. Nevertheless, Hamda always complained about their lives and refused to help her mother.

She asked one of the neighbors who said, “When Hareb came to propose, he had one condition, that you would never contact or visit your mother again.”

One day, while she was on her way back from school, she met a fox named Abu Al Les. At first, Hamda was afraid of him, but when he called her by name, she was surprised. “I’m a magician,” he said. “You want to be rich, am I right?” “Yes, you are right, I want to be rich. Can you make this happen? She asked. “Of course but everything has a price,” he warned. ”I don’t care; just make me rich,” she said. “Ok my dear, your wish is done.” Suddenly, Hamda became a rich wife and lived in the finest palace with the best jewelry, clothes and food. She was finally happy. But after a few months she was bored. Her husband was always away on business and she didn’t have anyone to talk to. Then, she remembered the love and kindness of her mother and began searching for her.

“What did I do?” she said with doubt. “You agreed,” said the neighbor with disdain. Hamda was shocked. “Where is my mother now?” The neighbor shook her head sadly as she said, “Your mother died two days ago.” She remembered her mother’s words, “Try to live the life you have, and you will realize how rich you are.” Suddenly, the fox appeared with a malicious smile. “Hello, what can I do for you my dear?” “This is not the life I want. Bring my old life back!” she demanded. The fox laughed and said:” I told you, every wish has a price.” Hamda shouted at the fox but it was too late because he disappeared.

the revenge Illustrated by: Noorah Abdulrahman Abdulla Abdulrahman Al Shaikh

Written by: Mona Naser Mubarak Baslaib Almashjari


“Abu Assalasel appeared in front of her. He was tall, scary and tied up in chains!”

There was a girl called Sara who was frightened of ghosts. She was rather ill and weak and looked like a ghost herself. Her three classmates Mezna, Fatima and Afra knew her fears and liked to laugh at her so they always told her stories about ghosts and frightened her. One day, Sara thought about revenge and went to the library and found a book about ghosts called “The Revenge.” The book seemed to open by itself to a page about a ghost called Abu Salasel. There were some strange words on the page. Sara said the words aloud and suddenly a magical light came from the book and Abu Assalasel appeared in front of her. He was tall, scary and tied up in chains! She screamed and Abu Salasel said, “Don't be afraid, you are being bullied and I will help you!” That night when Mezna was sleeping, she dreamed that Sara and others were laughing at her. She woke up and saw Abu Assalasel in front of her. She screamed. Her parents came to her room to find out what had happened, but Mezna couldn't speak because she was so scared.

The next day, Fatima was in the University bathroom putting on her make up. Suddenly there were words in chains in the mirrors that said, “BULLY!” then she saw Abu Assalasel. She screamed and ran outside as he followed her whispering, “BULLY”! The girls laughed at her and said she was crazy. Later, Afra was walking alone in the university corridor when she heard a sound like someone walking with chains. She turned around and saw Abu Assalasel. He said: “You are a bad girl for bullying Sara”, she tried to run but fell, and he walked towards her and whispered: “Bully, Bully, Bully!” Then disappeared. A week later the girls met and told each other what happened. They thought it was punishment for laughing at Sara and decided to apologize to her. Sara forgave them and looked up and saw Abu Assalasel. She smiled at him and her lips moved to say thank you, he smiled back and disappeared. Sara was no longer afraid of ghosts and the girls had learned to never bully anyone again.

13 Al Roua’a

“Don't be afraid I won’t hurt you. I know I am awful.”

There was a strange man named Al Roua'a, who worked in an Abu Dhabi company, but didn’t have any friends because of his secret identity. Al Roua'a was human during the day, but at night he transformed into a monster. When he was a monster he only intimidated people, but if anyone did something evil, he killed them. Although he was a very kind person who was successful in his job, no one wanted to befriend him. At night he went to the park to play with the children, but they cried when they saw him. Al Roua'a felt sad because nobody wanted him. One day he went to work, sat near one of his co-workers and asked if he could question him. The man said with fear “Y y y yes you can.” “I want to know why you don’t like me and won’t talk with me?” Al Roua’a asked. The man said, “Don’t you know you change into a monster at night and everyone is terrified of you?” he answered. Are you sure? Al Roua’a asked in a voice filled with shock. I am a monster? That’s impossible! The man said, “If you don’t trust me, I will make a video for you at night and will show it to you tomorrow.”

Then Al Roua’a went back to finish his work. At night he transformed and he went to the park. The man from work was walking behind and filming Al Roua’a. The monster turned around saw a scared man with a camera and Al Roua’a said, “Don’t be afraid I won’t hurt you. I know I am awful.” The next day the man showed Al Roa’a his video. He began to laugh and said, “I am so beautiful.” The man also laughed and finally introduced himself. I am Saeed and I would like to be friends. Al Roua’a felt very happy and decided he would not hurt anybody, even if they hurt others, instead, he would tell the police about them. Saeed tweeted Al Roua’a’s story on his Twitter account and told all of his followers of his kindness. Not long after, people stopped fearing Al Roua’a and started talking with him. Al Roua’a is now rich with friends and happy for Saeed’s help.

Written by: Noura Ali Hasan Khamis Almansoori Illustrated by: Aysha Saif Ahmed Saif Al Hamrani

the guardian of the mangroves

“His family abandoned him because they thought he was half demon due to his ugly looks.”

Once upon a time there was an ugly man named Fatouh who lived alone in the mangroves. He was very ugly and scary since the day he was born. His family abandoned him because they thought he was half demon due to his ugly looks. His ears were very long, his nails very sharp and he had big eyes that looked like those of a cat. For many years, all the families in his town believed his looks were proof that his soul was possessed and prohibited their kids from playing in the mangroves, because they feared Fatouh might harm their children. Fatouh avoided people at all costs and used to sneak into the town late at night to get food. One day, Kenza, the baker’s daughter was up late at the bakery when Fatouh came in through the window. Kenza was terrified at first but then she stood still and looked at Fatouh going inside very quietly and eating left over bread. Kenza felt sorry for him when she realized he was hungry and started to think that he wasn’t scary at all, just different.

Kenza decided to visit Fatouh at his house in the middle of the mangroves. At first, both of them felt uncomfortable, but after a while, Fatouh felt very happy that someone didn’t think he was ugly and saw the real him. Kenza’s visits to Farouh become more frequent, she brought him food, read to him, and talked about what was happening in town. Fatouh and Kenza fell in love and decided to get married without telling anyone. Kenza’s family was furious when they learned of the secret wedding. They thought that Fatouh’s demon soul possessed Kenza’s body and for that reason she had to die. On a full moon night, Kenza’s family kidnapped and killed her, and then threw her body into the mangroves. When Fatouh found out what Kenza’s family did because of him, he was heartbroken. He took his own life in the same place where Kenza’s body was discarded. His soul remains there to this day, protecting his beloved Kenza and the mangroves that embraced her. That is how Fatouh became the Guardian of the Mangroves, a place where forbidden love is buried.

Written by: Maha Salem Mohammed Al Sakkaf Illustrated by: Shaikha Khalifa Ahmed Mohamed Rashed Al Suwaidi


collaboration brings happiness

“All the children in the school knew about him because he looked very frail, but was extremely strong and no one could beat him.”

Hamad and Rashid are in primary school, and are very close with everyone at school. They are always together, playing and having fun. In addition, they love animals and each one has a cat in his home. One day, Hamad’s cat got sick in the morning, and when he returned from school, found his cat had died. He was very upset and sad because he loved his cat and spent a lot of fun times with it, so he stopped going out with his other friends. Rashid missed Hamad and didn’t know what he could do to help his friend. He imagined buying another cat for Hamad, but the breed of cat that Hamad had was too expensive for Rashid. So, Rashid continued thinking about how to help his friend and fell asleep. As Rashid slept, he dreamt about Ghareeb, a famous boy from their school who died. All the children in the school knew about him because he looked very frail, but was extremely strong and no one could beat him. Ghareeb looked to Rashid and asked him, “Why do you look so upset Rashid?”

Written by: Sada Hamad Saleh Mohamed Saleh Al Kirbi Illustrated by: Khawla Ahmed Saeed Saleh Al Meraikhi

Rashid shared the problem with Ghareeb and he told him, “Work with your friends in school and the neighborhood to raise money to buy a new cat that has similar features to Hamad’s cat that died.” Rashid asked, “Do you think that will work?” Ghareeb answered, “Yes, because working together makes people happy and don’t forgot to name the cat after me, ok?” Rashid laughed and said, ”If your idea works than we will name the cat Ghareeb.” Then, Rashid woke up from his dream and started to do exactly what Ghareeb had suggested and the idea did in fact work. After he gathered all the money from his friends, he bought a cat that looked similar to the cat Hamad had lost and then he went with his friends to Hamad’s house to surprise him. Hamad was so happy and thanked all his friends for what they did. Rashid told him about the dream. Hamad laughed and said, “I will do what Ghareeb wishes. It will be really fun if we name this cat Ghareeb, maybe it will also be like Ghareeb with special powers.”


Written by: Mariam Mubarak Salem Obaid Aldhaheri Illustrated by: Khulood Ghuloom Mohamed Hassan Al Janahi



“I will never leave her, she will wear a special dress and dance for me every night."

Once upon a time, there was a rich family that lived in a big villa that looked like a cave. The neighbors called the house, Kaf Iblees because of the big cactus tree in their courtyard and the family’s bad manners. The family of four liked to party and didn’t care about the money wasted or the leftovers they threw away. One day the mother, Lamyah decided to have a big party with many different types of drinks and music. Lamyah wanted everyone to know that they had the nicest villa and the finest cars. Lamya's oldest daughter, Marwa, copied her parents’ love of material things. But Reena disliked all these things and believed it was better to be a good person. She advised her family all the time but they always ignored her. On the day of the big party, Marwa got ready and put on her short Western dress. She then turned up the music and danced provocatively in the courtyard in front of the Kas Iblees tree as the guests arrived, but Reena refused to go. The people spent the night laughing, eating and dancing until midnight. The party finished and all of them went to sleep.

In the morning, Marwa couldn’t move and had bruises on her body. Her family was afraid and took her to the hospital but the doctors said that she didn’t have any illness. On the second day, Reena went to her sister’s room to see if she needed anything. When see saw her bloodshot eyes and heard her speak in a scary voice, like that of an old man, Reena called her parents. They realized that a ghost had entered Marwa’s body. This ghost said, "I am Kas Iblees. I fell in love with Marwa. She is mine!” The parents pleaded but the ghost would not leave. “I will never leave her. She will become my wife. Every night she will dress up and dance for me,” it said. Then a Mutawa came and read the Quran over her, and released her from Kas Iblees. He advised them all to change their lives and to take care of their most important gift, their family. Marwa and her parents were different people from that day forward.


Kotof and Khattaf

Written by: Shawq Mohsen Saleh Yeslam Saleh Alameri

Illustrated by: Hana Mohd Zubair Mohd Aqil Mohd Farooq Bastaki

“Khattaf was furious. He wanted to make them crazy but his brother stopped him.”

When darkness comes, people in the UAE talk about the old legend of the ghost ship of the Indian Ocean, Khattaf Raffay. The elders say no one has gone to the place where he lives and returned normal. Many kill themselves while the rest go crazy. One summer, Hamad and Dakash were desperate for money to treat Hamad’s sick sister and to help Dakash’s family out of poverty. They decided to travel to the Indian Ocean in search of treasure. In the Indian Ocean, voices resounded with a discussion between two brothers, Kotof and Khattaf, who were jinns. Kotof was the oldest and very kind but Khattaf thought men were selfish and wanted to hurt people. Kotof believed their job was to guide them along the right path. Khattaf wasn’t convinced. He watched them steal things, pollute the environment and destroy the planet. As far as he was concerned, unless he found some humans who were completely selfless, he would continue to punish them. At the same time, Hamad and Dakash prepared for their trip with prayers to keep them safe. When they reached one of islands in the ocean, the weather changed for the worst with strong wind and rain.

After three hours of battling the elements, the storm was over and they started to see a ghost ship near a beautiful island. They hurried on board and began to search for treasure. They didn’t have enough space for all the treasures so they started to throw everything else in the ocean to make room. Khattaf was furious. He wanted to make them crazy but his brother stopped him and said, “You can change them and make them better. Trust me this once.” So, Khattaf disguised himself as an old man from a nearby island and explained to them why the jinns were annoyed with people. The jinn talked of greed, selfishness and death. Kotof was so proud of his brother. Khattaf also allowed them to take treasures from the island because their intentions were honorable. Hamad and Dakash returned safely back to the UAE on a mission to protect the environment and honour the gifts given to them by the jinns.


Illustrated by: Amna Mohammed Saleh Alsaleh Al Tunaiji


when Mountains

Written by: Fatima Ahmed Saqer Fadhel Almehairbi

“They were throwing their trash on the mountains and the mountain was very angry and decided to fight back.�

Once upon time there was a family who was planning a beautiful and exotic trip. Fatima the little girl said, “I want to go to the sea.” Her mother responded, “Why don’t we go to the mountain areas and invite all your cousins?” Everyone thought this was an amazing idea and began to prepare for the trip enthusiastically. They were planning to stay there the whole day. The family went to the mountains rejoicing and began an enjoyable day. The kids were playing, but throwing their waste everywhere they played. The mother noticed a rumbling sound coming from the mountain, but ignored it. She heard the sound again and thought the sound came from the kids discarding their garbage. The place was very dirty, but not one of them thought of cleaning it up. They were throwing their trash on the mountains and the mountain was very angry and decided to fight back, so it kidnapped Fatima. It wasn’t long before the family noticed the lost girl. Her mother was scared and they went to search for her. As the search began, more people started to disappear. Every moment they lost someone their fear increased until the entire family was lost.

They disappeared into a world of earth and rocks as they began to understand the voice of the mountain. The Mountain said, “Why? Why you are destroying the environment. Nature provides you with everything that you need. We don't deserve this.” The family looked out right and left. They asked themselves where the voice was coming from. The Mountain said, “Yes, we are talking and also move.” The family was surprised. Salama, the mother-mountain said, “We were once human like you, but didn’t care about nature. Then destiny changed us into mountains. My daughters were always destroying their surroundings, which was my fault, because I never advised them to be better.” “Now you have your last chance. We will forgive you and return you to your world, if you clean up your mess!” The entire family, young and old apologized and promised to be better caretakers of the environment. Salama returned the family as promised and they left the mountainside cleaner than they had found it.


43 the Gentle Giant

“The angry ruler ordered his army to start a war with them.”

In a village far away, there lived poor people and an unfair ruler. The people worked hard to survive and were happy to sit together and laugh. The Emir of that village hated every single person in that town he even hated the village itself. He didn't like to see or hear of the villagers’ happiness. On regular days, the men went out in their boats to the middle of the sea as they were fishermen. One day, the angry ruler ordered his army to start a war with them, and they encircled the poor fisherman in the boats and started to shoot. Suddenly, Shanaq Bin A’anaq woke up from the within the deep sea to protect these vulnerable people. Shanaq Bin A’anaq was a goodlooking, gentle giant. He was a very sweet jinni, but he was so big that he couldn't see the damage his body caused. Sometimes he accidentally destroyed houses so he lived deep in the sea away from people. After he woke up, the soldiers saw the giant jinni, and tired to flee but Shang gathered them all in his huge hands and told them that he wanted to meet the ruler.

The General of the Army went back and told the Emir what had happened. After much thought, the Emir agreed to meet Shanaq Bin A’anaq. The meeting was at sea in front of the villagers. Shanaq Bin A’anaq asked the ruler "Why did you try to hurt your people?" The Emir replied, " I hate seeing happy families because I lost my family here and now I live alone. Shanaq Bin A’anaq said "Why don't you make the villagers your family? Then you will have a good family and they will live in peace." As soon as the ruler turned his face to the villagers, one child ran up to the Emir and said, "I am an orphan, could you be my father?" The ruler's eyes filled with tears, he went to the child and hugged him. He wanted to thank the giant but the jinni disappeared into the sea. The Emir walked to the villagers and asked for forgiveness and they agreed. The ruler opened his heart, the kingdom prospered and everyone lived in peace and happiness.

Written by: Fatima Omar Ali Albaiti Al Hashmi Illustrated by: Nauf Abdulrahman Abdulla Abdulrahman Al Shaikh

Mother of the Machete


“She felt afraid and took her father’s machete with her.”

Written by: Maitha Abdulla Ismaeel Abdelraheem Abdulla Al Harmoodi

The stories of Um Al Duwais are endless. People have different versions and each tale has a different purpose. The only common element in all of her tales is men. Men are always the victim and the enemy. Why does Um Al Duwais hate men? A long ago, Um Al Duwais was a lovely, beautiful woman with long, dark hair and huge dark eyes. She was treated badly by her father and brother. Whenever they felt angry, they used to hit her on the legs with a das (‘machete (‘das’). This made her legs look very ugly. Each evening at midnight, she used to escape from her house and go near the mountains to see the moon. Watching the moon gave her peace and relief. She used to go back home before dawn so that her father and brother would not discover her trips. One particular night she was out but the night was so dark that there were no stars to guide her. Feeling afraid, she took her father’s machete. She went out to her usual spot and watched the moon. She felt great peace and fell asleep.

Illustrated by: Reem Naser Mohamed Mater Abu Namer Al Mazrouei

When she woke up, it was late. The sun had risen and Um Al Duwais was afraid to go home. She was terrified of her father’s and brother’s reactions and punishment. When she reached home, both of them were waiting for her. Their eyes were full of anger. Her brother stood in front of her, bellowed his rage and struck her. Um Al Duwais’ eyes glazed over and she raised the machete to hit her brother’s head and stopped in horror when she saw blood. Her father was shocked, started to cry and shouted at her to leave the house. He said, “Don’t ever come home again and take this machete with you!” Since then, the mountains have become her home and she never leaves the place during daylight. At midnight, she walks around the village in search of men like her brother who hurt the females in their families. She kills them with the machete that has now become an extension of her arm. This is why the villagers call her ‘The Mother of the Machete’.

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