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LCP 14/15 Application Package

LCP 14/15 APPLICATION CONTENTS 1. Message from the LCP 2. LC history and reality 3. Knowledge required & Benefits 4. Application requirements 5. Application process and timeline 6. Application Questionnaire

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Hey Aspiring LCPs, I have a favorite quote that says, “believe in yourself and there will come a time when others has no choice but to believe in you.� I found this quote to be very motivating even in the most challenging part of my LCP experience. I believe and most people agree that the LCP experience is the best practical leadership experience you can get anywhere and I highly recommend for anyone that is reading this application to be bold and apply for this position. You will develop yourself and activate leadership on your team members. It has been an amazing journey being the president of this LC. This is to anyone that wants to apply for this position but is not confident, thinks that this is very hard, I want you to know that you should believe in yourself. I am proud of you for taking this bold step and believe that you will be an amazing leader.

Haben Mehari President, AIESEC Addis Ababa University

LC History and Reality AIESEC Addis Ababa University was formed as a proper LC on 2012. The first president of this Local committee was Samrawit Getaneh who ended up being the head of finance and legal in AIESEC Ethiopia in the term 2013/14, her team mates were Nebiyu Sultan who was head of team experience in AIESEC AAU who went on to become head of communications and Information Management for AIESEC Ethiopia 2013/ 14, and Leselam Delelegne who was the head of incoming exchange and projects development who went on to become the head of quality assurance national support team for AIESEC Ethiopia 2013/ 14. The current leaders of AIESEC AAU are Haben Mehari President, Hindekie Amsalu Vice president for Incoming Global Community Development Program and Finance, Tsilat Yewondwossen Vice President for Out Going Exchange, Beza Daniel Vice President for Communication and Business Development and Abel Fetene Vice President for Talent management and Human Resources. AIESEC AAU is an LC that has recently been gaining recognition from the AIESEC network. AIESEC AAU has won the best exchange percentage in the East African region and the best in TMP/ TLP Delivery in East Africa at the PIONEERS Congress in Kenya. AIESEC AAU is also the most contributing entity for AIESEC in Ethiopia, contributing most percentage delivery in all the portfolios. AIESEC AAU also had a debt at the start of 2013/ 14, and a lot of challenges both in the front and back office. But we have overcome those challenges and still made AIESEC AAU the strongest LC in the country. In the coming years, AIESEC AAU will not just be the biggest LC in Ethiopia but also one of the heavyweights in Africa Growth Network.

Knowledge Required



Team Management Experience

AIESEC 2015 midterm ambition

Representation of LC in National and International Plenary

Value proposition of ELD programs

University relation management

Global Competency Model

Strategic Thinking Development

Strategic Thinking

Creation of a network of partners and institutional contacts, opportunities portal, Global ORS, Customer Experience Management tools

Project Management

Brand XP toolkit and Branding rules

Team Leading experience


LC Board of Advisors Management

Sales and Account Management

Contingency planning

Global, National and Local Compendium

Crisis management

Exchange Strategic Tools

Global network and international relations

Exchange and investment GCPs


All applications should be eye catching and innovative All applicants need to answer all questions on the questionnaire with minimum font size of 10 and maximum 50 pages. If they fail to do so, their application would be disqualified. All applicants should have a separate cv, executive summary, blank page challenge and print screen of their 360 assessment all in pdf format All applicants should take ‘the BELBIN test’ and submit it in an excel sheet. The link to the test is All applicants should submit an application video of no more than 7 minutes which must include strategic direction and personal motivation for the position. All applicants should submit 10 printed copies of their application on the day of election. All applicants should have a minimum of four endorsements consisting of endorsements from parents, a person they have led, a person that led them and an external (some one outside of the LC).

* If you have any difficulties in understanding the requirements and if you need any assistance for this application, please contact any one of the EB members.


All applicants must upload a .rar or .zip file of their application on with a format of [AIESEC AAU]_[LCP 14.15]_[NAME] • All applicants should upload their video on Youtube before the deadline and the video MUST NOT be part of the application package • All applicants must send the link of their application and application video to the addresses With a subject line “I WANT TO BE LCP” before MARCH 25TH 00:00. (MIDNIGHT) TIMELINE: MARCH 25TH – APRIL 5TH APPLICATION PROCESS APRIL 6TH- JUNE 30TH TRANSITION JULY 1ST Beginning of the term

*All applications submitted after the deadline or with out the format stated above will be disqualified.

Questionnaire Section one: Opening Address 1.

In a maximum of one page, write a letter addressed to AIESEC Addis Ababa University

Section two: Personal Information

First Name Surname Date & place of birth Current Role Mobile Skype Email primary & secondary

Applicant’s Picture

Questionnaire Section Three: AIESEC Experience 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

List Down all the positions you have had in AIESEC. Also briefly elaborate on your contribution/ performance, as well as the main learning you derived from each role. What has been your main achievement and non achievement in AIESEC in the past? List the Local/ National/ International conferences you have attended and in what capacity. What are your three basic learning/ values for life, which you have derived through your AIESEC experience? Describe how your AIESEC journey impacted you as an individual?

Section Four: General 1. 2. 3. 4.

Who are you and Why did you decide to run for LCP of AIESEC AAU? What are the qualities required for this role & what makes you best suited for this role? What is your vision as a person? And how LCP experience will contribute and align with it? Highlight your time commitment throughout the whole of next year (Academic or otherwise). Ideally, how much time should an LCP give to his role? What are your three most substantial personal accomplishments (non-AIESEC), and why do you view them as such? Provide a candid assessment of your strengths and weaknesses?

Questionnaire Section Four: General 5.

What is your vision for AIESEC AAU 14/ 15? What legacy would you want to leave behind? Also, frame a mission statement for the LC 6. How are you going to choose and manage your EB? 7. Describe your leadership style? Explain how your style would be suitable for AIESEC AAU in it’s current state? 8. Who is your role model and why? 9. Which 3 main trends do you see shaping Ethiopia in the next two years and what opportunities and threats they present for AIESEC Ethiopia and AIESEC AAU? 10. What does AIESEC give to the Ethiopia? And what should AIESEC give to the Ethiopia?

Section Five: LC Administration 1. 2.

3. 4.

List Down the different aspects of the job role of an LCP? Analyze the trends of the past two years of AIESEC AAU performance and culture. How do you see the organization direction of AIESEC AAU shaping up in the coming two years? Also, give a SWOT analysis of the LC for 2013/ 14. What focus areas do you propose for AIESEC AAU in 2014/ 15? Give action steps that will contribute to these focus areas. Propose the organizational structure that you plan to follow for the next year including the middle level management, functional roles as well LC entities.

Questionnaire Section Five: LC Administration 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Give your assessment of the role played and contribution made by AIESEC AAU towards the National Association? How should this evolve in the year 2014/ 15? Critically analyze the culture of AIESEC AAU. What aspects of the current culture will you retain and what aspects will you change in the coming year? How do you plan to do the same. Describe the role a VP will play in the LC (around performance & attitude) in 2014/ 15? Propose a Governance & accountability model for the LC for your term? According to you, what role will AIESEC play in Addis Ababa as an international Youth organization both in your term and in the future? How will you contribute to enhancing AIESEC AAU’s national and global positioning? What is the greatest challenge you think the EB of 2014/ 15 will be facing & what is your plan to overcome this challenge? Imagine AIESEC AAU after the end of your term on July 2015. Sketch your dream What are the value propositions of each of our ELD programs? And how can you connect them to our market? How do you evaluate relations between AIESEC AAU and the MC and other LCs in Ethiopia in the previous two years? What would you do differently? How would you capitalize on international conferences to bring about exchange cooperation. Which would be your targets? ( International Congress, PIONEERS, Afro XLDS or other regional conferences outside Africa. )

Questionnaire Section Six: Programs 1. 2. 3. 4.

Please give your (probable) targets for the next year. Please justify the same, especially along the lines of AIESEC AAU Exchange targets. How important is the integration of Net Promoter Score in evaluation of our program delivery? What are the action steps that you propose leading to better delivery of our programs? Propose key synergy areas for growth of GCDP & GIP, and how it would it lead to growth of GCDP & GIP. Be as elaborate as possible. What do you think are the three main priorities of AIESEC AAU to ensure reaching high numerical goals and sustainable development. What initiatives do you propose for each one?

Section seven: Functions • External Relations 1. 2. 3.

What is your understanding of External Relations and Business Development? What according to you falls under this portfolio? Give your (probable) ER target for next year. Justify the same, considering the ground realities faced in the LC in 2013/ 14. What sources of revenue do you propose that will bring in regular income to the LC (apart from direct exchange programs)?

Questionnaire Section seven: Functions • 1. 2. 3.

• 1. 2.

Financial Management Describe your understanding of the role of vice president finance in the LC? Define a financially sustainable LC. How do you envision AIESEC AAU in 2014/ 15 with respect to financial sustainability? What long-term action steps do you propose that will prevent the LC from facing a similar financial situation as it did on the start of 2013/ 14?

Talent Management Analyze the recruitment conducted before. What innovations do you propose in the existing processes to make them even more effective for next year? Propose a new learning & development idea for 2014/ 15, and how would this lead to evolution of membership learning curve and provide high quality leadership experiences.

Public Relations & Events


What emphasis does Events & Public Relations as a function will hold for AIESEC AAU in the term 2014/ 15. Also evaluate its contribution to growth in ELD programs.

• 1. 2.

Marketing & Information Management What are the various spheres in the LC in which Marketing & Information Management plays a huge role or should play a huge role? Comment on how you envision the role of Information System in the functioning and administration of the local committee in 2014/ 15.

Congratulations & Good Luck AIESEC AAU The Black Lions EB 2013/ 14 #LeadFollowOrGetOutOfTheWay

Aiesec aau lcp application 14 15  
Aiesec aau lcp application 14 15