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POWERBREATHE INFORMATION POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training POWERbreathe is one of the most time efficient training devices at the disposal of today’s health, fitness and sports professional. Only 30 breaths twice daily, less than 5 minutes training has been clinically proven to improve exercise performance and reduced breathlessness in as little as 4 weeks.

Why POWERbreathe? When we breathe the diaphragm and intercostal muscles act together like bellows to pump air in and out of the chest. To breathe in, these muscles contract to expand the chest cavity, causing a pressure drop into which the air flows. At rest we breathe approximately 12 litres of air per minute, but during heavy exercise this can rise to over 150 litres per minute, and in elite athletes, this can be as high as 220 litres. Due to the increase in oxygen demand during exercise and physical activity the breathing muscles begin to work harder and just like any other muscle they fatigue, limiting performance.

What is POWERbreathe? POWERbreathe works by making the user breathe against an adjustable, calibrated resistance. The concept of training is called Inspiratory Muscle Training or IMT. The breathing muscles work harder to open a pressure threshold valve inside the POWERbreathe. This valve acts as a weight against the breathing muscles. Over a short period of time the breathing muscles adapt to cope with lifting the weight.

2 POWERbreathe For: Fitness and Sports Performance • POWERbreathe has been scientifically proven to delay limb fatigue during intense activity by preventing the inspiratory muscles from diverting blood away from exercising limbs during exercise • POWERbreathe improves time trial performance and endurance when used as part of a preparatory Warm Up • POWERbreathe warrants improvements in repeated sprint recovery by up to 7% making it ideal for team sports and multi sprint activities.

Uniformed Services and Occupational Health • Independent studies have shown that time trial performance improves elite rowing and cycling performance by as much as 4.6%. That slashes almost 3 minutes of a 40km cycling time trail and gives a winning margin of 60m in a 2000m rowing race • POWERbreathe can also be integrated into simple postural specific training to replicate the demands of a specific sport on the respiratory system

• POWERbreathe training has been proven to improve lactate clearance by as much as 16% when used as part of a post exercise Cool Down programme Official inspiratory muscle trainers of:

• Physically demanding work activities can place significant demand on the respiratory system. POWERbreathe training strengthens the breathing muscles reducing breathlessness and exercise fatigue • POWERbreathe strengthens and develops the muscles of the thorax, rib cage and diaphragm. This results in a reduction in breathing effort perception and improved performance when carrying heavy loads and wearing protective clothing such as stab vests, NCB protection suits and protective helmets • Respiratory protective equipment can significantly increase breathing effort, POWERbreathe aids in improving operational performance when wearing respiratory equipment and improved cylinder air use in simulated fire fighting by 8%

Ironman, Ironman Triathlon, Iron Girl and M-Dot are registered trademarks of World Triathlon Corporation, used here by permission.

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POWERbreathe Kinetic Series THE WORLD’S 1st INTELLIGENT DIGITAL BREATHING TRAINER The new innovative POWERbreathe Kinetic series of electronic inspiratory muscle trainers are designed to deliver a superior breathing training experience. POWERbreathe auto-optimising IMT technology, the next generation in breathing training Breathing physiology indicates that when your lungs are empty the breathing muscles are at their strongest. However, as they fill up with air they start to loose strength; therefore at high loads the breathing muscle can’t maintain a full contraction throughout an entire breath. The POWERbreathe Kinetic provides the user with variable valve loading to overcome this. A tapered loading resistance matches the contraction curve of the breathing muscles throughout the entire breath. This enables the user to complete a full breath and muscular contraction at an optimal resistance.

Peace of mind with POWERbreathe Kinetic

• Personalised Auto-optimising technology, IMT, that adapts specifically to users breathing function • Advanced variable load training for improved training performance • Performance monitoring capability for analysing breathing muscle strength, power and training volume • Training intensity selector for creating specific and tailored training


The POWERbreathe Kinetic is an exclusive, adaptable and personalised respiratory coaching system offering many unique training features: • Download-ability and performance monitoring software* • Built in breathing guidance parameters to train, warm-up* and cool-down* • Integrated pacing metronome, breath counter and end of session indicator • Easy maintenance and user friendly design • Rechargeable by both mains and pc *Availability of features dependant on model

Model K5

Also available: POWERbreathe Kinetic Portable Systems for Sports, Fitness,

Education and Health Professionals, utilizing POWERbreathe Kinetic’s unique multi-user options.

Accurate load setting is key to ensuring the best possible training outcomes. The ability of the K-series to deliver this automatically, as well as monitoring progress, make it a quantum leap in breathing muscle training.

( PL E







Professor Alison McConnell, PhD, FACSM, professor of applied physiology centre for sports medicine and human performance, Brunel University.(UK)

Options available: 1. Sports Team Pack. 2. Education Pack. 3. Fitness Club Pack. 4. Medical and Home Healthcare Pack.




POWERBREATHE KINETIC “THE WORLD’S 1st INTELLIGENT DIGITAL BREATHING TRAINER” Research and Development The POWERbreathe Kinetic has been researched, developed, and designed in the UK in partnership with top UK sport, health and exercise scientists.

Technology The POWERbreathe Kinetic uses state of the art piezo-resistive pressure sensing technology to take precise measurements of respiratory pressure 500 times/second. The triple-aperture rotary valve system makes up to 4000 precision movements every second.

Medical classification

Model K3

Training Feedback & Testing Features:

Examples screenshots E l off K4 and d K5 software ft h t

Training Technology Features:


Auto IMT: The POWERbreathe Kinetic’s intelligent inspiratory muscle training system automatically adapts to the users personal training requirements. Electronically controlled pressure threshold resistance valve matches the contraction profile of the inspiratory muscles for maximum training effectiveness. Training Intensity: Training session intensity and resistance can be manually set from 10- 200cmH20 to create tailored and personal training regimes. Training Guidance: Displays the number of breaths remaining in current session and informs the user when the session is complete, pacing coach indicates when to breathe to optimise breathing pattern and reduce hyperventilation. Warm-up & Cool-down mode: Automatically sets the POWERbreathe Kinetic to provide an optimal resistance for inspiratory muscle Warm-up and Cool-down.

Training Results: Provides detailed feedback of the latest training session, load (cmH20), power (Watts), inhaled volume (average per breath Litres). Training History: Displays previous 36 training sessions providing detailed feedback on training effectiveness, load (cmH20) power (Watts), inhaled volume (average per breath Litres) and Strength Index (S-Index). Strength Index: Based on user stats measures index of inspiratory muscle strength in cmH20, and provides comparison with population normal values (Poor, Fair, Average, Good, Excellent). Displays Peak Inspiratory Flow (PIF) and maximum inhaled volume (Litres). Training Index: Based on user stats, displays training effectiveness as a percentage and provides comparison with population normal values (Poor, Fair, Average, Good, Excellent).

Technology Features:

Dynamic Breathing Dynamic Breathing challengess those with asthma to take responsibility bility for their own breathing. Written ten by two physiotherapists, it gives ves detailed and illustrated suggestions on how to use physical coping skills as a vital part of asthma self-management.

Product code: DYNAMICB

Single Breath Test: Rates inspiratory muscle strength (Poor to Excellent) based upon age, height, weight and gender. Measures Peak Inspiratory Flow (PIF) and Maximum Inhaled Volume (Litres) in a single breath test. Measurements can also provide comparisons in order to optimise your training.

You & I Option: Interchangeable Kinetic Valve Head for use with additional users. Additional Valve Heads sold separately.* Rechargeable: Auto power off, rechargeable battery and charge level indicator. Washable Valve: The Valve Head can be easily removed, cleaned and soaked in POWERbreathe cleansing solution. (Also sold separately).

POWERbreathe Kinetic is a Class 1 medical device as classified under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, and complies with EN 60601-1:2006 regarding medical electrical equipment.

Kinetic Health Features: Multi-user Filter Option: Compatible with POWERbreathe TrySafe filters for multi user testing. (Sold Separately).* Respiratory Muscle Testing (RMT): Specific medical testing parameters to enable the user to determine Maximum Inspiratory Pressure (MIP) and Peak Inspiratory Flow (PIF). PC-Sync Medical: Perform specific medical tests to identify inspiratory muscle strength and endurance via PC. Includes software.

Kinetic Downloadable Features: PC-Sync: PC connectivity via USB enables the uploading and downloading of training information. Select training parameters (e.g. load and set-up method) and initiate a training session. Monitor performance in real time per breath. Includes software. PC-Sync Custom: Select a variety of standard training protocols or create custom training sessions, change number of breaths in training session and load for each individual breath. Custom training sessions may be used whilst connected or uploaded to the POWERbreathe Kinetic. Includes software. PC-Sync Testing: Perform tests of inspiratory muscle strength, peak inspiratory flow, lung volume and inspiratory muscle endurance in real time. Assess inspiratory muscle condition, training progress and try and beat previous best scores and predicted normal values. Includes software.

Please call or visit our website for more details

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Probably the most portable, efficient and effective fitness and performance training equipment available anywhere!





Downloadable Software Included


Downloadable Software Included

2 1

POWERbreathe K1

Entry-level Kinetic breathing trainer with essential state of the art training features. Technology features:




POWERbreathe K3

POWERbreathe K5 Ironman Downloadable 5

Take breathing training to the next level, review and monitor breathing training over 36 days and utilize specific breathing warm-up and cool-downs to boost performance. Technology features:

The ultimate in breathing training technology. Upload, manage and store customised training routines and utilise specific performance testing parameters. Train, Analyse, Compare, Improve. Technology features:

Product code: PBK1

Product code: PBK3


POWERbreathe K2

Product code: PBK5


POWERbreathe K4 Downloadable

Cutting edge POWERbreathe testing technology enables performance monitoring to maximize training performance.

Maximize POWERbreathe training with superior performance monitoring software and PC interface. Train, Analyse, Improve.

Technology features:

Technology features:

*POWERbreathe Kinetic Series products can be used in Group / Team situations, by utilising the specially designed:6

T i i

7 Product code: PBK2

Multi-user Filter Option


TrySafe Filter Spacer

Cleansing tablets

Available for use with all POWERbreathe models.

Product codes:

Ironman, Ironman Triathlon, Iron Girl and M-Dot are registered trademarks of World Triathlon Corporation, used here by permission.


Valve head-Grey Valve head-Black Valve head-Blue

Spacer and “TrySafe” filter Product codes: PBFILTER PBKSP

Product code: PBK4

Washable Valve

Valve head and mouthpiece Product codes: PBKHVGR PBKHVBLK PBKHVBLU

You and I Option


Box of 24


POWERBREATHE CLASSIC & PLUS, IRONMAN & IRON GIRL POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Trainers and Breathing Trainers have been developed and validated by professional sport scientists and world-leading researchers at Loughborough, Birmingham and Brunel Universities (UK), and are unparalleled in the world of respiratory training.


Ironman has been a respected name in triathlon since its inception and is regarded as one of the world’s most challenging endurance events – 140 miles made up of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle race and a 26.2 mile marathon! The special edition POWERbreathe Ironman and Iron Girl models are the official breathing trainers of Ironman and Iron Girl and are used extensivly by some of the world’s top athletes. These exclusive POWERbreathe models are approved to bear the Ironman and Iron Girl brand and feature all the benefits of the POWERbreathe plus range. Available in 3 levels of resistance so anyone from an aspiring spectator to an elite performer can benefit from better breathing strength, power and endurance.


The POWERbreathe Plus range contains all the benefits of the POWERbreathe Classic range but has been developed with new and exclusive design features:

POWERbreathe Ironman Plus (Black)

The Special Edition POWERbreathe Ironman Plus is an official Ironman licensed training device designed to improve performance. Product codes:

PBIMLR Light resistance PBIMMR Medium resistance PBIMHR Heavy resistance

POWERbreathe Iron Girl Plus (Pink) The Special Edition POWERbreathe Iron Girl Plus is an official Iron Girl licensed training device designed to improve performance.. Product codes:

PBIGLR Light resistance PBIGMR Medium resistance PBIGHR Heavy resistance POWERbreathe instructional DVD and carrying pouch included.

• Variable easy read resistance dial for adapting and monitoring your training • Softer, more comfortable antibacterial mouthpiece • Ergonomic easy to hold design • 65% improvement in airflow dynamics • Soft touch nose clip • Available in three variable resistance levels Product codes: PB2001 Light resistance PB2002 Medium resistance PB2003 Heavy resistance

POWERbreathe Classic

The original and popular POWERbreathe Classic series is the result of intense research, trials and development by scientists at Birmingham and Loughborough Universities, and was launched in 2001. • Entry level model, cost effective access to easier breathing and better sports performance • Variable resistance dial for increasing levels of lung muscle strength • Available in 3 levels of variable resistance; light, medium and heavy

Product codes: PB1001 Light resistance PB1002 Medium resistance PB1003 Heavy resistance

POWERbreathe’s “TrySafe” filter option allows for multi-user group/ team use. Product Code: PBFILTER

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101

POWERBREATHE EDITORIAL INSPIRATORY MUSCLE TRAINERS POWERbreathe has a proven track record in developing the endurance andd performance of our athletes across the world. We are seeing significant improvements in our athletes breathing and performance Tristan Brown, team manager, Timex Multisport Team

Hew Davies, head conditioning coach London Wasps

The latest version of POWERbreathe’s training range can help you to improve your breathing during a run and enable you to train harder for longer.

The POWERbreathe training device was used by the majority of the team and the feedback was that it helped them immensely in their individual preparations for the Expedition! John O’hara Senior lecturer in sport and exercise ecience at Leeds Met University and fitness advisor for the army expedition to Everest

Ironman, Ironman Triathlon, Iron Girl and M-Dot are registered trademarks of World Triathlon Corporation, used here by permission.



The POWERbreathe device has been integrated into the players training, and rehabilitation warranting great improvements in breathing strength, power and recovery.

The initial set-up is easy and using the device thereafter is also a doddle, as there are only two navigation buttons. And it works: our test results showed a demonstrable difference in lung muscle strength after just a couple of weeks’ use.


POWERBREATHE MEDIC The use of Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) is now globally accepted as a functional training tool for athletic performance, POWERbreathe has also brought the benefits of IMT to the clinical professional. POWERbreathe Medic is an evidence based clinical IMT device for patients for which breathlessness is the limiting factor in everyday tasks. Clinically proven and designed to maximize the benefits of IMT, POWERbreathe Medic can be added to patient rehabilitation program reducing breathlessness by upto 36%, increasing exercise tolerance by up to 28% and quality of life by upto 21%. COPD

Inspiratory Muscle Trainning – Benefits

Heart failure

• Inspiratory muscle strength up by 27%* • Reduces breathlessness up to 36%* • Improves quality of life up to 21%* • Improves exercise tolerance up to 28%* • Fewer GP visits reduced up to 23%*

8 NHS SUPPLY CHAIN Order code: FDE524

We have been using the POWERbreathe Medic for over a year as part of the pulmonary rehab programme and our patients have found it to be of great benefit and enjoy using it. We have good compliance and have found an improvement in patients’ fitness. We will continue to use the POWERbreathe Medic as an adjunct to our programme. Emma Hamilton, West Cumbria Respiratory Team, Workington Community Hospital

NHS DRUG TARIFF LISTING PART IXA – APPLIANCES Inspiratory pressure threshold loading device PIP CODE: 232-1040

POWERbreathe Medic:

Asthma Reduction in ß -agonist use

• POWERbreathe is an Inspiratory Muscle Trainer for treating COPD, Asthma, Cardiac Rehabilitation & General Health Rehabilitation


• POWERbreathe is evidence based & clinically proven by world class researchers across the globe


• POWERbreathe is drug free, with no side effects or contraindications • POWERbreathe can be used as part of pulmonary rehabilitation or as a standalone treatment


ˆ FEV improved by 14% (p<0.005 ˆ Absence from school/work 1




reduced by ~95%2 (p<0.05)

ˆ Emergency hospitalisations 79%

reduced by ~75%2 (p<0.05)



Placebo Inspiratory muscle training

• POWERbreathe reduces NHS expenditure by lowering primary care consultations, hospital length of stay and drug usage • POWERbreathe improves quality of life and exercise tolerance • POWERbreathe only takes 5-6 mins of training per day Product code: PB1000

To review specific research articles references and clinical evidence please visit

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101



The Worlds 1st digital, hand held respiratory muscle training, assessment and monitoring device. Designed specifically for the patient, healthcare and/or medical professional, POWERbreathe Kinetic. Healthcare products use state of the art technology to deliver safe and effective breathing training, monitoring and assessment.



POWERbreathe KH2 downloadable


Intelligent, portable hand-held respiratory muscle training and assessment device. Live, real time training session display.

Intelligent, hand-held respiratory muscle training and assessment device with specific healthcare related software package.



1. Respiratory Muscle Testing (RMT) (Icon displaying MIP & PIF)

1. Respiratory Muscle Testing (RMT) (Icon displaying MIP & PIF)

2. Auto-optimising IMT technology

2. Auto-optimising IMT technology

3. Training intensity selector

3. Training intensity selector

4. Training guidance system

4. Training guidance system

5. Training session display

5. Training session display

6. Test mode (S-Index)

6. Test mode (S-Index)



Training index results (T-Index)

I am a Specialist Respiratory Nurse working with Asthma/COPD patients in South Essex, and I recently came upon a gentleman whose life has been totally transformed by using your POWERbreathe. He has gone from a severe category COPD (as per NICE guidelines) on permanent oxygen therapy, unable to perform the most basic tasks, to being independent of oxygen, able to carry out normal daily tasks, even digging his garden! Today I repeated his spirometry, and discovered such a huge improvement.

Training index results (T-Index)

8. Training history

8. Training history

9. Washable valve system

9. Washable valve system

10. Multi Person Usage (MPU)

10. Multi Person Usage (MPU) 11. PC Sync 12. Downloadable multiphase and customisable training

Product code: PBKH1

I could not fail to be impressed. I am now a firm advocate of your device. Sharon Pearce (Respiratory Nurse, UK)

13. PC Sync, Medical testing capabilities Product code: PBKH2

Features included:

Features included:


Auto IMT

Training Intensity

Training Guidance

Training Results

Training Index

Training History

Reechargeabble Rechargeable R

Washable Valve

Multi-user Filter Option


Strength Index


Auto IMT

Training Intensity

Training Guidance

Training Results

Training Index

Training History

Reechargeabble Rechargeable R

Washable Valve

Multi-user Filter Option


PC-Sync Custom

PC-Sync Testing


POWERbreathe KH1


The POWERbreathe KH1 & KH2 offer advanced portable hand held electronic breathing training that can be used bedside, on a hospital ward, as part of a pulmonary rehabilitation programme or within a doctors office or for mobile home healthcare services.

Strength Index



HaB Direct has teamed up with POWERbreathe and other quality manufactures of breathing training and respiratory care products, to offer our customers, popular tried and tested products. Already, by working with POWERbreathe, we have introduced the benefits of breathing training to thousands of users involved in Sport, Fitness, Education, Research, Health, Medical, Occupational Health, Uniformed Services, Life Coaching, Sleep Therapy, Music, Speech Therapy and Singing, and more... 1






Flow Ball

Popular, low cost, easy to use, entry level training concept that is fun to use to introduce Breathing Training, especially to children and young adults. (Only available in packs of 10)


Product code: 25911000: Health and Wellness model 25911100: Education model 25911200: Music and Singing model



Lungentrainer Smile



Shaker Classic: Personal Mucus Clearance Device

• Brazil’s No.1 clearance device, established 20+ years • Affordable, entry level, easy to use, home use option • Effective single user respiratory therapy to help free bronchial congestion • Ease breathing by clearing congestion Product code: NCSSH1


Shaker Deluxe: Personal Mucus Clearance Device

• Long established in health centres and for home use • Manual, lung volume Incentive Spirometer up to 4000mL • Easy to use, with scale on both sides for convenient viewing • Entry level, inspiratory breathing exercise • Free from latex and epoxy

• Latest design technology used to improve performance • Effective, convenient, easy to use and clean • Recommended by professionals, can be used by adults and children • Free bronchial congestion and ease breathing by expiratory breathing exercise

Product code: 25914000

Product code: NCSSH2


Mediflo Duo


Breath Builder

Mechanical dual use Incentive Spirometer, can be used for both: • Sustained Maximal Inspiration (SMI) • Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) • Easy to switch and adjust • Clear indication of values (200mL/sec or 12-15cm H 2 0)

• Developed by the late Bassoonist Harold Hansen • Popular with Musicians who need to sustain a note • Popular with Vocalists who must have tremendous breath control • Easy to use and suitable for adults and children

Product code: 25919000

Product code: 25915000


TRI-BALL Respiratory Exerciser

Incentive Spirometer or Respiratory Exerciser • Manual, flow orientated breathing trainer • 3 Flow chambers 600/900/1.200mL per sec • Helps patients to recover respiration following chest or abdominal surgery Product code: 259.12000


The Flutter: Mucus Clearance Device

• Recommended by medical professionals to help patients clear excess secretions from their lungs • Easy to use and effective as physiotherapy for both adults and children Product code: 25918010


Also Sprach Arnold Jacobs (Book)

• A developed guide for Brass Wind Musicians • Compiled by Bruce Nelson incl. common ideas and variations from which musicians have benefited Product code: 978-3-9812456-2-2


Air Bag

• Inhalation and Exhalation can be practiced • In sizes 3/5/6 litres • Practice emptying and filling the lungs by slowly rebreathing air several times in a row • Since same air is breathed, carbon dioxide, rather than oxygen, is tranferred avoiding hyperventilation Product code: 25960110: Breathing Bag 3 Litres (for children) 25960010: Breathing Bag 5 Litres 25961000: Breathing Bag 6 Litres

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Lab equipment provided for you by HaB Direct include innovative and leading products such as h/p/cosmos treadmills, Ganshorn metabolic systems and Biosen lactate analysers. These products are used by professional researchers and technicians across the globe and with a range of optional extras, every professional can find a solution to their perfect lab setup. HaB Direct have a full list of standard lab equipment available. Please visit our website at for further information.


For more than 25 years GANSHORN has been manufacturing high quality measurement devices for the entire spectrum of pulmonary function diagnostics. Many of our innovations and patents have led the way and are the recognised gold standard today. Speed and accuracy of measurement is the outstanding feature of PowerCube, with analyser response times as low as 50ms you can be assured that even at high flow rates stability is guaranteed.


LAB ANALYSIS  TREADMILLS For 20 years h/p/cosmos have been producing the world’s best running machines. Designed and engineered to meet demands of professional sports performers, medical and clinical centres, rehabilitation professionals, uniformed services personnel and leisure facilities.





20 YEAR GUARANTEE ON MOTOR & FRAME (subject to service conditions)


h/p/cosmos stratos, mercury

and mercury med • Running surface 150 x 50cm • Speed - 0.0 to 22.0 km/h • Optional speed to 30 km/h • Elevation 0-25% - mercury (stratos no elevation) • Optional belt reverse • Motor - 3.3kw • RS 232 interface • h/p/cosmos para control software • Free and pre-set programmes • 9 fitness tests incl. Conconi, Bruce, Balke, etc • Wireless heart rate technology • 7 levels of acceleration (0-22km/h in 3 secs) • LT versions come without console for control via PC or other equipment • Medical versions conform with MDD (medical device directives)­­­ Product codes: ­­COS0C307070000 stratos COS0C107070000 mercury COS0C407070000 stratos med COS0C207070000 mercury med COS0C507070000 stratos LT COS0C607070000 mercury LT COS0C707070000 stratos LT med COS0C807070000 mercury LT med

2 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

h/p/cosmos quasar/quasar med Running surface 170 x 65cm Speed - 0.0 to 25 km/h Optional speed to 30km/h & 40km/h Elevation - 0-28% Optional belt reverse Motor - 3.3kw RS 232 interface h/p/cosmos para control software Free and pre-set programmes 9 Fitness tests incl Conconi, Bruce, Balke, etc Wireless heart rate technology 7 levels of acceleration (0-25km/h in 3 secs) LT versions come without console for control via PC or other equipment Optional safety arch required for top speed and downhill running (otherwise reverse speed limited to 5km/h) Medical versions conform with MDD (medical device directives)

Product codes: COS01007070000 quasar COS03007070000 quasar med COS03007070001 quasar med LT


h/p/cosmos pulsar/pulsar 3p

• Running surface 190 x 65cm • Speed - 0.0 to 40 km/h • Optional speed to 45 km/h • Elevation - 25%...+25% • Standard belt reverse • Motor - 3.3kw or 4.3kw • 2 x RS 232 interface COM1 + COM2 • h/p/cosmos para control and para graphics software • Free and pre-set programmes • 9 fitness tests incl. UKK walk test • Wireless heart rate technology • 7 levels of acceleration (0-40km/h in 3 secs) • LT versions come without console for control via PC or other equipment • Optional safety arch required for top speed and downhill running. (Otherwise reverse speed limited to 5km/h) • Optional 3 phase (3P) version available for better performance Product codes: COSO5007070000 pulsar COS05007070001 pulsar LT COS05007070003 pulsar 3p

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H. You are a star. How could I ever thank you? I have nothing but praise for you and your company.


Cheers, one happy soldier in Afghanistan



h/p/cosmos venus


The unique venus and saturn range are available with various length, width, speed and running surface options. These precision engineered medical grade units can offer a reinforced bed for wheelchair/cycle use, support frame, wheelchair stabiliser kit, additional console for user and athlete feedback, remote control and a whole host of other features that set it over and above the competition to ensure h/p/cosmos treadmills are the choice of the professional.


h/p/cosmos saturn

Running surface size 200 x 75 cm or 200 x 100 cm. Speed up to 40km/h with options to 50.0 km/h, 60.0 km/h and 80.0km/h

Running surface size 250 x 75 cm to 300 x 125 cm. Speed up to 40km/h with options to 50.0 km/h, 60.0 km/h and 80.0km/h

• • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

Speed - 0.0 to 40km/h Elevation - -35 % to +35­­­% Motor - 5.5kw Standard belt reverse with no restriction on downhill speed 3 phase power supply 2 x RS 232 Interface Wireless heart rate technology Free and pre-set programmes with fitness tests h/p/cosmos para control and para graphics software Variable acceleration levels adjustable to suit all testing requirements Optional safety arch Optional reinforced bed for wheelchair/cycle use (all reinforced treadmills include ‘ r ‘ in the pricing list)

Product codes: COS09007070000 COS09207070000 COS09407070000 COS09607070000

venus 200/75 venus 200/75 r venus 200/100 venus 200/100 r


Speed - 0.0 to 40 km/h Elevation - -25% to +25% Motor - 7.5kw Standard belt reverse with no restriction on downhill speed 3 phase power supply 2 x RS 232 Interface Wireless heart rate technology h/p/cosmos para analysis software Free and pre-set programmes with fitness tests. Variable acceleration levels adjustable to suit all testing requirements Optional safety arch Optional reinforced bed for wheelchair/cycle use (all reinforced treadmills include ‘ r ‘ in the pricing list)

Product codes: COS06007070000 COS06207070000 COS07507070000 COS07707070000 COS08207070000 COS06407070000 COS06607070000 COS07007070000 COS07207070000 COS08307070000 COS08708070000

saturn 250/75 saturn 250/75 r Saturn 250/100 saturn 250/100 r saturn 250/125 r saturn 300/75 saturn 300/75 r saturn 300/100 saturn 300/100 r saturn 300/125 r saturn 450/300 rs



University of Lincoln sports science laboratory

Oversize treadmill suitable for cross-country skiing - The ‘Beast’


The h/p/cosmos saturn 450/300rs is quite simply the world’s number one treadmill. Affectionately named ‘The Beast’ by the h/p/cosmos engineers who designed and hand built the treadmill, it has capabilities far greater than any other treadmill in existence today. Designed and produced for the German biathlon team ‘The Beast’ is a completely bespoke treadmill, weighing in at 12.5tons, 4.5m in length, 3.0m wide, a 60pkh maximum speed and -4 to + 25% gradient. ‘The Beast’ is a stunning piece of engineering that showcases the depth of skill and quality of h/p/cosmos treadmills.

Queens University sports science laboratory, Belfast

We routinely use h/p/cosmos’ saturn running machine for training, testing and rehabilitation with the GB cyclists. It’s innovative features and purposed built cycling capabilities made it an integral device used in the preparations for the Beijing Olympic Games. We are very enthusiastic to develop this product further with H P Cosmos for continued application to elite cycling. David Bailey, EIS Physiologist English Institute of Sport Physiology laboratory, Gateshead


As purchased by:

• All h/p/cosmos treadmills will be subject to a delivery and installation charge dependent on location and venue access • All h/p/cosmos machines come with a standard 10 Warranty on the motor and frame (subject to servicing agreements) • h/p/cosmos venus and saturn: R models include reinforced bed for cycling and wheelchair use

Universities: Loughborough, Liverpool John Moore’s, Cambridge, Coventry, Strathclyde, Sheffield Hallam, Trinity University College - Dublin. Colleges: Laban Centre, Lincoln, South Devon, Wigan & Leigh, Newman College. Healthcare: BUPA Wellness Centres, St George’s Hospital, Queens Medical Centre Nottingham, Torbay Healthcare, North Tyneside Hospital, Addenbrokes Hospital, National Spinal Injuries Centre Glasgow, Rockwood Hospital - Cardiff, St Hellier Hospital. Others: English Institute of Sport, Olympic Medical Institute, National Velodrome - Newport, English Cricket (ECB), Merseyside Police, British Army.

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Safety arch with fall stop

The safety arch with chest belt and harness is an indispensable accessory for maximal and stress testing, accident prevention and for the general safety of athletes. If a fall occurs the harness will fully support the subject and the running belt will automatically stop. The h/p/cosmos safety arch is available for all h/p/ cosmos running machines. The maximum body weight is 200 kg / 441 lbs. Due to the height of the safety arch it is important to check the ceiling height in the testing room. Product code: COS10170


Arm supports with keyboard

The h/p/cosmos arm supports with additional keyboard and additional stop-button offers a wide range of applications. The h/p/cosmos arm supports are available for the h/p/cosmos mercury, quasar and pulsar. The subject can control the speed and elevation of the treadmill without having to release the support handles. The additional keyboard can also be taken from its mounting and with the long connection cable the therapist has the option to take over the control of the running machine e.g. from a kneeling position. Product codes: COS00098060044 Arm supports COS10106 Keyboard for arm supports


h/p/cosmos offer advanced software packages for control, testing and performance diagnostics.



Adjustable handrail

The handrails are fully adjustable for height and width at two joints. The handrails offer the best possible safety while retaining maximum freedom of body motion. The adjustable handrails are useful for insecure or elderly people in rehabilitation facilities. Only available for the mercury model. Product code: COS10030


Short handrail

Product code: COS11456



50cm front crossbar for stratos and mercury models. Product code: COS16571

Product code: COS10071307


The h/p/cosmos mercury can be optionally fitted with short handrails. They offer the best freedom of body movement during training, while allowing access for the therapist or physician to the patient.

h/p/cosmos para control

With this software it is possible to control training devices and medical ergometers via interface from pc or laptop. In addition to the functions of the h/p/cosmos deviceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s user terminal, the software offers more applications, e.g. an input of a target speed.

h/p/cosmos para graphics

Especially designed for performance diagnostics, h/p/cosmos para graphics supports the user with a high level of automation allowing the user to fully concentrate on the test subject. Product code: COS10156V2614


h/p/cosmos para analysis 2.0

This software is designed to provide sports or medical evaluation and performance diagnostics, providing feedback for coaching and training plans. Data input is also possible for direct control of h/p/cosmos running machines by various ergo-spirometry devices or programmed manually by the user, e.g. for specific field testing protocols. Product codes: COS14708 pro COS14710 basic








For more than 25 years GANSHORN has been manufacturing high quality measurement devices for the entire spectrum of pulmonary function diagnostics. Many of our innovations and patents have led the way and are the recognised gold standard today. Whether it is for differential diagnosis or for the medically secured support of sportsmen: Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) has become the indispensable tool for the sports physician. Gain valuable information with the PowerCube-Ergo for diagnosis, therapy or training support. The PowerCube-Ergo is


The PowerCube-Ergo is the tool that meets the high requirements of cardio-pulmonary diagnostics. The pneumotachograph with variable orifice is lightweight and completely unsusceptible to moisture. The quick, highly stable gas analyser gives real breath-by-breath measurements. The user interface can be freely configured for measurement and interpretation.

Adapted from the outset to meet the special requirements of CPET The GANSHORN pneumotachograph demonstrates its unique qualities facing the high requirements of CPET. The way in which GANSHORN has interpreted the measurement principle of the variable orifice, makes it absolutely insensitive to the moisture of breathing air, condensation and to water droplets (perspiration, sputum). After being cleaned it is immediately operational again and requires no drying time. Weighing at approx. 29 grams it is substantially lighter than other systems and therefore more comfortable for the subject. It has been skilfully engineered to ensure small dead space and low resistance even at high flow rates.

the ideal system for measuring and the evaluation of breathing gases

Super fast response times and high sampling rates are the best conditions for genuine breath-by-breath measurements The GANSHORN gas analysers provide accurate values even at high flow rates that may e.g. be too high for the measuring principle of the mixing chamber. The accuracy of the analysers cannot be affected e.g. by vibrations next to a treadmill. The 2-point gas calibration with economical gas consumption not only performs a fully automated calibration of the analysers, but additionally calibrates the entire gas leading system exactly as it will be used for the measurement.

Specs: Super Fast Analyzer Technology. CO2 Ultrasonic Sensor Response time 50ms O2

Solid State Zirkonium technology Response time 60 ms

Or Chemical O2 Cell t10-90 <100 ms Low effective deadspace 24.5 ml Low resistance < 40 cmH2O.s.l-1

O2/ CO2 under load.

As purchased by: Fletcher Sports Science

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CARDIO PULMONARY EXERCISE TESTING  LAB ANALYSIS The GANSHORN Software LF8: The main focus is on the subject not on the computer • Clear on-screen displays and logical user guidance permit quick measurement procedures and individual working routines. • Simultaneous display of the 9-panel-diagram according to Wasserman – also on-screen during the measurement • High resolution full screen display of each of the 9-panel-diagrams for the exact threshold detection • L arge format diagram for monitoring selectable parameters with alarm function • Automated determination of the anaerobic threshold by set method (V-Slope, CO2- excess, EQO2 Minimum, RQ=1) or manually in the diagrams PowerCube-Ergo Product Code: 013370040


ECG Stress Testing Also Available.



Pulmonary Function Testing with Ultrasound – the New Dimension for the Simultaneous Measurement of Spirometry and Breathing Gases. The SpiroScout is a complete lung function laboratory based on the GANSHORN–ultrasonic-measurement. It enables the exact determination of all spirometric parameters. But the SpiroScout is much more than just a spirometer. As the first of its kind the SpiroScout simultaneously measures flow and gas density providing all the necessary information about the volume and gas exchange from one single measurement. • High-precision Spirometry and Flow/volume curves using direct flow measurement •Capno-Volumetry, Emphysema test and dead space analysis without an additional gas analyser • No warming up time and no calibration during the continual use is necessary • The perfectly hygienic concept for an optimized workflow and patient safety • Modern, ergonomical design • Very high measurement resolution


PowerCube-Ergo and SpiroScout – other options and accessories available. Please see website for details.

Product Code: 013400101


LAB ANALYSIS  LACTATE ANALYSERS Since 1990, EKF Diagnostics have developed high quality analysers for thousands of customers who trust in their premium product and service quality. EKF-diagnostic has developed a special chip sensor technology for the BIOSEN C_line range that guarantees fast measurement and high precision.









Lactate Scout


The BIOSEN C_line has been especially developed for professional use in sports laboratories, professional sports clubs and clinical settings; the design concept was to provide a range of instruments that meet these special requirements. The state of the art graphical touch screen allows you to easily see the super fast results and the special ‘Chip Sensor’ technology provides the high accuracy required.

The larger BIOSEN S_line is especially developed and designed for professional use in hospital laboratories or the purposeful use in research or sports medicine and is able to process 160 samples per hour

• Integrated quality control

• S  ingle – and step test measurements (resting / exercise / recreation)

• Up to 120 samples per hour

• Low operating costs by minimal reagent consumption

• M  emory: 250 measurements (storage place, date, time and training- level)

• Chip-Sensor for user-friendly and safe handling

This medical hand held device for Lactate measurement is ideal for use by sports scientists, sports coaches, medical and clinical professionals and individuals. • Reliable results in 15 seconds

• Up to 160 samples per hour

• Sample volume 0.5ul

• Chip-Sensor for user-friendly and safe handling

• Measurement range 0.5 –25.0 mmol/l

• Compact design

• PC-Link for cable / Bluetooth (optional)

• Integrated quality control

• Easy sample handling

• Low operating costs by minimal reagent consumption

• Integrated Barcode reader (optional)

• F  unction (stopwatch, countdown setting, step test calculation)

• Compact design

Product Codes: 522100554200 S_line Lab for lactate lactate or glucose (please specify)

• D  imensions 91mm x 55mm x 24mm / weight 85grams

522101224200 S_line Lab with glucose & lactate (2 channel)

Product codes:

• Easy sample handling • Integrated Barcode reader (optional) Product Codes: 521200511200 C_line Sport lactate or glucose (1 measuring channel) (please specify)

• 2 x 1.5v AAA/LR03-batteries

521201211200 C_line Sport lactate and glucose (2 measuring channels) Other options available – call for details Please note: Consumables need to be ordered separately. See website for full consumables list.

As purchased by: Universities: Loughborough, East London, Essex, Greenwich, Kent, Northumbria, Hertfordshire,Portsmouth,Ulster Colleges: Loughborough. Others: English Institute of Sport, Chelsea FC, Ki Perfromance, Manchester Utd, Tottenham Hotspur, Sport Institute of Wales

702304050273 Lactate Scout Solo without consumables 702304040255

Lactate Scout Basic without consumables


Lactate Scout Start set with consumables

Product codes for main consumables: 702334050846

Big pack 72 Lactate strips 3 x 24


Big pack 48 Lactate strips 2 x 24


Big pack 24 Lactate strips 1 x 24 + 25 lancets + 30 alcohol pads


100 x lancets


100 x alcohol pads

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• W  ide Range of parameters - 17 clinicalchemistry parameters from whole blood, serum or plasma • Quick, Reliable results in two to three minutes • M  eets your requirements - Tailor-made to the needs of a near patient testing environment • Easy to use, Convenient functionality


3 Cholesterol analysis – Accutrend Plus

Lactate PRO

Lactate Pro is the popular entry-level hand held lactate analysis device for use in the field. Small, easy to use Lactate Pro is a very useful instrument for measuring lactate in sports performance, medical or educational establishments.

The NEW Accutrend Plus System is a flexible, hand-held point of care device for rapid and easy detection of four parameters on the spot. It offers quantitative results for glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, and lactate directly from capillary blood.

• M  easures lactate with only a small sample of blood (5ul)

• P  ortable and light instrument requires little space

• Stores up to 20 measurements

• E  asy and quick operation - Short warm-up time, fast start from stand-by mode, quick test results within two to three minutes, user guidance via display

• Measuring range 0.8 – 23.3 mmol/l

Product codes: BACCUTREND Accutrend® Plus meter includes manual & carry case

• Reliable results in 60 seconds


Accutrend® Cholesterol strips


BM-Accutest® Glucose strips

• C  alibration: Automatically selected using calibration strip


Accutrend® Triglyceride strips


Accutrend® Lactate strips

• S  ecure handling of results - immediate documentation via the integrated printer or storage of the data in the internal memory

• P  ower supply 2 x 3volt lithium batteries (approx. 1000 tests)

B1418289 Accutrend® Control CH1 Cholesterol Control Solution

• D  imensions 83.8 x 55 x 14.5mm Weight 50grams

L1284878 Accutrend® Control G Glucose Control Solution

• Requires Lactate test strips (Sold separately)




Alkaline Phosphatase

ALP IFCC liquid


a-Amylase liquid (IFCC)

Pancreatic Amylase

Pancreatic - a - Amylase liquid


DPD Method


CHOD-PAP method


CK liquid


Creatinine Plus


y-GT liquid (IFCC)


Hexokinase method


IFCC (without pyridoxal phosphate activiation)


IFCC (without pyridoxal phosphate activiation)

HDL Cholesterol

Homogeneous HDL Cholesterol plus method


SLS Haemoglobin method

Uric Acid

Uric acid plus


Kinetic UV test


Flame photometry


GPO-PAP method

Product code:

Product codes: BS481-002A Lactate Pro BS781-1011 Lactate Pro test strips (qty 25)

Accutrend® Lactate control

L2210916 Accu-Chek® Safe T Pro Plus disposable lancets

This is just a short note to say a big thank you for the excellent service and prompt delivery of my order. I am extremely impressed that it took only 5 days from first ordering to receiving the full order. Many thanks, I will recommend your company. Yours in thanks, JJ





LAB ANALYSIS  ERGOMETERS Monark testing cycle and upper body ergometers are developed and constructed for the demands and protocols required in the Sports Science, Sports Medicine, Healthcare and Fitness Testing markets. Monark Ergometers have been the industry standard in these markets for the past thirty years.










best choice for

1 • • • • •

Monark 827E fitness cycle


Designed for heavy commercial use Encased flywheel Heart rate compatible New Console with digital display showing pedal rpm, speed, distance, workload scale and time (count up / down) Not suitable for fitness testing

Product code: LUM827E

2 • • • •

Monark 881E rehab trainer Leg/arm unit for exercise and rehab work Crank arms individually adjustable Digital display showing pedal rpm, rev counter and timer Graduated scale in Watts at 50 rpm

Product code: LUM881E

3 • • • • •

Monark Ergomedic 828E The industry standard testing ergometer Encased flywheel Heart rate compatible New console with digital display showing speed, distance, pedal rpm and time (count up/down) Includes meter showing resistance in KP or Newtons and power in watts at 50 & 60 rpm

Product code: LUM828E

best choice for BASIC TESTING

best choice for


Monark 839E computerised


pendulum balance ergometer • One of the world’s most accurate cycle ergometers • Used for fitness assessment and stress testing as well as in research, sports medicine and rehabilitation • Programmed with Atrand, Bruce, YMCA, Naughton, Ramp and Incremental amongst others • Target heart rate adjusted workload. Product code: LUM839E


Monark Ergomedic 939PC medical

• Can be used for work tests on most people, including elderly and sick, where the load is low • User friendly with easy entrance frame and adjustment of saddle and handlebar • Controlled digitally by ECG or PC with connection of RS232 cable at floor level, to avoid entanglement and loose hanging cables • 939E is speed independent, which means that you can pedal with different frequency maintaining constant power output • Pendulum scale, easy to calibrate Product code: LUM939PC

6 • • • •

Monark Ergomedic 874E Weight loaded ergometer for fitness testing or training More stable and enclosed frame Heart rate compatible Digital display shows pedal revolution, rpm, HR, time, speed, distance, calories and Watts

Product code: LUM874E


Monark Ergomedic 894E Peak Bike

• Standard Anaerobic ergometer with new frame design and improved stability and rigidity • The Windows based Wingate software offers more setting possibilities with clear and easy to use graphics • New sensors, faster electronics and improved mechanics ensure the best, best most accurate and choice for reliable tests POWER TESTING Product code: LUM894E


Monark 928E Pro VO2

• New cycle ergometer designed for Astrand tests • Special low frame means it is very easy to access the cycle- ideal for rehab and elderly subjects • The test results are calculated in ml/kg/min Product code: LUM928E

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The modular ergometer series “ergoselect” is a new development created as a future-proof product concept, which once again defines benchmarks and sets the standards others strive to meet. From a high performance ergometer for exercise ECGs to the independent use in heart-rate controlled training, the integration of different modules provides users with a maximum of flexibility in configuring their personal ergometer.

Ergometer ergoselect 100 P


Ergometer ergoselect 200 P

• B  rake system microprocessor controlled eddy current brake

• B  rake system microprocessor controlled eddy current brake

• Load 6 - 999 Watt, speed independent

• Load 6 - 999 Watt, speed independent

• Accuracy according to DIN VDE 0750-238

• Accuracy according to DIN VDE 0750-238

• Speed range 30 - 130 rpm

• Speed range 30 - 130 rpm

• A  djustment of handlebars inclination: 360° inclination: 360° / height: 90-126 cm

• A  djustment of handlebars inclination: 360° inclination: 360° / height: 90-126 cm

• A  djustment of saddle height continuous, mechanic continuous, motor-driven

• A  djustment of saddle height continuous, mechanic continuous, motor-driven

• Patient weight (max.) 150 kg

• Patient weight (max.) 150 kg

Product code: 161101

Product code: 161201


For years leading ECG & CPET manufacturers have been integrating our ergometers into their exercise test systems, more than 30,000 Ergoline ergometers are in use today in office practices, hospitals, medical sports centers and rehabilitation facilities around the world



Ergoselect 400 P arm ergometer


Ergoselect 600 Recumbent


Optibike Med

Ergoline also offers special systems for cardiovascular diagnostics and cardio training and always has the right product for your needs. Specially designed for people with lower extremity impairment or for wheelchair-confined patients, the ergoselect 400 arm ergometer is the ideal exercise and training system.

Exceptional patients demand exceptional solutions. Designed for a patient weight of up to 260 kg, the ergoselect 600 allows exercise tests and cardiovascular training sessions to be performed even by obese patients. But also elderly and handicapped patients will profit from the Ergoline recumbent ergometer which is the right exercise and training unit for this patient group.

The perfect exercise ergometer for professional cardiovascular training. One of the major goals of cardiological rehabilitation is the systematic development of the cardiovascular system’s performance. Optibike med supports all known training modes: pulse-controlled training by means of a digital radio chest belt, constant load and interval training.

• B  rake system microprocessor controlled eddy current brake

• B  rake system microprocessor controlled eddy current brake

• B  rake system microprocessor controlled eddy current brake

• Load 6- 999 Watt, speed independent

• Load 6-999 Watt, speed independent

• load 6 - 400 Watt, speed independent

• Accuracy according to DIN VDE 0750-238

• Accuracy according to DIN VDE 0750-238

• accuracy according to DIN VDE 0750-238

• Speed range 30 -130 rpm

• Speed range 30-130 rpm

• speed range 30 - 130 rpm

• H  eight adjustable load unit for patient heights between 120 cm and 210 cm

• H  orizontal seat adjustment for patient heights between 150 cm and 210 cm

• handlebar adjustment angle: 360°

• P  atient weight (max.) 120 kg max. (special seat)

• Patient weight (max.) 260 kg max.

• Seat width 50 cm Product code: 161504


• Seat width 54 cm

• s addle height adjustment mechanical, continuous • body height approx. 120 cm to 210 cm • weight 160 kg (max.)

Product code: 161551

Product code: 161110


The Bodystat®1500 measures/calculates

The Bodystat 1500 Analyser is a hand-held, battery operated, Bio-impedance analyser that is lightweight, easy to use and requires no specialist skills. It is non-invasive and measures the impedance value of the body, providing quick and effective analysis of body composition. Whole Body analysis, rather than partial body analysis of arms or legs only, is measured for greater accuracy. Bodystat 1500 has been tried and tested in gyms for over 20 years and users find it an invaluable tool for motivating their clients and getting real long term results, providing clients with a 12-page health & fitness report using the unique Bodystat Software or an instant print out with the Bodystat Bluetooth printer. The Bodystat 1500 Body Composition Monitoring Unit is single frequency and ideal for assessment for adults from age 18 years. For more information refer to our website


Product codes: LBS1500 Bodystat 1500 Analyser LBS1500P Replacement electrode pads (100) (suitable for all Bodystat modeles) LBS1500R Replacement report pads LBSP Thermal Printer



The QuadScan 4000


The Bodystat® QuadScan 4000 device offers a quick, easy, economical and non-invasive alternative to other methods of fluid assessment and Body Composition analysis, e.g. radioisotope dilution, underwater weighing. The principle of measuring the flow of current through the body (impedance) is dependent on the frequency applied. At low frequencies, the current cannot bridge the cellular membrane and will pass predominantly through the extra-cellular space. At higher frequencies penetration of the cell membrane occurs and the current is conducted by both the extra-cellular water (ECW) and intra-cellular water (ICW). For more information refer to our website

Product code: LBSQUAD

The Bodystat®1500 MDD

The Bodystat®1500MDD is a lightweight, hand-held, battery operated Bio-impedance Analyser which is easy to use and requires no specialist skills. It is a non-invasive device, which measures the impedance value of the body providing quick and effective analysis of body composition. Whole Body analysis, rather than partial body analysis of arms or legs only, is measured for greater accuracy.


In addition to the features of the standard Bodystat®1500, the Bodystat®1500MDD contains separate equations for Children aged 6 years and over and Adults. It also shows a calculation for Dry Lean Mass. A number of health professionals find Dry Lean Mass an invaluable tool for monitoring muscle wasting/growth. Included with the unit are two software programs, namely the Wellness and Body Manager Programs. See website for further details. Product code: LBS1500MDD


Maltron 900 body fat analyser

Safe and simple-to-use, this quickly separates weight into fat, lean and water using the tetrapolar method of 4 electrodes, applied to hand, wrist, foot and ankle. Results displayed: body fat %; target fat % (min/max); basal metabolic rate (BMR) (Kcal); body impedance. Replacement electrode pads available. Product code: BMBF900


Maltron 906 body fat analyser

Safe and simple to use, this quickly separates weight into fat, lean and water using the tetrapolar method of 4 electrodes, applied to hand, wrist, foot and ankle. Results displayed: Body fat %; body fat weight; target fat (min/max); body mass index (BMI); body impedance; basal metabolic rate (BMR) (Kcal); target weight (min/max); lean weight; lean %; water litres; water %; target water (min/max). Replacement Electrode Pads available. Product codes: BMBF906 BMME4000 Replacement electrode pads (100)

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BODY COMPOSITION  LAB ANALYSIS 1 Tanita portable body composition analyser (with visceral fat indicator) • • • • •

Total body measurements with instant printout of results Weight, BMI, body fat % and fat mass Fat free mass, muscle mass total body water - kg / % Basal metabolic rate, target ranges, and mineral mass Additional features include: Visceral fat indicator, metabolic age, and healthy bone mass indicator


Harpenden caliper

The original harpenden caliper. Made from high quality stainless steel with a rubber gripped handle, these calipers comply with the industry standard for quality and accuracy.

• Range = 0 - 80mm • Graduation = 0.2mm • Booklet included Product code: LHSC

Product codes: SC330S BTBFPA Thermal paper rolls

Tanita segmental body


Harpenden body assessment software

composition analyser

User friendly software for body fat assessment using either the 4 Site Durnin & Womersley system or 3 site Jackson & Pollock system.

• • • • • •

• BMI • Basal metabolic rate • % Body fat content, % body fat preferred level • Lean body mass • Fat mass • Min/max weight guide • Child BMI growth charts • Subjects data can be printed in graphic or plain text formats

Total body measurements Weight, BMI, body fat %, and fat mass Fat free mass, muscle mass and total body water - kg / % Basal metabolic rate, target ranges, and mineral mass Indicator Additional features include segmental: Body fat %, fat mass, fat free mass, muscle mass and impedance Goal Setter Mode

Product code: BC418MA


Product code: LHSCSOFTWARE

Tanita portable body fat and water analyser kit

Light weight and compact this portable analyser comes with height measure, tape and carry bag. • Total body measurements include: Weight, body fat %, and total body water • LCD display is wall mountable • Battery operated 4 x AA batteries

• Non-stretch fibreglass • Retractable • Range: 0-60 inches/150cms

Product code: BF522W

Product code: LCR01

4 Tanita segmental body composition monitor with 3 year tracking function • • • • • •

Segmental technology Children’s healthy body fat range Visceral fat indicator Metabolic age indicator Body fat%, total body water %, muscle mass Physique ratings, bone mineral mass, and basal metabolic rate / age • Visceral fat indicator • Ideal for home use



Anthropometric measuring tape

Budget caliper

A very small and inexpensive, one piece plastic caliper with unique spring arm for consistent pressure. • Discrete and inexpensive • One piece unit • Unique spring arm for applying consistent pressure when measuring Product code: C111

Product code: BC545

10 Slimguide 5

Tanita BF-350 professional body composition scale

Displays weight, body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) on digital display. 200kg capacity in graduations of 100g. Can also be connected to a PC running HMS Plus software (Not included – available online). Product code: BTBF350



The popular Slimguide caliper is extremely economical and is very strong, made from ABS plastic. • Range 0 - 85mm • How to measure fat booklet included • Available in white, red and black Product code: LSG LSGBLACK LSGRED








Blood analysis – EKF Hemo Control


The Hemo Control system enables the fast and precise determination of haemoglobin and haematocrit in blood. It consists of a handy photometer, operating with microcuvettes (dry chemistry). • Haemoglobin and haematocrit from one sample in approx 25 secs • Only 8 µL sample volume required • Wide measurement range • Comfort touch screen • Maintenance-free • Cost-efficient curettes (available separately) • Easy and flexible handling • Ready for mobile and stationary use



Urine analysis - Osmocheck

Osmocheck is a portable, personal osmometer, calibrated from 0 to 1500mOsmols/kgH20, for use with urine to give an instant measure of dehydration. Doing strenuous exercise whilst being dehydrated is not conducive to peak performance and can be positively dangerous. Product comes with 1 year guarantee. Product code: OSMO1




CorTemp™ Data Recorder

The data recorder detects the signal from the CorTemp™ sensor, then displays and stores the data in memory. The unit can be preprogrammed manually or via the CorTrack™ II software. A clinician can easily transfer the recorder’s data directly to a PC platform where the data can be read into Excel® or similar spreadsheet programme for analysis. The data recorder will monitor up to 99 different CorTemp™ sensors and can be either worn by a subject for continuous monitoring or can be used to take random, manual readings of multiple subjects in a field or laboratory setting. Heart Rate is an optional feature available on the CorTemp™ data recorder. Product codes: HT150001 CorTemp data recorder HT150016 CorTemp data recorder with Polar heart rate monitor

• No additional reagents or dilutions required Product code: 300500360313P Hemo Control Unit 300030120765 Microcurettes


CorTemp™ Sensor

The silicone coated sensor contains a micro battery, quartz crystal, communication coil and circuit board, all encapsulated in medical grade epoxy. Once ingested, the crystal sensor vibrates at a frequency relative to the body’s internal temperature, produces a magnetic flux and transmits a low-frequency signal harmlessly through the body. The sensor passes through the body at the subject’s normal rate of motility which can vary anywhere from 24-36 hours. Monitoring can be extended by administering another sensor after the initial pill has passed. The CorTemp™ sensor is accurate to ± 0.1°C and is FDA cleared and registered as a single use device. Product code: HT150002

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6 1



Weather station and world

time clock

Easy to read desk/wall mounted weather forecaster displaying: time, temperature and humidity with up to 4 remote locations (additional sensors required). • Animated icons display, 12-24 hour weather forecast • Displays temperature and humidity for indoors with one standard thermo- hygrometer remote wireless sensor • C/°F selectable display • Temperature and humidity trend indicators • Barometric pressure display with bar chart for the past 24hrs • Comfort level and heat index indicators • Alarm call with pre-alarm function to forewarn of a present temperature drop • Snow alarm • Radio controlled time and display synchronized to Rugby (England) or Frankfurt (central Europe) – switch selectable or disable • World time display • Low battery indicator Product code: RS206712

2 Analogue wall mount thermohygrometer An attractive analogue thermo-hygrometer with ABS case suitable for stand or wall mounting. • • • •

Temperature range 20 - 40°C Resolution 2°C/RH% Humidity range 10 to 70% Diameter 150mm


Digital clinical thermometer


An easy to read digital clinical thermometer for oral, underarm and rectal use. • • • •

Remote thermohygro sensor

Remote sensor for use with weather station. • • • • • •

Easy to read Celsius scale CE marked in compliance with relevant European directives Storage box and full instructions for use

Splash proof design with LCD display indicating temperature and humidity Remote temperature range of -20 to +60°C RF transmission frequency of 433MHz RF transmission range of 30m Humidity range 5 - 95% RH Sends signal to base unit every 1 minute

Product code: RS3805139


Product codes: RS4946102 RF transmission range of 30m RS4795881 RF transmission range of 100m

Digital thermo-hygrometer

The ETH880 is a cost effective thermohygrometer with integral stand.


• LCD display • Records max/min values (°C or °F) and indicates comfortable or dry RH conditions • Powered by 2 x AAA cells (not supplied) • Temperature range 0 - +50°C • Accuracy ±1°C/2°F (0°C to +40°C), ±2°C/4°F (remainder) • Supplied with wall mounting clip and instructions Product code: RS212124

Digital medical ear thermometer

Easy to use battery operated electronic ear thermometer. Suitable for all ages, especially babies, young children and the elderly. • • • • • • • • •

One second measuring time Beeps when temperature reached Illuminated display for easy reading Temperature in either °C or °F Automatically stores last 5 readings to monitor trends Automatic power saving switch off after 1 minute of non use Supplied with carrying case and set of disposable hygienic probe covers Between 34°C and 43°C, accuracy is ≤0.3°C; otherwise ±1°C Spare probe covers available in packs of 20

Product codes: RS4494819 Digital ear thermometer RS4503345 Spare probe covers

Product code: RS4137617









The Douglas Bag technique is still regarded by many as the most reliable and robust method of respiratory gas analysis and is used for research in many leading universities. As a teaching tool, this first principles approach transforms the students learning experience and gives them a much deeper understanding of how Oxygen Uptake and Carbon Dioxide Production values are calculated. For the complete gas collection and analysis system, combine the HaB Douglas Bag Cart with your choice O2/CO2 Analyser (Servomex or Hitech).



Hitech O2 / CO2 analyser

Hitech 02 / C02 analyser is a low cost gas analysis system that accurately measures oxygen and carbon dioxide readings collected via a Douglas Bag collection system. Includes integral sample pump, flow meter and flow control valve and is enclosed in a sturdy steel case with carrying handle for easy transportation. Specifications: • Ranges: 0 - 10% CO2, 0 - 25% O2 • Resolution: 0.01% O2 & CO2 Product code: GIR250


Servomex 5200 multi purpose analyser

The Servomex 5200 is a multi-purpose, portable bench top analyser that uses non-depleting paramagnetic and infra-red measurement technology, providing an ideal solution for determining the composition of common gas mixtures in laboratories and light industrial applications. Features of the Servomex 5200: • Suitable for accurately measuring levels of oxygen or C02 • All sensors use non-depleting technologies, maximising availability and reducing maintenance and running costs • Digital interface developed with customers to ensure desirable functions and ease of use • Self monitoring software • Meets USFDA requirements for verification of medical oxygen USP and nitrogen NF


The HaB Douglas Bag

The HaB Douglas Bag cart consists of 4 x 100L Douglas bags. The Douglas Bag Collection System is to be used in conjunction with either the Hitech or Servomex Gas Analysis units and includes the following items: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

4 x 100 Ltr Douglas Bag with sample adaptor Tubing 1m Mouthpiece Nose clip One way air valve Dry gas meter Two way rotary tubing valve Variable transformer CMV 1X-1 Red neon 10A snap-in IEC inlet/outlet combination 12 x plug and socket assay 2M straight Rewireable cable connector straight Two-tone polystyrene case Digital temperature monitor Tap ramp stopcock Double cone connector Sample tube (4mm bore, 7mm OD) Absorbent (per bottle) Drying tube Frame/trolley materials & manufacture SuperVac vacuum cleaner

Product code: DOUGBAGCART

Product code: 05231A1

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BIO-MECHANICS The new Bio-mechanical section has been specifically constructed to provide only the best products from each discipline. Globally recognised products such as Noraxon EMG, Zebris Motion Analysers and Force Distribution Platforms provide you the professional bio-mechanist with the precision, accuracy and ease of use you need.

THE GAIT CONCEPT By combining the market leading technology of various measurement and training devices this concept enables a unique approach to a fully equipped and economically designed analysis for research and therapy concept for the daily clinical practice.

Pressure distribution and force documentation video • Integrated EMG • EMG biofeedback


Lifting and unweighting • Patient lift • Gait training • Motorist exercises

Telemetric EMG • Muscle function tests • Neuromuscular activation

PARA MOTION 2D video analysis • 2-4 cameras • High speed option • General documentation

Optional extras HaB Direct also have a full list of optional extras. Please visit our website for further information.



Noraxon provides world-class, research quality wired and wireless state-of-the-art surface and fine-wire electromyography (EMG) equipment. Noraxon’s advanced software for data analysis and reporting is a comprehensive package with standard biomechanical and clinical reports. Noraxon also provide a full range of biomechanical sensors and accessories. Noraxon is used across the world by professionals for clinical, research, ergonomic and sports medicine applications.







TeleMyo 2400 G2 telemetry system wireless EMG and sensor system 1

The TeleMyo™ 2400T G2 transmitter is a lab standard for surface and fine-wire telemetric EMG systems that sends real time EMG and other analogue signals up to 100 meters by wireless transmission to a desktop computer or notebook. It combines high-quality, scientifically reliable data with mobility, flexibility and ease-ofuse for clinicians, researchers, sports medicine professionals, ergonomists and athletic trainers. The default system includes a 4, 8, 12 or 16 channel transmitter unit; a USB based PC interface receiver box, active pre-amplified leads, battery charger, and a belt clip and pouch for easy use. Product code: Call for details

As purchased by: Universities: Nottingham Trent, Brunel, Cardiff, Southampton, Chester, Liverpool.


Noraxon DTS direct transmission system 3

MyoTrace™ 400

The MyoTrace™ 400 is designed for the busy clinician interested in accurate and quick measurements. The user friendly, menu driven operation is ideal for clinicians in orthopaedic, neurological, clinical sports training and ergonomic settings. While it is completely self contained, the MyoTrace 400’s built in telemetry allows for an optional connection to a PC to be used for more advanced analysis with our MyoResearch XP software. A wide variety of compatible “plug in” Noraxon sensors can be used with the MyoTrace 400. In addition to compatible sensors the MyoTrace™ 400 can be used to objectively evaluate the functional status of the musculoskeletal system.

The TeleMyo™ 2400T direct transmission system (DTS) for EMG and other biomechanical sensors directly transmits data from the electrode or sensor site to a belt worn receiver. This direct transmission concept greatly simplifies the arrangement of EMG measurements by eliminating the need to arrange cable connections between the EMG electrodes and EMG amplifier. The small light weight probes are also beneficial for small subjects like children and small animals. Product code: Call for details

Product code: Call for details


Others: English Institute of Sport.

Accessories Each Noraxon EMG solution is tailor made to meet your needs. For a range of options please call our office for details.

We offer a full range of bio-mechanical accessories.

Electronic goniometer

Mechanical goniometer

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GAIT ANALYSIS BIO-MECHANICS Software for video-based gait and motion analysis: 3 versions available with integrated treadmill control, extensive analysis tools and individual report functions.


Photograph above shows optional safety arch, chest strap harness, full prevention and automatic belt stop.

Standard features of h/p/cosmos para motion 2.5 1

• Treadmill control for all h/p/cosmos treadmills parallel to recording with feedback • Protocols of all load data (speed, elevation, time, heart rate, distance) and allocation to the recordings • Creation of individual analysis patterns for different applications • Intelligent video management system • Flexible data base - the video clips are saved in the data base in accordance with the chosen analysis pattern, separate saving of data can be omitted • Medical history tool with information database: accumulation with the most common gait and motion specific disorders with transfer possibility to the individual report • Integrated player for the analysis of several video clips • Video overlay of up to 8 videos • Full screen mode • Various 2D analysis tools such as gridlock and grid • Flexible 2D painting tools such as rectangles, tracking lines, arrows or text fields • Tools and measurement tools for the fast detection of angles and distances • Definition of gait specific situations (e.g. first peak, standing phase) for faster synchronisation and easier analysis • Report function for creation of individual reports

Product options Basic • Camera x 1 Product code: COS15508 Standard • Camera x 2 • Data export to Microsoft Excel or to other applications possible • Data to be saved as well on CD-ROM Product code: COS15509 Professional • Camera x 4 • Stroboscope-tool for illustration of complete motion in 1 picture • Pedography: possibility of presentation of measurement values of established pressure - measuring systems synchronous to the video recordings Product code: COS15510

• The instrumented treadmill system uses a patented tandem force plate design and includes a patented algorithm which distinguishes left and right foot-strikes • Gaitway simplifies the challenges associated with KISTLER force plate targeting found in conventional walkway systems • Gaitway offers the ability to vary cadence, speed and grade. It can be programmed for speeds as low as 0.1 km/h and up to 22.0 km/h (optional 30.0 km/h). The grade can be adjusted from 0 – 24 % (optional -24% with reverse belt rotation) • Trials lasting several minutes or more can be easily performed, allowing subtle changes in a gait over time to be quantified. In addition, data from six auxiliary devices can be acquired simultaneously Features • Gait analysis in a matter of minutes at controlled speed • Gait re-education with real-time module • Ideal for both clinical and research applications • Medical device approved treadmill system • including POLAR heart rate monitor • Removable handrail for use with video analysis Specifcations • Speed 0.0 – 22kph (optional 30kph) • Elevation 0 – 24% • Kistler PC Software • Optional reverse belt rotation for down hill running • Optional safety arch • Six auxillary ports • 2 x RS232 ports • 3kw motor Product codes: COS30002VA01 COS30002VA02


Kistler Gaitway II F without elevation Kistler Gaitway II S with elevation



h/p/cosmos gaitway

h/p/cosmos gaitway is a complete gait analysis system housed in a running machine, developed and manufactured in cooperation with two companies KISTLER and h/p/cosmos. What makes this treadmill unique is the ability to measure vertical ground reaction forces and centre of pressure for complete, consecutive foot strikes during walking and running.

BIO-MECHANICS MOTION ANALYSIS & FORCE DISTRIBUTION zebris® medical is a global supplier of complete solutions for a wide range of measuring tasks and indicators in the field of bio-mechanics and movement analysis. zebris® manufacture three key technologies; 3D ultrasonic movement analysis, force distribution measurement and electromyography. Simple operating systems, mobility and flexibility are the main characteristics of zebris® measuring systems. All the measuring results are displayed in real time on the PC where synchronized presentation of all signal sources is possible.

Model CMS10


Model CMS20S




30 3D real time movement analysis zebris® 3D movement analysis systems have been developed to enable precise tracking of the measuring markers, the measuring principle is based on measuring the travelling time of ultrasound pulses. The system is fast and unproblematic in its application, requiring no calibrating or adjusting. The zebris® system is an ideal application in routine operations as a mobile measuring station. Application auxiliaries have been developed for the various different measuring tasks, a probe-tip is available for determining surface profiles and in addition all the movement data can be recorded and analysed only with FDM, FDM-S and FDM-T in synchronisation with the video recordings.


CMS 10 and CMS 20S

The CMS 10 and CMS 20S are a family of universal measuring systems, consisting of either a measuring sensor, a basic unit with a table-mounted or floor stand, or both. The three-dimensional measuring coordinates of the ultrasonic markers can be recorded with an overall scanning rate of 200 measurements per second. The results are available in real time on the PC, thus suitable for feedback tasks in the field of medical treatment. Depending on the scanning rate, measuring spaces of 1.5 x 2 x 2 m to 2 x 3 x 3 m are achievable. Measuring sensors can be placed on ball joints and move freely for best measuring position with no calibration required. The system can also be optionally equipped with 2 analogue channels to give greater flexibility. Applications include hand arm movement, measurement of movement response, cervical spine and mandible joint analyses.



The CMS-HSL and CMS-HS measuring systems are designed for high sampling rates and can be equipped with optional analogue channels. Both systems operate with high measurement accuracy according to the travelling time measurement of ultrasound pulses. Owing to a completely new conception up to 16/24 markers can be employed simultaneously. The ease of use and the possibility of real time analysis makes for an ideal use in a clinical environment. For bilateral gait analysis the system CMS-HS provides a direct connection for a second measuring sensor with further fields of application including, spinal column analysis, analysis of neurological movement disorders and of hand and arm movement.



The EMG Systems developed by zebris® form an ideal supplementation to the movement analysis and force distribution measurement. The EMG activity of small and large muscles can be detected precisely and reliably. All muscular action potential can be recorded and evaluated synchronously to the movement data of other zebris® measuring systems.


Each zebris solution is tailor made to meet your needs. For a range of options please call our office for details. As purchased by: Liverpool University.

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101






FDM – Force distribution measurement zebris® is a global leader in the development of capacitive sensor equipment for measuring pressure and/or force distribution. The characteristic features of the zebris® measuring systems for force distribution are user friendliness during operation, high measuring precision due to its calibrated sensors and the particularly large sensor surfaces which also enable step cycles to be recorded. The zebris® multifunction force-measuring plate comprises a number of calibrated, capacitive force sensors; this enables the force distribution of static and dynamic forces under the feet to be analysed when standing and walking. In this way foot deformities, foot function and posture and gait parameters can be analysed. Any number of stance tests and roll-off patterns can be carried out directly one after the other. Using additional measuring modules, a balance analysis and a load-sequence feedback are also possible. The results will be available immediately after the measurement as an evaluation report and includes a video synchronisation output as standard. An infrared transmission module is also available for synchronising EMG measurements.


FDM Force distribution platform and stance analysis

The zebris® measuring system for force distribution enables the distribution of static and dynamic forces to be analysed under the feet and is therefore suitable both for stance and gait analyses. Due to the large measuring areas of 144 x 56 cm, 208 x 56 cm and 304 x 56 cm, the dynamic force and pressure distribution under the feet can be recorded from several contacts with the ground and analysed. For each of the sensors integrated in a platform – up to 17,000 – there is a separate calibration curve; for this reason, any uncertain measurements due to tolerances in the construction parts, can be largely eliminated. Available in 1.5m, 2m and 3m lengths – platforms can also be connected together for increased length.




FDM-T Force distribution measurement treadmills

The basic system consists of a treadmill with an integrated, calibrated measuring sensor platform, consisting of numerous high quality capacitive force sensors. Using a system specially developed by zebris® the movement of the treadmill is compensated so that completely stable gait and roll off patterns can be analysed. Different types and specifications of treadmill including h/p/cosmos are available for the basic system. For a typical walking area of 150 x 50 cm the force distribution plate has more than 5,000 pressure/force sensors.


FreeSense 1

FreeSense is a totally wireless inertial measurement instrument.

Thanks to its characteristics, it is the ideal solution for monitoring movement in every context: biomechanics, rehabilitation, sports, ergonomics, automotive, aviation, etc. FreeSense is totally wireless, light and compact. It measures 3D linear accelerations, 3D angular velocities and GPS coordinates (optional module). The Bluetooth transmission provides real-time data curves directly to the computer monitor. Data can be also collected without any PC. FreeSense contains a long-life rechargeable battery and a memory card that can store huge quantities of data. FreeSense software is very intuitive and permits data collection and organization, hardware unit configuration, as well as data export in table format for further analysis.

32 Features


• Accurate measurements of 3D linear accelerations, 3D angular velocities, GPS (optional)

• Easy data collection even in challenging situations and long durations (over 24hrs) with complete freedom of motion

• Both wireless communication and stand-alone use

• Immediate insight into motion features thanks to real-time graphical visualization of data

• Totally wireless with real-time data via Bluetooth transmission

• Complete control over data organisation thanks to comprehensive database structure and user-friendly software interface

• Compact dimensions and light weight • Long-life battery and memory card • Configurable sampling frequency and full-scale range


• Automatic termination of data collection by means of an adjustable countdown timer • User-friendly software interface • Easily export data into ASCII format (Excel, Matlab, LabView, C++, etc)

Product code: FREES

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PERFORMANCE TESTING & MONITORING 21 years ago Heart Rate Monitoring was an unknown concept in the UK. During these years HaB Direct (inc Bodycare Products) became the UK’s leading supplier and most influential company in the development of the HRM story. We introduced Heart Rate Monitoring to professional sportsmen, the consumer, designed and produced HRM workshops and training sessions; we pioneered and changed the way fitness training was undertaken in the UK forever...




Smartabase – Athlete Management System Managing the athletes of today is more complicated than ever before. Coaches and scientists use a broad range of technologies and methods to track and assess their athletes, prescribe training programmes and manage their team’s schedule on a daily basis. Many coaches find it difficult to not only collect and store all of this information, but more importantly, to make meaningful sense of all of this information and share it effectively with other coaches, medical staff and athletes.



The World’s First Choice for Timing and Testing Limited Only by your Imagination

Fitness testing

Fitness training

• Multiple lane conventional split timing or free timing mode

• Daily fitness training drills that will stimulate and motivate athletes



• Easily collect data every session or every week

• Progressive activities to challenge athletes during rehabilitation

Research & teaching

Talent I.D. & development

• Cutting edge and highly publishable research areas

• Profile large groups using innovative training drills


Having used a number of other systems in the past, we believe SMARTSPEED is the best product on the market. Neil Bath, Academy Manager Chelsea Football Club

Physical education • Make PE lessons fun, challenging and educational

As purchased by: KEY BENEFITS

Universities: Loughborough University-Sports Science, Canterbury, Edinburgh Napier University, Loughborough Institute of Sports Technology, University of Hull. Colleges: Peterborough College, Runshaw College, South Craven Specialist Sports College. Others: Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC. Manchester Utd FC, Man City FC, Lawn Tennis Association, Welsh Rugby Union.

• Time-saving: Wireless, multi-lane timing straight into windows • Motivation: Real-time feedback brings out the best in athletes • Versatility: Warm-up to cool down and everything in between • Exciting Challenges: Revolutionary drills for reaction time, vision and decision making • Not just speed: World first pacing drills and group testing mode for all endurance testing and training • Flexibility: Single athlete drills to multi-player teamwork drills and games involving your whole squad • Highly specific: Offensive and defensive game simulations that allow you to train the “unknown” elements of game speed


2 Gate system 2 Gate starter pack (including jump mat) 4 Gate system 6 Gate system 8 Gate system


Additional gate Additional gate (when bought with 8 gate system)


Smart Split (Extra PDA and software)

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101



SMARTSPEED LITE is the ideal solution for those not able to utilise the everyday training applications of the full system. SMARTSPEED LITE now offers all of the benefits of wireless multilane timing to a handheld computer, with all of the quality and accuracy of SMARTSPEED, and the features that make Fusion Sport systems the best in the world.


Enter Now and Upgrade Later The new LITE system offers customers a lower cost entry point to the ever popular Fusion Sport product suite. The LITE system is fully compatible with the flagship system for use in fitness testing and is also compatible with the entire range of SMARTSPEED accessories. If you are an existing SMARTSPEED customer and would like to add extra gates for those large testing days, simply add some LITE units to your existing system. Once you come to enjoy the benefits of SMARTSPEED LITE, simply upgrade to reactive drills and pacing by adding SMARTSPEEED remote units and software modules. SMARTLITE1 SMARTLITE2 SMARTLITE3 SMARTLITE4 SMARTLITE5 SMARTLITE6 SMARTLITE7 SMARTLITE8

Smartspeed 1 Gate System Smartspeed 2 Gate System Smartspeed 3 Gate System Smartspeed 4 Gate System Smartspeed 5 Gate System Smartspeed 6 Gate System Smartspeed 7 Gate System Smartspeed 8 Gate System


SMARTLITE GATE Extra Gate (Incl 2 X Tripods and Reflector) SMARTLITE UPGRADE Smartsplit Lite Upgrade (1 X Grabba, 1 X Pda, 1 X Lite Software License) SMARTLITE HSP Hand Start Pad (10cm Version)




SMARTJUMP will add another dimension to your power testing and training capabilities. The real time biofeedback mode is unlike any other system, and will assist you to teach your athletes perfect technique in all plyometric training. Simply plug the contact mat into a SMARTSPEED™ remote unit and open another myriad of applications.


• Fully automated jump training and testing • Measure contact time, flight time, jump height, reactive strength index (RSI), Peak power output (PPO) and more • Real time biofeedback whilst jumping • Integrates into SMARTSPEED to measure contact times during sprinting • Can also be wall mounted for wireless swimming timing

Product code: SMARTJLITE









Fusion’s acclaimed RFID (radio frequency identification) add-on now makes SMARTSPEED the world’s ONLY fully automated testing and training system. The involvement of the coach is simple – set up the system, choose the drill and that’s it. Everything else is completely automatic.

• Completely automatic – drives Dartfish from start to finish and removes the need for time consuming editing • Instant replays during training or for post training review

Ideal for: • Large group testing

• Clip automatically tagged with athlete name, drill name and athlete results


• Monitoring during training • Research • Talent identification

The SMARTSPEED™ system is not only the easiest way to collect times on athletes in testing and training, but is now fully integrated with the world renowned DARTFISH video analysis package.

• Easy upload to email, internet or DARTFISH TV for sharing • Ideal for research and teaching – add biomechanical analysis to fitness test results Product Code: SMARTCAP






SMARTSHOXX allows you to build a variety of targets and other objects into all of your favourite SMARTSPEED or SMARTSPEED LITE drills, offering new posibilities for integration and innovation in testing, training and research.

SMARTLINK is a wireless USB device which creates a real-time link between your SMARTSPEED PDA unit and a PC.

• Ball sports - create targets for throwing, kicking, tackling or shooting

• Display test results LIVE in Excel, or output to a display such as a projector or TV

• Test accuracy and ball speed with millisecond precision

• Display any data you like - recent results, session leaderboards, splits and totals

• Test reaction time in sprinting • Integrate targets into SMARTSPEED’s reactive drills • Military applications - create reactive shooting simulations, test bullet speed to 1ms accuracy


• Customise the display to your colour scheme and logos • You can even create LIVE charts, pivot tables and reports

• Boxing and martial arts - reactive fighting drills and endurance and speed training/testing • Integrate other devices such as ball machines in tennis, baseball and cricket



Product Codes: SMARTSH0XX2 (2 pack vesion) SMARTSH0XX4 (4 pack vesion)

Product Code: SMARTLINK

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101





Powered by Profiler Coaches, scientists and educators in all sports, worldwide,

SMARTABASE allows you to bring together all of your

share one common issue - how to effectively store and track

technologies and data in one easy to use system.

their athlete data to have accurate, meaningful and practical

A solution that saves you countless amounts of time and effort,

information that can then be used to effectively optimise

and enables you to produce powerful reports to make accurate

athletic performance.

judgments about your athletes. SMARTABASE will put your finger on the pulse, and keep it there.

Seven years in the making, in conjunction with Profiler Corporation, Fusion Sport now completes its solutions for

The key difference with SMARTABASE is its

teams, institutes, universities, schools and talent identification

configurability – using the simplistic BUILDER application,

programmes. Profiler is already in use by some of the U.K.’s

you can create your own forms and reports, set your own

leading organisations, and is set to become the global standard

standards and have complete control over the growth and

in athlete information management.

development of your system into the future.

Enter or import data online, offline or via iPhone and directly from SMARTSPEED

Complete control over access and data permissions

Automated alerts via SMS or email


Numerous reporting modules

Colour coded performance standards

Construct all training programmes and yearly periodisation plan

Performance summary dashboard for holistic analysis

Full injury monitoring and treatment notes

• Fitness test results

• Monitoring and overtraining measurements

• Game results and player statistics

• Yearly Periodisation Plans

• Player schedules

• Personal bests

• Medical and Injury data

• Normative data and relative performance

• Training schedules

• Administrative information

• Video reviews

• GPS, HR and all data types

Product Codes: SMARTAB - Bronze SMARTAS - Silver SMARTAG - Gold SMARTAP - Platinum

Annual license fees apply. Call for details.



NEW Innovative Market leaders in the world of GPS. Garmin has helped to take GPS to new heights by going beyond ordinary features and performance while always pushing the boundaries of quality and design.

1 Forerunner 110 Sports Watch is the easiest way to track your training. It’s GPS-enabled so it knows how far and how fast you run - with no bells or whistles. There’s virtually no setup required, so you can just press start and run or walk with it. Forerunner 110’s data-friendly display makes it simple to read on the run with the all-important time, distance and average pace always there when you need it. Product codes: 0100086301 Unisex (Watch Only) 0100086313 Men’s (with HRM) 0100086312 Women’s (with HRM)


2 Forerunner 310XT A multisport, swim-proof GPS watch, ideal for triathletes and dedicated athletes. Forerunner 310XT has a 20-hour battery life and is waterproof (IPX7), making it an indispensable training tool. With a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and HotFix® satellite prediction, Forerunner 310XT locates your position simply, quickly and precisely. Product code: 0100074100 0100074101

310XT Watch Only 310XT with HRM

5 Forerunner 405CX is the evolution of GPS-enabled training. This sleek sportswatch tracks your time, distance, pace and heart rate, then wirelessly sends the data to your PC for later analysis. The 405CX features heart rate-based calorie computation and comes with a fabric wrist band option suitable for smaller or larger wrists. With a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and HotFix® satellite prediction. Product code: 0100065830


6 FR60 Log every mile and every minute with FR60, a sleek fitness watch plus workout tool that tracks your time, heart rate and calories burned. When bundled with the wireless foot pod, FR60 also tracks speed and distance, indoors or out. Then, FR60 wirelessly sends your workout data to your computer for later analysis. Product codes: 0100074322 Men’s HRM Only (Black) 0100074342 Women’s HRM Only (Black) 0100074311 Men’s Blue Bundle - includes foot pod, USB ANT stick and Premium Heart Rate Monitor 0100074331 Women’s Pink Bundle - includes foot pod, USB ANT stick and Premium Heart Rate Monitor Please note: other brands and colour options are available. Please see our website for details.

7 Edge 500 Sharpen your cycling performance with Edge 500, a lightweight GPS-based cycling computer for performance-driven cyclists. Loaded with data, Edge 500 tracks your distance, speed, location and elevation with high sensitivity GPS. Add an ANT+™ compatible heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensor or compatible power meter for a finely-tuned analysis of your ride.

3 Forerunner 205 & 305 Form meets function with Garmin’s high-performance line of personal trainers — the Forerunner 305 and 205. The Forerunner 205 includes a high sensitivity GPS receiver, new courses feature and the 305 includes robust wireless heart rate monitor for optimal performance. Product codes: 0100046601 Forerunner 205 0100046701 Forerunner 305

4 Forerunner 405 Long runs, tempo runs, speed drills. You expect a lot from your body and from your training gear. Meet Forerunner 405. This GPS-enabled sport watch tracks your training, then wirelessly sends your data to your computer. The ultimate in training technology, its sleek design features a touch bezel that lets you quickly scroll and select features on the run. Product codes: 0100065811 0100065813 0100065821 0100065823

405 with USB ANT Stick (Black) 405 with USB ANT Stick (Green) 405 with HRM and USB ANT Stick (Black) 405 with HRM and USB ANT Stick (Green)

Product codes: 0100082900 Edge 500 0100082901 Edge 500 Bundle – Includes Cadence & Heart Rate Monitor

8 Edge 605 Add maps and find motivation with Edge 605. This GPS-enabled cycle computer comes loaded with everything you need to make the most out of your ride. Get cycle computer data and mapping detail, all from one compact, easy-to-use device. With a colour display and ultra-cool training features, Edge 605 has it all. Product codes: 0100055501 Edge 605

9 Edge 705 Trainer. Navigator. Edge 705 pushes you to do your best, then shows you the way back. This GPS-enabled cycle computer knows no limits. Get heart rate, cadence, turn-by-turn directions, power data (from ANT+™-enabled third-party power metres) — the works. Even share your data with other Edge 705 friends after your ride. All wireless with a colour display, this is no ordinary cycle computer. Product codes: 0100055521 Edge 705 with Heart Rate Monitor 0100055531 Edge 705 with Heart Rate Monitor, Speed / Cadence.

PLEASE NOTE: Images shown are for reference purpose only.

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101



Designed in New Zealand by a team of sports and technology professionals, the system offers an easy to use, affordable means of monitoring athletic activity. Incorporating the very latest analysis features, the VX Sport™ System has been designed for elite athletes, coaches, trainers, physios and the serious non-professional weekend warrior.

VX Log™ - hardware • GPS update each 0.25 seconds


• 3 axis accelerometers (Model 100) • 3 axis magnetic field sensors (Model 220) • Wireless heart rate detection of standard uncoded chest straps • Sealed lithium ion battery with in-built charger via USB • Waterproof case • Choice of standard and extended recording modes • USB cable interface to PC

VX View™ - software • Easy and intuitive user interface • Analyse speed, distance, leg forces and heart rate instantly. • Ability to analyse whole sessions or zoom into details • Compare sessions from same or different users • Set up athletes and teams • Report on game activity via pie charts • Summary data of sprints


• Detailed track reports • Google Earth location reports built directly into software • Step Reports show step rate and relative leg forces. Hip sway and additional force analysis available on Model 220

Product codes: VX100 VX220 VXSW - Software Live model available 2011



A range of 5 digitally coded heart rate monitors. The main benefit of a coded HRM is that cross-talk between other exercisers is eliminated ensuring that the information on the watch is the user’s own!

Sigma represents 25 years of German technology at its best, combining innovative design with precision engineering.


Why Sigma?

Onyx Balance

• Water tight battery compartment

Sleek, easy to use design. Includes the most important functions, yet are not overloaded. Includes a digital coded chest belt. The programmable training zones and the calorie counter pave the way towards healthy training.

• Programme the Sigma HRM sports watch in seconds with the fast setting box - Onyx range only

Product code: 28500

• Simple to use, inexpensive and great value for money not foregoing quality and innovation • Change the battery yourself – no expensive service charges or delays

• 2 year guarantee


PC Heart Rate Monitors

A range of 3 non-coded heart rate monitors. The main advantage of a non-coded HRM is that the chest strap is compatible with most cardiovascular exercise equipment found in health and fitness clubs.


PC 3 Allround ii

Product code: 28300

A super simple Heart Rate Monitor ideal for use in health and wellness programmes and gyms/fitness centres. It is operated by a single button and has a clear display and attractive design, making it an ideal everyday sports watch.


Onyx Pro

Suited to those who are interested in very precise preparation and control and who use different forms of training to achieve their aims. A full range of functions, where the training zones can either be calculated in line with IAT (individual anaerobic threshold) or maximum heart rate.

Product code: 23107


Onyx Easy

Ideal for those who want a simple, encoded heart rate monitor with basic functions. It features a memory that is able to document training sessions for detailed training analysis and total values.

PC 15 Allround ii


Allows the user to control, plan and evaluate sessions with total precision – complete with Training Manager and Lap Counter.

Product code: 28100


Product code: 21507

Handy & effective fast setting box with training simulator

• Compatible with all Onyx watches


PC 25.10

• Personalised user settings made in seconds

Simple to use and equipped with all basic functions, the ECG-accurate and digitally coded heart rate monitor in sportive design. Ideally suited for every leisure time athlete, who wants to train healthy and g effectively. Two pre-programmed training g zones as well as a manually set training zone can be selected. Product code: Grey Yellow

278301 278302

• Simulate training without chest belt • Great for group situations, i.e. in schools and colleges Product code: 20312

NEW Cardiosport heart rate monitors offer a personal solution to make your fitness training more rewarding. A Cardiosport heart rate monitor helps you to train and exercise at the right intensity, not too heavy and not too light on your goals - whether they be general fitness, high performance or weight management.

Work smarter not just harder All Cardiosport monitors come with the following features: • • • • •

Water resistant to 30 metres Heart Rate updated every two seconds ECG accurate User changeable transmitter battery World leaders in heart rate monitoring technology. Cardiosport has developed a safe 122kHz low frequency digital transmission with improved signal interference resistance and coding to allow exercise in close proximity to other monitors

See our website for more details





5 GT2 Code: ZW58

Fusion 10




Code: ZW53

Code: ZW50

Code: ZW51

Code: ZW57

Accessories • Cardiosport’s NEW “Softflex” G2 transmitter belt with user-changeable battery has been improved to give not only optimum performance but also much improved comfort. Product codes: ZT18 Stretch fabric digital transmitter • ZTG2 Digital transmitter and elastic strap ZTG2CS Elastic strap for transmitter

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101




Suunto’s sleek design, precision engineering and laboratory quality measurements make the Suunto range of heart rate monitors the choice of professional sportsmen and women worldwide. Suunto’s unique approach to aerobic monitoring includes EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) Respiration Rate, VO2 Max, Ventilation and Suunto’s unique ‘Training Effect’ which provides the user with real time intelligent information on aerobic improvement.

Suunto T1c

Product codes: SS0103567010 Grey SS013569010 Black SS015294000 True Fuchsia


Suunto T3d

Your everyday workout partner; real time training effect helps you set your optimal training load. • Training effect in real time • Speed, distance, and cycling cadence with optional PODs • Training logbook on device Product codes: SS015845000 SS015312000 SS015844000 SS015315000


Black Move Black Black Polished Sporty Red

Suunto T4d

Your personal coach - adapting to your workout schedule, Suunto T4c knows what your body needs in order to achieve optimal physical condition. • Suunto Coach: automatic, dynamically adjusting fitness training programme • Training effect in real time • Speed, distance and cycling cadence with optional PODs • Training logbook on device


Suunto dual belt

Product code: SS014543000



Suunto team pack pro

Suunto team pack pro allows a single person to manage the training activities of an entire group. They’re ideal for professional and amateur sports teams who are trained by a coach, as well as sports clubs in which groups of athletes train together. • Suunto team POD with 100m range • 10 Suunto memory belts for real time monitoring and/or data recording • 88 % accurate predictive measures of BR, VO2, VE and calories • Suunto monitor PC software for displaying workout data in real time • 42 team players can be viewed in real time • Suunto team manager PC software • Analysis software and export feature Product code: SS013447000

Suunto group fitness solutions

A new concept in group training solutions, Suunto’s new approach to fitness classes and studio sessions provide the member and trainer with live heart rate technology and individual reports emailed to the member automatically at the end of the session; the trainer is also provided a group report of the session. FITNESS SOLUTION CONCEPT Registration • Club member will be given a Suunto HR belt and registered to Suunto Fitness Solution Live monitoring • Live heart rate for each club participant • Up to 72 members heart rate simultaneously displayed and recorded • Club can customize the zones (colours, levels), introduction texts • Management of the group effort for instructor feedback and reporting

Feedback and reporting MEMBER • After the workout the club member will receive an exercise report by email • Showing the total effort done, with history of last month and guidance for next session • Email includes the message defined by the club

Product codes: SS015311000 White Blaze SS015314000 Silver Frost



Suunto Dual belt is a comfortable heart rate belt optimized for fitness club usage. It is compatible with most cardio equipment, as well as Suunto Fitness Solutions and all Suunto heart rate monitors. • Disturbance free ANT transmission • Analogue (inductive) signal for cardio equipment compatibility • Seamless strap adjustment • Comfortable Suunto textile strap • User-replaceable battery

Suunto T6d

The sports lab on your wrist - your professional grade tool for training control and analysis. • Comprehensive physiological analysis on PC • Real time training effect and EPOC • Altimeter for hill and altitude performance • Speed, distance and cycling cadence with optional PODs • Customizable screen layout for individual information needs Product codes: SS015842000 Black Fusion SS015843000 Black Smoke SS015841000 Black Flame


6 TRAINER • At the end of each group training class an instructor report is generated • Summaries of the total effort for each participant • Shows the average effort of all the participants • Shows the instructors classes training effects compared to other instructor classes • The instructor can then use this information to modify the class structure for the next class Product code: SS015990000



The perfect heart rate monitor for weight loss, fitness maintenance, and cardiovascular conditioning. • Heart rate: including average in real time • 88% accurate calories burned in real time • Zone training at a glance • Functions with compatible gym cardio equipment

PERFORMANCE TESTING & MONITORING HUMAN PERFORMANCE MONITORING Zephyr’s™ revolutionary technology and patented algorythms have been developed into human monitoring systems which detect and analyze physiologically important events; these ‘Smart Fabrics’ can be worn in real world environments without impeding the wearer. Their expertise in developing application-specific algorithms such as VENTILATORY THRESHOLD detection, allows us to deliver solutions that capture vital data and provide fast, accurate analysis of the likely impact of physiological events on their subject.


Data Logging

Live Data Transmission





Graphic Display














3-AXIS ACCELEROMETERS (posture& activity)


DATA LOGGING (31 days capacity)

2 Multi-user/team system For group training and monitoring


BioHarness™ integrates patented Smart Fabric sensor technology into a garment that is comfortable and unobtrusive. It captures comprehensive physiological data on the wearer, eliminating the need for multiple devices. The robust BioHarness™ enables genuine real world monitoring of human performance and condition – giving you a vital advantage. Main product features • Monitors heart rate, R-R and ECG trace • Monitors breathing rate and depth • Records local skin temperature for trend analysis • Monitors inclination in degrees from horizontal for posture reporting • Activity measured in velocity magnitude units over pre-defined epochs for calorific analysis • Examines acceleration to allow study of loading and perturbation changes • Fabric based, dry contacts are non restrictive and comfortable • Allows quantitative analysis between subjects, activity, situation and time • Real time and trend analysis via graphical display • Wireless connectivity Product code: 96000122 BioHarness starter pack

Extra belts and modules are available in single or pack units, up to a total of 64 users. Call for details

BioHarness™ multi-user system takes the market leading BioHarness™ technology and integrates it with software that offers group measurements and analysis capabilities. Using heart rate, breathing rate, posture, activity and temperature in a single solution gives the best visibility and context for performance analysis. With real time monitoring of 1 to 64 people simultaneously, the BioHarness™ offers unparalleled visibility of groups during training and unprecedented analysis capabilities afterwards. Bio-harness™ Multi-user system is used by sports performance and coaching, education and research, uniformed and armed services, medical and clinical professionals the world over. BioHarness™ multi-user/team system features • Monitors from 1 up to 64 subjects simultaneously in real time • Live ‘Bio-Guage’ screen of heart rate and breathing rate both in actual and zonal • Live real time screen and data logging for off line analysis • IR skin temperature measurement • Activity measurement via 3D accelerometer • Fitness testing procedure for ventilatory threshold measurement • Ideal for management of fitness and performance within a squad, team or organisation • Comparative analysis of squad members • Session and sub-session configuration • 250m Range • Washable • Signal and data quality maintained in extreme environments • Data transfer range suitable for stadium or laboratory use Product codes: 96000134 1 man starter pack 96000038 4 man starter pack

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The Speed, Strength and Conditioning section includes all the equipment you will need to design and kit out a performance gym or fitness centre. Standard equipment such as racks, weights and benches are included whilst unique products such as the h/p/cosmos ‘Speed Training’ treadmill and the unique Marpo Kinetics V-Series Rope Trainers provide the coach and athlete with a new dimension to training.

Dynamic Movement Skills™

The Dynamic Movement Skills™ (DMS) is a training methodology that develops gross motor skills, agility and coordination in people of all ages and abilities and speed, explosiveness and turning ability for athletes in all sports.


SPEED, STRENGTH & CONDITIONING SPEED TRAINING & TESTING The Test Center (TC) Timing System is the latest development from Brower Timing Systems. 1 The unique speed training treadmill from h/p/cosmos is the only treadmill on the market specifically designed to improve an athlete’s acceleration, top speed and speed endurance.



A wireless timing device that enables athletes and coaches to measure time, speed, count repetitions, input test data and save it all in the TC-Timer memory. The TC-System can send radio transmissions up to one thousand feet and is accurate to the thousandth of a second, making it a highly precise timing tool. It is also equipped with five different radio frequencies allowing multiple Brower systems to be used in the same area. With Brower Timing’s dedication to portability, all components of the TC-System have been designed to fit neatly into a small lumbar pack. Product codes: TCS





With seven different timing modes the TC-Timer can handle a wide array of timing needs. Its built in memory can assign multiple tests to one athlete, which can then be reviewed on the timer. Product codes: TCT


3 1

The speed training treadmill

The speed training treadmill provides a platform for athletes to over train at top speed with complete safety. The enhance safety arch, extended foot board and cross bar ensure that the athletes can maximize their performance without fear of falling or injuring themselves. With 7 levels of acceleration and a 40kph top speed (45kph optional) even the international class athletes can benefit from over speed training. These high performance running machines are suitable for high speed running, controlled jump-on/off, sidestep and heavy subjects all at higher speeds. The speed training treadmill is available in both quasar and pulsar models • Size/model quasar 170 x 65cm, pulsar 190 x 65cm • Speed 0-40kph (45kph optional) • Elevation -25 +25% • Handrail cross bar • Footboard speed • Safety arch • 2 x RS232 • 3phase power pulsar (optional) • h/p/cosmos para graphic software Product codes: COS01007070000 QUASAR COS05007070000 PULSAR COS05007070003 PULSAR 3P COS10159 SPEED45KPH COS1513301 HANDRAIL COS14764 FOOTBOARD COS10170 SAFETY ARCH


h/p/cosmos comet sprint trainer

The h/p/cosmos comet sprint trainer can simulate a traction force which is independent from the speed. A sophisticated and electronically controlled drive motor powers a winch drum with approximately 180 metres of a thin line. The athlete wears a belt around his waist and is connected to the sprint trainer via the thin line. The sprint trainer can be used for power training by using the traction resistance mode of the sprint trainer (pulling away) and speed training for the athlete by using the traction support mode (going towards). • • • •

140m length rope and 54Kph Traction resistance training Over speed training Single or three phase models available

TC-Timer USB

The TC-Timer USB retains all the functions of the TC-Timer and adds the ability to download the timer data to a computer. With the TC-Results Center software, the data can be manipulated and organized to provide informative profiles displaying all the test results for the athlete. Product codes: TCTUSB


TC-PhotoGate A&B

The TC-PhotoGate A & B create an infrared beam that can start, split or stop the time. With the TC-System, users can add up to 9 splits. Product codes: TCG

Product codes: COS00C02010000 COMET COS00C03010000 COMET 3P




TC-Start Pod & Accessories

These parts are included with each complete Brower TC-Timing System, however they may need to be replaced over time due to damage or being misplaced. Product codes: TCFW TCM TCSP TCFP

- Footwand - Microphone - Stairpad - no cleats - Floorpad - no cleats

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101


Speed Court Speed Court by Global Speed is a revolutionary new training system. Designed to improve a wide variety of functional movements, Speed Court has many training programs and can be applied to most sports. Speed Court also times your reaction speed and can be programmed to your requirements. Speed Court will capture either partial or total times of motion, ground contact times during jumps, reactions, tapping and changing direction. • Measuring and improving acting speed • Measuring and improving first step explosiveness and jumping skills • Measuring and improving turns, change of directions • Measuring and improving cognitive skills • Talent diagnostics and technique learning at an early stage • Training in competition format • Appropriate intensitity – low extent of training • Injury prevention based on precise movement and training control • Early reintegration after injuries (before and after comparison) • Easy usage, clear data and evaluations • Actual speedcheck, long term studies, group comparison • Motivation through feedback, highscore and athletic training


• Investment in own infrastructure, players and systematic future development • High quality and reliability of technology and service • W-Lan and RFID-System


Product code: GSSC


SPEED, STRENGTH & CONDITIONING REACTION TRAINING The twall® is an innovative and interactive reaction wall which provides a wide range of applications due to its intuitive handling and the easy programming. Large-scale touch elements are flashing successively and are deactivated by pushing them slightly. According to that simple principle, the ability to respond, coordinate and endure can be tested and trained in an engaging manner. Cognitive tasks can be combined with motor ones using multicolored illuminating elements and audio outputs by mp3 technologies.

46 1

Twall® is ideal for…

• Competitive sports that place high demands on coordination and reaction • Providing a valuable addition and alternative to normal training routines • Performance orientated training programmes • Instant feedback and competition • Treatment possibilities within rehabilitation or recovery • A great experience and can be used for engaging competitions • A great eye catcher in every sporting institution and at every event

Twall® improves... • • • •

General condition and endurance Visual and peripheral capacity Reaction and coordination Ability to react to stimulus

I am aware of the huge potential the twall® provides. Therefore, our practice for medical gymnastics was the first one investing into the twall® and my experience of using the device is just positive. Physiotherapy Practice Heike Riemke-Thöle 29221 Celle, Germany

Fitness Precision analysis enables you to benchmark the sportsman’s state of fitness, reaction and coordination and therefore the training efficiency. : Training Improvements: • Reaction speed • Motion speed • Eye-hand-coordination • Visual reaction • Endurance and fitness • Cognitive abilities

Rehabilitation The twall® has a huge potential in this market-segment too. Rebuilding or prevention of joint mobility play a decisive role in rehabilitation, whether for getting complete joint mobility after injuries and surgery or joint mobility preservation, or for the therapy of neuronal based limited mobility. The twall® colour with colour changing touch elements, efforts an efficient training of cognitive abilities. Therefore it can be used optimally in the treatment of children that come down with ADD / ADHD. Application examples: • Mobility initiation (stroke, cerebral diseases or disorders) • Mobility training (Morbus Parkinson, MS-patients) • Treatment of ADD / ADHD • Prevention Product codes: TW16CS Stationary unit (wall fastening) TW16CM Freestanding unit TW64CS Stationary unit (wall fastening) TW64CM Freestanding unit

16 lights 16 lights 64 lights 64 lights

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MOVEMENT SKILLS Dynamic Movement Skills™ Systems’

DMS Pro (Ages 16+) Did you know?

Plyometric and movement training have a significant positive effect on lower limb biomechanics (Myer et al. 2005)

The Dynamic Movement Skills™ (DMS) is a training methodology that develops gross motor skills, agility and coordination in people of all ages and abilities and speed, explosiveness and turning ability for athletes in all sports.

Plyometrics decrease contact time with the ground and increase speed (Rimmer and Gordon 2000) Agility training achieves a significant improvement in acceleration, deceleration, leg power and dynamic balance (Bloomfield, 2007)

A truly unique aspect of this methodology is the ability to test movement regardless of age or ability. This allows us to monitor improvement, compare age groups and set national and sports standards. The Dynamic Movement Skills Training Methodology is based on detailed physiological and sports science research of the nervous system, sports movements and the stretch-shortening cycle. We have used the Dynamic Movement Skills Training Methodology as part of a periodized training programme for elite athletes of different sports and abilities. As well as children and youngsters, It has been used with professional footballers, sprinters, rugby players, basketball players and cricketers amongst others.

DMS Youth (Ages 12-16) Did you know? Approximately 15% of students attending secondary schools experience motor skill difficulties (Berger and Thompson, 1995). Kids who are more physically active perform better academically.

Are you?

What are the benefits? • Improved Agility • Increased Coordination • Increased Fitness • Improved Gross Motor Skills • Ability to test and retest

Are you? • Sports Coach • Sport Scientist • Fitness Coach • S&C Coach • Sports Team • Involved in PE Teacher Training • Personal Trainer

What are the Benefits? • Quick Feet • Enhanced Speed • Better Turning Ability • Increased Explosiveness • Improved Agility • Increased Coordination • Ability to test and retest

What does it include? Both the DMS Youth & DMS Pro provide excellent value for money through a complete system, which allows you to get started with training immediately. The system includes: • Instructional DVD • DMS Non Slip Mats


• Coaching Manual • Complete encapsulated and removable session plans. Dynamic Movement Skills Team Version – Includes 10 Mats. –Suitable for training teams and groups of up to 30. Dynamic Movement Skills Individual Version - Suitable for training 1- 3 people per session. Training courses are available in the Dynamic Movement Skills methodology. For further information on the DMS Junior version and more research information log on to:

Product codes: DMSYTTY Youth Team System DMSYTTP Pro Team System DMSYMY Youth Single System DMSYMP Pro Single System



• Sports Coach • PE teacher • Sport Scientist • S&C Coach • Sports Team • School


SPEED, STRENGTH & CONDITIONING ROPE TRAINERS Marpo Kinetics is the industry leader in rope climbing exercise equipment. The V Series Roper Trainers deliver an unmatched blend of cardio and strength training that targets the entire body. EXCITEMENT…….NOT EQUIPMENT


48 As purchased by: DMRC Hedley Court, Sandhurst Royal Military Academy, Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service, Pure Gym Health Clubs, Peacocks Gym, H M Prisons Grendon and Springhill.

MARPO KINETICS V SERIES ROPE TRAINERS: FOR STRENGTH, CARDIO AND GROUP TRAINING Marpo Kinetics V-Series Rope trainers helps club operators and professional coaches to: • Incorporate strength and cardio training in one machine • Diversify routines, engage and motivate clients


Vector cross trainer

A new direction in group training, ideal for group or individual strength and cardio programmes.

• Attract new clients and improve retention

• Easy to use, small and portable

• Design and introduce your own unique, innovative and engaging workouts

• The perfect complement to lower-body workouts such as spinning or running

• Maximize floor space with compact, multi-exercise units

• Features a soft, comfortable rope designed for long workouts

• Increase equipment availability, a 5-10 minute workout is 3-5 times faster than two separate cardio/strength workouts Marpo Kinetics Rope trainers help members, athletes and individuals to: • Burn approx 600-800 calories per hour • Simultaneously train arms, chest, back and abdominals • Maximize the results of each workout, be it fifty minutes or fifteen • Train effectively every day • Maximize strength and cardiovascular training

ideal for


• 7 variable resistance settings with dynamic breaking • Specifically designed rope is soft and easy to grip, yet durable and long lasting • Electronic display tracks distance, time,speed and calories Product code: VECTOR

• Incorporate your own training ideas such as removing the seating and using a swiss ball • Allow anyone to incorporate these exercises into their workout in a safe and effective manner

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101

ROPE TRAINERS SPEED, STRENGTH & CONDITIONING Wigan Warriors’ Head of Strength and Conditioning, Mark Bitcon, has enjoyed putting the players through their paces, and told us: The Marpo Kinetics machine has been a great addition to our gym. The machine offers a varied and functional workout which conditions the whole body and all of the Warriors’ players have felt the benefits.






The rope climber works great and is a very popular station in our gym.

The machines have generated a lot of excitement amongst both members and Trainers. Both male and female members are using the VMX and they are regularly incorporated into Personal Training programs as well as providing a great gym challenge Malcolm Shevlin

Chair, Department of Kinesiology California State University

Gym Manager at Pure Gym’s Leeds site.


VLT Ultra compact rope climber

The ultimate compact lightweight climber. • Great for strength, cardio or rehabilitation exercises • Safe and easy to use for users of all ages and fitness levels • 7 resistance settings with dynamic breaking system • Bi-directional: pull down or pull up • Specially designed rope is soft and easy to grip, yet durable and long-lasting • Electronic display tracks distance, time, speed and calories • Unit dimensions: LxWxH 110x92x229 cm Product code: VLT


250 weight-assist rope climber


Revolutionary weight-assist rope climber offering true rope climbing simulation. • Achieve full upper body strength, cardio and rehabilitation workout • Exercise sitting or kneeling, from a standing position or from a wheelchair • Suitable for all fitness levels through its unique weight assisted exercises • 7 resistance settings with dynamic breaking system • Bi-directional: pull down or pull up • Specially designed rope is soft and easy to grip, yet durable and long-lasting • Electronic display tracks distance, time, speed and calories

Multi mode VMX rope climber

• Three exercise modes – vertical pull, diagonal pull and horizontal pull • 7 variable resistance settings with dynamic breaking • Tri-position sliding carriage enables quick and easy mode changes • Specifically designed rope is soft and easy to grip, yet durable and long-lasting • Electronic display tracks distance, time, speed and calories • The longer bench accommodates various positions and allows for seated or standing exercise positions Product code: VMX

Product code: V250




York - 140kg Olympic set

A Classic weight lifting set featuring superb quality cast iron plates with machine bored 2”holes and suitable for commercial use.

York 2 sided vertical rack

Bulldog collars


Space efficient, attractive racking for chrome or rubber hex dumbbells. Dumbbell rests are covered with plastic wear guards.

Produced from a single billet of aluminium, for superior quality and reliability.

• Holds 10 pairs of dumbbells (sold separately) • Sturdy steel construction

• Lightweight design -collars weighing 1.1kg

Product code: 69044

• Build quality makes them capable of being used for serious lifting.

• 1 x 7ft (213cm) bar • 2 x 2.5kg cast iron collars • 4 x 1.25kg plates • 4 x 2.5kg plates • 2 x 5kg plates • 2 x 10kg plates • 2 x 15kg plates • 2 x 20kg plates

• T-bar screw design for quick release • Ideal for training bars and plates

Product code: 2988


Product code: 7377

Neo Hex rack with wheels

Dumbbell rack for Neo Hex dumbbells, on wheels for easy mobility. Ideal for any commercial gym or studio.

York – Olympic individual plates 2

• Holds up to 44 pairs of dumbbells

Superb quality cast iron plates with machine bored 2” holes and suitable for commercial use. • Durable hammer tone grey finish

• Top securing bar can be padlocked for security • Mobile on 4 Robust caster wheels • Weights sold separately (available in pack) Product code: 69031


• Sold as single plates


Olympic spring collars

Made from 3mm sprung steel, producing outstanding clamping strength. Simple design and easy to use has made this a favourite to trainers. • York branded Rubber /Urethane grips • Ideal for use on training bars with plates or a quick clamp for use in sports conditioning environment Product code: 36040

Product codes: 7378 - 7384 Range: 1.25kg - 25kg Please refer to pricelist for details


Neo Hex dumbbells

A thick durable and easy to clean neoprene coated dumbbell. • Functional attractive hexagonal shape • Hexagonal design ensures dumbbell remains stationary when not in use • Neo Hex rack, Holds up to 44 pairs (sold separately) Product codes: 15630 - 15637 Range: 0.5kg - 5kg Please refer to pricelist for details


International curl bar

Thick rubber/urethane grips make this ideal for users who find it difficult to use a straight bar and can reduce stress placed on the elbow when lifting heavy weight. • 4 x 30mm thick rubber / urethane ergonomic grips



Stylish new designed kettlebell with easy grip handle. Vinyl case and rubber anti slip base. Designed for core stability and functional workouts for all bodyparts. Following the wallchart provided will give you an all over body conditioning effect. York kettlebells are designed for space saving functional fitness training.

• Reduces stress on elbow • “Split sleeve” bar design and a precision internal dual roll pin sleeve assembly

Product codes: 10000 - 10010 Range: 2kg - 20kg

• 157mm in length “Split sleeve”


ETS 2/3 tier flat tray rack(s)

The ETS Flat Tray racks are designed for use with the “legacy” and “Rubber Hex Dumbbells (Sold separately). Each tray being 145cm long.

• Length 1333mm • Weight 13.6kg Product code: 32030

Product codes: 69048 2 tier Holds 10 pairs of Legacy or Rubber Hex dumbbells 69049 3 tier Holds 14 pairs of Legacy or Rubber Hex dumbbells


York Olympic bar

Chrome plated solid steel barbell. • 28mm, fully knurled bar with position indicators • 2200mm long (7ft) weight 20kg • Weight capacity 320kg Product code: 2979

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101



BBE Club 10oz sparring glove



BBE Traditional canvas hook and jab pads

• BBE Leather 10oz sparring glove • Latex filled • Elasticated wrap around wrist support

Traditional heavy duty canvas pads with target area.

Product code: BBE053

• Ideal for club and home use

• 50mm thick • One size fits all

Product code: BBE141


BBE Women’s 10oz sparring gloves

12oz women’s sparring glove in PU with Velcro wrist support and safety thumb attachment.

• Hook and loop fixing wrist support and safety thumb attachment • Breathable palm for ventilation • Available in blue or pink Product codes: BBE368 Blue BBE369 Pink


BBE Leather club mitt

BBE leather bag mitt foam filled for greater shock absorbency. • BBE leather bag mitt • Foam filled for greater shock absorbency • Incorporating elasticated wrist


4ft P.U. Vinyl punchbag

With webbed straps and chromed rings, ideal budget bag for clubs. • Double stitched with hidden zip fastener • Red/black in colour • Durable PU bag Product code: BBE079


BBE Punchbag 2ft folding bracket

Folding punchbag bracket ideal for 360° workout. • Bracket will fold away when not in use • Will take any punchbag up to max 50 kg • Ideal for Club and Home use Product code: BBE107



Product Code: BBE023

BBE Skipping rope white

8ft fitness training well weighted speed rope.


BBE Club mitts

Product code: BBE362

Durable leather mitt with PU palm. • 20mm padding • Elasticated wrists • Available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large)


BBE Pro-speed skipping rope

9ft weighted speed rope with ergo shaped handles designed for secure grip. Product code: BBE648

Product codes: BBE001 Small BBE002 Medium BBE003 Large


BBE Elasticated inner mitts

Inner mitts to be used inside training mitts and gloves.


Product code: BBE703

• Ideal replacement for hand-wraps • Elasticated, washable Product code: BBE 669


BBE Club hook and jab pad

Lightweight leather hook and jab pad used for improving balance agility, reflexes, and hand-eye co-ordination. • One size fits all • Target area spotting Product code: BBE136

BBE Leather skipping rope

Leather skipping rope with comfort grip and ball bearing handle.


BBE Maxgrip medicine fitness balls

• Ideal for strength training, improving hand eye co-ordination, flexibility and balance • Excellent rehabilitation product Product codes: BBE210 BBE220 BBE230 BBE240 BBE250


1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg

Yellow Green Blue Orange Red

BBE260 BBE270 BBE280 BBE290 BBE300

6kg 7kg 8kg 9kg 10kg

Yellow Black Green Black Black

EnviroFit 20KG Dumbbell Set

• Provides a varied weight range from 2.5kg to 20kg • Offers an extensive and varied workout using 12 plates • Environmentally Friendly • Complete with unique patented case that opens to create a E-Z Stow Rack whilst conveniently storing dumbbells after use. Product code: EF20KG



Sports performance for professionals

EXF Racks and Half Racks are manufactured in the UK with British steel to the users specification. Their robust build and functional design has made them an essential piece of equipment in the Strength and Conditioning facilities within a wide range of Performance Centres, Universities and Professional sports clubs in the UK. For a full range of Olympic training equipment. Please contact head office.

52 Half Rack

Full Rack



Half Rack

Full Rack



1200mm wide x 1000 deep x 2500mm High

1100mm wide x 1750 deep x 2810mm High

(Other Platform sizes available)

Standard Size Platform - Standard Size - 2460mm deep x 2620 wide x 60mm high (Other Platform sizes available)

Features • Open front enables unrestricted movements in a stable, space efficient design

Features • Open front enables unrestricted movements in a stable, space efficient design

• Manufactured from 5mm British Steel for durability

• Manufactured from 5mm British Steel for durability

• Adjustable squat rails with nylon top plate

• Adjustable squat rails with nylon top plate

• Superband attachment pegs allow for variable resistance training

• Superband attachment pegs allow for variable resistance training

• 3 Position Pull up bars

• 3 Position Pull up bars or adjustable handles as required

• Stainless Steel Olympic Weight Storage Horns

• Stainless Steel Olympic Weight Storage Horns

• Hard Wearing Stove enamel finish

• Hard Wearing Stove enamel finish

• Stainless Safety stops/hooks

• Stainless Safety stops/hooks

• Wooden Oak Platform Insert

• Wooden Oak Platform Insert

• Full spec lifting platform

• Full spec lifting platform

Standard Size 800mm deep x 2400 wide x 100mm high

(Other Platform sizes available)

Product codes: EXFHR

(Additional Options available)

Product codes: EXFFR

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101




The all new FreeJump from Sensorize, brings lab quality motion sensing data to the field and provides athletes with cutting edge technology to monitor and analyse their performance. Sensorize specialises in professional monitoring devices specifically designed to meet the needs of all educational and sports professionals: accuracy, reliability, and portability. Sensorize products are compact, wireless devices and designed to be worn without interfering with performance. They combine 3D motion sensing technology, on board intelligence and user-friendly software.

Training module

The FreeJump training module is your ultimate wireless training solution with real-time feedback. It is totally wireless, portable and easy to use.


FreeJump Training can be used to: • train with any weight machine and weight bar • calculate 1RM and build muscular profile curves (power-load and velocity-load curves)

Features • Real time power feedback on strength training

User Features

• Muscular profile and 1RM

• • • • •

• Totally wireless and portable accelerometer technology • Applicable to any weight machine and weight bar: squat, bench press, shoulder press, leg press, seated row, chest press, etc

Real time results Personalised results in one click Intuitive database Storage of thousands of exercise data on board User-friendly software

• Export data to Excel, CSV, and TXT formats

Unique Measurements

• Full graphical report in just a few clicks

• • • •

• Track athlete training history in just one click • Easily save graphs for presentations and reports • Easily export data for further analysis

Direct measurement of movement Essential information on performance Intelligence on board Stand-alone or wireless operating modes

Analysed Jump Types • • • • •

Jump height & duration Eccentric & concentric muscular work Contact & flight times Trunk inclination Fatigue, rigidity & reactivity indices

Data Output & Reporting • • • • •

Real time results Personalised results in one click Intuitive database Storage of thousands of exercise data on board User-friendly software

Product code: FREEJUMP







Togu® were the first to address safety when using large gymnastic balls by creating the patented ABS anti-burst- system. The balls will deflate slowly, never bursting. They are the preferred choice of professionals. Togu® offer the highest quality, for health, fitness, rehabilitation and wellness, with ranges specifically designed for children, adults and senior citizens. Togu® products are free of forbidden phtalats and free of heavy metals. kg






TOGU® ABS Power gymnastic ball


• Guaranteed against bursting up to a weight of 90kg • Will not roll away when you stand up • A smooth, soft surface • The classic Togu double groove • Includes exercise poster • Silver colour • Safety category 4 ★ ★ ★ ★ Product codes: 499551 TOGU ABS Powerball silver 55cm 499651 TOGU ABS Powerball silver 65cm 499751 TOGU ABS Powerball silver 75cm

3 • • • • • •


TOGU® Powerball challenge ABS ball Size can be adjusted from 55-65cm Keeps its shape but is still bouncy Features a non slip surface One size fits all! Colour: Anthracite Safety category 6 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Product code: 407750 TOGU Powerball challenge ABS ball


TOGU balance board

A high quality, effective balance training board. • In 3 different levels red, green and blue • Lower weight than traditional wooden models • Effective and long lasting due to special material



Product codes: 410402 TOGU Balance Board 410406 TOGU Balance Board 410404 TOGU Balance Board


level 1 Level 2 Level 3



TOGU® Powerball premium ABS ball

• Guaranteed against bursting up to a weight of 170kg • Especially developed for high level, intense and powerful training • Does not roll away when you stand up • More demanding – more effect • Please note colours may vary • Safety category 5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Product codes: 413554 TOGU Powerball ABS premium 55cm 413654 TOGU Powerball ABS premium 65cm 413754 TOGU Powerball ABS premium 75cm Product code: 401560 TOGU ABS 55cm premium maternity ball

4 • • • • •

TOGU® pilates balance ball - 30cm.


Makes pilates exercises more challenging Improves body awareness Strengthens stabilising muscles Suitable for beginners and professionals Soft and extra large approx. 30cm diameter

Product code: 492000 TOGU pilates balance ball 30cm

6 Finding the right size of ABS® Ball Medium Body height from 156 - 165cm

46cm to max. 55cm

Large Body height from 166 - 178cm

56cm to max. 65cm

Xtra large Body height from 178cm

66cm to max. 75cm

• • • • •

TOGU® jumper Approved Dynair technology Extremely dynamic rebound effect Won’t slip away even on glossy surfaces Great stability for joints and ankles Supplied with a pump

Product code: 410202 TOGU jumper

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101

ACTIBREATHE BY POWERBREATHE SPEED, STRENGTH & CONDITIONING Actibreathe focuses on correct diaphragmic breathing and specific inspiratory muscle training. ActiBreathe uses the POWERbreathe training device combined with unique whole body conditioning exercises to music. ActiBreathe conditions and trains the body both on the inside and on the outside improving excessive tolerance, breathing power and endurance.

NEW 1 ActiBreathe body conditioning programme includes:

Medium resistance

The ActiBreathe Total Body Conditioning Programme is the ultimate ActiBreathe training system. This heart pumping, calorie burning, aerobic mix of exercise is designed to condition and tone the whole body.

Key ActiBreathe training benefits: • Develops exercise endurance and stamina by up to 33% through specific POWERbreathe training

• A POWERbreathe Plus Fitness Model • ActiBreathe Resistance Band with Adjuster grips • ActiBreathe Anti Burst Balance Ball and Pump

• ActiBreathe work out tones and sculpts the whole body with targeted fun work outs and chorography

• Deluxe full length DVD featuring the ActiBreathe CardioCurve, MuscleMix and AbsCoreMore workouts (Approx 90 minutes total)

• ActiBreathe workouts are flexible and come with easy to follow instruction and exercise guidance


Product Code: PBABBC

2 ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore Programme The ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore Programme is a medium intensity workout that will tone and strengthen all of the abdominal muscles. A range of core stability exercises strengthens the abs and lower back, improving muscle tone in the mid section promoting better posture and firmer, flatter abs. Programme Includes: • A POWERbreathe Plus Fitness Mode • ActiBreathe Anti Burst Balance Ball with Pump • Full length ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore work out DVD (Approx 30 minutes) Product Code: PBABAC DVD also sold separately: ActiBreathe AbsCoreMore DVD Product Code: PBAB21


ActiBreathe MuscleMix Programme

The ActiBreathe MuscleMix Programme is a specific medium intensity muscle toning and conditioning workout. MuscleMix first sculpts and tones the upper body then targets the legs and butt, with a cardio workout included in the mix to boost metabolism and calorie burn. Programme Includes: • A POWERbreathe Plus Fitness Model • ActiBreathe Resistance Band with Adjuster Grips

4 ActiBreathe CardioCurve Programme The ActiBreathe Cardio Curve Workout Programme is a low impact medium intensity cardio-conditioning workout aimed at improving cardiovascular fitness, boosting metabolism and burning calories, helping you to lose weight and condition your body. Programme Includes: • A POWERbreathe Plus Fitness Model

• Full length ActiBreathe MuscleMix work out DVD (Approx 30 minutes)

• Full length ActiBreathe CardioCurve work out DVD (Approx 30 minutes)

Product Code: PBABMM

Product Code: CardioCurve Programme PBABCC

DVD also sold separately: ActiBreathe MuscleMix DVD Product Code: PBAB21

DVD also sold separately: ActiBreathe CardioCurve DVD Product Code: PBAB23

ActiBreathe fitness is a fresh, unique series of programmes that brings new meaning to traditional aerobic exercise Jon Trevor, celebrity trainer and fitness broadcaster


Reebok deck

An essential piece of equipment for group exercise and personal training. This versatile, multi-purpose system that can be used as an aerobic stepping platform, an incline or decline bench as well as a seat.

Step training is still the ultimate in low impact aerobic training and the RBK step is recognised as the industry leader. Integral risers make it compact and easy to transport. Adjusts to three training heights with unique interlocking block positions. Product code: RE21150 Reebok Step

Product code: RE21170 Reebok Deck

Foam rollers

Available in two shapes, the half round shape is for beginners or for balance and stabilisation training, while the full round shape is for the more experienced exerciser or for self massage and alignment work.

Reebok medicine balls

The perfect partner for resistance work, circuit training sessions or the studio. Reebok 5 Medicine Ball Rack is also available. Holds 5 Medicine Balls of any weight.


Product codes: RE21132 Reebok Medicine Ball RE21121 Reebok Medicine Ball RE21122 Reebok Medicine Ball RE21123 Reebok Medicine Ball RE21124 Reebok Medicine Ball RE21125 Reebok Medicine Ball RE21126 Reebok Medicine Ball RE21127 Reebok Medicine Ball RE21128 Reebok Medicine Ball RE21129 Reebok Medicine Ball RE21130 Reebok Medicine Ball

Rack 1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg 6kg 7kg 8kg 9kg 10kg

Reebok Double Grip Medicine Ball from 4kg - 10kg also available. See our website for details.

Reebok training bars

They allow for versatility in use, easy storage and a selection of resistance levels from 3-7kg. Combine free-weight training effectively and safely with step, deck, core, circuit, body conditioning and personal training sessions. Optimum 1250mm length. Also available is the sturdy floor standing training bar rack that holds 60 training bars. Product codes: RE21098 Reebok Training Bar RE21093 Reebok Training Bar RE21094 Reebok Training Bar RE21095 Reebok Training Bar RE21096 Reebok Training Bar RE21097 Reebok Training Bar

Product codes: RE21006 Reebok long half round roller RE21007 Reebok long round roller RE21008 Reebok short half round roller RE21009 Reebok short round roller

The Reebok core board

Designed to improve tone and function of the core muscles through its ability to tilt, twist and recoil against the body’s movements. The perfect balance and strengthening accessory for beginners and advanced users alike. Offers 2 adjustable levels of stability offering a unique training tool for group instructors and personal trainers. Product code: RE21160

Reebok Core Board


By lifting and controlling the Kettlebell, increase strength, endurance, agility and balance, challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular system with dynamic, total-body movements. Sold singularly. Storage rack is also available. Product codes: RE21306 Reebok Kettlebell RE21300 Reebok Kettlebell RE21301 Reebok Kettlebell RE21302 Reebok Kettlebell RE21303 Reebok Kettlebell RE21304 Reebok Kettlebell

Rack 4kg 8kg 12kg 16kg 20kg

Rack 3kg 4kg 5kg 6kg 7kg

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101

FITNESS, TESTING & MEASURING Twenty-one years ago in 1989 this is what we wrote in our catalogue: Bodycare, is a leading supplier of health, fitness, testing, and exercise products. We pride ourselves on fast, friendly service and competitive prices on quality brand-name products. Most products can be despatched within a few days of receiving your order.


We haven’t changed our philosophy twenty years on and thought you might be interested to see how well we have maintained or reduced many of the prices on our key selling lines.



Mini peak flow meter – M 33103387 19 £14.95 1989 2011 £9.25


Skinfold S caliper – LSG 19 £14.95 1989 20 2011 £12.61


Anthropometric tape – LLCRO1 LOWER PRICE

1 1989 £9.50 2 2011 £5.10


SSeca scales LS760 1 1989 £75.00 2 2011 £69.00



Height measure – LJP60 H 1 1989 £7.50 2 2011 £8.50




Keiser M3


The Keiser M3 is a revolutionary new way to cycle, with a focus on power output. The understanding of the M3 resistance system can best be described in the explanation of eddy current resistance and the formula for power (Power = Force x Velocity). Reasons Facilities Need The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle • Whisper-quiet rides means less noise in your club • A fun and effective offering for your clients • Unique style, a beautiful piece of equipment, sure to be a highlight in the facility. • Reduced maintenance costs with unprecedented 3 year warranty • Small footprint, allows more clients to train, getting the most out of cycling class offering. Reasons Instructors Need The M3

V850 Aerobike

A chain driven bike with combined broad safety pedals with SPD clips. The innovative design incorporates the resistance mechanism inside the bike frame. • Patented resistance system with shimano lever • Non slip comfort handlebar mounted emergency brake • Easy tuning and responsive resistance system for fast resistance changes • Micro-adjustable seat and handlebars position for perfect posture and comfort • Integral quick releases for strength and reliability • Cast 21kg with ultra strong axle • Hi Carbon steel cranks with heat-treated weld • Velo dual sex comfort saddle • Foot print: 110 x 65 x 122cmWeight 65kg • Max user weight 130kg Product code: V850

• Easy to use, won’t have to explain the bike to your students, just get on and ride. • Whisper-quiet ride reduces the noise in the class. • Comfortable and easily adjusts to any client • Gear display allows everyone in the class to be at the same resistance. • Ride can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be for your clients.


The M10 Aerobike

• M10 Super calibrated magnetic brake

• Smooth ride, provides less shock to the system

• Coated iron and alloy flywheel for sweat protection

• Easy to use, just get on and ride

• In-built micro four way adjustment for perfect ride position

• Comfortable and easily adjusts to each client • An effective workout. Less time, more results Product code: KM3B

• Patented resistance system • Super smooth belt driven pleasure with the sound of silence • Micro-adjustable seat and handlebars position, for posture and comfort • Micro-adjustable knob & emergency stop sealed • Flywheel: Lazer cut 25kg hi-ten steel with 12mm axle • Dual SPD rubber coated safety pedal & Toe clip • Cranks: Hi Carbon steel spider mounted on drive pulley • Velo dual sex comfort saddle • Foot print: 110 x 65 x 122cmWeight 57kg • Max user weight 130kg

The same uniquely flexible four way micro adjustable frame as the V900 but with the unique resistance built into the frame. The M10 delivers the smoothest ride to date. • Belt drive to deliver the ride of your life

• Ability to monitor progress in real-time

V900 Aerobike

Product code: V900

Reasons your Clients Need The M3

• No instruction needed.


A Kevlar belt drive gives silent velvet smooth running making this ideal for the professional fitness centre. The innovative design incorporates the resistance mechanism inside the bike frame.

• Oversized stainless handlebars with easy grip PVC coating • Brake is straight push for maximum safety • Calibrated resistance so all bikes are equal • 49kg to make moving a lot less effort in busy clubs Product code: AM10

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101





NEW Concept II rowing ergometer

Model D Industrial grade providing years of service. Well suited for rowing clubs and schools, particularly with PM4. Also ideal choice for home use. Model E Industrial grade. Ideal for high-use, multi-user facilities. Best choice for those with limited flexibility or mobility. Model E builds on the proven foundation of Model D with additional features. Product codes: LC11C Model D LC11CD4 Model D LC11CE4 Model E


PM3 PM4 PM4 (includes 6” higher frame for easier access)

Ski ergometer

Build strength and endurance with the NEW ski ergometer and training tool from Concept2. Encourages proper and effective Nordic skiing technique An ergometer (or “erg”) is a device that measures work. That’s what sets the Concept2 SkiErg apart from other training devices: it allows you to accurately assess your output, monitor your progress, and compare your scores with others using the Concept2 Performance Monitor. It’s the same monitor that has been helping rowers train for many years: • Immediate, accurate and repeatable performance data • Workout options: choose a preset workout, ski against a previous result or play a game • Memory and LogCard for workout data storage • USB Interface to transfer data to PC or Mac • Heart Rate Monitoring (PolarTM and SuuntoTM options available) • Online logbook and ranking capability Product codes: SKIREG3 - PM3 Monitor SKIREG4 - PM4 Monitor SKSTAND - Stand/Frame



Watt Bike

The result of over seven year’s development, Wattbike is a userr friendly exercise bike that feels as close to real cycling as you can get. It can be used for every kind of cycling from rehabilitation to Olympic training to online racing, is suitable for riders of all abilities and ages and provides accurate and consistent performance data. And it doesn’t cost the earth. It is the first and only indoor bike to be endorsed by British Cycling, the highly successful governing body of cycling in the UK. What makes Wattbike groundbreaking isn’t just its realistic ride. Wattbike captures performance data up to 100 times per second across 29 parameters whilst its performance computer delivers the kind of data that, until now, has only been available to the world’s most elite athletes. And because every bike gives comparable data and has software that grows as you do, it means you can compare your performance with the best. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •



The Concept II Models D and E allow the smart use of the fluid properties of air for resistance rather than water, duplicating the motion of on-water rowing while at the same time benefiting from a time efficient, non-jarring workout for the whole body.

Elapsed time in session Ordinal number of turns in the session Total number of turns per minute Circumferential pedal velocity Estimated road bike velocity Estimated road bike distance in given time Heart rate Average force in single turn Average force for the whole session Peak force within one turn Efficiency per pedal revolution Average Efficiency for the whole session Power average per pedal revolution Power peak for the whole session Average Power for the whole session Work in J (Force x distance in single turn) Total work obtained by summing up work at the end of each turn Left vs. right leg force in % Right vs. left leg force in % Total average left vs. right leg force in % Total average right vs. left leg force in % Time to reach left leg force peak Time to reach right leg force peak Total average time to reach left leg force peak Total average time to reach right leg force peak great for Left leg peak force pedal position in degrees INTERACTIVE Right leg peak force pedal position in degrees GROUP Total average left leg peak force pedal position in degrees RACING Total average right leg peak force pedal position in degrees

Product code: WATT


3 1

7 5

9 4 2 6


Nissei DS 137 blood pressure monitor


• 11 digit LCD display • Systolic/Diastolic/Pulse • Accuracy: +/- 3mmHg: +/- 5% pulse rate • Manual inflation • Automatic deflation • Memory: 30 measurements + averaging • 4 x AA batteries • Dimensions W:171mm x D:106mm x H:47.3mm • Storage bag and batteries included Product code: DS137

2 Nissei DS 400 compact blood pressure monitor • Semi-automatic upper arm BPM • Compact economy model • Uses only 1 x AA battery (supplied) which will give over 4,000 readings • Simple to use and very compact • Small, light weight, only 85 grms. • Memory for 30 readings + averaging • Clinically Validated for guaranteed accuracy Product code: DS400

Nissei DS 1902 auto inflate blood pressure monitor • Measures during inflation • Measures more quickly • Reduces discomfort from over pressurisation • Large Cuff for all Users • Ideal unit for monitoring multiple Users with varying arm sizes, one cuff size fits all • Clinically Validated for guaranteed accuracy • Uses 4 x AA batteries (supplied) • 2 memory banks for separate Users 30 measurements per User with averaging and oldest reading auto delete Product code: DS1902


Nissei professional digital blood pressure monitor

Nissei DS-500 fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor

Perfect alternative to the traditional mercury sphygmomanometer (no longer available) • LCD column display • Manual inflation with bulb pump and deflation control valve • DM-500 – 2mmHg graduations • DM-1000 – 1mmHg graduations and backlit display

• Super comfort, fast and accurate • Simple one button operation • Two memory banks with averaging for two Users or for Morning and Evening recording • Date and Time display • Large easy to read 13 digit display • Irregular pulse detection (arrhythmia) • Clinically Validated for guaranteed accuracy • Powered by four AA batteries (supplied) • Complete with carry case for travelling


Product codes: DM500 - 2mmHg graduations DM1000 - 1mmHg graduations DM3000 - See web for details

5 Nissei WS 1300 digital blood pressure monitor The WS 1300 is compact and easy to operate. • Compact, fast and easy to use • Two memory banks of 60 readings each with averaging • Date and time displayed • Uses 2 x AAA batteries (supplied) • Irregular heartbeat detection (arrhythmia) • Pre-formed cuff suitable for wrists 12.5 to 21.5cms. circumference Product code: WS1300



6 Nissei DS-1873 fully automatic blood pressure monitor • 13 digit LCD display • Pressure indication range 50 to 250 mmHg (systolic) 40 to 180 mmHg (diastolic) 40 to 160 pulses/min (pulse rate) • Two memory banks of 30 measurements each with averaging. Ideal for two Users or for Morning and Evening recording • Very User friendly Product code: DS1873


Product code: DS500


Nissei BO 800 pulse oximeter

• Smallest and lightest pulse oximeter in it’s class • Automatic power on/off • Reliable and accurate measurement of SPO2 and pulse • Result indication by “beep” (optional) • Large backlit LCD display • Diagonally tilting spring loaded lid to accommodate a wide range of finger sizes • Water resistant • At least 18,000 spot measurements from two AAA batteries – max 200 continuous hours • Dimensions 51mm x 30mm x 26mm • Weight 46 grms (inc. batteries) • Measurement range SPO2 0-100%, pulse 30 – 240 bpm Product code: BO800


Singlescope stethoscope

One scope and one earpiece Product code: UN125B


Doublescope stethoscope

Two scopes and one earpiece Product code: UN130B

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101



4 1

6 2

7 3


Mini peak flow meter

Popular, entry level, inexpensive. Supplied with one sterilisable mouthpiece and instruction manual. Product code: 3103387

2 Disposable mouthpieces for peak flow meters Product codes: LDMP100P LDMP500


for 100 mouthpieces for 500 mouthpieces

Digital peak flow meter

Measures peak expiratory flow (PEF), and FEV1 for treating Asthma, COPD and the long-term monitoring of Lung Transplant Patients. Compact design makes the Mini-Wright Digital Peak Flow Meter comfortable to hold, easy to store and simple to use. The zoning function is easily customised allowing for easy asthma management, while the memory has a capacity to store up to 200 of each measurement. A water tight seal makes the Mini-Wright Digital waterproof for simple sterilisation required under industry standards. The Mini-Wright Digital comes complete with meter, adaptor, instructions and peak flow chart.


One Flow FVC memo kit


Pico+ Smokerlyzer

The One Flow FVC Memo measures PEF, FEV1, FVC and FEV1/FVC ratios. Also up to 100 of each measurement can be stored. The kit also includes the One Flow Software is a user friendly software package for use with the One Flow FVC Memo. It comes complete with USB cable and an additional mouthpiece. The software can be used by medical professionals to assist with the screening and monitoring of COPD.

Low cost and visually motivational, the piCO+ is a leader in a new generation of breath CO2 monitors. The monitor has user profiles for adult smokers, young smokers and pregnant women, as well the ability to easily create custom profiles when used alongside CO2 data+ PC software, making it a favourite with group smoking cessation clinics. PiCO+ Smokerlyzer comes complete with the following accessories:

• Choice of predicted normal values • Measurements displayed in tabular and graphical form with zoning • Provides download of measurements, flow/ volume and volume/time curves to a computer (FVC Kit only) • Facility for 3 pre/post bronchodilator measurements and storage of 3 superimposed flow/volume, volume/time curves (FVC Kit only) • Large patient database facility

• • • • • • • •

Product code: 3141001

The LungLife calculates the patient’s lung age, alerting smokers to the physical damage caused by their habit – the lungs of a regular smoker will function at the same level as a much older person. It motivates smokers to quit by detecting the early signs of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). From a patient’s height, age and gender, the device calculates a predicted value. It then measures the forced expiratory volume in the first second of expiration as a percentage of the predicted value (FEV1% predicted). From this, the smoker’s equivalent lung age is calculated.


10 x D-Pieces 3 x Sample Mouthpieces 1 x How to use/calibrate DVD 1 x COdata+ PC Software & USB Lead 1 x Manual 1 x MaternityCO Pack 1 x A2 Reading Poster 2 X AA Batteries

Product code: PS


Compact Smokerlyzer

• Size: 2.8cm x 4.3cm x 11.4cm • Power supply: Lithium coin battery

An economical way to test for CO2. An intrinsic part of any quit smoking programme. Uses single use mouthpieces (25 supplied) and no batteries or calibration is required. Comes with various posters and a quick start guide.

Product code: 3120002

Product code: COMSMO


Product code: LUNG







SECA heavy duty floor scales aless

A precise design classic with large clear and well defined dial has non-slip platform and scratch resistant finish. Product codes: LS760R BURGUNDY RED LS760BL MIDNIGHT BLUE LS760E ECRU LS760W WHITE LS760B BLACK



SECA classic heavy duty scales

A very strong, stable, and precise waist level scale with large tread area. With its 50g graduation it can cater for heavier users or children. Product code: LS710

SECA digital floor scale

A high capacity, wide, low platform with non slip dimpled mat. High bearing capacity of up to 200kg. The Seca 813 is well suited for hotels, nutritional centres and households. Product code: LS813


SECA digital pillar scales

Robust, precise, stable, and capacity of 250kg with integrated, automatic BMI function, these scales have the prerequisites for determining the weight also of heavyweight persons. Product code: LS703

3 SECA digital flat floor scales with cable remote display


The 2.5 meter cable enables the display to be read from its own position on a wall or a desk. Product code: LS869


SECA mechanical column scale

Mechanical column scales with eye-level beam. Product code: LS700

7 SECA electronic weighing and measuring station

Both height and weight of a patient can be measured in just one step. Can also calculate BMI and be used with the Seca Interface (LS460). Product code: LS763

Accessories Product codes: LS442 Mains adapter LS220 Telescopic measuring rod

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101



SECA digital pillar scales

Versatile low maintanence battery operated, ideal for professional sector with castors for easy location and equipped with several intelligent functions.

8 Basic height measure • Portable or wall mounted height measure • Range: 0-200cm.

Product code: LS769

Product code: LJP60



Transparent plastic 360º scale. • 12” long. • Calibrated to ISOM (International standards of measurement) system

5 SECA electronic measuring rod

SECA large step-on scales

Scale for heavy persons with large step-on surface, cable-link remote control and high load bearing capacity. Can be used with Seca Interface

A wall mounted battery powered measuring rod determines height via opto-sensor, transmitting wirelessly to reader. Product code: LS242


MIE clinical goniometer

Heavy duty, easy to read and able to measure all ranges of joint motion.

Product code: LS634

Product code: BMCG

SECA Leicester height measure 6


SECA flat scales

Robust digital scales intended for mobile use with a total weight of 3.6kg. Weighing capacity up to 250kg including a mother and child function.

An accurate, portable, quickly assembled free standing height measure complete with it's own case. Product code: LSLEI

Product code: LS876

SECA interface

RS232 interface for transmitting data to the serial interface of a PC or printer for seca 763 and seca 634. Product code: LS460

Steel sit and reach box

Product code: LSRBS1

7 SECA telescopic measuring rod 4


For trunk flexibility measurements. With lockable base. Ideal storage space for mobile screening. Scale 0 - 55cm.

• Eye level readout • Acrylic slide folds down for safety • Wall or Seca scale mountable • Range: 60-200cm • Graduation: 1mm/1/8 inch Product code: LS220 Note: can connect to other SECA scales


Seiko quartz metronome

Light and sound signal option. Easy to use dial setting. Required for sub maximal aerobic testing. Product code: SQ50V


Anthropometric measuring tape

• Non-stretch fibreglass • Retractable • Range: 0-60 inches/150cms Product code: LCR01




Product code: LBLP12





2 9


10 3

64 1

Biosig Insta-Pulse 105

This hand held heart rate monitor can be used while jogging, walking or practising aerobics and requires no chest belt or ear lobe attachments. Simply grasp the monitor with both hands and it will automatically turn on and measure the effectiveness of your workout. Product codes: LBS105 28cm LBS107 18cm


Product code: YOYOCD


Abdominal curl conditioning test

Product code: AA2CD


Multistage fitness test

Product code: BCD-M Stage



Quartz metronome

Light and sound signal option. Easy to use dial setting. Required for sub maximal aerobic testing.

Hand grip dynamometer

A simple and popular test for general strength testing with an adjustable hand grip. • Digital: Range 5.0-100kg, graduation 0.1kg • Analogue: Range 0-100kg, graduation 500g Product codes: 5401 L5001


Yo-Yo test




Digital Analogue

Back/leg dynamometer

For measuring the strength of the back and leg, this provides a base for sure footing, with an adjustable hand-grip chain to accommodate height differences. • Digital: Range 20-300kg, graduation 0.5kg • Analogue: Range 0-300kg, graduation 1kg Product codes: L5402 L5002

Digital Analogue


Standing long jump mat

A heavy duty mat, 3.5m long, with scales printed at 5cm intervals, it is designed to be laid out indoors or outdoors. The scale is used to measure standing long jumps so that power and performance improvement can be measured. Product code: MAT051


Speed Bounce Mat

PVC covered foam mat, 4’x2’x3/4” complete with 8” high wedge. Tests speed, agility, co-ordination and stamina for all types of use. Product code: SOC059


Cateye Pulse Meter

Includes adjustable waist belt with a cord secured to a rubber mat. Large, easy to read digital display. Range 5-99cm, graduation 1cm.

Easy to use pulse meter with earlobe sensor. Digitally displays current, average pulse rate, estimated calorie expenditure and workout time. Upper and lower heart rate zones. Cumulative pulse counter.

Product code: L5106

Product code: L7900101


Jump meter

Product code: SQ50V

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101




Step hurdles

• High quality 8” diameter plastic, these throw down markers will pop back into shape after being stood on • Supplied on a handle in sets with equal numbers of red, blue, green, white and yellow

• Strong micro hurdles designed for fast feet drills and lateral agility • They are a great tool for younger students to assist in developing good running techniques and are essential for teaching correct stride technique, lateral speed, arm control and jump training

Product codes: MAR002 (Set 50) MAR001 (Set 100)

Product codes: SOC031 SOC029



Soft, flexible dome markers, supplied with a carrying handle, in equal number of red, blue, white and yellow.


(Micro 15cm) (Mini 30cm)

50cm ply hurdle

Ideal hurdle for plyometric training or for the larger athlete, and companion product to the step and agility hurdles.

Product code: MAR003 (Set of 40) Product code: SOC061

Power speed resistor


Indoor soft rung 4m ladder

• Constructed using strong webbing sewn into flexible plastic rungs which deform under pressure. • Each of the two end rungs are weighted to keep the ladder stable • Complete with manual and drawstring bag

Product code: RUG102

Product code: SOC032


Power speed sled

• The premier straight line speed development device • The sled slides smoothly over turf • Simply add more weights to the sled to increase resistance as the athlete gains strength and power • Weights not included – call for details Product code: RUG103


Power speed chute

• The chute, which is connected to the waist with a padded belt, fills with air to resist sprinting, so improving acceleration, endurance and direction changing • Used from distances of 10 to 200 metres • Supplied with instruction manual Product code: RUG104


Speed agility ladder

A set of cones and poles which can be set out in many different ways to suit the required drills, these versatile speed ladders are great for the introduction of speed mechanics to junior athletes, and advanced plyometric and agility skills to the more conditioned athlete. Set includes: 20 cones, 10 poles (50cm), storage bag.


Round rung ladders

This high quality, ultra-strong ladder is used for warm-up, balance, foot control, high speed endurance and controlled plyometrics. Product codes: SOC028 SOC036


(4metres) (8metres)

Leg speed tube

• Flexicord is fitted with a padded cuff at one end and used for slow leg motion, for rehabilitation, fast movements for sprinting and kick training. • Used with a partner or by fixing one end to the wall • Supplied with instruction manual and wall fixing attachment Product code: SOC045


Portable jumper

• One size fits all with this handy piece of portable equipment • The flexicord is fitted with adjustable padded cuffs at each end. Excellent for increasing jumping strength by resisting the upward thrust of leg muscles • Supplied with instruction manual Product code: SOC046

Product code: SET040


Agility hurdles (set of 5)

• Contains 30cm high cones with a series of three holes at different heights to which are fitted 1m long poles • Different hole heights are designed to allow use of the equipment by athletes of different size and age • Ideal for skill progression with speed mechanics and controlled plyometric activities


Lateral speed resistor

• Flexicord resistance tube fixed to both ankles by a padded cuff • Designed to develop lateral speed • Enhance balance and first step quickness by resisting the first leg to move and assisting the trailing leg • Supplied with instruction Product code: SOC047

Product code: SET068




• Heavy duty webbing harness which is worn by one athlete and held back by another to create resistance • The most inexpensive and effective system of developing explosive speed and forward lean torso position. • Supplied with an instruction manual














14 12


Flexible shoulder joint


A model of the human shoulder joint, with simple flexible ligaments, to show the movement and control of the joint. Mounted on stand, size 16x12x20cm. Product code: ZJY640K


Flexible ligamented elbow

A model of the human elbow joint, with simple flexible ligaments, to show the movement and control of the joint. Mounted on stand, size 12x12x39cm.

Flexible hip joint

Product code: ZJY820Y

Flexible knee joint

A model of the human knee, with simple flexible ligaments, to show the movement and control of the joint. Mounted on stand, size 12x12x34cm. Product code: ZJY880M


Same fine quality as our regular miniature skeleton ZJY270F but in addition with all important muscle origins (in red) and muscle insertions (in blue). The muscles are numbered for easy identification and a key with the names of muscles is supplied. Painting and numbers by hand. Height approx 65cm, weight approx 800g, with stand.

Miniature skeleton

One of the finest miniature skeletons available. Small, functional, scientifically accurate and with incredible anatomical details. Almost all bones of the skeleton are individually represented resulting in full articulation and movement of shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle joints. Approx 65 cm in height, weighing approx 800g, with stand.


Set of five joints

A set of 5 life-size models illustrating different types of joint. The examples shown are sutures in the skull, tooth socket, ball and socket hip joint, cartilaginous joint between two vertebrae, and the tibia-fibula joint. The tooth is attached to a jaw which is cut away to show molar roots. The vertebral disc is of natural appearance and flexible, as is the tibia-fibula joint. The hip joint is carefully painted.

Product code: ZJY276V Product code: ZJY600P


Moveable hip

Product code: ZJY810P

A model of the human hip joint, with simple flexible ligaments, to show the movement and control of the joint. Mounted on stand, size 17x12x33cm


Miniature skeleton with muscles

A life size model articulated to demonstrate the full range of movement of the natural ball and socket joint.

Product code: ZJY730J




Moveable knee

Comprises the lower half of the femur, the patella and the upper halves of the tibia and fibula. The full range of movement of the joint can be demonstrated. Product code: ZJY870T


Moveable foot and ankle

Comprising the lower halves of the tibia and fibula with the bones of the foot and ankle to show the range of natural movement. Product code: ZJY900X


Neuro-Vascular Skull

A life size adult skull, horizontally sectioned with removable vault and jaw, with the look and feel of real bone. The mandible with full dentition is articulated and is removable. The vault lifts to expose all the internal features of the cranium. With seven cervical vertebrae mounted on a stand.


Miniature joint set

Set of 4 miniature joints. Miniature Knee Joint with Patella, Miniature Shoulder Joint, Miniature Elbow Joint, Miniature Hip Joint. Articulated to show natural movement. Each is approximately 15cm long. Product code: ZJY605S


Vertebral column, flexible

A life size vertebral column model, complete with pelvis and occipital bone. The nerves and brain stem are shown and a herniated disc is present. The sacrum is dissectible to show the cauda equina. Without stand, see ZJZ-201-J. Approx 74cm long. Product codes: ZJZ100M ZJZ201J Stand for vertebral column above


Respiratory organs

The diaphragm shows muscles, tendons and openings for the major vessels and oesophagus. Supplied complete on stand with key card. Size 41 x 23 x 19 cm. Product code: ZKJ649D

Product code: ZJY270F Product code: ZJY380G

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101









Human skeleton with ligaments

A life size articulated plastic model of a human male skeleton. The arms and legs may be removed for individual study. The skull is removable and dissects into 3 parts. With the main ligaments of the right shoulder, elbow, hip and knee added. The joints are movable. Mounted on a wheeled stand and supplied with dust cover, 160cm high without stand. Product code: ZJY206S


Skeleton standard quality

A life size articulated plastic model of a human male skeleton. The arms and legs may be removed for individual study. The skull is removable and dissects into 3 parts. Mounted on a wheeled stand and supplied with dust cover, 160cm high without stand. Product code: ZJY113H


Skeleton, medical quality - female

This is a life size, fully articulated model of an adult female skeleton, manufactured to the highest standards. The bones show the fine surface features and great attention has been paid to details such as tuberosities, notches, etc. The vertebral discs are accurately moulded from a strong flexible material to give a natural appearance. A herniated disc is shown in the lumbar region. The articulation is unobtrusive and gives realistic movement and easy removal of the limbs. Each rib is individually articulated and anatomically correct. The skull is uncut, with articulated jaw, and is highly accurate. Supplied with dust cover and stand. Height 162cm.





The human spine chart


Size 70 x 100cm and printed on coated paper for extra strength Product code: CH7

19 Vertebral column and spine disorders study guide Illustrated Pocket Anatomy - Vertebral Column and Spine Disorders Study Guide Folded size approximately 9” x 4”. Unfolded size approximately 9” x 24”.

Product code: ZJZ205M


Product code: AV130


Dissectible lumbar vertebrae

Two lumbar vertebrae with nerves. Supplied with three interchangeable discs, two herniated, one lateral, one dorsal and one normal disc. Mounted on stand but dissectible into 6 parts. Size 12x12x12cm.

21 Vertebra showing arthritis and osteoporosis A single adult vertebra and nerve, divided longitudinally and hinged. One half is normal; the other shows outgrowths from arthritis and erosion from osteoporosis. Supplied on stand.

Synovial joint

Rigid life size model to show bone structure (in section), articular disc, articular cartilage, synovial membrane and capsular ligament. Components are coloured to assist identification and certain sections have been removed to reveal the underlying structures. Product code: ZJY940J


Product code: ZJZ220D

Lumbar vertebrae with muscles

Three life size lumbar vertebrae with intervertebral discs, spinal cord and nerve roots. The anterior longitudinal and supraspinal ligaments are present. Sections of the psoas muscle and the five main back muscles are present; both are removable to show the attachments. Dissectible into three parts. Supplied on stand with key card. Size 17x14x15cm.

Lifting manikin

A unique model which graphically illustrates the effect on the spine of a bad lifting posture. The figure will raise a weight from either of two clearly marked positions. If the correct position is used the spine is not distorted. The incorrect posture causes obvious distortion to the spine. The base incorporates anatomical illustrations of the effect upon the spine and a background booklet is provided. 23x15x15cm. Product code: ZKJ310K

Product code: ZJZ240A

Product code: ZJY116M OTHER OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Please see website for details.





NFC1 Exercise & muscle guide - male

NFC3 Back workout

NFC4 Chest workout

NFC2 Exercise & muscle guide - female

NFC5 Shoulder workout

NFC6 Triceps workout

NFC7 Leg workout



NFC8 Abdominal workout

NFC9 Biceps & forearm workout

NFC10 Weight training stretches MS1 Muscular & skeletal system - female

NFC11 Exercise stretches

NFC12 Dumbbell workout - 1

New FITNUS series • Clearly illustrated series of fitness charts and exercise posters illustrating specific workouts • Great for all health and fitness facilities concerned with offering quality instructional support • Size: 24” x 36”

MS2 Muscular & skeletal system - male

NFC13 Dumbbell workout - 2

Muscular/skeletal • These educational charts are an informative reference for the male and female muscular and skeletal system, with medical terminology • Size: 24” x 36”

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101



Product code: D10

Product code: D11

Product code: D07



Product code: D13

Product code: D14

Product code: D04

Product code: D03

Product code: D06

Product code: D05

Drug education series • Highlighting the effects that a range of drugs have on the body and mind. Excellent support for health and drug education programmes. • Size: 24” x 32” Product code: D01 Set of 9 posters See codes above to purchase posters individually





CS1 Training heart rate zones

CS2 Perceived exertion

CS3 Elliptical workout

CS4 Cycling workout

CS5 Treadmill workout

CS6 Cycling workout - recumbent

CS7 Crosstrainer workout

CS8 Stairclimber workout

F12 Training heart rate target

F15 Heart rate target 10 second count

CEF10 Swiss ball workout - 1

CEF11 Swiss ball workout - 2

Cardio series • Clearly illustrated exercise charts with concise instructions for a variety of cardio based workouts • Size: 24” x 36”


Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101



KF1 Chest/Arm/Shoulder

KF2 Back

KF3 Abdominal

KF5 Lower body stretches


SE1 Chlamydia

KF4 Leg

SE2 Syphilis

ED1 Anorexia

SE3 Gonorrhea

ED2 Bulimia

Sexually transmitted diseases series

Eating disorders series

KF6 Upper body stretches

Kids fitness series Clearly illustrated guides with easy to follow instructions for a variety of exercises specially developed for children.

Product code: SELAM Set of 3 posters

• Posters can be purchased individually - see codes above • Size: 24” x 36”

• Size: 17” x 22” • Posters can be purchased individually - see codes above • Size: 24” x 36”











Flat pack heavy duty treatment couch

Manufactured in box section heavy duty steel. Finished in a high gloss white EPC. Steel ladder back support and towel rail. 2” shaped and stitched, flame retardant upholstery. Dimensions: L 183cm W 61cm H 75cm. Product codes: SK016




Electric three section couch

Heavy-duty steel construction, finished in high gloss white EPC with electric height adjustment and 24volt motor. Features hand-held remote control, manually adjusted foot end, steel ladder back support, breather hole and plug and 2” shaped and stitched flame retardant upholstery. Dimensions: L 183cm W 61cm H 53 – 96cm

with face hole Product code: SK025


Medi heavy duty treatment couch


without arm rests

Saddle seat

Manufactured in box section heavy duty steel and finished in high gloss white EPC. Features a ladder back support, towel rail and 3” shaped and stitched, flame retardant upholstery. Dimensions: L 183cm W 61cm H 75cm.

5 Star aluminium base with castors and vinyl contoured seat. Dimensions: H 48cm – 58cm. (see colour chart below)

Product code: SK018 with face hole

Product code: SK021


Two section hydraulic couch

Solid two section heavy duty couch with hydraulic height adjustment, manufactured in heavy duty steel with four steel corner supports for extra stability. Finished in a high gloss, white EPC, with face hole, plug and towel rail. Features adjustable feet for uneven floors and 3” shaped and stitched flame retardant upholstery. Dimensions: L 183cm W 61cm H 66 – 84cm. Product code: SK053



Product code: SK037


Electric two section couch

Heavy-duty steel construction, finished in high gloss white EPC with electric height adjustment and 24volt motor. Features hand-held remote control, steel ladder back support, towel rail, breather hole and face plug and 2” shaped and stitched flame retardant upholstery. Dimensions: L 183cm W 61cm H 53 – 96cm. Product code: SK024 without arm rests

Box trolley

Heavy Duty steel frame. Finished in high gloss white EPC. Laminate shelves. Complete with mag lamp holder. Castors or gliders (please specify). No assembly required. Dimensions: 35cm x 46cm.

Privacy screen – (4 sections)

Privacy screens for essential privacy on a rolling base for ease of use. Product codes: SK065 white SK065/C chrome

Treatment couch and stool colour swatch Please call to order any optional extras or bespoke colours.

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101

REHABILITATION MEDICINE Rehabilitation plays a vital part in all sporting professions; after all we are all subject to injury. The new Rehabilitation section includes some of the world’s newest and innovative products. Designed to meet and surpass all Medical Devices Directives and ensure safety is at the forefront of your working environment. Our products provide the practitioner with the best tools for your practice.

Bodyflow® speeds up the removal of swelling or fluid and increases circulation allowing your body to recover faster Bodyflow® is a clinically proven world-first electrotherapy specifically targeting smooth muscle found within veins, arteries and lymphatics, speeding up fluid drainage & increase blood flow circulation. Clinical trials have proven Bodyflow® Technology effective for the treatment of Lymphoedema, post surgery, acute injury swelling, sports recovery and enhancing sports performance.


As strength & conditioning coach for the Australian Cricket team, I am always looking for ways to improve physical performance and gain competitive advantage. Bodyflow helps maximise the capacity of the rehabilitation & recovery process, not only from the rigorous demands of international cricket, but from our ever increasing demands of international travel. We use Bodyflow for acute injury recovery, faster post game recovery, to reduce swelling on flights and some players even use it in between innings to gain a competitive edge. It is easy to use and is easily applied by both staff and athletes alike and its compact size makes its transportation a simple exercise. Cricket Australia Strength and Conditioning Coach Stuart Karppinen



What is Bodyflow


How’s Bodyflow different from other electrotherapy machines? 1. The latest Bodyflow Therapy is the only and exclusive “smooth muscle” stimulator in the world with a single set (non adjustable) patented frequency. 2. Bodyflow’s patented frequency specifically targets “smooth muscle” found in Arteries, Veins and Lymphatic vessels. By stimulating the vessels to contract more forcibly, Bodyflow Therapy increases circulation and lymphatic drainage assisting patients and athletes to recover faster. 3. Bodyflow’s technology combines a specific set frequency, current type and wave form that separates Bodyflow Technology from all other electro stimulation devices on the market. 4. EMS & Interferential electro therapy machines work differently to Bodyflow as they target peripheral nerves and skeletal muscle (totally different to “smooth” muscle) and assist with muscle rehabilitation.

Improve Sports Performance


Personal ownership of a portable device used in a proactive approach can greatly enhance sports performance. Similarly, a growing number of sporting teams are purchasing Bodyflow devices for each individual team player. The ideology being that one device per player allows the entire team to gain a performance advantage when used as a proactive recovery tool.

Pre Season Training Getting back into training after an end of season break can often be difficult for professional athletes as they re-establish their peak physical conditioning. Bodyflow helps athletes to reduce soreness rapidly so they can get back on the track and train harder - faster.

Whilst Travelling – Reduce swelling and promote blood flow Pre and Post competition periods when travelling such as flying or coach travel can result in athletes developing swelling or pooling around their lower limbs. This is far from an ideal pre-competition preparation and potentially damaging to an athlete or a team’s performance. Our sporting customers are now trialing this proactive approach and the reported feedback suggests that performance could well be enhanced. Bodyflow can be used in a proactive way to assist in the prevention of travel related Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or Venous Thrombosis (VT).

During Competition

Post Competition Recovery

Professional football sporting organisations who have embraced the Bodyflow technology are now experimenting with usage during competition breaks (half time) to decongest and refresh muscles. Feedback has been extremely positive from player case studies, suggesting a major impact on muscle cramp reduction and a freshening of their players’ legs to run out the game, at a higher intensity.

By reducing muscle soreness and accelerating post competition and training recovery, athletes recover faster for next event/ match thereby maximizing the opportunity for improved performance. Over the course of a season this cumulative effect of recovery translates to athletes feeling fresher and minimizing the mid to late season state of fatigue and potentially impaired fitness.

Bodyflow is currently working with a major European cycling team and riders to expand on this application and investigate further the aim of attaining a performance enhancing advantage without the use of drugs. The Tour De France is a three week event and the ability to use Bodyflow Technology pre and post daily competition to decongest muscle could potentially give teams and riders the winning advantage.

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101



Recover faster from sporting injury Bodyflow® enables sports injuries to heal faster, minimising the time off field of valuable athletes. Inflammation associated with sprains, strains and RSI’s (Repetitive Stress Injury) can be reduced, as well as the cases of post operative oedema by encouraging fluid flushing. Wound healing can also be promoted by increased circulation.

Clinical Trial - Simon Sostaric

Sostaric’s study investigated the effects of Bodyflow® treatment on exercise induced skeletal muscle damage and soreness (DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), and subsequent contractile function and performance in humans. Sostaric explored the biochemical markers, exercise performance, and subjective pain scale responses to placebo or treatment.

Recovery is an integral part of our training programme at London Wasps. We are committed to finding the most effective ways of minimizing residual fatigue from training and competition.

Product code: P2CH

Having extensively trialled Bodyflow technology we believe it will give our players the best chance of returning to as fresh a state as possible and are delighted by this partnership. Huw Davies, head conditioning coach London Wasps

Product codes: P2CH Bodyflow Portable Unit CX1 Clinical Unit



Simon Sostaric from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, is an exercise physiologist and coach with extensive international experience in physical preparation and performance monitoring of world-class athletes. Much of Simon’s work during the past 12 years has been investigating and implementing a multitude of training and recovery methods.

REHABILITATION MEDICINE REHABILITATION TREADMILL For 20 years h/p/cosmos have been producing probably the worlds best running machines. Designed and engineered to meet demands of professional sports performers, medical and clinical centres, rehabilitation professionals, uniformed services personnel and leisure facilities.


CONTACT US FOR A FULL LIST OF PRODUCTS AVAILABLE Photograph above shows treadmill and ramp, which are not included in the price of the un-weighting system

Rehabilitation treadmills h/p/cosmos rehabilitation treadmills are MDD (medical devices directive) classified for use in medical diagnostic assessment by rehabilitation professionals. h/p/cosmos treadmills are also certified to 200kgs and have a comprehensive range of un-weighting systems and variable arm supports available. h/p/cosmos provide treadmills that are used within physiotherapy departments (sports, physical and pulmonary rehabilitation), cardiac rehabilitation departments, stroke and neuromuscular rehabilitation departments and also weight management programmes.


135 kg

Max height

200 cm


0 - 80 kg (infinitely adjustable)


lifting up/lowering the patient (e.g. wheelchair transfer)

Max weight

135 kg


adjustable in range ability of 18 cm for un-weighting of 0- 80 kg

Power supply

230 V AC (single- phase) / 50 - 60 Hz /


3 Amp.


max 500 kg (without treadmill)


IEC EN 60601-1 IEC EN 60601-1-2 ISO EN 10535


CE0123, according to EU guideline 93/42 EEC, Class IIa


L: 214 cm B: 159 cm H: 268 cm

UN-WEIGHTING SYSTEM h/p/cosmos airwalk SE 135 The new and unique h/p/cosmos airwalk SE135 is equipped with a dynamic spring un-weighting system, unlike most standard systems which are based on a counterweight principle. The new airwalk SE135 has been designed with negligible inertial mass providing easy operations and smooth adjustments. The system has also been designed as a stand alone system which is front mounted (not side) - the therapist having unimpeded access to the patient during therapy. Additionally there is automatic compensation of the dynamic spring constantly during operation. (Patent pending) • Electrical remote control • Automatic express un-weighting release Product code: COS30017VA01

Please call for further information on the ramps, which are all bespoke.

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101








h/p/cosmos airwalk 35/70/160

It is a familiar sight: two therapists accompany a post surgical hip patient along the hospital hallway on a walk, sometimes even several times a day, over several days. This kind of therapy is very time consuming for the therapists, on top of that the patient feels restricted and uncomfortable. There is a lack of motivation to make it on their own, which would be essential especially at the most important early stage of therapy. • Used for obese patients, orthopaedic problems, gait analysis, gait therapy or neurology • Therapy can start much earlier or can even be performed independently of the therapist • The patients can perform exercises, which would have been impossible without the h/p/ cosmos airwalk • Motivation increases • The h/p/cosmos airwalk is a less time consuming way of therapy • The therapy in general can be accelerated and results optimized

3 Cardiac rehab treadmill – h/p/ cosmos mercury med • • • • • • • • • • •


Walking surface 150 x 50cm Speed 0 – 22kph Elevation 0 – 24% Motor 2.2kw RS232 interface for PC, ECG, ergospirometry, BP or printer h/p/cosmos para control Long handrails for extra support Adjustable arm supports Reverse belt rotation Additional keyboard and remote control Additional stop button

Product codes: COS0C207070000 COS10145 COS00098100045 COS12013 COS10106 COS10107

mercury med handrail long reverse belt arm supports additional keyboard for remote control additional stop botton

• • • • • • • • •

Paediatric rehabilitation treadmill Walking Surface 150 x 50cm Speed 0 – 22kph Elevation 0 – 24% Motor 2.2kw RS232 interface for PC, ECG, ergospirometry, BP or printer h/p/cosmos para control Adjustable handrails Safety arch Reverse belt rotation

Product codes: COS0C207070000 COS10170 COS10030 COS00098100045

mercury med safety arch adjustable handrails reverse belt

Please call for further details




Togu products are certified and recommended by AGR-Atktion Gesunder Rucken. The AGR seal of approval is given to products that have been demonstrated to protect the spine and musculoskeletal system before an independent testing commission of experts from the fields of medicine and science. The strict test criteria and commission of certified medical experts mean that the AGR seal of approval is widely accepted in the medical field.

TOGU Dynair cushion – 33cm


Product codes: B400200R B400200T

Red Turquoise

TOGU Dynair XXL sports cushion 2

Product codes: 1496 Soft (early rehab/ weakness) 1497 Medium (late rehab/ wellness) 1498 Firm (strength/ speed training) 1499 Pack of 3

Specially designed Togu Dyn-Air cushion for use in sports therapy Product codes: 400404 400406

TOGU Dynair XXL Sports TOGU Dynair XXL Sports

Level 3 Lilac Level 4 Black

3 TOGU Dynair premium wedge ball cushion Ergonomically shaped for improved support and comfort, colours will vary. Product code:



400340 TOGU Dynair premium Adult size 40cm

TOGU Geo balance hedgehog

The Togu Geo balance hedgehog is an inflated dome shaped balance aid, topped with geometric shapes, colours will vary. Product code:


465180 TOGU Geo balance hedgehog Standard 16cm (set of 2)

TOGU Senso balance hedgehog

The Togu Senso balance hedgehog is an inflated dome shaped balance aid covered in short knobbles to promote circulation. Product codes: TOGU Senso balance hedgehog Standard 16cm (set of 2) 465151 - Red / 465152 Blue TOGU Senso balance hedgehog X-large 18cm (set of 2) 465172 - Red / 465174 Blue


TOGU Dynair pads

Balance training for an active life. Product code: 400612 TOGU Dynair pads



• Strengthens the 9 muscles that close the hand as well as the 9 muscles that open the hand, in one continuous, convenient exercise • It is the professional’s choice to maximize strength, speed, balance, blood flow, lymphatic drainage and range of motion, and stimulates all peripheral nerves to the hand

The original Togu Dynair cushion with over one million sold - 33cm diameter

Resistance bands

An economical way of providing resistance training. Strong and versatile. Available in 4 levels of resistance and 2 lengths. Product codes: Resistance Bands 15cm wide x 1.2 metres long PBANDLIGHT Light PBANDMED Medium PBANDHEAVY Heavy PBANDXHEAVY Extra heavy Resistance Bands – 25 metre roll PBANDL25 Light PBANDM25 Medium PBANDXH25 Extra heavy PBANDH25 Heavy





Spri Xertubes

• Resistance training, ideal for body conditioning • This elasticated rope is complete with handles and available at 5 levels of resistance Product codes: LSPRI-1 Extra Light LSPRI-2 Light LSPRI-3 Medium LSPRI-4 Heavy LSPRI-5 Extra Heavy

Yellow Green Red Blue Purple

Tape 1

Vivotape S

VIVO S TAPE has changed. The new S Tape is now the best on the market. It is identical to Vivotape P, but now in three sizes and in white cloth as opposed to brown. It is an unbeatable quality viscose Zinc Oxide strapping tape. Serrated edge allows easy tearing. Extremely strong adhesive and high tensile strength.



Fantastic trainer’s tape. Good quality 100% cotton strapping tape. Serrated edge for easy tearing, and smooth unravelling off the roll make this tape a quality trainer’s tape at low cost. Arguably stronger and more adhesive than Mueller M Tape.


Vivotape P

The best quality zinc oxide tape on the market. Similar in style to Leukotape P, this tape is the tape of choice in professional sport, offering high tensile strength with strong adhesive qualities. (same tape but different colour to Vivo S Tape).


Elastic Adhesive Bandages (EAB) Vivosports warp

New elastic adhesive bandage. Stupendous value for top quality cloth with well balanced adhesive properties



Elastoplast style ribbon edge deluxe elastic adhesive bandage Top quality cloth



Good quality elastic adhesive bandage. Good adhesion. Useful support bandage where a degree of movement is required Please see price list for codes and prices.

Web: • Email: • Tel: +44 (0)1926 816100 • Fax: +44 (0)1926 816101


Supports and Braces














The Push Aequi is an effective ankle orthosis which strikes a balance between efficient mechanical support of a disabled ankle and good wearer comfort. The rigid support is situated exclusively on the medial side of the ankle and has a cavity for the malleolus. The lateral side is made from preformed foam, which easily adapts to the individual anatomy. The orthosis is fastened by means of a diagonal strap. The elastic straps apply pressure around the ankle.

2 The PSB Ankle Brace is unique in that it does not inhibit normal movement while providing optimal support for the ankle joint. Less bulky than a traditional brace the PSB Ankle Brace fits perfectly in sports shoes and combines well with shin pads. Probably the best ankle brace for use while playing sport on the market.


Back 7 The Push Med Back Brace improves the position of the lumbar vertebral column and reduces pain. The tightening of elastic bands creates pressure, increasing the support of the metal reinforcement materials applied. The pressure is easily adjustable to suit personal preferences. Each individual reinforcing element can be adjusted 8 Mueller Back Brace. One size fits all. Sturdy Back Brace. Support provided by stiff back panel. Fantastic Brace.

Wrist 9 The Push Med Wrist Brace provides a high measure of support and protection to the wrist joint without restricting the functionality of the hand. The anatomically shaped stiffeners limit palmary and dorsal flexion without obstructing it completely.

3 The Push Med Knee Brace provides substantial support for the knee joint in the medio-lateral direction. The knee is supported by two non-axial leaf spring hinges that follow the natural rotation movements of the knee in a unique way. This means that flexion and extension of the knee are not hindered. The band construction ensures that the hinges fit well with the joint.

10 The PSB Wrist Brace provides the right amount of support for stretching and bending of the wrist joint. The elastic tape provides the optimal level of pressure. The PSB Wrist Brace is extremely comfortable and easy to fit un-aided. Ideal for use while playing sport.

4 The PSB Knee Brace applies pressure around the knee joint, giving a feeling of greater stability. A pad provides extra support for the patella relieving any additional pain from the patella. The brace is fully adjustable and in no way inhibits bending. Ideal for use while playing sport, skiing etc.


Elbow 5 The Push Med Elbow Brace provides for infinitely adjustable extension limitation of the elbow joint. This prevents overstretching. The degree of restriction desired can be easily adjusted with one hand. The strap system is very functional by virtue of withstanding strong traction forces at different angles.

11 The Push Med Shoulder Brace fixes the upper and lower arm in position during the treatment of shoulder injuries. The position of the shoulder brace can be selected in such a way as to fix the arm in a neutral position or at a slight adduction. The position can be changed easily by turning the chest band slightly. If adduction limitation is required only, the wrist fixing element can be removed. 12 The Sully Shoulder Brace is widely recognised as a top class brace for effective functional stability. Degree of mobility is determined by the application of the straps.

6 PSB Sports Arm Strap - Good quality epichondylitis arm brace used for strain injuries to the lower arm muscles such as “Tennis Elbow” and golfer’s elbow. Designed to be worn while playing sports Please see price list for codes and prices.






Service contact details


Email: Tel: 01926 816113 Web: and follow the links to request a service

Annual services’ are required for many laboratory accreditation schemes; failure to undertake these services may result in your laboratory not achieving accreditation or re-accreditation.

Our service engineers are highly skilled and thoroughly trained individuals on all of our major products and can offer a complete on site service* and maintenance contract annually. With current legislation for Health and Safety being of utmost importance, we strongly recommend that your equipment be regularly serviced for the following reasons

At HaB Direct (Incorporating Bodycare Products) we pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality products, backed up by unrivalled after sales service and support. We fully understand that in the environments you are working in, it is imperative that all of the equipment we supply remains in full working order and is checked and calibrated annually.

Services are available for the following products: Basic testing equipment Products such as Dynamometers, Scales, etc can be returned to our Service Centre for repair and/or calibration. h/p/cosmos treadmills As you may or may not be aware, h/p/cosmos treadmills come with a 10-year warranty on the frame and motor- providing h/p/cosmos accredited service engineers service them annually. Here at HAB Direct, we are not only the sole distributors of h/p/cosmos® treadmills into the UK and Ireland but also the sole service engineers in the UK and Ireland. Therefore, to maintain the warranty of your machine all servicing and repair work must be undertaken by us. The service not only includes a full functionality check and clean, but also complete calibration- to h/p/cosmos’ exacting standards.

Delivery and installation Some of the larger pieces of equipment such as treadmills require installation by our trained installation engineers. To help us with the quotation process we usually require you to fill in our Pre-installation form. This provides us with invaluable information regarding the type of installation required. i.e. ground floor/first floor, lift/stairs, vehicle access, door widths, etc. The delivery and installation cost will be dependent on this information.

Product training Due to the technical nature of a number of our products we offer on-site Product Training for your technical team with our Product Specialist Technician after the installation is complete. If you require follow up training or new training for members of staff we can also arrange follow-up sessions. To discuss your training requirements and training costs please contact us at or on 01926 816113.

* on-site service is not available on all products

• To maximise the life of your products and provide value for money • To meet Health and Safety guidelines. • To limit the possibility of injury to you or your clients • To limit the amount of ‘downtime’ throughout the year • To maintain the warranty Due to the wide range of equipment we have a variety of different service options available.

Marpo kinetics rope climber machines Our service engineers are highly skilled and fully trained by the relevant manufacturer. We can offer a complete tailor-made, on-site service and maintenance contract at regular intervals throughout the year, annually or for a number of years. Metabolic systems, gas analysers, lactate analysers, emg systems Due to the complexity of these machines it is imperative they are cared for. It is recommended our service engineers service them annually. However, due to the sophisticated equipment and technical knowledge required we are unable to provide on-site servicing. Depending on the service option taken out and the piece of equipment required, it may be possible to have a loan unit whilst your unit is being serviced.

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INDEX A Abdominal curl test ...........................................64 Accutrend (cholesterol analysis) ...................... 19 Actibreathe by POWERbreathe ........................55 Aerobike .............................................................58 Anatomical models ..................................... 66-67 Anthropometric tape ...................................23, 63 Athlete Management .........................................37

B Back & leg dynamometer .................................64 Bio-mechanics .............................................27-32 Biosen ................................................................ 18 Biosig Insta-Pulse..............................................64 Blood analysis ............................................. 19, 24 Blood pressure monitors ..................................60 Bodyflow Electrotherapy ..............................74-75 Bodystat. ............................................................22 Body composition ....................................... 22-23 Boxing equipment ............................................. 51 Breathing Training Products ............................. 10 Brower Timing System ......................................44

C Calipers ..............................................................23 Cardiosport heart rate monitors .......................40 Cardio pulmonary exercise testing.............. 16-17 Charts ...........................................................68-71 Cholesterol analysis .......................................... 19 Concept II rowing machine ...............................59 Core temperature testing .................................. 24 Core & stability training .....................................54 Couches & screens ...........................................72 Customer service information...........................80

D Douglas Bags ....................................................26 Dumbbells....................................................50, 51 Dynair cushion...................................................78 Dynamic Movement Skills................................. 47 Dynamometers ..................................................64

E EKF Biosen C_Line ........................................... 18 EKF Biosen S_Line............................................ 18 EKF Hemo Control ............................................ 24 EXF Racks and Platforms .................................52 Electromyography (EMG) .................................28 Electrotherapy...............................................74-75 Ergoline Ergometers..........................................21 Ergometers .................................................. 20-21

F Fitness, testing & measuring .......................56-71 Force distribution ........................................ 30-31 FreeSense from Sensorize................................32 FreeJump from Sensorize.................................53 Free weights & dumbbells ................................50

G GPS .............................................................. 38-39 Gait analysis ................................................ 29-32 Ganshorn ...................................................... 16-17 Garmin (GPS) ....................................................38 Gas analysis ......................................................26 Global Speed (Speed Court) ............................45 Goniometer ........................................................63 Gym & Aerobic Equipment ...............................56 Gymnastic balls .................................................54



h/p/comsos treadmills.......... 12-15, 29, 44, 76-77 Handmaster .......................................................78 Hand grip dynamometer ...................................64 Harpenden caliper and software......................23 Heart rate monitoring .................................. 40-41 Height measurement.........................................63 Hitech O2/CO2 analyser ...................................26 Human Performance Monitoring .......... 34-36, 42 Hurdles...............................................................65


Racks and Platforms .........................................52 Reaction training ...............................................46 Reebok gym & aerobic equipment ..................56 Reflotron............................................................. 19 Rehabilitation medicine................................72-79 Rehabilitation treadmills ...............................76-77 Resistance bands..............................................78 Rope trainers ............................................... 48-49 Rowing machines - Concept II .........................59


Inspiratory Muscle Trainers ............................2-10 Instyle Spinbike .................................................58

J Jump Meter ........................................................64

K Kettlebells ....................................................50, 56 Keiser Spinbikes ................................................58

L Lab analysis..................................................11-26 Lactate analysers .........................................18-19 Lactate Pro......................................................... 19 Lactate Scout .................................................... 18 Lung function ......................................... 3-5, 9, 61

M Maltron body fat analysers ...............................22 Marpo Kinetics rope trainers ...................... 48-49 Medical & Rehabilitation .................... 8-10, 72-79 Medicine balls ............................................. 51, 56 Metronome .......................................................63 Mini peak flow meter .........................................61 Monark ergometers ...........................................20 Motion analysis............................................ 30-32 Movement Skills ................................................ 47 Multistage fitness test .......................................64

N Nissei blood pressure monitors .......................60 Noraxon electromyography ..............................28

Screens and Couches ......................................72 Seca scales & height measure .................. 62-63 Sensorize (FreeJump) .......................................53 Sensorize (FreeSense) ......................................32 Servomex gas / multi analyser .........................26 Sigma heart rate monitors ................................40 Sit & reach box ..................................................63 Ski Ergometer ....................................................59 Skipping ropes .................................................. 51 Slim guide caliper .............................................23 Smartabase .......................................................37 Smartcapture .....................................................36 Smartjump .........................................................35 Smartjump lite ...................................................35 Smartlink ............................................................36 Smartscan..........................................................36 Smartshoxx ........................................................36 Smartspeed .......................................................34 Smartspeed lite .................................................35 Smokerlyzer .......................................................61 Speed & agility accessories .............................65 Speed Court by Global Speed .........................45 Speed, strength and conditioning .............. 43-55 Speed training & testing ............................. 44-45 Spinbikes & rowers...................................... 58-59 SpiroScout ......................................................... 17 Spri Xertubes .....................................................78 Stethoscopes.....................................................60 Strength, power & reaction testing ...................64 Supports & Braces ............................................79 Suunto HRMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s & teampack............................... 41


O Olympic weights ................................................50 One Flow FVC ...................................................61 Osmocheck ....................................................... 24

P Peak flow meter .................................................61 Performance Testing and Monitoring ......... 33-42 Physiotherapy ...............................................78-79 Pico+Smokerlyzer .............................................61 Posters ..........................................................68-71 POWERbreathe Classic .....................................6 POWERbreathe Ironman .....................................6 POWERbreathe Iron Girl .....................................6 POWERbreathe Kinetic ................................... 3-5 POWERbreathe Kinetic Health ...........................9 POWERbreathe Medic ........................................8 POWERbreathe Plus ...........................................6 PowerCube-Ergo .......................................... 16-17 Power Testing ....................................................53 Pulse Oximeter ..................................................60 Pulse Meter ........................................................64

t-wall ...................................................................46 TC Timing System .............................................44 Tanita body composition ..................................23 Tape (medical) ..................................................78 Temperature & thermometer.............................25 Togu Balance Board .........................................54 Togu Dynair cushion .........................................78 Togu gymnastic balls & Jumper .......................54 Togu Pilates Ball 30cm......................................54 Treadmills .............................. 12-15, 29, 44, 76-77



Urine analysis....24,....... VX Sport (GPS) ..........39

W Wattbike .............................................................59 Weather stations & world time ..........................25 Weight, height & flexibility ........................... 62-63 Weights & racks.................................................50

Y York weights & racks..50-51,.....Yo-Yo test ........64

Z Zebris - Bio-mechanics, & movement analysis...30-31, ..... Zephyr BioHarness ..........42 prior notice to discontinue at any time, at its discretion, any of the items herein or change specifications or designs without incurring any obligation to the customer. All photography, description of products and product specifications are intended as a guide only and are subject to change without notice. Prices shown are subject to change without prior notice.

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Hab Direct Catalogue  

Welcome to the 13th Edition of the HaB Direct (incorporating Bodycare Products) catalogue. We are proud to be celebrating our 21st year in b...