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Happy Artsy Bold Collections Contact Us at: 562-1120/389-3887

Pink Set-Necklace, bracelet and earring



Milk Bead Set-$1500

Melon Pink Mixed Set- $1500

Black Set -$1500

Yellow and White Set- $1500

Bracelets and Earrings

Rope Bracelets

$500 each

Red and Green Bracelet


Green and Blue Bracelet and Earring

Bracelet $400 and earring $200

Purple Bracelet


Simple Bracelets

$150 each


$200 each

Purple Earrings

$200 each

Blue Earrings

$200 each


$200 each

Green Earrings

$200 each

Necklaces Perfection


Glass Pendant Necklaces

$500 each

Glass Necklaces


Red Bronze Necklace


Teal and Silver Necklace $600 for Necklace and $200 for earring

Pandora $800 each

Information •

Custom Made Products are available

Repairs and rebuilding of your jewelry is available

A month warranty on all jewelry bought.

Call Us at -562-1120

HAB Collection Catalog December 2013  

This is the first of many to come catalog!!! Amazing Handmade Fashion Jewelry Be HAB! Happy Artsy Bold !

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