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Cat Haves Usability Assets Miscellaneous assets Antiques Art Boat Jewellery Miscellaneous Asset Banking Deposit Investment MutualFund Saving account Stock account StockPortfolio with Stock list StockPortfolio Wallet Real estate Real estate Rental house Expenses Charity Gift Child Support College Contribution Membership Contribution Miscellaneous non-taxable expense Miscellaneous taxable expense Religion Gift Alimony obligation Child gift Household Person Partner Child Income Miscellaneous income Alimony income Child support income Gift income Miscellaneous non-taxable income Miscellaneous taxable income Pension Defined benefit plan

Figlo Engine

MiscellaneousAsset MiscellaneousAsset MiscellaneousAsset MiscellaneousAsset MiscellaneousAsset SavingsAccount Investment MutualFund SavingsAccount Share Portfolio* Portfolio BankAccount RealEstate Rent CharityGift ChildSupportObligation Expense Expense Expense TaxableExpense CharityGift AlimonyObligation ChildGift

Person Person Person

AlimonyIncome ChildSupportIncome GiftIncome Income TaxableIncome OldAgePensionCoverage PartnerPensionCoverage OrphansPensionCoverage

Defined contribution plan

Work Employment Insurance Annuity savings plan Annuity Savings Plan Term Life Insurance Liabilities Mortgages Annuity mortgage Endowment mortgage Flexible mortgage Interest-only mortgage Linear mortgage Reverse mortgage Loans Annuity loan Interest-only loan Linear loan

OldAgePensionCoverage PartnerPensionCoverage OrphansPensionCoverage

Employment CashValueLifeInsurance + AnnuityCoverage AnnuityCoverage CashValueLifeInsurance TermLifeInsuranceCoverage

Loan + RepaymentContract Loan + CashValueLifeInsurance Loan Loan Loan + RepaymentContract Loan Loan + RepaymentContract Loan Loan + RepaymentContract

Have cards in Hawanedo  
Have cards in Hawanedo  

Describes how the Have cards in Hawanedo work.